Isuzu Dmax Touring Build and Canopy Kit Out

Rig run down of our 2016 Isuzu Dmax LSM.
We have built the Dmax for our lap of Australia.
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  • Wow that’s a ripper setup. Why the rev limiter unit?

    HuntinginAust.HuntinginAust.4 gün önce
  • Great video. Thanks for sharing the information.

    Chris EvansChris Evans21 gün önce
  • Love the video I'm a dmax owner from Ireland

    CT PlasteringCT PlasteringAylar önce
  • Love your work and I am guessing your a PERTH lad as your videos are places I am familiar with. Keep up the good work.

    Paul CallcottPaul CallcottAylar önce
  • Great video mate. One thing I have on my ute that may be of interest is a 9mt retractable air hose from Bunnings. I got mine for $40 from memory. I got so sick of messy air hoses. Keep it up.

    liam cherryliam cherryAylar önce
  • Great walk through. I like the switches for your winch, I'm thinking to do that now! Great content.

  • Was waiting for the kitchen sink mate

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  • Nice setup mate. I'm looking to get the new Dmax when it comes out and looking to set it up for touring. Who built your canopy? Thanks for sharing

    Michael NugaraMichael Nugara3 aylar önce
  • 13:09 I found using a stock paper filter with a UNI foam filter sock on the rams head (100X150mm from Diesel Doc) not only seems to help trap 100% of the dirt/dust but also keeps the bugs and crap out of your airbox! Just make sure you take a spare to swap over on longer trips and be aware they are only good for about a year till the foam dies in the sun! 21:00 Check out the Milwaukee electric chain saw! TBQH I was dubious vs the trusty Stihl but now I only take the electric one plus a litre of chain oil! Can pretty much do a weeks worth of firewood without recharging the battery! Wicked set up - Well done !! :)

    MJHMechMJHMech3 aylar önce
  • Hi Cam, just wondering if you did a diff drop and upgraded the UCA's since this video? I am starting my build now and thinking about putting them in and getting the bushskinz 3 piece underbody protection which is diff drop compatible. If not, how are you finding it and whats the wear on your tyres like? Thanks man.

    Diarmuid O LaoghaireDiarmuid O Laoghaire3 aylar önce
  • Mate that is an awesome review on your canopy setup. So well thought out and designed. I love your trip videos and you’d input into things

    craig harriscraig harris3 aylar önce
  • Hi mate just wondering if you can send us some photos of your webber q bracket

    Jesse GeorgeJesse George4 aylar önce
  • Nice set up. What brand is the canopy? Just an ebay sort of jobbie?

    OutdoorsOutdoors4 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate, yeah just a cheap import. Looks pretty similar to MRT.

      Wild TouringWild Touring4 aylar önce
  • Just FYI with your data plan, it’s cheaper to get a big plan on your mobile phone then when in crappy reception areas put your SIM card in the mobile router. We’ve just finished a lap and found this the most cost effective way of doing it.

    Shane NorwellShane Norwell4 aylar önce
    • Wild Touring yeh that’s what I’m going to do in our new tow vehicle.

      Shane NorwellShane Norwell4 aylar önce
    • Thanks for the advice Shane, thats a good idea, ive noticed the data plans for the router are pretty pricey. I may just end up getting a celfi-go. Not sure yet though...

      Wild TouringWild Touring4 aylar önce
  • Awesome setup mate! I currently have a Cub Camper trailer and just had a canopy fitted to my 79 series like yours. Chinese checker plate. I'm finding that the vehicle based setup is the way to go for me, especially if i want to do some more serious tracks and the desert. I'm going to sell the camper trailer. I'm single so no need for extra room! Thanks for sharing your awesome build mate!

    Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones5 aylar önce
    • @Wild Touring cheers mate! Just working out my setup to keep the vehicle under gvm. I'll have about 200kgs to spare when fully loaded. Trying to keep the weight down is hard!

      Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones5 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate. I'd do the same in your situation I reckon. Either a swag or a roof top tent if it was just me all the time. Cheers for the comment!

      Wild TouringWild Touring5 aylar önce
  • Awesome rig

    Ryan WebbRyan Webb5 aylar önce
  • That is one of the most epic well thought out canopies i've seen Simple, yet clever and very functional... its like a Swiss-army Knife

    Hugh JazzHugh Jazz5 aylar önce
  • 14:40 Try Boost Mobile ($150 for a Year, 150GB or $12.50 a Month) or Use a Pay per Day prepaid service. SIM can sit there for 200 days and not cost a cent, then you pay for the days you use

    Hugh JazzHugh Jazz5 aylar önce
    • Something i noticed when in the Red Centre Is Optus worked better!!!! When Telstra didn't even work at all! All up the Oodnadatta Track , Innaminka etc, Optus worked and Telstra had zero.. Apparently that changed Q2 this year with Telstra coming to the same sites

      Hugh JazzHugh Jazz5 aylar önce
    • Boost uses ALL of the Telstra network from my understanding. It used to make the claim it used the full Telstra network, i see that is removed now, so you might be right. The other MVMO's don't offer full service..... Says Full Network here: Also says its Full Service here:

      Hugh JazzHugh Jazz5 aylar önce
    • @Hugh Jazz I've heard that Aldi, boost and other networks that boast using telstra infrastructure may not have total access to all the telstra towers. Which is why I thought I'd have to go with a more expensive telstra plan. Any idea if there's truth in that?

      Wild TouringWild Touring5 aylar önce
    • Sorry, i was incorrect about BOOST, its $150 for 80Gb for the year There is also a $300 a year plan that has 250GB for the year (Full Tesltra Service) ALDI offer similar rates, but month by month as available Yeah, the Celfi booster is interesting, but it does have it draw back over a hard wired solution

      Hugh JazzHugh Jazz5 aylar önce
    • I need to look into this! Not sure if I'm better off just going with a celfi go booster. .

      Wild TouringWild Touring5 aylar önce
  • Nice rig mate. Hpd catch cans are Billet alloy? Mine went I’m the bin after a couple of emails and no reply as to why it wasn’t doing its job. Now I run a provent 200, will never go back!

    Adrian FietingAdrian Fieting5 aylar önce
  • Great video mate how do you rate the pedders shocks and springs. I have a set of the form cells in my dmax they handle amazing no body roll at all but i find them alittle noises unloaded. Hopefully you can reply

    Cameron AllanCameron Allan5 aylar önce
    • @Wild Touring yea fair call it might be just a setting in period or something if it pisses me off too much i just turn up the radio lol. I was very impressed to get 190000 out of the standard suspension. So heres hoping for 250000 plus out of the peddlers stuff.

      Cameron AllanCameron Allan5 aylar önce
    • Hey mate. I've got no complaints, they're pretty firm but they do a good job! I Havnt noticed them being Noisey, but I'm always loaded!

      Wild TouringWild Touring5 aylar önce
  • Great videos Cam, could you give me some more details on your Clearview lookalike mirrors. Cheers Greg.

    Lisa MarshallLisa Marshall6 aylar önce
  • Great vid Cam.... as usual. Cheers 🍻

    Outdoor AussieOutdoor Aussie6 aylar önce
  • Hey mate just curious how the canopy has held up with corrugations and wear and tear? Is it a MRT canopy?

    Ashley LukinAshley Lukin6 aylar önce
  • Hi. Excellent and informative video. Can you tell me what are the pros and cons of having the spare wheel under the tray, vs on the canopy? I would have thought you'd need to relocate your spare wheel to upgrade the fuel tank and fit a water tank, but you seem to have managed anyway. Could you have fitted a bigger water tank by moving the spare wheel?

    Aaron RichAaron Rich7 aylar önce
    • Thanks for watching and commenting mate. I've left mine under the tray for a couple of reasons. Firstly for weight distribution - I want as much of my weight as possible to be low and central. Putting it on the roof would affect the vehicles handling offroad on angles (higher centre of gravity) and limit the amount of weight I can carry on the roof. I didn't want to put the wheel on the back of the canopy because shifting the weight further behind the rear axle puts more strain on the chassis (which is already under extra pressure from running stiff springs, a heavy canopy and 200kgs of ball weight). I'd also have more issues with clearing the camper trailer on tight turns if I increase the overall length of the vehicle by putting the wheel on the back. I wasn't too concerned about fitting a larger water tank as with the camper in tow I have a total of 200L of water on board between the camper and car. The spare under the tray does limit the overall clearance under the vehicle, but the diffs and the fuel tank are still lower. And the vehicle has been built for touring rather than real serious 4x4ing/rock crawling. Ideally a shorter canopy with a couple of spares between the cab and the canopy would be great, keep the weight low and spread across both axles, but I cant justify the cost a custom setup like that would cost.

      Wild TouringWild Touring7 aylar önce
  • Mate can u tell me about your exhaust?

    Rocko BoysRocko Boys7 aylar önce
    • @Wild Touring did u cut the exhaust urself?

      Rocko BoysRocko Boys7 aylar önce
    • Its a playtime 3" exhaust with high flow catalytic converter and hotdog muffler. Its cut short (just past the cab) to clear water tank and spare wheel. $450ish delivered off ebay. Easy to fit yourself.

      Wild TouringWild Touring7 aylar önce
  • think we passed you just this week as we noticed the dented rear panel and the missus said how would that happen...nice set up we have a 2015 Dmax dual cab

    Eric CrombEric Cromb7 aylar önce
  • Hey mate interested in where you got your mirrors from?

    BuTCHaz7BuTCHaz77 aylar önce
    • Clear View

      MJHMechMJHMech3 aylar önce
  • nice planning on the back

    On The Road with JohnOn The Road with John7 aylar önce
    • Cheers John

      Wild TouringWild Touring7 aylar önce
  • Hi mate, where did you get that white table from? Cheers

    Rossi 21Rossi 217 aylar önce
    • Thanks heaps again mate 👍👍

      Rossi 21Rossi 217 aylar önce
    • @Rossi 21 no worries. They're the Coleman steel directors chair.

      Wild TouringWild Touring7 aylar önce
    • @Wild Touring thanks mate 👍 sorry to ask but what chairs are those? (The cream and black ones) cheers

      Rossi 21Rossi 217 aylar önce
    • Annaconda:

      Wild TouringWild Touring7 aylar önce
  • Hi Cam, does your canopy have stainless steel piano hinges? if so, how do you keep the water out? Love the channel and the vids are great.

    Paul MonaghanPaul Monaghan8 aylar önce
  • Good run down mate, is the canopy 800mm or 1000mm high, as i have been trying too see how they look in comparison to the car roof please?

    RazorbackRazorback9 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate. Canopy is 860mm high.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • nice video, nice Dmax. Subscribed for more

    Dave SDave S9 aylar önce
    • Cheers Dave!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Hey mate u got a speed camera in the back Look a little to young to be driving a dmax😂

    just anotha numberjust anotha number9 aylar önce
  • Good looking truck! What offset rims are you running?

    Tom SandersTom Sanders9 aylar önce
    • +20s I think. Would go +10s if I was doing it again though.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • How have you found the Dominator winch? The price is suspiciously amazing.

    Salty PretzelSalty Pretzel9 aylar önce
    • It's my second one (had one on my land cruiser too) . Has saved my bacon a few times now. Very happy with it. It did seize up once because I drowned it and then didn't use it for ages. Water got in and there was some corrosion on the magnets. Split it and cleaned it all up with some contact cleaner and sand paper and it was good as new again. Now I make sure that every time the cars serviced (6mnthly) or I drown the winch - I pull some rope out and wind it back in, keeps everything lubed up and the heat generated dries up any moisture inside.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Does that have the same Diesel engine in the Chevy ZR2s for the United States turbo 2.8 Duramax

    Magna Carta Sam Adam'sMagna Carta Sam Adam's9 aylar önce
    • No it has a 4JJ1 motor, a 3 litre.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Swap the axle to full floating. You can swap the axle from a single tire isuzu elf.

    Vincent Paul CamachoVincent Paul Camacho9 aylar önce
  • Nice car mate, great set up 👌🏽

    James DemetriouJames Demetriou9 aylar önce
    • Cheers James!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Great vid, just subbed. I have a 2016 LSM as well (wanted to avoid the DPF), in manual tho. Lots of good ideas here. I had been wondering which way to set up the backend - keep the tub or switch out for a tray/canopy? This helped a lot. The talk on the fuel consumption as well. My Dmax is pretty stock at the moment and I am getting 8.2l/100km, so it is nice to know what to expect as it is built up. I was surprised to hear 600nM gain chipped, that is significant. A question: what is your clearance now? I know your build is +50mm (to keep it legal), so it should be around 275-285mm clearance (on the stock 225-235mm), but I was wondering if the bash plates lowered that at all by making a new lower point.

    bluefunkenatorbluefunkenator9 aylar önce
  • Awesome video mate, Dmax looks awesome

    ————————————————————9 aylar önce
  • Nice set up mate .

    yusufaustraliayusufaustralia9 aylar önce
  • I find it really interesting that the Dmax in Australia doesn't come with a rear locker, and has a supposedly weak axle.. The ones we build in Sough Africa have e-lockers standard, which is a Spicer-Axle by Dana...

    TH3W1P30UTTH3W1P30UT9 aylar önce
    • @Wild Touring I think ours is the 4JJ1-TCX... Apparently the ones made in Thailand use a 4JJ1-TC.

      TH3W1P30UTTH3W1P30UT9 aylar önce
    • Same motor is SA? 4JJ1 ?

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • What brand of canopy?

    Blake HoskinsBlake Hoskins9 aylar önce
  • Great video . One of the most practical build I have seen .

    muralidhara mysoremuralidhara mysore9 aylar önce
    • I wish that i could build one similar 😂

      muralidhara mysoremuralidhara mysore9 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate! Suits our needs!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Go boost mobile. $150 for a year with 80Gb data. They are Telstra network

    oneglimmeroneglimmer9 aylar önce
    • Thanks for the suggestion, ill have a look into that! I'm wary because I know that Aldi also use the Telstra Network, but Telstra are pretty clever with how much of there network they give them, so the coverage isnt as good. But for $150 id give it a crack!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Excellent run through, that's an impressive set up. I think I'll subscribe!

    S and PS and P9 aylar önce
    • Cheers! Appreciate that!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Are they the tuff terrain mirrors? How you rate them? Cheers, G.

    Grant HugoGrant Hugo9 aylar önce
    • Wild Touring thanks mate

      Grant HugoGrant Hugo9 aylar önce
    • Gday Grant. The mirrors were Pinnacle Wholesalers, but i cant see a listing for them on their website anymore. Theyre similar price and design to Bettaview though.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Great build, well thought out

    Stephen ClarkeStephen Clarke9 aylar önce
    • Cheers Stephen!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Really nice setup - I have a 2014 Isuzu D-Max LS-M 4x4 myself. Thank you for sharing mate.

    Michael McNMichael McN9 aylar önce
    • Cheers Michael!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • how tall are you mate? I'm 6'5 and wondering how you go ducking under that thing? if you could do it again would you make it a taller canopy or something. Im designing a jackoff system through MW and want to get it right

    sam scottsam scott9 aylar önce
    • I'm 6'3. I JUST scrape my head on the lock/latch. It's caught me out a few times, but not bothered me enough to change it. I could run longer gas struts, or body lift the canopy. You may not have the issue if you run a true 2" lift kit anyway. Mine only came up 30mm.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Before you upgraded to a long range fuel tank, what fuel economy where you getting?

    Matthew CauderyMatthew Caudery9 aylar önce
    • With all the weight, lack of aerodynamics and a tight motor I was only getting around 550- 600kms to a tank (around 12L/100kms).

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Hey mate. Great video. Do you know roughly what your vehicle weighs as you showed it in this video?

    elvin palelvin pal9 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate! Around 3t loaded.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Thank you share your video on Isuz D-Max Wish best further joy round in travel around Australia Bush

    Robert LewisRobert Lewis9 aylar önce
    • Thanks for watching Robert!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Nice Video Cam. Lots of hard work payed off!

    Tyson LittleTyson Little9 aylar önce
    • Cheers Tys!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • What oil and coolant brand do you use?

    Mohan RamnathMohan Ramnath9 aylar önce
    • I got the first 3 years servicing free, so the dealers looking after that stuff mate!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Love the video mate, very descriptive and well said, I have a dmax myself unfortunately i was not lucky enough to get one without dpf haha, i have to remove that shit. Good stuff champ keep it up

    Andy GAndy G9 aylar önce
    • No problems at all looking forward to more vids.

      Andy GAndy G9 aylar önce
    • Cheers Andy. Thanks for the support mate!

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Looks good, one addition is that you should go and get the best lambs wool seat covers, you won’t regret it.

    Mauire FMauire F10 aylar önce
  • Really good build mate. I’d like to see it sitting a little higher & on 33s, but each to their own aye. 👍

    Phil McAvityPhil McAvity10 aylar önce
    • retry tobuy same looked a little low otherwise nicely done

      yusufaustraliayusufaustralia9 aylar önce
    • Try to stay clear of 35s it will throw your gearing out the door unless you can afford to have two sets of wheels an tyres one set for on road an one off.

      Shreck MShreck M9 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate. Haha yeah this is my first build that isnt on 33s or 35s. But its also my first new car and Im paying a fortune for insurance so trying to keep it all legal!

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • What brand mirrors are they mate

    matt johansonmatt johanson10 aylar önce
    • They were through Pinnacle Wholesalers. But cant see a listing anymore. Bettaview do a similar thing at a similar price though.

      Wild TouringWild Touring9 aylar önce
  • Hi Cam, Great video I wanted to know how the ebay inverter goes ??. I am finding it hard to part with big dollars when only used on the odd occasion. Are you also able to provide a link to this inverter. Cheers Michael

    OCCYOCCY10 aylar önce
    • @Wild Touring Thanks Cam will give it a go and enjoy your trip to the Simpson it was one of the best trips I have done.

      OCCYOCCY10 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate. Inverter has been going great for a couple of years now. Used fairly often to charge drill batteries or run coffee machine or milk frother.

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • good vid mate

    Timmy DTimmy D10 aylar önce
    • Cheers Timmy!

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Dam spell check centering ring

    Latitude stoppingLatitude stopping10 aylar önce
  • That should say cantering rings not what spell check added Cheers

    Latitude stoppingLatitude stopping10 aylar önce
  • Hi mate mine are on ra rodeo and I have rc Colorado so yes basically Isuzu until I had Venturi g rings made I had trouble the rims are csa stamped alloy wheels with 265/70/16 tyres Not sure where you are from but got mine turned up at wheel revolution in slacks creek qld But original rims arehub centric I was eventually told I have same freewheel hubs as yours and think there great idea I also added transmission cooler to my Colorado Recently have had injectors replaced in RC Colorado be very careful if you change yours as I have had constant oil leaking from around fuel line going for #4th return to Mech to fix this even after new lines and seals an not very happy as I had no leaks at all till then I do like your rumble switch how you get this done Thanks

    Latitude stoppingLatitude stopping10 aylar önce
    • I'm running 16X8" CSA alloy's on mine with no problems apart from tyres touching front mudflaps slightly @ lock ( 0 offset - should be +10/+20! ). Tyre choice has a large role to play when it comes to vibration issues IMO.

      MJHMechMJHMech3 aylar önce
    • Yeah okay. Thanks for the info! The rumble idle is a feature of the ECU shop module.

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Finally a nice D Max build. You just scored a new sub

    Brett HughesBrett Hughes10 aylar önce
    • Thanks Brett. And cheers for the support mate!!

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Where did u buy the canopy online at?

    Chris PullenChris Pullen10 aylar önce
    • What are the dimensions on the canopy?

      josh kempjosh kemp10 aylar önce
    • It was a gumtree buy. I believe it original came from able trailers in WA.

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Hi there I noticed on you wheel some gap from rim to hub when I got my mags fitted on my Ute I had no end of vibration issues after 5 wheel alignments at various shops the last shop advised me about the gap an said I needed cantering rings so found a place which made turned up alloy rings problem sorted Also makes sense to me so load is distributed to hub and studs not just studs for what it worth But I do like what you hav done enjoyed the clip thanks

    Latitude stoppingLatitude stopping10 aylar önce
    • Was your issue on a dmax? I had heard similar stories to yours so I was worried about wobbles. But don't get any vibrations or wobbles. I think it has to do with whether the rims are hub centric or lugcentric?

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Nice one Cam, also can't wait to see your solo Simmo videos!

    psteed84psteed8410 aylar önce
    • Thanks mate!

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Jesus cam that has to be one of the best and smartest setups i have even seen mate truly. I reckon im gonna steal about four or five of your ideas if that is ok haha. Shit mate seriously what a beautifully thought out rig. Respect brother

    WA Camping AdventuresWA Camping Adventures10 aylar önce
    • Thanks Pete ya legend! Appreciate it!

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
  • Thanks for the video. I’ve been interested to see your build details for a while. Nice well thought out setup.

    ClintoClinto10 aylar önce
    • Cheers clinto!

      Wild TouringWild Touring10 aylar önce
Isuzu Dmax Touring Build and Canopy Kit Out