iOS 13 Beta 2 Released - What's New?

iOS 13 Beta 2 Released - What's New? | iOS 13 Beta 2 Features & Changes Review
Today, Apple released iOS 13 beta 2 to registered developers exactly 2 weeks after releasing beta 1. In this video, we cover the new features & changes in iOS 13 beta 2, discuss battery life, performance, bugs & much more!
iOS 13 Beta 2 Release Notes:
iOS 13 - 30+ Best Hidden Features:
iOS 13 - How to Play iOS Games w/ PS4 or Xbox Controller:
iOS 13 - 70+ Best New Features & Changes:
What's your favorite iOS 13 beta 2 feature so far? Stay tuned to the channel for my follow-up on iOS 13 beta 2!
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  • *UPDATE:* Here's my follow-up video on beta 2. You definitely want to see this:

    Brandon ButchBrandon Butch4 aylar önce
    • Anyone having trouble with Siri? I have public beta 2 and when I say hey Siri she don’t talk anymore lol

      Dylan BakerDylan Baker3 aylar önce
    • I use iPhone 7 but apple hasn’t given me any notification to update to 13

      Bridget AikinsBridget Aikins4 aylar önce
    • Can u make a video about watchOS 6 ??

      Adam 26750Adam 267504 aylar önce
    • They have Voice Control now

      Oreo WeekendOreo Weekend4 aylar önce
  • I have problem with subtitle in netflix it wouldn’t be fixed

    Hani GfdfHani GfdfAylar önce
  • I love the new effect in the portrait mode

    Emi JokeEmi Joke2 aylar önce
  • Dude, in 1:14 your device IMEI number appears, i'd not redommend showing this to everyone. Plus, how do you make the apps to wiggle in order to delete them with this enhanced haptic touch?

    Lucas CarvalhoLucas Carvalho2 aylar önce
  • Hi Brandon very nice video was waiting for it. I do have a question, was wondering if in the ios 13 beta did Apple enabled the portrait mode on the home. it is still supported in 8 plus but not supported in the iphone x, xs, xs max and other series. Would wait for your reply. thanks for the video. keep it up.

    Sandeep SinghSandeep Singh3 aylar önce
  • Brandon is their a way to restore a xs when running public beta 2 to new xs

    theodore pampoukastheodore pampoukas3 aylar önce
  • I’m getting a lot of bugs on TRvision. Anybody else??

    Nick doitNick doit3 aylar önce
  • Why it doesn’t pop up for me

    Nfl_jorgeNfl_jorge3 aylar önce
  • Mine says update requested

    LixdyLixdy3 aylar önce
  • could not see in comments below, so pointing out: if you enable the "Change with buttons" for "Ringer and Alerts", it only lets you change the ringer volume, and not the general volume anymore. Is this a bug, or restriction? I don't see where I'd prefer having only the Ringer be changed with the buttons instead of the whole volume.

    Vasile FintaVasile Finta3 aylar önce
  • My reachability on my xs max won’t work in either update

    Christopher SullivanChristopher Sullivan3 aylar önce
  • Apple should make it to where Siri answers your calls and tells the person why you cant come to the phone

    YVNG YSLYVNG YSL3 aylar önce
  • Did they fix fortnite crashing on iOS 13

    YVNG YSLYVNG YSL3 aylar önce
  • Camera and flashlight function did same to me that happened to you , also my cricket app will not work , I try to go into it and it just flashes and won’t load. Hopefully that’s fixed with this new version

    Tim NklTim Nkl3 aylar önce
  • Yahoo mail crashes

    Max RochaMax Rocha3 aylar önce
  • I have this, and I can’t connect to internet. It says LTE and when I look at WiFi, it shows no networks. Please help!!

    [EWE] Crafti[EWE] Crafti3 aylar önce
  • how many days till iOS 13 Beta 2 will be Released

    Gina BermasGina Bermas3 aylar önce
  • how many days till iOS 13 Beta 2 will be Released

    Gina BermasGina Bermas3 aylar önce
  • Should I update from beta 1 to beta 2?

    ツInnocenxtsツInnocenxts3 aylar önce
  • Ik not to update to beta 2 when I get my iPhone xr soon.

    Dj BlackDj Black3 aylar önce
  • install on my ihone and on my ipad the public beta of ios 13 ... when the ios 13 official version is installed automatically

    Wendy RodriguezWendy Rodriguez3 aylar önce
  • How do you get iOS 13?

    Antonio GomezAntonio Gomez3 aylar önce
    • Antonio Gomez go on google and type in beta IOS 13 update

      None Your businessNone Your business3 aylar önce
  • I can’t used voice dictation froze when you say something

    Rigoberto Garcia JrRigoberto Garcia Jr3 aylar önce
  • n September that the final version of ios 13 is released, the beta version disappears

    Wendy RodriguezWendy Rodriguez3 aylar önce
  • How do you download iOS 13 beta 2

    KendellTvKendellTv3 aylar önce
    • KendellTv go online and type in beta iOS 13 and it will give you a link install it’s easy

      None Your businessNone Your business3 aylar önce
  • Looks like iOS 13 is going forward, but still a lot of bugs in the beta. Give it time 🙂✌️.

    EvilMadnessEvilMadness3 aylar önce
  • Anyone else experiencing poor battery 🔋 life an the phone heating up when it’s charging or even in use. Too many bug still on beta 2. Apple plz do quick and fix these bugs plz. Ppl spend their hard earned cash 💵 for their device.

    Keston PhillipKeston Phillip3 aylar önce
  • Anyone figure out the fonts?

    bobbilee stoflethbobbilee stofleth3 aylar önce
  • Imessage messages not notifying me when someone texts me

    CMAKCMAK3 aylar önce
  • You say right,wen I install the beta 2 my battery start to go bad on my xr

    Valentino ScottiValentino Scotti3 aylar önce
  • Can someone help me out , I keep on trying to DL beta 2 but my phone still says ios13 ONLY . I’ve been trying for 2 hrs lol am I doing something wrong ?

    Tiya KeoTiya Keo3 aylar önce
  • There’s a bug in beta 2 where you reply or comment in Instagram and everything inverts colour and sometimes u can’t even see the keyboard .

    prxbhjxtprxbhjxt3 aylar önce
  • Did anyone else get an email saying to complete your apple developer program purchase when you downloaded the OTA Beta 2 developer profile? What happens if we don't pay the $99? Will we still have the beta profile to use?

    Tigerfan31200Tigerfan312003 aylar önce
  • It still won’t use the ringtone I’ve set on the reminders app. I even changed it to a different one and it’s still using the default ringtone.

    pam oakespam oakes3 aylar önce
  • everytime i listen to spotify and go on another app. when the song i was listening to was finished the whole spotify app would crash and i would have to go back in the app to continue listening to music. this beta is ass.

    Michael LetoMichael Leto3 aylar önce
  • I’m using iOS 13

    Alex RobloxAlex Roblox3 aylar önce
  • Man I can’t play no videos in my gallery that shit annoying

    Gothboi PrinceGothboi Prince3 aylar önce

    Don JoseDon Jose3 aylar önce
  • Lots of bugs available and need fixed, can’t use Touch ID when logging into my bank app either. YT has a lot of bugs too

    JackJack3 aylar önce
  • 8:53 this is not iphone xr ! 🧐 It seems like that was an iphone 8 !!

    c lilpumpc lilpump4 aylar önce
  • iOS 13 it don’t have videos app

    pin sonapin sona4 aylar önce
  • I have something to ask.... i Installed the ios 13 beta, so when the ios 12.4 release can i update it? Or i have to wait for the ios 13 general software update?

    Swapnil BaroiSwapnil Baroi4 aylar önce
    • Swapnil Baroi you can downgrade to ios 12.4 with a computer but you won't be able to do it from your phone. You can even go back to 12.3.1 if you want

      SterlingSterling3 aylar önce
  • Does it Jailbreak ur phone?

    ImPaCtImPaCt4 aylar önce
  • Is it free

    ImPaCtImPaCt4 aylar önce
  • will you film how to install ios13?

    TytanTytan4 aylar önce
  • What I’m really excited about is playing Minecraft Fortnite and more with my dualshock4!

    manny over9000manny over90004 aylar önce
  • I can’t clear my browser history or save notes from my browser , it also glitches my apps as well

    JaviThomas2k10JaviThomas2k104 aylar önce
  • Im from switzerland and there is no ios 13 here?

    InTexXInTexX4 aylar önce
  • 1:55 Proof that Apple used the iOS 12 jailbreak to get new ideas.

    William TraylorWilliam Traylor4 aylar önce
  • This is so confusing. I don’t know how to download beta 2. Please help

    Bshapiro 18Bshapiro 184 aylar önce
  • On the Keyboard you can slide on the emojis

    Chris DavisChris Davis4 aylar önce
  • Anybody else safari not letting y’all clear the history

    Young DDJ GamingYoung DDJ Gaming4 aylar önce
  • Does incoming calls still take up the entire screen?

    Dee-Dee OvertonDee-Dee Overton4 aylar önce
  • Beta battery life is quite good not to far off from iOS 12.3.1

    Andy1341000Andy13410004 aylar önce
  • it seems to have broken casting to all my chromecasts and google homes

    Sam BarrettSam Barrett4 aylar önce
  • Will the xr be getting live wallpapers?

    Asian StickerAsian Sticker4 aylar önce
  • I want to turn my screen around landscape, it won’t let me they have to fix this bug and 3D touch

    G2 NELSONG2 NELSON4 aylar önce
  • how do u look at all the pictures in camera roll?

    RudayRuday4 aylar önce
  • On the App Store there should be a photo with your iCloud photo. If you click it. It should say update

    TNT AshTNT Ash4 aylar önce
  • Just letting everyone know the recording or “screen recording” on ios 13 is not wrking which is knda bs and also other recording app is not wrking😥

    DemyGodDemyGod4 aylar önce
  • I think theyre doing the 3d thing on purpose because they want to know if we would get mad and if we would want it back so they could decide if they should add the 3d feature to the new iphone 11-s or not

    Yusef JoeYusef Joe4 aylar önce
  • FaceTime is shit

    EarnestEarnest4 aylar önce
  • How long till iOS 13

    AxxzytzAxxzytz4 aylar önce
  • i have an iphone xr i don’t have any software updates

    RottenTacos _RottenTacos _4 aylar önce
  • I got the iPhone XR and the battery is better on ios beta 2 I use my phone everyday with same usage (TRvision,music all day at work and it’s better than beta 1)

    iCasper LockwoodiCasper Lockwood4 aylar önce
  • How do I get IOS 13. My phone says it’s up to date with 12.3.1

    Sophia HutchisonSophia Hutchison4 aylar önce
    • Gacha Kit Kat 1106 me to

      Kayla FloresKayla Flores4 aylar önce
  • how come ios 13 is not showing up on my iphone xr

    Vince leVince le4 aylar önce
  • I’m just glad there’s no more crash now I can update and play with my controller because I’m going on a 10 hour drive to Santa Cruz and wanna play Minecraft and fortnite

    I quickscoped a childI quickscoped a child4 aylar önce
  • Does iPhone XR support live wallpaper on iOS 13 ???

    Raja SRaja S4 aylar önce
    • Yes

      fahim ahmedfahim ahmedAylar önce
  • Ios 13 beta 2 on iphone 7P volume hud still on the left

    DuBMicXDuBMicX4 aylar önce
iOS 13 Beta 2 Released - What's New?