Joe Rogan Experience #1323 - Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo is a political journalist best known for covering street protests in Portland, Oregon. He has written columns in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and National Review, amongst others, and is an editor for Quillette.




  • Fuck that clown,he should have known better than try to instigate people.Tell him to go back to England,and worry about their fuckin problems.

    Michael MurphyMichael MurphyGün önce
  • Andy Ngo = Fake journalist with a fake brain hemoraghe but a truely lucrative grifting GoFundMe.

    InXLsisDeoInXLsisDeoGün önce
  • Antifa are nothing but communist domestic terrorists. If these pussies hate this country so much then just simply leave.

    Randy OliveiraRandy Oliveira2 gün önce
  • Joe, you need to get your fucking facts straight about Gavin and the proud boys. If you're going to run your mouth about it, get the truth.

    Ryan SatterRyan Satter4 gün önce
  • Insanity! Antifa acts like "fascists" themselves, what on earth is going on in Portland that this can happen in the 21st century.... far left and far right both seem ridiculous to me, do we need "centrist rational civil extremists" to restore order lol

    Steven ThompsonSteven Thompson6 gün önce
  • I laughed out loud when Joe said "she must love dick" the dudes face was priceless

    TristanTristan13 gün önce
  • Andy NGO is a lier and a scumbag

    Progressive NetworkProgressive Network14 gün önce
  • he's terrible

    Fawn JoeFawn Joe15 gün önce
  • What the fuck is up with his fake accent? He's about as British as a Thomas English muffin.

    JP SartreJP Sartre20 gün önce
  • This guy is not right in the head and not because of the attack. Something is off with him. But nonetheless, Portland is out of control. Nobody should be allowed to impose their way with violence. Just like The rancher did when his supporters showed up armed to oppose the Federal government...and the government did nothing. I guess that was okay because it was right wing.

    Libena StarikovaLibena StarikovaAylar önce
  • Andy was abused and assaulted, but he is now starting a anti Catholic pro gay campaign of prejudice against Nick Fuentes. Andy, your brain is fine, now you make us who supported you when you were hurt regret it.

    Cali Fornia PatriotCali Fornia PatriotAylar önce
  • read about Stanford prison experimenter, the mask allows that "condition" to happen

    hung nguyenhung nguyenAylar önce
  • Close your eyes. Almost elon musks voice.

    KundaLewie 94KundaLewie 94Aylar önce
  • The mainstream media: We’re under threat and attack because of Trump’s rhetoric! Also the mainstream media: A journalist getting attacked isn’t a big deal. He shouldn’t even be considered a journalist going by the stuff he writes. Talking out of both sides of your mouth much?

    CrippledMercCrippledMercAylar önce
  • Do you think Joe ever feels any shame for having this grifting liar on his show? Seriously can't believe the maga chuds are falling for this bullshit months later.

    Justin SJustin SAylar önce
    • Justin S Fraudulent brain injuries?

      David TownsendDavid TownsendAylar önce
  • Anitfa are copying the street brawls of Weinmar Germany between communists and brown shirts they should remember how that story ended.Hitler became popular.

    Radwyn AlthorRadwyn AlthorAylar önce
  • Joe Rogan - left-wing? Why not have Dennis Prager on your show and talk party and ideological distinctions? I'd watch.

    M MM MAylar önce
  • GREAT SHOW - TERRIBLE CIRCUMSTANCES - LOVE TO ANDY NGO! There are good and evil forces in this world. Which force do you think is running this Portland chaos?

    M MM MAylar önce
  • This interview is a joke. It's funny in light of Andy being later exposed as fraud. Joes antifa rant is funny. He might as well be complaining how tooth fairy is a criminal cuz she's breaks into your house

    T LiebT LiebAylar önce
  • Andy Ngo, prayers for your full recovery and winning your ALL of your lawsuits 🙏🙏🙏

    Julie B.Julie B.Aylar önce
    • Spoiler alert, he's already been deplatformed, fired, and sued for his blatant lies regarding Portland and generally his claims in this video. Andy ngo is an ideologue, he has been outed as such, and he has zero credibility. If those are the people you support, you might want to reevaluate.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBates25 gün önce
  • Anti-anti-fascists a.k.a. fascist. It’s not fucking rocket science

    Channel Hub TvChannel Hub TvAylar önce
  • 40:00 I think that is party the strategy of Antifa. To provoke the right to overreaction in which case those in power condemn the right and attack it.

    Okaro XOkaro XAylar önce
    • You realize that's literally what Andy ngo did right? He claimed he was a victim of all this, meanwhile evidence comes out that he was among multiple groups of proud boys planning assaults on antifa. There's a reason Joe refuses to contact him again, not to mention Andy ngo has been fired, deplatformed, and has paid out more than 2 lawsuits as a result lmao. Get out of your ideology, tribal instincts are for basal monkeys, I think you're better than that.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBates25 gün önce
  • He should've taken ju jitsu classes from joe lol

    Anthony DanielAnthony DanielAylar önce
    • LololololololololololololololololololLololololololololololololololololololLololololololololololololololololololLololololololololololololololololololLolololololololololololololololololollolololololololololololLololololololololololololololololololLololololololololololololololololololLololololololololololololololololololLolololololololololololololololololol

      thousandleggerthousandleggerAylar önce
  • If people have time to protest, then they make way too much money

    Anthony DanielAnthony DanielAylar önce
    • Wrong. these people don't work AT ALL

      MRios1128MRios112822 gün önce
    • Wrong. They have too much of their parents money!

      ReaptheWhirlwindReaptheWhirlwind29 gün önce
  • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! 46:17 "She Must Love Dick!"..................3 and a half seconds of Uncomfortable Silence!!! No Laugh from Andy and Joe's Face Turn Red like a Plumb Tomato! LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOL!!!

    jozsefkacsajozsefkacsaAylar önce
  • Well Joe! The reason that He was "Only" Hit by "3 or 4" Thugs out of thousands of People, because Many of these Thugs could NOT reach Andy!!!

    jozsefkacsajozsefkacsaAylar önce
  • Rose City Antifa even admitted this, just look up their statement.

    Derek WhiteDerek WhiteAylar önce
  • joe is kind of ignorant to all of this, he's one of very many neo-liberals who only started paying attention in 2016 and believe ANTIFA and leftist agitators manifested themselves "suddenly" along with the likes of the Proud Boys. The Proud Boys were created in response to long-standing militant traditions of the fart left agitating and attacking non-leftist demonstrations. This is a decades long thing, it's only "scary" to people like Joe because it threatens their own perceived status quo -- they were more than okay with this happening for the longest time, but the right has begun to organize against it, so now it's suddenly a "big problem". Wow, really makes you think.

    Guy MontagGuy MontagAylar önce
  • These beatings, that's what Nazi thugs did before Hitlers rise to power. Idiots, all of them.

    paujjaypaujjayAylar önce
  • Man, Joe, you're such a punk sometimes.

    englandlord1englandlord1Aylar önce
    • The worst part is he's going to do anything he can to avoid acknowledging the actual facts about Andy ngo endorsing violence and claiming to be a victim.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBates25 gün önce
  • What REALLY pisses me offf...and I mean makes me so angry I could spit is his parents spent time in re-education camps of the "leftists" communists that took over Vietnam.They escaped after a cpla of years , and then their son has to be subjected to this shit in the FUCKING UNITED GODDAMN STATES OF FUCKING AMERICA!!!!! I say, organize a bunch of regular citizens, put a few on the street for bait, and surround the area hidden. When these dildos attack, descend upon them and beat the living fuck out of them. Rip their masks off, take their pictures....dox the fuck out of them. Masks, weapons ...fuck these people. Let us just decide that these people have declared war on us and fight the fuck back.

    jonathan hurleyjonathan hurleyAylar önce
  • ANTIFA has been around since 2001 or longer. When President Bush came to Portland they had a huge demonstration it got out of hand as the Police tried to direct the crowd who stopped all traffic threw out the city. A lot of People and Police were seriously injured. The demonstration was huge but some showed up masked as ANTIFA with bats and other blunt objects as weapons they attacked the police that were using mace and beanbag guns. It was a pretty crazy day. But Bush showed up during the depression that was caused by NAFTA after he kicked a lot of people off unemployment benefits. He made a speech and said he lowed the unemployment percentage witch was just because of the unemployment benefit cuts. Right then things got pretty wild I don't think he even finished his speech. I had heard the acronym ANTIFA the next day. 2016 is far off the mark.....must be the hits to the head.

    PirateStyle2013PirateStyle2013Aylar önce
  • I've lived in and around Portland, my mother still does. The liberal ideation has been there forever. It's born from the hippies. There is now nothing real for people to be activists over but the history is pushing these folks. There are still ultra nudists and hippie nations the antics are just searching for a new Vietnam but there is none to be had. So they manufacture a dilemma and the population understands and is confused as to how to handle it. Older hippie types get the angst but cannot condone the violence yet won't stop the gatherings because then they are hypocritical in theory.

    Stacy HigginsStacy HigginsAylar önce
  • I'm with Rogan on the points he's made. He's correct about escalation, except the right being scarier - it takes two to tango. I'm also appreciative that Joe is pointing out that the movement "antifa", is actually a fascist organization.

    Greg BGreg BAylar önce
  • Yeah I'm sorry but no one "exposed" this man, and he's not some big fraud. Retarded lefties jumping on anything that doesn't make them look like violent mongs

    Charlie DearCharlie DearAylar önce
  • As an attorney I would recommend Ngo sue Portland. They are acting in collusion (de facto conspiracy) with ANTIFA as terrorists. Should be covered under 42 USC Sec. 1983. Attorneys love this statute because they award automatic attorneys fees.

    StarSeedStarSeedAylar önce
    • You realize Andy Ngo has already been sued, not to mention fired and deplatformed, after video evidence came out about him being complicit to violence before anything had happened, not to mention the 'concrete milkshake' was a myth started by a Portland officer, that was debunked later that day.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBates21 gün önce
    • I have asked time and again " where are all the hot-shot attorneys? Surely there is a payday here for a nasty mean lawyer?"

      jonathan hurleyjonathan hurleyAylar önce
  • You PIECE OF SHIT LIAR! Proud Boys have NEVER attacked anyone! Gavin disavowed to try to protect innocent members who were being persecuted by CORRUPT Liberal (Redundant) apparachiks.

    StarSeedStarSeedAylar önce
  • The "Nonviolent" ANTIFA protect the VIOLENT ANTIFA literally standing in front of them until they have an opportunity to strike with a steel bike lock from behind the "non-violent" enablers. You ride with ANTIFA YOU DIE WITH ANTIFA!

    StarSeedStarSeedAylar önce
    • "Unhinged on the Right"? We don't start wars. WE FINISH THEM!

      StarSeedStarSeedAylar önce
  • Rogan is a Liberal shit for brains. Ngo didn't fucking invent his "brain bleed" that is what the DOCTORS told him after a CATSCAN! You fcuking moron.

    StarSeedStarSeedAylar önce
    • Let's see those medical records, pisschugger

      Justin SJustin SAylar önce
  • Rogan is right! Im politically on the right and I would rather systematically curb stomp everyone who is part of ANTIFA and then when im the only murderous piece of shit left, Il take some sleeping pills and rest in peace.

    Vladimir AbramovichVladimir Abramovich2 aylar önce
    • Rather do all of that instead of attempting to change their minds. It could take years to educate one dumb libertard who wants communism or you could spend 20 seconds beating him to death. Does human life have an innate value? Or can we trim the fat?

      Vladimir AbramovichVladimir Abramovich2 aylar önce
  • Antifa are useful idiot unofficial thugs of the state. They say they want to fight capitalism, but they serve it top to bottom. Pathetic ignorant losers. Even Bernie Sanders in 2016 said open borders is a Koch brother proposal. Great for cheap labor for corporations. Also, this increases the divide and conquer tactic and takes everyone's sovereignty, just like globalism.. we are drowning in clowns

    svxdriftersvxdrifter2 aylar önce
    • Yeah, we can see it failed the people of Europe and California. Yet people ignore it.

      Derek WhiteDerek WhiteAylar önce
  • "person like you". Lol a you people type deal.

    less than mediocreless than mediocre2 aylar önce
  • They have it wrong on fascism. Fascism is a form of socialism and is not on the right. When Mussolini took over Italy he got a letter from Lenin congratulating him. In the 1930s fascism was understood to be on the left. After the horrors of Naziism were exposed after WWII the Democrats and the left spun the narrative to try to paint fascism as being right wing. Right wing is small government. Fascism is big government with lots of social welfare and the features of what one would want in a communist utopia.

    David BrownDavid Brown2 aylar önce
    • @Justin S, you know you win no one over when you talk like that...

      Derek WhiteDerek WhiteAylar önce
    • @Justin S triggered by the truth LOL

      fauxfauxAylar önce
    • Shut the actual fuck up, you revisionist pisschugger

      Justin SJustin S2 aylar önce
  • Andy Ngo is a threat to our community and provides kill lists to atomwaffen

    Justin SJustin S2 aylar önce
    • Silence, leftist

      fauxfauxAylar önce
  • Love antifa

    Arturo BandiniArturo Bandini2 aylar önce
  • @ntif@ are akin to Hitl€r’s Brownshirts and Muss0lini’s Blackshirts. BTW both we’re socialists!!!!

    swissgunnerswissgunner2 aylar önce
  • Portland is full of mentality ill scum

    natorious76natorious762 aylar önce
  • Andy Ngo is an evil person

    ShootershjShootershj2 aylar önce
  • Joe Rogan: it's just a brain hemorrhage from a mob beating, smoke some weed.. Everyone: wtf??

    64kdwg64kdwg2 aylar önce
    • It cures everything👏💁‍♂️

      NickNickAylar önce
  • In my opinion this podcast is tied with the Adam Conover podcast for worst JRE episode of all time. If you know anything about basic psychology youd easily be able to tell this guy is putting up a front. Clearly full of BS. Im the furthest thing from a liberal btw, some might even consider me a conservative

    Hank HillHank Hill2 aylar önce
    • How about you refute Andy Ngo's talking points, he shows his work.

      Derek WhiteDerek WhiteAylar önce
    • "some might even consider me a conservative" then you're a fucking conservative

      Justin SJustin S2 aylar önce
  • Joe did you just say that the people who throw the milkshakes at him as non violent? Like I know it's not a punch or an attack but fuck dude, do you think if they were closer and face to face they wouldn't?

    Nathan PriceNathan Price2 aylar önce
    • This needs to be stopped as well. Do not defend these fucking people because they aren't physically violent. Like you said if they were far right people throwing drinks at liberal reporters they would be arrested and jailed.

      Nathan PriceNathan Price2 aylar önce
  • When is this terrorist group going to be labeled as a terrorists?????

    Super Mecha Death ChristSuper Mecha Death Christ2 aylar önce
  • the guys weird bro rogan

    Cannon Plumbing and Drain, LLCCannon Plumbing and Drain, LLC2 aylar önce
  • Antifa is essentially acting like the KU klux klan which is actually a left wing democratic organization

    Adam MooseAdam Moose2 aylar önce
    • Order thru fear

      Adam MooseAdam Moose2 aylar önce
  • Antifa = rebelling against nothing; self induced frenzy from boredom; enjoying the freedom they hate so much

    Mark BlanchardMark Blanchard2 aylar önce
    • They will give the media and the Government the excuse to create of what they say they stand against...

      Derek WhiteDerek WhiteAylar önce
  • When you look at the wikipedia page of Andy Ngo, it's clear that it was written in a very biased sense. A lot of the sources that are quoted are Vice, Buzzfeed and Willamette Week (which are all quite pro antifa); while some stuff is actively made up. Just a few excerpts: "Portland Mercury quoted an undercover antifascist embedded in Patriot Prayer saying that Andy Ngo has an "understanding" with the far-right group, that the group "protects him and he protects them"" "it is increasingly clear he is coordinating his movements and his message with right-wing groups" "The man’s literal brand is that anti-fascists are violent and loathe him" "Audio and video recordings related to the incidents showed that Ngo had coordinated his activities and editing of videos with the white supremacist groups involved in the rally" "He has also been accused of using selectively edited videos to paint antifascist activists as violent, and to underplay the violence of the far-right."

    Axel GAxel G2 aylar önce
    • It's almost as if right wing outlets are afraid to acknowledge that he's been fired, deplatformed, and sued for his blatant lies in Portland. But hey, that's no reason to stop supporting him, he's just guilty of everything you claim to be against.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBates25 gün önce
    • Wikipedia is trash

      natorious76natorious762 aylar önce
  • Periodic reminder that Joe Rogan knowingly platformed a fascist collaborator and grifter:

    Justin SJustin S2 aylar önce
    • You mean, having people on your channel that have different opinions is not allowed?

      Derek WhiteDerek WhiteAylar önce
  • You don’t google fascism you use Google literally changed the definition to support the left

    Insane SteveInsane Steve2 aylar önce
  • Here’s a fix that may be controversial to some, but allow CWP in Portland. I’m sorry but I’m my state if you do even HALF of the shit ANTIFA does (anything that a cause a person to fear for someone’s life, like being assaulted with a crowbar) then you literally forfeit your right to live and there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that you would be justifiably shot & killed, wounding is not an option (that’s the law not me saying it). People need to be able to protect themselves from this brand of violence and it’s not right for these nerdy thugs to have their way without consequences. My friend just recently did his CWP course and his instructor (veteran and member of law enforcement) said that if you are cornered by a group like ANTIFA then you are legally allowed defend yourself with lethal force. Now that being said, I hope to god that I never be put in a position where I’d have to take a life in self defense, but when it’s LITERALLY a life of death situation all bets are off and I would choose my life over my attackers. Granted that I’m not the one who started it, if you are the agitator and use lethal force you will be charged with murder. Dems the brakes for CWP, it’s a risk on both sides.

    Insane SteveInsane Steve2 aylar önce
  • Lol this dude is such a crybaby. That’s what happens when your sole purpose in life is to make right wing clickbait content

    C MC M2 aylar önce
  • My first thought when I see ANY antifa attack is that they should be killed...and they should...

    Tom JonesTom Jones2 aylar önce
    • @amish elmo of course not, he's another retarded ideologue that wants his 'team' to win because he hasn't evolved passed basic tribal instincts.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBatesAylar önce
    • You only need to kill one or two--that will have a chilling effect on the rest. They are cowards by nature--if they think they may be harmed they run like cockroaches.

      gym shoegym shoe2 aylar önce
    • Do you also think the same about the proud boys, or atom waffen

      amish elmoamish elmo2 aylar önce
  • Joe, is a 'middle of the road' extremist a target for violence? From which direction? Yipes!

    Ashley HaadtAshley Haadt2 aylar önce
  • I live in Florida aka stand your ground state. Let these antifa fools try to mace me!!! Lmfao.

    Howard LloydHoward Lloyd2 aylar önce
  • Antifa is nothing but masked pussies

    Matty O’BrienMatty O’Brien2 aylar önce
  • This guy is LIKE "a typical chinese citizen! Crying help, help as they beat, lie to, and deceive you". A Serpentza Video quote. Sadly I have seen this many many times in Richmond B.C--some cultures and groups just cannot assimilate! But should they?

    Andy CrowleyAndy Crowley3 aylar önce
  • Andy is a proven fraud. Joe even tweeted out how he duped the dumbest maga chuds and liberals, but this interview is still up, and Joe's knuckledragging base eats it up:

    Justin SJustin S3 aylar önce
    • Aww, is the little antifa sympathizer scared that people aren't buying the left wing narrative anymore?

      fauxfaux2 aylar önce
  • Multiply brain hemorrhages which is bleeding from the brain due to ruptured membrane and or blood vessels ,he wouldn't be sitting there if he had suffered that lol

    ian tchernegovskiian tchernegovski3 aylar önce
    • ian tchernegovski you’re definitely not a medical expert.. I know brothers I’ve deployed with and family that have been in car accidents with similar or worse injuries... Dumbass you know nothing that you’re talking about just stfu

      Matty O’BrienMatty O’Brien2 aylar önce
  • Great comment Joe! “People in Antifa don’t really understand violence”. Who stand to benefit from this violence, Wheeler, the higher ups? More power to you Andy!

    Red Rooster Productions Freedom of ExpressionRed Rooster Productions Freedom of Expression3 aylar önce
    • Meanwhile Andy is evidentially proven to be part of proud boys planning assaults on antifa, what a great guy. The funny thing is you don't care, as long as 'your team' is violent its cool, which is why ideology and nationalism are for devolved primates.

      Kyle DeBatesKyle DeBates25 gün önce
  • This guy is a fascist and a liar.

    MeadowShoreRecordsMeadowShoreRecords3 aylar önce
    • Stay scared commie

      fauxfaux2 aylar önce
  • Most of these guys caught up in these left and right groups just seem like a bunch of pussies who are willing to be violent and ready to be cry baby victims as soon as they get hit back. This fucking idiot just said he felt he was in iraq, what a fucking loser. They want to feel like warriors and bad asses so bad but they’re fucking loser punk bitches. And I’m talking about both left and right groups like antifa and proud boys.

    KillxShotKillxShot3 aylar önce
Joe Rogan Experience #1323 - Andy Ngo