I turned 21 on May 10th. This is my story.
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CallMeCarson's birthday and BOTW



  • bro wtf you have a birthday every year? mine was like 3 years ago

    Rayangaming65Rayangaming652 gün önce
  • He birth

    mqynormqynor5 gün önce
  • Wait may 9th is my bday what the hell

    Adnan HaudhyAdnan Haudhy5 gün önce
  • I didn’t know that Carson dancing to Savage was something I would be imagining one day

    AnonymousAnonymous7 gün önce
  • bro your birthday is 4 days after mine

    Dr Lego12miniDr Lego12mini8 gün önce
  • For my birthday I just recently got botw I was never too interested in zelda but you got me interested enough to want it and I got it for my birthday

    Fanboy From fanboy and chum chumFanboy From fanboy and chum chum10 gün önce
  • bro you are the fourth person that has a birthday after mine which is May 9th

    PointBlankAnimationsPointBlankAnimations11 gün önce
  • carson

    kyitokyito15 gün önce
  • Carson and CG5 share the same birthday. Cool.

    Adam RichardsonAdam Richardson17 gün önce
  • i thought the hat said big hot gay

    IcedAnimalCrackersIcedAnimalCrackers17 gün önce
  • Yo can anyone tell me the name of the song in the background at 0:01, I used to hear it all the time but never knew the name, much appreciated.

    Javier MolinaJavier Molina18 gün önce
  • Now that carson is 21 people are gonna make clips like *CallMeCarson drunk moments*

    BI uxBI ux19 gün önce
  • 8:39

    BlockBreaker88BlockBreaker8819 gün önce
  • 13:43 the song is called savage

    Shea SimleyShea Simley20 gün önce
  • 8:40 that's a kneeslapper!

    Shea SimleyShea Simley20 gün önce

    Monkey BoiMonkey Boi20 gün önce
  • He clearly likes it!

    SystrophSystroph22 gün önce
  • It is official. Carson is babey.

    Blue Bean.Blue Bean.22 gün önce
  • First

    UnbrokenLonelinessUnbrokenLoneliness23 gün önce
  • It is my bday

    sappynatorsappynator23 gün önce
  • 1, Kiss 2,Date 3,Marry Which do you choose? *Smashes all buttons*

    Adancing SaladAdancing Salad26 gün önce
  • Ryan "Uh would you try speed running?" Carson: "I don't have the patience for speed running" Ryan "... What do you mean? It's fast" Carson: "mMMmm"

    Hoopla BunnyHoopla Bunny27 gün önce
    • Yep that’s what he said

      The Lord Of SpudsThe Lord Of Spuds20 gün önce
  • Happy Birthday

    some guysome guy27 gün önce
  • C9 is just full of nobodies,now..... :(

    TheWierdoNamed ZTheWierdoNamed Z27 gün önce
  • i was 2 days close to being born when carson was

    KoliKoli28 gün önce
  • Fun fact I share a bday with Carson 👁👄👁

    ChibanyanChibanyan28 gün önce
  • wait guys im about to spawn white people

    beebee28 gün önce
  • i haven't had a birthday in fifteen years.

    beebee28 gün önce
  • I wish I had a sister as nice as Carson's

    Party Boy!!!!!! !!!!Party Boy!!!!!! !!!!28 gün önce
  • Such a cute Birthday Girl.

    Everything NoahZzEverything NoahZz29 gün önce
  • Carson: I don't keep up with memes, I make my own memes Everyone else: Cereal when no milk, cereal when haves milk flashbacks

    Faris KebireFaris KebireAylar önce
  • He's one day closer to being a dilf

    MelMelAylar önce
  • _Good things are going to happen._

    En AyEn AyAylar önce
  • what's the song at the beginning ?

    Cliffford _1Cliffford _1Aylar önce
  • Merry Birthday

    Matt RunkleMatt RunkleAylar önce
  • The Lunch Club book should just be a graphic novel with characters such as Milk Man, Goose, etc.

    John AJohn AAylar önce
  • I was on the floor when it said “gayass is unable to come”

    BakedBeansBakedBeansAylar önce
  • Happy birthday call me Carson

    Ben PhillipsBen PhillipsAylar önce
  • Rock and Roll? more like poop and pee

    Adam FilesAdam FilesAylar önce
  • Carson can play BOTW, as a treat

    Christine PayneChristine PayneAylar önce
  • Everybody had a birthday this year uh?

    David RomeroDavid RomeroAylar önce
  • This entire video is like a 9 year old’s sleepover party.

    Sprung _ SFMSprung _ SFMAylar önce
  • Who is here because of the meme template

  • He !

    NuxeツNuxeツAylar önce
  • he's not a girl Yet.

    Danku-ChanDanku-ChanAylar önce
  • Happy Birthday Carson.

    NebelNihatNebelNihatAylar önce
  • Happy birthday carson

    Rəx RaptørmætıønsRəx RaptørmætıønsAylar önce
  • Did Carson move out of the group house?

    Mandy ZoeMandy ZoeAylar önce
  • berdthay boy

    HugheskiiHugheskiiAylar önce
  • it amuses and terrifies me to know that Carson is a year younger than me.

    inivicaninivicanAylar önce
  • I just can’t imagine Carson after taking like 6 shots of vodka.

    littleferrhislittleferrhisAylar önce
  • If someone starts to sing Sweet Caroline. It is illegal to not go 'ba ba ba'.

    edwardoedwardoAylar önce
  • Happy

    Spider GeniusSpider GeniusAylar önce
  • Carson mate read the rationale male it will help through the trauma

    gunlock177gunlock177Aylar önce
  • It's a birthday girl!

    It's AuchIt's AuchAylar önce
  • who is this guy idk but i thought he was a girl

    Francisco RevelesFrancisco RevelesAylar önce
  • When the donation says “less than three” when it reads

    StuckoStuckoAylar önce
  • Yeah, Double A's are good, my favorite model is Varta 11500406 - Battery Energy LR6/AA AA silver/blue

    juan manuel Rubiojuan manuel RubioAylar önce
  • *inhales* he clearly likes it.

    juan manuel Rubiojuan manuel RubioAylar önce
  • so nobody gonna mention the birthday girl hat in the thumbnail huh.

    Ford F-150Ford F-150Aylar önce
  • Dang I’m late but happy birthday Carson

    Anna MaeAnna MaeAylar önce
  • this was UPLOADED on my birthday

    An oblivious SchizophrenicAn oblivious SchizophrenicAylar önce
  • Okay but anyone got that link to the “I gotta poop” song at the beginning?

    The GingeThe GingeAylar önce
  • My birthday was on the 6th happy late birthday carson

    Brandiugh19Brandiugh19Aylar önce
  • 14:00 me, a guitar player that powers my pedals with 9v batteries: :(

    BryanideBryanideAylar önce

    ImtemooseImtemooseAylar önce
  • Oh it was

    kirbykirbyAylar önce
  • Happy birthday.

    alan yamamuraalan yamamuraAylar önce
  • 16:57 bruh beatles are great

  • Ok but imma say it tho... BLM

    Ryan SloesarwijRyan SloesarwijAylar önce
it was my birthday!