Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

David Dobrik takes us on a tour of his $2.5M home in Los Angeles. His house features a functional flamethrower, an in-house recording studio and a thorough security system (a nail in a sliding glass door to prevent break-ins). David also shows us his cars, including his Ferrari and Tesla.
Read the story here:
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Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest



  • Read the story about David's house here:

    Architectural DigestArchitectural Digest20 gün önce
    • 2.6 million dollar house correction

      Tay-K 0_0Tay-K 0_08 gün önce
    • David Dobrik its just a measly 2.5m home no need to be snobbish and pompous about it. 🙄

      InvictaInvicta18 gün önce
    • I actually enjoyed this one 👍🏽👏🏾

      GigglesGiggles18 gün önce
  • me: *lights candle* my grandparents: YOURE GOING TO BURN DOWN THE HOUSE david dobrik: *uses a flame thrower* his house: *fine*

    Kaylee BarlauKaylee Barlau26 dakika önce
  • I love the way that they just had to put in the price of the house just to flex on people

    Evan KaneEvan Kane57 dakika önce
  • 7:36 mango juul pods for the win

    ToxicGaming HDToxicGaming HD2 saatler önce
  • 有才的瘋子

    鄭金鄭金2 saatler önce
  • 7:36 Mango juul pod

    FlekkzFlekkz2 saatler önce
  • He looked so nervous 😂

    trenton karrentrenton karren4 saatler önce
  • I actually don’t drank

    Will is A qtWill is A qt7 saatler önce
  • While my assistant is tying my shoes I grab my ipad

    pLUG _pLUG _12 saatler önce
  • my fav part 10:46

    Chazlynn MartinezChazlynn Martinez14 saatler önce
  • Anyone else notice the mango juul pod next to the baseball

    Robyn ScantleburyRobyn Scantlebury15 saatler önce
  • 7:37 shoutout to that mango juul pod

    Nicholas IppolitoNicholas Ippolito15 saatler önce
  • dang I wish my fridge looked like David’s. Mines always empty.

    nesquikonesquiko17 saatler önce
  • also david’s closet looks like mine

    Nicole CastroNicole Castro18 saatler önce
  • 0:21 david: i broke the hammer me:........ damn he a strong boy

    Nicole CastroNicole Castro18 saatler önce
  • Did no one see the mango juul pod in the cup thing when he grabbed the baseball?😂

    Madi CumminsMadi Cummins18 saatler önce
  • I don’t think he will be able to survive without Natalie

    B DB D19 saatler önce
  • 7:37 is that a Juul pod?

    Avi CaraballoAvi Caraballo19 saatler önce
  • lmao the mango pod in the bowl with his baseball

    Vy NguyenVy Nguyen19 saatler önce
  • Wow he as an iPad just to play angry birds 😂👌

    Riley GriffithsRiley Griffiths19 saatler önce
  • Very interesting that he can’t tie his shoes I wonder why 😂😂

    Brianna MottolaBrianna Mottola19 saatler önce
  • Anyone else notice the clickbait 240sx at 2:38 dope

    YakimaniacYakimaniac20 saatler önce
  • "this is my kitchen, i dont cook" (cue pyramid of burritos )

    Jillian MartinJillian Martin21 saatler önce
  • Juul pod beside baseball

    Chris BorjaChris Borja22 saatler önce

    Lyzette AldanaLyzette Aldana22 saatler önce
  • 8:12 killed me😂😂😂

    Aidan NeillAidan NeillGün önce
  • "We don't have a lot of fun around here" Me: Have you not seen his TRvision channel??!!! Mother of god..

    Josh MariscalJosh MariscalGün önce
  • Someone gotta fact check this man😂🤣🤣

    Josh MariscalJosh MariscalGün önce
  • The car is a transformer btw 🤷🏽‍♂

    JayJayGün önce
  • 8:27 Only 22 years, Dave.

    VicodynVicodynGün önce
  • I don’t know how you couldn’t like David

    Michael StephanMichael StephanGün önce
  • I didn't realize david removed the liza painting in his bedroom that jeff did for him :/

    Reesh OsmanReesh OsmanGün önce
  • But did they eat the burritos?

    THGfan0630THGfan0630Gün önce
  • my mans has a 2.5 m$$$$ house but he keeps a fish in a tiny tank :(((( djfjfjdjd

    McKenna dingmanMcKenna dingmanGün önce
  • 3:07 is my entire life!

    Sanchez HerolifeSanchez HerolifeGün önce
  • No that ain’t small house YOU ARE RICH

    Raiden JangRaiden JangGün önce
  • no one gonna talk about how he can't tie his own shoelaces??

    JonnyWJonnyWGün önce
  • was that an s13😳

    ShadignaShadignaGün önce
  • Is that a mango juul pod in his bedroom near the baseball or...?

    Braylyn MinnickBraylyn MinnickGün önce
  • 13:09 he’s so wholesome 😩😩

    AutumnAutumnGün önce
  • Suave kids and doesn’t tie his shoes. This man I swear

    j tuckerj tuckerGün önce
  • I had to watch 4.46 two times to make sure I heard it right LOL

    Selena EliaSelena EliaGün önce
  • its not a led sign its a neon sign

    Frenchdressing2 GamingFrenchdressing2 GamingGün önce
  • david is such a goober 7 year old

    Panic!InTheBackOfMyClassesPanic!InTheBackOfMyClassesGün önce
  • yo why am in aw throughout this whole video😍🤧

    Abbi JaggerAbbi JaggerGün önce
  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that david cant

    Vieze JoodVieze JoodGün önce
  • He is hella annoying

    RealOne1RealOne1Gün önce
  • I’ve never heard of this guy

    Love JDLove JD2 gün önce
  • David Dobrik quote if 2019: the style of the house is that it's like a house

    mdkekd nekekemdkekd nekeke2 gün önce
  • Joey and chandler?? dinner table? Nahhh pool table instead

    Laasya VashistLaasya Vashist2 gün önce
  • David is such a fun dude. Not only does he have a gum ball machine that looks cool just being there, but he has a flat screen tv that has much more motion than mine, has a Tesla singing a Christmas song AND U CAN CHOOSE WHICH FART SOUND U WOULD LIKE TO TRICK UR FRIENDS WITH. 😂😂😂incredible

    Marni KramerMarni Kramer2 gün önce
  • 10:41

    Violet MaciasViolet Macias2 gün önce
  • Did any one else see the juul pods when he showed the baseball

    Matthew WinslowMatthew Winslow2 gün önce
  • That fish should not be in that bowl

    Joseph MillerJoseph Miller2 gün önce
  • Lol LA tap water for your bonsai 😂

    Owen RichardsonOwen Richardson2 gün önce
  • I got a suave ad right after the suave kids shampoo part lmaoooo

    Abbey KowalskoAbbey Kowalsko2 gün önce
  • wE DoNt HaVe A lOt oF FuN ArOuNd HeRe..... Ok

    Random ShiznitRandom Shiznit2 gün önce
  • Me feeling poor for 13:57

    Chris HarrisChris Harris2 gün önce
  • you shampoo too much

    someasiankidsomeasiankid2 gün önce
  • i cracked up when he backed up into the trash at the end 🤣🤣🤣

    Jordan UwUJordan UwU2 gün önce
    • Jordan UwU So did his Tesla! But not his insurance company! 🎢🦁

      Mary CookMary Cook16 saatler önce
  • The most punchable face on youtube

    Mom SheriffMom Sheriff2 gün önce
  • Sorry he can’t tie his shoes

    Liv CLiv C2 gün önce
  • Wait, you rate your siblings? Is that normal or am I the only one who never rated his siblings?

    Matthias n´RollMatthias n´Roll2 gün önce
  • 7:36 mango juul pod in the cup

    TheSkinny-56TheSkinny-562 gün önce
  • The black mirror is exquisite

    Ryker87Ryker872 gün önce
  • 11:48 yeah sure theres no better car than your tesla suv lmfaooooo

    WerliWerli2 gün önce
  • Baby boy David has a Tesla and a Ferrari but does not have a pool. How come a 2.5 M mansion does not have a pool? This is offensive.

    Andy ZaturnoAndy Zaturno2 gün önce
  • wait whos davids assistant then?? he said this is natalie, not my assistant

    NoobMaster 69NoobMaster 692 gün önce
  • *spots mango pod in the bowl in his room*

    jaicey princejaicey prince2 gün önce

    Gregor SamsaGregor Samsa2 gün önce
Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest