Jimmy Uso stands up to Roman, ‘For a year I’ve watched you abuse Jey!’ | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN

Tensions in the Tribal Family have been rising as Jimmy Uso refuses to acknowledge Roman Reigns. Jimmy stood up to his cousin on Friday Night SmackDown to let him know that he won’t back down in sticking up for his twin brother, Jey Uso.
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Jimmy Uso stands up to Roman, ‘For a year I’ve watched you abuse Jey!’ | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN




  • Whose side are you on: Jimmy Uso or Roman Reigns?

    WWE ON FOXWWE ON FOXAylar önce
    • Romans,he elevated jay.jimmy holding him back

      tokenstreamertokenstreamerAylar önce
    • I don't even know I love roman his been my favorite wrestler for a long time now but what he did the Usos pretty dirty and I'm kinda sad cuz of that

      TheRealMicTheRealMicAylar önce
    • Roman

      KingThiago_21$KingThiago_21$Aylar önce
    • Why do y'all hate Roman, when he comes y'all just throw this 👎

      Romelia MoralesRomelia MoralesAylar önce
    • Roman. He’s doing this for his family. They just not lookin at the bigger picture.

      Demitrius Enon MenchacaDemitrius Enon MenchacaAylar önce
  • Roman and Jimmy be acting like little kids right in front of Jey

    Sam WardSam Ward21 saatler önce
  • I don't watch wwe for 2 years i come back and roman a heel (wow)

    exactly 322 998exactly 322 9985 gün önce
  • Why am I seeing the USOS and not dean ambrose and Seth Rollins I say that is the team for Roman

    Devon JohnsonDevon Johnson7 gün önce
  • 😭😭😭

    KruxialYNSKruxialYNS17 gün önce
  • Joey usos Jimmy usos call hall tonight vs

    zainab ahmedzainab ahmed20 gün önce
    • Joey usos Jimmy usos vs tonight comipmns Have world

      zainab ahmedzainab ahmed20 gün önce
  • Yoooo! I stop watching WWE for 2 years and I come back to this?! Excuse me?!

    J.L. HernandezJ.L. Hernandez21 gün önce
  • Roman is great with his cousins but man I miss him being in the SHIELD

    Aye MayneAye Mayne25 gün önce
  • 3:34 haha!!!!

    Arturo CabralArturo Cabral26 gün önce
  • Roman Reigns was granted by God to have another chance in this life by helping him fight and heal from his cancer. He should remember that he was given a second chance that a lot of leukemia patience people out don't get in this life. He should treat people better especially family. Since, we always hear people even in movies say "family first". Why turn his back on Jimmy and Jey, they have had your back since you came into WWE.

    Tinaalofafanau NashTinaalofafanau Nash28 gün önce
  • Jay

    Pablo VegaPablo Vega28 gün önce
  • Jimmy

    Pablo VegaPablo Vega28 gün önce
  • This is not the Big Dog I remember 😂

    Neil SamarooNeil Samaroo29 gün önce
  • 1:09

    TheRealJalonTheRealJalonAylar önce
  • Man Roman got me questioning MY life and actions right now lol

    ThebabyricoThebabyricoAylar önce
  • All the uso family are awesome wrestlers and actors. Macho man was amazing . Great promo

    Luis OrtizLuis OrtizAylar önce
  • Me: [Walks up to Roman] ...." what was that all about?"

    ManWithNoNameManWithNoNameAylar önce
  • Jey was trying so hard to hold his laugh 😂😂

    Jwaun CookJwaun CookAylar önce
  • This Roman. This Roman Reigns needs an Oscar

  • I like to see Seth and Roman go at it again

    Richard FalkRichard FalkAylar önce
  • Boring, dragging to long

    Ruben BaezRuben BaezAylar önce
  • I swear Heyman will cost him the title at some point

    Jeff MillerJeff MillerAylar önce
  • Roman has crawled inside Jimmy's head.

    AriesMars203AriesMars203Aylar önce
  • I wish Roman had a cooler belt, I have always hated the universal championship

    River MorrellRiver MorrellAylar önce
  • At least they didn't make the same mistake with roman that they did with John cena. Turning Roman heel was the smartest decision they made.

    Marcus Bell- DixonMarcus Bell- DixonAylar önce
  • Been two years since Iv watched. Looks like Roman is finally starting to learn how to do a promo.

    Josh SmithJosh SmithAylar önce
  • Nah Roman will fight Dwayne Johnson cousin Charmaine Hall because her son is alive and then you’ll see him begging for Mercy. Hall is in it to win it!!!!

    Charm HallCharm HallAylar önce
  • Give Roman a Emmy

    comeatmebr0ocomeatmebr0oAylar önce
  • I would love to know why Roman needs to have the title on his shoulder backstage just to show that he is better and in charge. Because most people who hold the status of being in power their actions and their presence speaks for them not their rewards or titles for that matter. He dosent have to ask for the title every time he is around someone that he wants to intimidate because his presence and actions already do that for him but he wants everyone to know that he is the champion and better than them and i know he is the tribal cheif/ head of the table but a real cheif/head of the table does not need to feel the need to remind peolpe of their status because they are humble and respected enough already. Roman is not respected and feels insecure that is why he has to hold his hand out to tell Paul to give him the title so he can feel respected and in power where as a real chief/head of the table would just say what they have to say and let their assistant hold their stuff for them and still carry out being intimidating and feared without having to have it. So what does that say about Roman.

    Scarlett SparksScarlett SparksAylar önce
  • No stuttering. No pausing for more than 5 seconds. Roman learned how to promo

    David MoserDavid MoserAylar önce
  • For a year Jey been helping Roman keep his title but he didn't get not 1 title opportunity for any. Jimmy returns and get him and Jey a tag team title opportunity. Jey is just scared of Roman

    Diamonds SacraDiamonds SacraAylar önce
  • Is it just me or does he sound like Rocky at times in promo like his actual tone of voice thats sick

    KING AceKING AceAylar önce
  • They should have a custody match. Like Eddie and Rey

    Miguel GonzalezMiguel GonzalezAylar önce
  • We’ve come a long way since suffering succotash

    Demondre CoronaDemondre CoronaAylar önce
  • Why is smackdown all about Roman reigns these days he's a jerk

    Irene BairdIrene BairdAylar önce
  • Tristin Hodges, I love you too big fan uso Jimmy and Jey

    Tristin HodgesTristin HodgesAylar önce
  • Use us uso....worse than bro bro bro. Try talking intelligent instead of thug.

    Overkill MaximusOverkill MaximusAylar önce
  • This story line is good my favorites are best friends bitter enemies and hall of pain maybe John and CM Punk too

    Kuno On TwitchKuno On TwitchAylar önce
  • Boring as always. Roman is an annoying and boring character

    Andrew TysonAndrew TysonAylar önce
  • Man, listen too take passion!!!! Gave me goosebumps, finally they are using him the right way. Letting him be him.

    Lucas DurhamLucas DurhamAylar önce
  • Bruh. Roman the type of guy to make you apologize to your girl if she cheated on you

    Hugo NievesHugo NievesAylar önce
  • I liked the older generation samoan better.these guys don't act like samoan.

    tundahkingtundahkingAylar önce
  • I NEED USO vs USO!

    Cory Morgan-BynumCory Morgan-BynumAylar önce
  • Someone needs to check their math😂.

    Cory Morgan-BynumCory Morgan-BynumAylar önce
  • Ya

    Sonic the HedgehogSonic the HedgehogAylar önce
  • Need Samoa joe in this to fued with them

    Tyson FuryTyson FuryAylar önce
  • It's official smackdown is way better then raw if Roman Went To Raw Raw Would actually be good shield fan since day one roman is good on the mic when he a heel when he a face he ain't as good on the mic but roman reigns is my fav wrestlers even if he is a heel or face

    RossvilleRossvilleAylar önce
  • I'm on the side of whoever knocks Roman down a few pegs and reminds him who truly backs him

    Jen WohlgemuthJen WohlgemuthAylar önce
  • Buy FenixToken!!!!! Join the movement!

    Rebecca SaryRebecca SaryAylar önce
  • Jedi mind trick

    Ol_Skool1738Ol_Skool1738Aylar önce
  • “hAIl nAh”

    imMm goldenimMm goldenAylar önce
  • Time and again they tried to make Roman a face, but apparently he just works that much better as a heel. Sure enough, it’s a personality he wears well… 🙃

    C PTC PTAylar önce
  • This is AMAZING.

    K WK WAylar önce
  • Bra i think this friday jey is going to turn on roman

    rahdyce erarahdyce eraAylar önce
  • Bring back AOP to be Roman's new back up

    Tr3DaMayorTr3DaMayorAylar önce
  • Look at these cousins talk to each other

    Jon MartinezJon MartinezAylar önce

    SigmaBlackSigmaBlackAylar önce
  • I can’t wait to the three of them hold the belts

    tarik davistarik davisAylar önce
  • Wow

    Jaslene FerrerJaslene FerrerAylar önce
  • Soap opera boring

    Emilio AcevedoEmilio AcevedoAylar önce

    SPtheGREATSPtheGREATAylar önce
  • Some of the worst actors I've ever seen

    KiLDiG Horror Movie ArchiveKiLDiG Horror Movie ArchiveAylar önce
  • Roman makes me sick and i cant watch his sorry butt any longer!!

    Wendy R FerrellWendy R FerrellAylar önce
  • The best thing going on in the WWE is this storyline. No wonder Smackdown is better than Raw. Bring Naomi over from Raw to join the Tribal Family.

    Shane SpiessShane SpiessAylar önce

    noll carternoll carterAylar önce
  • Unreal how he doesn’t take any responsibility for anything.. Jimmy called him out.. and then he tried to spin it on him., 🤦‍♂️

    Ken FormosaKen FormosaAylar önce
  • He should have always been a heel

    Tyvonte MaxwellTyvonte MaxwellAylar önce

    Rj GrimesRj GrimesAylar önce
  • I like this Roman better than babyface Roman. Might actually start watching again lol

    Paul GarciaPaul GarciaAylar önce
  • Roman has become the most over heel in the last 15 years. He should’ve been a heel the whole time.

    Mafiacultgeno911Mafiacultgeno911Aylar önce
Jimmy Uso stands up to Roman, ‘For a year I’ve watched you abuse Jey!’ | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN