JLo Asked Me To Be In Her Music Video | Charli D'Amelio

hey everyone!!!! i don't even know what to say. i had so much fun shooting this video! thanks so much to Jennifer for asking me to be apart of this music video, it was such an honor. I hope you all enjoy watching it!
go watch the official video now!!!

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    • Kinda wanna prank him

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  • Charli is seriously SUCH a sweet soul. She’s soooo genuine, down to earth and kind - it’s lovely to see.

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  • Queen Charli just doing queen tings

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  • Charli dont think everyone likes you i dont like you

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  • Cute but little intro me like🤍

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  • Soy la única que no sabe inglés y mira los videos igual :v?

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  • C aring H onest A mazing R ockstar L ively I dol Charli i love you for everything you are i just hope that you keep this one quote in mind: "Hundreds of haters, thousands of lovers."

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  • Do u guys actually realize that charli is not a nice person. Plus most of her smiles are fake

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  • Oye charli si a las espanich no sé cómo se habla en tu idioma ya pero si hablas en español tus suscriptores te damos 4 millones de likes

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  • i wanna be charli when i grow up she is so nice!!! and talented

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JLo Asked Me To Be In Her Music Video | Charli D'Amelio