Joe Rogan Experience #1071 - Steven Crowder & NotGay Jared

Steven Crowder is an actor, comedian and former contributor for the Fox News Channel. He currently runs his own website and also a podcast along with producer NotGay Jared called “Louder With Crowder”




  • No chimps or weed? What the fuck happened Joe?

    Noah RussellNoah RussellSaatler önce
  • They both brought their twinks haha

    Ctyler93Ctyler936 saatler önce
  • With the exception of them not talking about covid, this could easily be from 2020...

    Phill JayPhill JayGün önce
  • Blaire hasn’t had bottom surgery. And she’s said before that she’s not even sure if she ever will because she’s happy with the way she looks. I can’t imagine choosing to never be able to c*m again.

    Just RyanJust Ryan2 gün önce
  • No one gonna notice, joe is wearing the same shirt in this podcast as the last one with Crowder

    Daniel ShepardDaniel Shepard2 gün önce
  • Eating from corn "infested" shit...someone silence these idiot fucks

    Space CowboySpace Cowboy2 gün önce
  • It’s crazy how they talk about antifa when all these protests are happening today with antifa destroying shit

    Ethereal IsisEthereal Isis3 gün önce
    • Right? I wish Joe brings Crowder back to talk about the roots and looting.

      Chris EvansChris Evans21 saatler önce
  • Look, I’m sorry if it’s offensive, but NotGay Jared’s name is hilarious

    TheJurassic ChickenTheJurassic Chicken4 gün önce
  • I miss this crowder... before he surrounded himself with fat yes-men

    qedqefqedqef5 gün önce
  • Bens Jewish of course he can handle you’re money very well

    Qytexu JarvisQytexu Jarvis6 gün önce
  • Joe, Steven, and Ben changed my mind. I used to learn twoards the left now it’s forsure more right/middle

    Qytexu JarvisQytexu Jarvis6 gün önce
  • Rogan is supposed to far left but he's so open... I don't get it. Is that possible?

    Jacob KreifelsJacob Kreifels6 gün önce
  • Did Joe purposely wear the shirt from the Steven Crowder podcast from the year before?

    Swizzle SticksSwizzle Sticks7 gün önce
  • Oh yes, in Germany kids pay so much taxes, but college is free, but that is a lot of money man, hahaha. But we don't pay that much taxes, we just get on 30 years student loan to finish the college hahah so funny!

    Dani MalokuDani Maloku7 gün önce
  • I'm from 2020, the world's fucked now. We needed to listen to Crowder more!!!

    John ReedyJohn Reedy7 gün önce
  • oh joe. always lyin. sorry joe, they ARE being paid. by the open society foundation... you should have steven back on again.

    GuitardedGuitarded9 gün önce
  • 2:13:15 “Contrarians, they just like to piss people off.” There you have it, Louder with Crowder = Flat Earthers.

    CupCake3510404CupCake351040410 gün önce
  • 2020 has gotten worse...

    Kronos2986Kronos298614 gün önce
  • Reply if you know sandals from the office😂😂

    vedansh pahalvedansh pahal14 gün önce
  • Crowder is so gay! Go find out what Gutfeld from Fox said about him, and why won't Crowder go on the Sam Seder show? Crowder is a closeted homosexual he needs to just own it.

    James KonzekJames Konzek15 gün önce
  • 28:00

    Kellen CrawfordKellen Crawford15 gün önce
  • 2:00:20 who knew that Joe could do an incredible Alex Jones impression

    Jason GalipeauJason Galipeau15 gün önce
  • Kinda like (There no way they went to the moon ) right joe ??

    Mark MaddoxMark Maddox16 gün önce
  • "antifa and BLM just disappeared , its like they're gone", cursed comment Steven LOL.

    Alexander GibbisonAlexander Gibbison17 gün önce
    • no shit huh

      Sir Super SoakerSir Super Soaker17 gün önce
  • GOD, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit guide, bless & protect Steven Crowder & Company in Jesus Christ name, Amen...

    April Joy JanaponApril Joy Janapon19 gün önce
    • 😂😂 daed si dog

      Sir Super SoakerSir Super Soaker17 gün önce
  • Joe "I don't need glasses" Rogan

    Dood BDood B21 gün önce
  • 1:39:30 - "Mostly peaceful.." lol

    Migraine GainnMigraine Gainn21 gün önce
  • This was like listening to girls bitch in the school bathroom.

    Alice BennettAlice Bennett22 gün önce
  • 2:00:26 Spot on Alex Jones impression!

    Thomas McCartyThomas McCarty23 gün önce
  • Authenticity has nothing to do with how well you’ll do on TRvision. Most of the successful youtubers are not authentic. That just happens to be your niche

    Just RyanJust Ryan23 gün önce
  • If joe got trump on the podcast it would be the biggest podcast in history.

  • 1:06:40 Sorry Joe it's only gotten about 20x worse here in the future, 1:51:35 Whew this comment didn't age well here in the upside down insanity infested world of BlackLivesMatters influencing moronic politicians to abolish police.

    vildiilvildiil27 gün önce
  • Every goddamn youtube/google executive needs to be doxed.

    White GuiltWhite Guilt27 gün önce
  • The left and Democrats HATE freedom. Freedom of speech, thought, expression. They even tell you what you can eat, what vehicle to buy, own a gun, make political contributions, religious freedom, everything.

    White GuiltWhite Guilt27 gün önce
  • Joe don’t pander to these loons

    Meteor MekonenMeteor Mekonen28 gün önce
  • Rogan’s behaving because he’s scared of NotGay Jared’s Alpha presence. I mean he’s only human, ex antifa guests have street cred.

    Gordo BonnettGordo Bonnett28 gün önce
  • Please like the timestamp guy so hes the top comment n every vid x

    William CushionWilliam Cushion28 gün önce
  • Crowder “Black lives matter, Antifa, their not really active anymore” . Me watching during 2020 riots “🤨”

    Trevor PolonTrevor PolonAylar önce
  • Donald Trump Joe Rogan Podcast, then the media can’t slander it and we can actually see what he thinks and if he’s genuine or not

    Various LayerzVarious LayerzAylar önce
  • 1:06:15 well that was a lie. 😅

    luk laluk laAylar önce
  • Joe needs to get Ethan and Hila on to talk about Spider-Man and Elsa 😂😂

    Walker MasonWalker MasonAylar önce
  • Im from the year 2020 demonetization? Still shit also we have a worldwide epidemic and riots

    Anthony OriAnthony OriAylar önce
  • 1:02:40 "Don't ever brag because-,... it keeps us from being able to brag for you. Let someone else do it" Very wise words from mama Crowder

    EduardoEduardoAylar önce
  • Alright you jackasses. Don't pull Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross into your political bullshit. Those were two good men that will do more for future generations then you ever will stirring up the pot. Have some decency.

    Edward SeverinsenEdward SeverinsenAylar önce
  • These guys have a total bromance!

    Jon MJon MAylar önce
  • These guys know that their viewers wanna feel manly but are probably computer geeks or parked in a chair all day, so they find and ridicule people who are LESS manly so their listeners can feel more so.. which.. is pretty gross, altogether :P Steven's definitely hopped up on Adderall too :)

    Sean Patrick RichardsSean Patrick RichardsAylar önce
  • Of course a woman’s head would explode right in front of Dan Bilzerian....

    Ruby MRuby MAylar önce
  • 25:55 Steven says there's no one on the left who does shows talking to someone with different political beliefs... while staring right at Joe Rogan.

    Stephen EberhardStephen EberhardAylar önce
  • Skip to 1:22:50 to hear a funny found at 1:22:51. Joe Rogan: “Oh, INSTANT BRAIN DAMAGE. *phft* Uhhh” lmao

    Trevor SerraTrevor SerraAylar önce
  • WTF is famine thinking?

    AgentFour2ZeroAgentFour2ZeroAylar önce
  • bernie is pro gun joe

    jack connerjack connerAylar önce
    • @jack conner yes personally from someone not for America it seems dumb to have guns so easy to be acquired

      Daniel DevineDaniel DevineAylar önce
    • @Daniel Devine he agrees with people like ben shapiro that we need to step up background checks and mental heath screening, is that what you meant?

      jack connerjack connerAylar önce
    • He's pro gun control

      Daniel DevineDaniel DevineAylar önce
  • My heart breaks for the people who transition and end up regretting it.

    lightning745lightning745Aylar önce
  • Alex jones again

    Philip Jean MalherbePhilip Jean MalherbeAylar önce
  • Can we get crowder back again

    Gray BraicaGray BraicaAylar önce
  • Rogan was definately wrong on believing TRvision. I like him, but I know he knows shit didn't get better at being less bias this last year.

    Zach yaZach yaAylar önce
  • Do this again

    Andrickson rodriguezAndrickson rodriguezAylar önce
  • The problems remain, the US continues to let the disgustingly overly vocal minority dictate societal structure through Hollywood. Left or Right isn't the issue, its morons that are the issue, the empty vessels that make the most noise. They don't discuss, reason or debate, they accuse, yell and label. The very definition of an idiot is someone who clings to their version of truth regardless of the evidence presented, an even bigger idiot puts their fingers in their ears and goes "lalalalalalala I'm not listening, I'm right, you're wrong, suck it you (insert appropriate ???ist)". Worse still, this is the face that the rest of the world sees and is how the US is judged. Just like when I was a kid and everyone wanted to move to the US because of what movies showed them it was like, now people see all this fanatic far left nonsense and assume that everyone in the US is like that. Today, talking to anyone on the street where I live the vast majority of people wouldn't move to the US or the UK unless they had an insanely good job lined up (which they would probably take regardless of country). The luster is gone and Hollywood's far left stance is to blame.

    XaltarXaltarAylar önce
  • 17:00

    ItsHuskItsHuskAylar önce
  • Joe your a class act. I really appreciated your sincere apology and you recovered like a champ. Steven Crowder is a champ and I am glad he came back.

    George AndrewsGeorge AndrewsAylar önce
  • Transitioning at younger age has proven to help transgender people in their lives in general. I'm not saying 3 years old but I full support puberty blockers. That would be so horrible to go thru puberty as the wrong gender. Can't even imagine.

    Paige SandsPaige SandsAylar önce
    • @Paige Sands I had a bad day today, read your comment and decided to take my bad day out on you. I don't know why I even bothered, we're clearly so far apart politically that we will never agree on this. Have a wonderful night, sorry I insulted you just because I disagree with your views. I'm sure you're still very nice.

      EricEricAylar önce
    • @Eric oh and I'm pretty sure Crowder just calls every man who disagrees w him gay or queer..there's an entire video of him calling so many men gay and queer in a negative way. So your point is not exactly valid on that part 😉

      Paige SandsPaige SandsAylar önce
    • And by that I meant are you not a not cis straight while male? If you aren' apologies. I feel terrible.

      Paige SandsPaige SandsAylar önce
    • @Eric I'm a cis white woman. Far from a bigot. I was half asleep and saw your idiotic response and just assumed. Are you honestly telling me you are not?

      Paige SandsPaige SandsAylar önce
    • @Paige Sands The fact that you think my innate characteristics somehow invalidates me makes you an evil disgusting bigot. You may not like Crowder, but he would NEVER say "I'm guessing you're black/female/gay/whatever, so enough said". What's it like being a bigot?

      EricEricAylar önce
  • don't give Stephen Crowder the title of Parodist hes a low rent right wing idiot hack

    ChurchillGeoffChurchillGeoffAylar önce
  • We need to get another Steven Crowder podcast

    Wes NimanWes NimanAylar önce
  • I was so glad to see these two getting along, and that Joe had him back plus that crowder came back to his show! Very cool!

    semasiologisticssemasiologisticsAylar önce
  • Joes wearing the same shirt as the last episode with Crowder lmao

    WhiteG3cko 1776WhiteG3cko 17762 aylar önce
  • stack dead actors stacked to the rafters...

    Lucas WangLucas Wang2 aylar önce
  • Joe Rogan talking to yousef’s son

    Milan 7011Milan 70112 aylar önce
  • Wtf Steven sounds different from the last one when they were debating marijuana and he looks different too...fucking Mandela affect

    Lucifer SkyWalkerLucifer SkyWalker2 aylar önce
  • Damnit I was waiting for the dual of jamies

    RoyD RaGeRoyD RaGe2 aylar önce
  • Offense is not given, it can only ever be taken.

    ChabuTwoChabuTwo2 aylar önce
  • I miss not gay jarred 😢

    Joshua 4050Joshua 40502 aylar önce
Joe Rogan Experience #1071 - Steven Crowder & NotGay Jared