Iraq War from the Iraqi Perspective | Animated History

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Yossef Bodansky, The Secret History of the Iraq War, 2004
George Bush and Brent Scowcroft, A World Transformed, 1998
Mike Tucker and Charles Faddis, Operation Hotel California: The Clandestine War Inside Iraq, 2008
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"War in Iraq: Day by day guide." BBC News. Accessed March 8, 2020.
Lowry, Richard S. Marines in the Garden of Eden: The True Story of Seven Bloody Days in Iraq. London: Penguin, 2007.
Armchair Historian Theme by Zach Heyde
To All the Glory by Howard Harper-Barnes
Awaited Ambush by Bonnie Grace
Historic Italy by Cercles Nouvelles
Thunder from the West by Zach Heyde
Rio de Jerneiro by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist



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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian3 aylar önce
    • انا عراقي I'm Iraqi.

      Monca de Lofi اوتاكوMonca de Lofi اوتاكو4 gün önce
    • Also make a video on two short wars between China and India in 1962 and 1967 respectively

      Discover India 55Discover India 554 gün önce
    • Please make a video on India Pakistan wars

      Discover India 55Discover India 554 gün önce
    • @Mas8ud Abdulaleem “either way it’s irrelevant” no it’s not. it’s sectarian conflict

      Draconis The WyvernDraconis The Wyvern12 gün önce
    • @UCjrrEKl0T_wykT2DjWOEBCA Al-Badr are a off shoot/branch of the Badr. the Badr where SHIA milita and clans men who took shelter in iran and fought along side iranian troops during the war. they continued their activities well after the war becoming Al-Badr.

      Draconis The WyvernDraconis The Wyvern12 gün önce
  • really interesting

    Abdullah ObadaAbdullah Obada7 saatler önce
  • Really didn't mention the US disbandment of the Iraqi Armed Forces and how that opened the door to the chaos. Way to whitewash history.

    Nicholas RussonNicholas Russon11 saatler önce
  • Correction: Iraq War from American Main Stream Media Perspective. You neither speak on behalf of the people of Iraq nor does the American Main Stream media whose narrative you peddled. I am confident that you have never been to Iraq or spoken to an Iraqi.

    Sohaib ShehzadSohaib Shehzad18 saatler önce
  • This is what you call a great fuckup

    S.S RADONS.S RADONGün önce
  • Sadam was a fool. He had funding from Bush Senior and Bill Barr during Iran-Iraq war. He should of known he was underpowered.

    Kenji SakamotoKenji SakamotoGün önce
  • Could you do Afghanistan War from the Afghan Perspective?

    Anthony DeSantisAnthony DeSantis2 gün önce
  • If Saddam really tried to create a second Vietnam so as to bog down the Americans creating civil unrest in the U.S therby winning the war through none military means then he was screwed as he lacked two key fundamental issues: one theres no jungle in Iraq giving the Iraqi army no cover in which to mount successive guerilla operations. And two the will of the people. The Iraqis ,in their majority, had no love of Saddam or his baath party. So the only thing worth fighting for was for their country and by the state of it, under Saddams leadership, was and I think still is a shithole. So no real reason or good enough morale in which to fight. So fubar right off the bat.

    daz bealdaz beal2 gün önce
  • It was better with the Dictatorship really

    WASDWASD2 gün önce
  • انا عراقي I'm Iraqi.

    Monca de Lofi اوتاكوMonca de Lofi اوتاكو4 gün önce
  • Thanks for this great video

    EDHA2AEDHA2A4 gün önce
  • Since Biden will take office, there will be more conflicts.

  • Your demonization of the US did not go unnoticed, no need to guess the age of the people making these videos, they are all collage indoctrinated kids

    raiders5858raiders58585 gün önce
    • @AM strange answer? People in Germany and other countries including the US had no problem with him, he was on the cover of time magazine? No one cared about the Jews, or anyone else! I don't know what your thinking but your dislike of america is clear, I am married to a woman from the middle east, I am a Vietnam vet also, and a muslim sense 1978...I think you should look again at what you think you know......

      raiders5858raiders58582 saatler önce
    • @raiders5858 You don’t need to be in germany to know that Hitler was bad. plus I have two Iraqi friends and I hope you don’t have to go through what they have been through.

      AMAM18 saatler önce
    • @AM and you know that because..... You were there? Someone told you? Your clairvoyant? Or your guessing?

      raiders5858raiders5858Gün önce
    • It’s hard not to demonize US while talking about Iraq war.

      AMAMGün önce
  • Sorry, but there is nothing " controversial " about calling this war illegal and a crime against humanity, since its justification is based on intentional lie after lie of presence of weapons of mass destruction, the supposed Al Qaida links to Iraq, and the supposed aim to spread " democracy" while convenuently forgetting about Saudi Arabia .Also where is this supposed Iraqi perspective of the war? Did you interview, read or watch interviews of iraqis who were living there at the timem,whether those were pro Saddam or against him ? And how about the role of the so called prodemocracy exiled Iraqis , many of who were corrupt and accused of embezzelment in neighbouring countries, in selling a faise image in hope of becoming the new rulers? Also, many iraqis did see the US as an occupying power and resisted it as such, as it is recognized by international law and conventions, and not all were " terrorists" or " extremists" or whatever label western minds like to use to describe those who oppose them. Also you barely mentioned the role of mercenary companies like Blackwater, the fact that the looting,chaos and disorder went by as American soldiers,fully armed , stood nearby and watched it happen as if " nothing to see here" .In fact, many committed war crimes .Also, there were many sunnis and shias who came together to try to oppose the sectarian aspect of the new government, but many were arrested by the US accused of being baathists or jehadists, leaving only 2 groups to vy for power, the sectarian forces that could care less about a peaceful transition and the oportunist pro western exiles who wanted to benefit themselves mainly. To me, this video is just a collage of different news articles and TV footage , from mainly pro invasion outlets, rather than a " different perspective from the native view points" and gives a simplified and distorted idea of the nature of that criminal act by Bush and alt.

    Lucas LucasLucas Lucas5 gün önce
  • This was was a big fucking waste of life

    ReceedusReceedus5 gün önce
  • harsh lands breeds hardy people, with the way things have been in the lands of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Egypt will undoubtedly bring forth an stoppable military force in the future, the only question will be if they will be united. Stay strong my brothers and sisters, the Almighty sees your suffering and this is no doubt his plan for us as he is the best of planners.

    Okaybutlater ImgonnafuckyourmomOkaybutlater Imgonnafuckyourmom6 gün önce
  • الله وكبر تكبير يا زينب

    شرير /Bayerشرير /Bayer6 gün önce
  • 🙂🇮🇶

    RababRabab6 gün önce
  • Even though I'm a big fan of your channel, as a Palestinian, I'm absolutely outraged by the inaccurate maps showing Israel over the whole territory. As a history Channel, you should put more effort into such details.

    Zaid AskariZaid Askari6 gün önce
  • Those country will never be free if people don't stop.

    uwu uwu . 20 years agouwu uwu . 20 years ago7 gün önce
  • This is a similer experience that the USA has in 2021. Thanks.

    B. SmithB. Smith7 gün önce
  • "eye-racky" lol

    Sugar Free AnthemsSugar Free Anthems7 gün önce
  • Thank you for making this. I think it's important to understand both sides of how these things took place.

    Random generated NameRandom generated Name8 gün önce
  • I thought this would be about the war it's self not what happened after it.

    The_red_ barronThe_red_ barron9 gün önce
  • Why do you Americans pronounce Iraq and Iran as "Eye-rak" and "Eye-ran"?

    Anshuman BhattacharyaAnshuman Bhattacharya9 gün önce
    • Same reason most Americans think Iranians speak Arabic and not Persian.

      Average GuyAverage Guy7 gün önce
  • I Still Hear AK-47's Being Fired In The Distance, American Jets Flying Over Our Homes, And At Such A Young Age.. I've Experienced About 3 Airstrikes Hitting My Country, Thanks For Showing The "Edgy And Depressed" Kids That They Should Be Greatful For Where They Live.

    The Kalm KidThe Kalm Kid9 gün önce
  • This is soooo misinformed

    ozpsychosisozpsychosis10 gün önce
  • 6:21 fun fact: this car is the Volkswagen Passat, and it was built in Brazil. In Brazil they were called the "Iraqi Passat", for they were built specifically for Saddam - but he stuck up on his payments and many of those volkswagens remained in Brazil, being sold in the internal market. They were very luxurious cars, with internal carpets in a red/wine color, 4 doors (which wasnt a thing in Brazil back then) all electric windows, air conditioning, am/fm stereo with K7 players, the whole shebang. It's very accurate for this car to be in this video.

    Guilherme HeinleinGuilherme Heinlein10 gün önce
  • Holy molly the content of this channel is so good, why havent I discover it sooner? This feels like watching a video game cutscene. You earn a sub sir

    GaniGani10 gün önce
  • Well no stability no Grouverment and civil wars and killing millions in the Arab world ... idk who let that happen right

    G00GL3YG00GL3Y11 gün önce
  • Unbeliveble how america makes their own excuses to invade iraq

    Admiral YamamotoAdmiral Yamamoto11 gün önce
  • My family is from Iraq, but I've never been there because of the country that I've never left, America Ugh 😭 my life is controlled by politics

    HoobyHooby12 gün önce
  • 3:43 Sorry but there is the country of Palestibe next to Jordan and Israel

    GodHelix666GodHelix66612 gün önce
  • this is what happens when you try and replicate the concept of vietnam's resistance without utilising the superior strategies they used or being a well loved man like Ho Chi Minh who could easily rally people to his side and hardly had to worry about coups or assassinations.

    CageyBeeCageyBee13 gün önce
  • 9:17 اي والله چنه شيطان ومنغولي بنفس الوكت

    مصطفى بشارمصطفى بشار14 gün önce
  • My grandpa is now 90. He's a Vietnamese. He fought the French since he was 13, then the Japanese when he was 15. He later on joined Viet Cong to fight the Americans. He was captured twice, brutally tortured (which resulted in 10 missing teeth and a bullet in his shoulders; the shrapnel still remains inside his body). He was released when the war ended, happily marched into the city of Saigon. The joy didn't last long. He marched towards the Northern border to fight of Chinese forces in 1979 and later joined the Expeditionary forces in Cambodia to fight Pol Pot. Of course he's now retired. His name is Nguyen Van Dong - alive and well. Three of his sons died during the war, two of them were only 9 and 10 when they died (of a bomb raid which hit their shelter). He grieved as much as anyone would when they lost their love ones. My mother is his 9th child, and also the last child. He kept a lot of medals inside his cabinet in the rural province of Ben Tre. He also kept a picture of me since I have gone studied abroad in Hungary. He said that he survived too many wars, and he hoped that he would also live until the day I returned which is 3 years from now. I love him more than anyone. God bless.

    Wiwin DamayantiWiwin Damayanti14 gün önce
    • I have nothing but respect for your grandpa, mad respect.

      Prerak KallaPrerak Kalla13 gün önce
  • America HAD to invade Iraq. Not because Iraq had oil, or weapons of mass destruction. Or any of the other excuses you were told. The truth is 9/11 humiliated America's image to the world. A couple of passenger jets brought down America's global strength in the span of one morning. How do you recuperate from that? You send in ground forces to destroy the most powerful Arab army in the middle east. It was basically rebuilding the unrivaled US image of dominance.

    Ciph DawgCiph Dawg15 gün önce
  • All that you are trying to do is clean the filthy image of the USA

    Bashar HassanBashar Hassan17 gün önce

    BrunoxBrunox17 gün önce
    • Civilians are just combatants that hasn't being recruited

      Sauerkraut FrankFührerSauerkraut FrankFührer17 gün önce
  • Lies full of lies

    Raihan RafiqueRaihan Rafique18 gün önce
  • Just came across this amazing video! Enjoy seeing from another country (people's perspective). If anyone enjoys this they will love the hook about an American restaurant owner who interacts with and creates a friendship with a Mr. Han from NORTH KOREA! Book: Eating with the Enemy: How I Waged Peace with North Korea from My BBQ Shack in Hackensack Book by Kurt Pitzer and Robert Egan

    Mike JohnsonMike Johnson19 gün önce
  • So why did Americans invade Iraq?

  • Imagine your suffering getting sponsored by a crappy mobile game

    Bariq99Bariq9920 gün önce
  • theres a rumor during saddam incarceration. a cia agent visited him saying we ripped your country but we kept the oil. saddam staring into nothingness made no answer.

    Mina ParkMina Park20 gün önce
  • 12:04 epic music 😢

    Mina ParkMina Park20 gün önce
  • I have a feeling this is what US wanted all along. Broken country broken people fighting each other while rich oil companies do whatever they wanna do backed by mercenary companies.

    Yee BHYee BH20 gün önce
  • It was a good breakdown except the religious elements in it were not correct.

    Asaad LuaibiAsaad Luaibi21 gün önce
  • It's something to laugh when a channel preaches about aftermath of a conflict, advertises games about wars.

    Rohan SinghRohan Singh21 gün önce
  • amazing

    bolshevik kiênbolshevik kiên21 gün önce
  • I can’t believe how far Griffin has come over these years, this content is sooo good. This is my favorite part on the Iraq war love how nuanced and objective it is and contrary to the comments I saw beforehand how justified the war was and how American can do no wrong. The poor Iraqi people haven’t had a break in over 40 years...

    Joe B.Joe B.21 gün önce
  • 4:50 interestingly Saddam's govt was originally secular which was 1 of the reasons that got him into a n 8 year war against conservative shia ayatollah.

    Miah Safwan AbdalMiah Safwan Abdal22 gün önce
  • Saddam was a good guy he kept everything under control.

    Honkyhomeboy5000Honkyhomeboy500023 gün önce
  • I’m by no means an expert on military tactics but ... I’m sure not allowing different military branches of your armed forces to communicate with each other would definitely hinder their ability to form a strong, unified front when defending your country from foreign invaders. Saddam definitely messed up there.

    Taizu314Taizu31423 gün önce
  • Blackwater's harassment and attacks against civilians, especially the attacks that were not reported helped fuel the uprising of the insurgency.

    Zombie JesusZombie Jesus25 gün önce
  • 4:32 The average Iraqi soldier strode into battle with a remarkable fighting spirit

    Ezra MerrillEzra Merrill25 gün önce
  • Define "a feasable plan" for regime change ? you sound like an armchaired analyst too...

    Tintin milouTintin milou26 gün önce
    • There is quite a lot of feasible approach to a regime change. Iraq wasn't as good as hoped, since (In my opinion and observation) the US lacked Foresight and analysis of the Iraqi Population. Being said, if were done right, the Middle East would be relatively be more peaceful than it is today.

      Odd-ysseus Does StuffOdd-ysseus Does Stuff25 gün önce
  • Hussein had never heard of fake news?

    BugsWiselyBugsWisely29 gün önce
  • Mhen! Former potus Bush got me thinking

    daniel chukwuemekadaniel chukwuemekaAylar önce
  • WTF HOW IS THIS IRAQI PERSPECTIVE ??? you literally justified americans killing civiliants

    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi HosseiniAylar önce
  • Anybody notice the meme reference in 11:06?

    Gia Chinh NguyenGia Chinh NguyenAylar önce
  • A welfare program for the military industrial complex

    Patrick McKennaPatrick McKennaAylar önce
  • The must watch documentary here is “no end in sight” ... unfortunately some of your analysis is misleading.

    Vladimir CauvilleVladimir CauvilleAylar önce
  • Saddam was bad, but at least his country was a country. When the American smelled oil, they came, they wrecked, they left behind a colossal mess.

    Khải Phạm BáKhải Phạm BáAylar önce
  • False war . No weapons of mass destruction. Total bullshit excuses to go to war RIP to all who died civilians soldiers on both sides .. all because of war mongering politicians To steal oil profits As Donald Rumsfeld once said why has god put American oil under foreign countries !

    leeleelee00leeleelee00Aylar önce
  • Facepalming myself into oblivion... sadness

    steinfi3steinfi3Aylar önce
  • What I think should have happened was that the American forces should have drove Saddam's forces out fo Kuwait back to the border and ended right there, and if Saddam tried again, MAYBE, they could invade it. But still, the American tactics used just everything worse. Yes Saddam was a scumbag and a rat, but that does not justify the almost brutal invasion the US did

    Abdulrahman AlkhatibAbdulrahman AlkhatibAylar önce
    • @Odd-ysseus Does Stuff yes absolutely, thank you.

      Abdulrahman AlkhatibAbdulrahman Alkhatib25 gün önce
    • Also, some consultation of the populous and the analysis of their culture would've been nice.

      Odd-ysseus Does StuffOdd-ysseus Does Stuff25 gün önce
  • "An explosion of violence rocked the nation and the capital city was divided up into warring sunni and shia suburbs. The occupiers could do little but watch as chaos engulfed the nation. Their efforts to help constantly were blocked by radicalism of their own inability to understand iraqi culture." This is what happens when foreign policy is guided by completely ahistorical criteria. Amazing video, congratulations.

    Alan FranciaAlan FranciaAylar önce
  • eye rack

    MimiMimiAylar önce
  • Damnit when will we learn to stop overthrowing foreign governments without a proper replacement it only makes things worst

    Michael ScottMichael ScottAylar önce
    • Apparently when we will have no more humans left. War's pretty annoying, along with it's unintended consequences.

      Odd-ysseus Does StuffOdd-ysseus Does Stuff25 gün önce
  • Islam and Democracy are polar opposites.......

    E CE CAylar önce

      Zack WilliamZack WilliamAylar önce
    • @E C It seems that you don’t know much about Iraq. Iraq had already a functional democracy before Saddam. The reason why democracy didn’t work in Iraq is because it came with the occupiers. No one wants freedom by the occupation. (freedom and occupation don’t mix). Islam has nothing to do here.

      AMAMAylar önce
    • @AM we invaded a country with the pretext of freedom in order to get oil, but we did that to a society that doesn't know or want freedom, so yes I'll blame Islam for brainwashing their followers to submit to incoherent religious beliefs that prevent people from wanting or being free.......

      E CE CAylar önce
    • You invade a country and when you mess everything up you start blaming Islam?

      AMAMAylar önce
Iraq War from the Iraqi Perspective | Animated History