It's finally here, the day all the Tesla short sellers predicted (for the past 10 years)...but is it? Let's take a step back and see what Tesla has actually accomplished in their short history. Subscribe here -
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    Teslanomics with Ben SullinsTeslanomics with Ben Sullins4 aylar önce
    • Unless Tesla starts to be profitable by 1st quarter of 2020, this stock will continue to be shorted. and that will kill the stock

      Jin JinJin Jin9 gün önce
    • they dont need petrol, and thats the core of the whole problem.

      doug ohboydoug ohboy3 aylar önce
    • When prices would be infrastructure and prices will go down maybe yes I will buy one. Lobbying governments to ban petrol cars or raise taxes won't work. Look what is happening with that imbecile Macron. Please Elon don't give us the bullshit with climate change and that you care about the environment

      Daniel LantosDaniel Lantos3 aylar önce
    • Tesla stock did drop by 50% in little more than 5 months.

      biocybernautbiocybernaut3 aylar önce
    • You keep talking about "Tesla haters" on your channel. What is your problem?

      biocybernautbiocybernaut3 aylar önce
  • will you stop your pathetic headers.........

    Murat gençkalMurat gençkalSaatler önce
    • as a result ı'm not watching.

      Murat gençkalMurat gençkalSaatler önce
  • Daniel Neil: "tesla have no advantages or other car makers" Elon musk: am I a joke to u???

    Yoo ToobYoo ToobGün önce
  • Only Toyota & nissan have really taken electric car technology seriously with Toyota hybrids & nissan leaf. Even ford have considered to stop making sedans... Companies might go broke , but the technology won't go away.

  • I am not a Tesla fan. However, to call him remarkable is the under statement of the year. Of note. If it wasn't for Europe Tesla would be a failure. EU put a HUGE tax on ICE vehicles which made Tesla Cars the perfect solution. In other words, Tesla was Subsidized by the EU. Today, the Model 3 is a Great car. However, the winners of the Solar race have developed a really unique electric. They are based in EU. I believe it isn't simply competition. I believe it is potentially a Game changer. Hopefully it will make it to market. Top selling American cars (excluding Tesla) is no big deal. USA vehicles are CRAP. That is why Chrysler is not doing well and will be shut down. Also why US cars are not exported except for niche markets. That is why Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen export so successfully as opposed to USA Crud. What can be a game changer is if Graphene batteries make it to the market in large volume. Then anything is possible.

    BLH BSITBLH BSIT7 gün önce
  • so When do you think Tesla will be profitable ?

    Jin JinJin Jin9 gün önce
  • Thats pretty amazing that its a truly an american car/

    xiomana xoxoxoxiomana xoxoxo14 gün önce
  • Thank you.

    logicalbumlogicalbum23 gün önce
  • So they do a huge stimulus package that gives billions the car manufacturers that deliver us gas-guzzling pieces of junk that are designed to break after the warranty is up and then let Tesla struggle when they could actually deliver something that would benefit all of us

    Spencer RobertsSpencer Roberts28 gün önce
  • Will it fail, In a word... YES

    a tribute to Yeah, Surea tribute to Yeah, SureAylar önce
  • Is Tesla doomed, looking more likely after this Q’s disastrous earnings call. Plus the loss of JBS oh and the predicting of no profits for yet another year, the writing off of S&X by Elon, collapsing trade in’s (34% at 3 years), worsening service, dreadful treatment of customers on warranty issues (like the yellow screen edge). EVs are the future, Tesla will be a side note in history.

    Simon RookSimon RookAylar önce
  • Waiting for the pickup! Maybe the model Y

    silverback17 Ssilverback17 S2 aylar önce
  • tezla

    spamin8rspamin8r2 aylar önce
  • I really like Tesla

    Mo IBalMo IBal2 aylar önce
  • Spoiler: no

    Zaphod BeeblebroxZaphod Beeblebrox2 aylar önce
  • I guess Elon and his scam has fooled gullible you follow any man who claims to have launched a sports car into space highlights your very limited understanding of if you believed the car in space scam then you should ask yourself how did he do it ( even after he told the world "it looks fake because it is real").....I presume YOU think that the car is still "UP THERE" in some kind of mythical place where a magical force makes all things just float by themselves ...what a person you are.....The problem with all that horse shit is one has ever been able to identify this never found, never proven, magical point at which thinks can just float unaided....not that one so gullible as yourself would ever ask this question...." How come the rocket that released the Car just fell back to earth but the car floated away without dropping....gullible or What ???.....and that means the information release from many scientists AND THE NASHOLES too , about the discovery that Earths atmoshere EXTENDS beyond the MOON has also destroyed Elons car scam.....Do you understand the enormousness of this release....I don't think so.....So if Earths atmosphere extends to the Moon and perhaps beyond, then there can be NO MAGIC FLOATY PLACE.....Everything FALLS BACK TO EARTH....NO Satellites....NO toy space station....NO MOON flights or landings....Stupidity is never choose to be another victim all by your silly you have a choice to make.....stay in your imaginary world OR get serious to those who find you such an easy target to fool.

    goose gatherergoose gatherer2 aylar önce
  • Eh the Indian guy was very disingenuine as well as a total sophist. I think Tesla's are good cars and starting the market up but they're not the be-all end-all and the company still never turned a profit

    Patrick walkerPatrick walker2 aylar önce
  • That's Elon musk, News companies whom support fossil fuel mafia tells trash about Tesla, for telling trash they are getting huge funds from huge companies. Take examples from other companies whom make worst petrol or Diesel cars. I am not a Tesla fan boy, I both like and hate Tesla in some cases. Tesla changed the industry and gave the world great Ideas. A 15 year old tech company makes the best electric cars in the world. Save the World from fossil fuel Mafia. News channels are bullishit because they support certain political Parties and Mafia Companies whom fund them. We had seen this News Channel bullishits in Kerala. Before 10 to 15 years my state had awesome climate compared to some European countries, now we have hot climate because of deforestation and increased use of fossil fuel cars. When I was a child their wasn't a lot of Cars in my state, I had seen old Ambassador cars, H. M Condessa, PAL, MARUTY 800 etc were the popular cars. We had the climate which was awesome and I had seen hailstones falling from the sky, the good old clear fluffy clouds cold air which were blessing for the nose and the Lungs and had no diseases. Now cities and populated areas are of fossil emissions. This is all because of fossil fuels and deforestation. In my country some states have smogs and fogs due to this emissions and factory pollution , large traffic block over 3 or more hours etc, breathing air in some cities is equalent of smoking 100 cigarette per day. Some marble monuments are turning from white to yellow due to acid rain. We are effected by this fossil fuel mafia and I know the consequences. People its time to change. I am explaining this painfull experience from my heart.

    Yethu RajYethu Raj2 aylar önce
  • Tesla cars are not cheap. Even a lowest priced Tesla Model 3 will cost you $44,000 out the door. Tesla cars are not for the masses yet. Average American household income is about $57,000 in 2019. So, an average American has wait another 4-5 years for Tesla Model 3 until price drops to $25,000 out the door. Hope, Tesla succeed in the future.

    Mario S.Mario S.2 aylar önce
  • I am guessing the short selling is by oil companies and car companies, and rocket companies and satellite companies, and coal companies and gas companies, and THEN there are some people who don't like Musk. It's deep corruption. The people on major media outlets like the a-hole talking to Palihapitiya ( 11:37 ) are LIARS y'all. I have never seen the utter corruption of major news laid out so nakedly as we are seeing now. They have no shame. It is evil.

    TurnTimeTableTurnTimeTable2 aylar önce
  • When will Fiat pay the 2 billions??.

    proedjansenproedjansen2 aylar önce
  • Teslas are brilliant cars, but the post purchase customer service is a bloody disaster, unless they sort this part of the chain out there is no motivation for fleet purchasers to start looking at Tesla as viable manufacturer. I love the idea of what Tesla are trying to do but if you cannot repair the cars in a reasonable time (two months to replace a door handle on my bosses model S) then the majority of ordinary people are not going to replace their internal combustion cars. When you're spending 40k on a car customer service in terms of after sales care is an important consideration and its why for all the Tesla is a better looking car and a lot more advanced, I've ordered a BMW I3s, simply because if it goes wrong I can take it to where I bought it 20 miles away, be given a courtesy car in the spot and have my car fixed in a couple of days.

    Tony BMWTony BMW2 aylar önce
  • Nicely done, this is as good or better than any 60 minutes segment I’ve seen

    dustin wdustin w2 aylar önce
  • I don’t disagree that electric car transport for the future can be looked at as better but the achilles heal of the whole thing is the fact we’re still using inefficient/toxic battery’s. Battery’s are not the way to save the planet. People generally only want to own a car for a coupe of years and then change it, buy buying something like a Tesla for this amount of time instead of a new/used petrol car does not mean that person is in any real way saving the planet. Also with nuclear power stations not being built and others being closed down our future demand (and due the limitations of renewable electricity generation) will mean we will not have clean energy to even charge these cars or run the country cleanly.

    RossrfulRossrful2 aylar önce
  • "success story that is Tesla" When you look at a company with no significant profit over its 15 year history and you make a statement like that. You are deluded. Or dumb. Or both.

    Kabuki SyneriKabuki Syneri2 aylar önce
  • "Musk is the EDISON of our generation" correction: Musk is the Tesla of our generation

    HelloHello3 aylar önce
  • The harm to the environment of Electric vehicles and all electronics is the mining of materials. Typically, of all the material removed from the mine, those rare earths amounted to 0.2 percent of what gets pulled out of the ground. The other 99.8 percent-now contaminated with toxic chemicals-is dumped back into the environment. That damage is difficult to quantify, just like the impact of oil drilling. Your electric car doesn't need gas, but it still might get its energy from burning carbon of some kind. Most electrics don’t even look that much better than a traditional vehicle in terms of greenhouse gases. Now comes the cost of maintenance of the high-tech vehicle electric and ICE. The sensor count is so high that the cost of repair sky rockets after a couple of years of use. To most owners, these products are throw always for the remaining life-cycle of the product which eventually ends up in the toxic waste fields around the world.

    R PadiaR Padia3 aylar önce
  • I am half German, half Irish and I live in France. If I were to buy a new car, it would not be an Audi or Mercedes or any other european, Japanese or Chinese car but I would definitely buy a new Tesla! Americans should be proud of this company, they are way ahead of the pack and scaring the shit out of them! Tesla are awesome!

    MangetoutMangetout3 aylar önce
  • The last time I saw Elon it looked like the Tesla situation was taking it's toll, he looked dreadful and ill.

    captain pugwashcaptain pugwash3 aylar önce
  • We will see if they can survive the next recession. The fact is NOBODY is making money on electric car. Even Tesla is losing BILLIONS while sales are good. It is TOTALLY impractical to buy a $70,000 or more car with a LIMITED range and an HOUR at minimum to recharge it. Every 200-250 miles you will have to stop at a super charger for an hour on a long trip. That range is cut in half when the weather is cold and those batteries are damn expensive to replace. These are totally IMPRACTICAL for the money.

    Dennis WDennis W3 aylar önce
  • Only took a week for my Tesla, to be ready for delivery. Picked it up yesterday, there was at least 6 other people picking up their car that day, with the employees said they had 12 pickup schedule for Sunday, which is a reduced hour workday

    david brightdavid bright3 aylar önce
  • Don't know that people are "Tesla hating" as much as seeing it's just not a consistently reliable enough option to spend $30k on a car they can't take anywhere they want when needed.

    Rob JRob J3 aylar önce
  • Analysts have now all changed their tune, lol. Tesla is going to be a tech juggernaut.

    CallandorCallandor3 aylar önce
  • Great video Ben! I have an idea that Tesla should change strategies to get rid of short-sellers and FUD in the media should just start to produce roadster 2.0 to make money that would stabilize the stock and attract new investors and accelerate transition to sustainable future. What is your opinion about it?

    Senju2KSenju2K3 aylar önce
  • Elonz on fire 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    MultiShawntMultiShawnt3 aylar önce
  • American grid is not prepared for Tesla. Lot of electricity in central and eastern part of USA comes from burning coal. It is stupid in such a situation to increase consumption of electricity buying new Teslas. They are not ecological. They are coalburners.

    Marek SýkoraMarek Sýkora3 aylar önce
  • i just put 5500 into tesla today…. not dead, just getting started

    Chris RoodeChris Roode3 aylar önce
  • Look Elon Musk is no doubt a genius. A genius is not often known for their fundamental Financial know how. No one hates Tesla or takes one thing away from them. They are in the a very heavy cash flow position that constantly needs feeding. Should this need ever run out the company no doubt would be done. What Elon needs now is a room full of the best Minds in finance that came keep backflow coming. The stock price has not been cut in half in the last 6 months because of the short sellers. The company has an insatiable demand for short term cash. Luckily, the country delivers right now just that. Now I feel on could just back off talking about short sellers.. I don't care what you call Le Model S except it stinks. Why would they hinge their future on such a car based on a golf cart chassis?

    michael flegelmichael flegel3 aylar önce
  • 9.50 "I have no position in Tesla except I own their cars and I want them to succeed."Give me a break. Newsflash if you have a coal fired power station producing the electricity to recharge a tesla you are not causing less pollution. You gotta love people that ignore physics. You can't make energy you can only convert it. If you recharge at night you sure as hell are not using solar power to do it. If you recharge on a calm night you're not using wind produced power to do it. Nuclear power stations evidently are are no no because they're too dangerous. That leaves hydro power not many hydro power stations in the scheme of things. If you want to drive a Tesla and you can afford it ,great. But can we please stop the bullshit that it is actually saving the environment. At the moment it ain't.

    Jim AlleyJim Alley3 aylar önce
    • Not only that, but look at the damage being done to the environment by lithium mining. For whatever reason, this is often left out of all the green and environmental discussions. Complete desert ecosystems have been destroyed while mining to build batteries.

      Warren WellsWarren Wells3 aylar önce
  • No Tesla is NOT dead. They will make an obsolete tech and radically change the vehicle. #(ck) common knowledge

    King and Queen TurbenKing and Queen Turben3 aylar önce
  • Kudos to Musk, yet he seems his own worst enemy...perhaps he'll mature with age.

    King of CupsKing of Cups3 aylar önce
  • Musk and Tesla have actually received mostly fawning press. The consumer ratings on their products in the early days were outright BS designed to put them in the most positive light possible. Federal and State governments also put their thumbs on the scale for Tesla at taxpayer expense. The bottom line on EV's is if you don't believe the hype about AGW there is no reason to buy them. Limited range and excessive waiting for charge up are 2 major hurdles. They are also too expensive. Tesla also bullshits the public about lacking a dealer network. They pitch it as an advantage when in reality it is not. There is no way an auto company can sustain growth having no decent repair and supply network. Flying techs in is not the answer. The lack of charging stations is another limiting factor. EV's should be forced to compete on an equal footing with IC cars. Politicians should not be forcing taxpayers to subsidize the toys or rich people.

    Ken RoyallKen Royall3 aylar önce
  • If freedom was gone tmrw, would be nice to see a law that punished all the idiots by death penalty... It's a dark grim theory to bring about the point that people spend too much time doing bad things. We should all be helping companies like Tesla that want to improve the planet as part of the end game, doing anything but that is sabotage to our entire race and should be punished...maybe not by death but by silencing idiots (taking away their freedom to release trash out their mouths).

    Michael S.Michael S.3 aylar önce
  • Otro useño memo con la gorra para atrás jajaja, y encima fanboy de tesla para rematar.

    George Of The JungleGeorge Of The Jungle3 aylar önce
  • Short sellers have been both right and wrong on Tesla, depending on when they shorted. Some short sellers have made boatloads, and some have lost. And FWIW this guy has huge bias in favor of Tesla, obviously, so he can't give anywhere near an objective opinion. I mean c'mon the channel has Tesla in its name.

    Ryan FowlerRyan Fowler3 aylar önce
  • Math wise: 33.7kWh (EPA recognized 1gal equiv) 33.7/.333 = 101 mpge **Locally for me that would be @ 9.2c/kWh = 3.07c per mile My 2010 Prius: 50 mpg @ 2.35/gal = 4.7c per mile So about a 28% cost reduction. Not bad. Disclaimer: prices may vary. I live in AR

    paladain55paladain553 aylar önce
  • In my observation most of the people who criticize Tesla today are doing so is in reaction to the fanatics who give Tesla a pass for QC issues that they would be very critical of in say an i-Pace. Tesla has done some great things and I hope they succeed but some of the stats presented are misleading. The Model 3 doesn't compete with the 5 series or E class. The EPA puts it into the same category due the the weight of the Model's a porker like all EVs and weight as much as larger ICE vehicles. Also, is the volume of Model 3s delivered representative of actual demand or are they trying to catch up on the years of waiting customers...I hope the volume keeps up but we shall see.

    Jacob KnudsenJacob Knudsen3 aylar önce
  • another Elon Musk c*** su*** channel

    amilom007amilom0073 aylar önce
  • It’s true. I rented a model 3 in Salt Lake and now I won’t drive or rent any other vehicle. Mercedes Audi or Mercedes just seem dinky and complicated. The driving experience is the best I’ve ever had.

    iaw94iaw943 aylar önce
  • Wait, wait. Tesla hasn't made a profit, but when their cars start getting made by cheap asian workers being paid pennies overseas, my god the quality will go through the roof! And the company will finally be profitable!

    Frankie FourFngrsFrankie FourFngrs3 aylar önce
  • Give it about 10 years and you're going to start hearing environmentalists bitch about Tesla batteries harming the environment.

    3576alan3576alan3 aylar önce
  • Why does he say “tezla “

    Yashas PradeepYashas Pradeep3 aylar önce
    • because that's how Elon pronounces it.

      Ohh SnapsOhh Snaps3 aylar önce
  • Tesla shorts better cover, your about to get squeezed.

    Vinyl LP ReviewsVinyl LP Reviews3 aylar önce
  • They're flat out boring

    The MucklerThe Muckler3 aylar önce
  • Is your baseball cap faulty?

    Graham DenisonGraham Denison3 aylar önce
  • Tesla is the best anyway..

    Anton DissentAnton Dissent3 aylar önce
    • But lots of very nice competitor offerings are coming soon! We will just have to see how well Tesla stacks up when they have actual competition.

      Joe CoolionessJoe Coolioness3 aylar önce
  • No one understands the fully autonomous concept or ASIC chip around it. It is totally mind blowing if you know the tech. Because it's ASIC is years ahead of what anyone is doing. Just thinking of this idea was both simple and radically squared.

    Colin MaharajColin Maharaj3 aylar önce
  • Sounds like something a butthurt Clinton supporter would say!!!Orange Man Bad.Haha.

    cosmodave69cosmodave693 aylar önce
  • Shave, shower and dress like an may be taken more seriously.

    B. AllenB. Allen3 aylar önce
  • I'm indifferent

  • If they don't sort out their cars within the next year or two they are stuffed ... the audi, merc , jag electric cars are good and cheaper than teslas ...and almost every car company has electric vehicles coming out in the next year or two ... Tesla has quality issues and lose money on every car .... they promised $35K cars ...but those people have been on the waiting list for more than a year ... the next 1-2 years will make or break tesla

    pablo ragespablo rages3 aylar önce
  • Elon said it: making electric cars is stupidity square! I agree.

    Ricardo AnjosRicardo Anjos3 aylar önce
    • saurabhnow we will see who is the stupid in the end...

      Ricardo AnjosRicardo Anjos3 aylar önce
    • I think Elon was pointing out that those who believe that making electric cars are stupid, are the stupid ones. Such as yourself.

      saurabhnowsaurabhnow3 aylar önce
  • Elon so far is beating the odds in that he is able to continue growing the company even tho it has yet to make a profit. Style isn't the problem. The auto industry itself is gunning for Tesla, and have numerous resources to marshal against it. Don't forget the industry succeeded in bribing many state governments to make Tesla sales illegal. It is tough to back someone with a target painted on his chest.

    Jeffrey SegalJeffrey Segal3 aylar önce
  • You forgot how Tesla is making most of it's money selling clean energy credits than cars. From the WSJ - "Nov 5, 2018 - Tesla's record quarter doesn't look as good as its earnings release ... the biggest boost to profits came from the sale of government credits. ... Tesla earns by producing clean energy products like electric cars ... to do what it has needed to do all year-raise money by selling stock." It also is losing its large government subsidies just as several huge competitors enter the market. Porsche Taycan has pre-sold over 20,000 and is increasing it's production. They'll also have a nice $7000 government subsidy. ;-). Lastly, companies are designed to make money and not keep losing money in the long term like the failed dot.coms. Even Amazon, finally started making a profit after years of negative income. Just watch the other bubbles ready to implode like the electric scooters coming soon. Good news is that Tesla did change the world even when it gets beaten by automakers that guess what - make money for their shareholders with profits and note hopes and dreams.

    HDnatureTV: Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds VideosHDnatureTV: Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds Videos3 aylar önce
    • You're only focusing in on the Negative! Typical! your glass must be half empty instead of half full! 2018 2nd Qtr information is 9 months old information! I'd like to see you do what Telsa and SpaceX has done! Stop Bitching and start Pitching! Negative Nelly!

      Kaplan Design Audio & Video SolutionsKaplan Design Audio & Video Solutions3 aylar önce
  • GM EV1 was a great car, but GM was scared of it.

    João TavaresJoão Tavares3 aylar önce
    • What gave them the idea to even start an endeavor like the EV1 if the STATE was a hindrance?

      João TavaresJoão Tavares3 aylar önce
    • Yes, because BS regulations made it them scared to sell it. Watch the video on who killed the EV1. I would have been scared to sell it too.

      Joe CoolionessJoe Coolioness3 aylar önce
  • The fact is their stock continues to plunge to $0.

    SandySandy3 aylar önce
    • @Tom S Just like Porsche's all-electric line-up in 1909.

      SandySandy3 aylar önce
    • That will never happen electric cars are here to stay just like bitcoin get used to it!

      Tom STom S3 aylar önce
  • You lost me at " ..clean air, and the planet".. at this time electric cars are "dirtier" to produce and with most people getting power from coal, as "dirty" to repower. Your not burning gas you're burning coal. That smug and largely false statement is what turns a lot of people off. I like Teslas but to pretend (or being dishonest there aren't huge problems with sourcing (mining and refining) lithium and other components and disposal of electric cars and burning coal is dishonest. There hopefully be a time soon where that's not the case but it is now.

    IgnealeIgneale3 aylar önce
  • Maybe not if they continue to be the biggest cronie gov. Welfare king. Their carbon credit scam is coming to an end.

    nitedaze1000nitedaze10003 aylar önce
  • Your cap is on back to front

    Duncan SlaterDuncan Slater3 aylar önce
  • Model 3 really competes with something like a 3 series, but even so, Tesla out sold BMW easily in that segment, which does say a lot.

    Sigma ProjectsSigma Projects3 aylar önce