Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen

Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:




  • the sad part is the swastika is indeed hindu, i believe it symbolizes good fortune

    BiotechnusBiotechnusSaatler önce
  • So do you think that media exposure on wars has been good or bad compared to WW1 and even earlier? As far as dragging on wars because fighters get limited. Or helping keep armies from using bad weapons on civilian populations and Hingis like that. It’s very much a double edge sword. Some answer the call to serve and protect but go to far, or they are afraid to do the job due to possible repercussions after even years after. I’ve always wondered what Vietnam and other post WWII conflicts might have ended. Would we still be dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan? Would Vietnam taken so long? And what about the overall outcomes look like? Would we had the same loss of life from both sides or would it have ended a lot faster and fewer civilian casualties? There’s a good argument both for and against transparency in active war zones. If we could send a person from each side into an arena to battle in hand to hand combat to the death, all while being broadcast to every tv and radio on both sides. And which ever wins would dictate who wins the war. Would people still feel guilt or regret. or even turn away in protest for their government sending that person to their death? Would they show anger to the winner even though they didn’t want to be put in that situation? Or would they feel guilty because it wasn’t them in there fighting or guilt because someone died and it wasn’t them. Or maybe the impact of both fighters family and friends might have to deal with in the aftermath. Wars Sadly aren’t civilized, They aren’t clean or clear cut. When democracy fails and peace can’t be had, when should wars be fought and be televised for the whole world? How much should you hold back your militaries to appease civilians? Diplomacy, transparency, and peace are all the end goal but what are you willing to allow your government to do to get to those end goals? And something that gets overlooked, if the people you are facing refuse to follow any rules of engagement or the Geneva Convention should your side still have to follow those rules? And when our enemies take advantage of the transparency to point fingers, spread lies, and use that media to turn their enemies civilian population against its government and Military branches with accusations from war crimes and things like that all while doing way worse things on their side not only to the civilians, government, and militaries of their enemies but even their own people. I wish I could say when the media should be allowed and when it shouldn’t. I do think it has a purpose I just think the civilian population shouldn’t be able to interfere in the war fighting process. It’s dirty, bloody and full of all sorts Of bad stuff. At least have a more limited view, I just don’t know how limited. It’s for people a whole lot smarter than me to figure out.

    Johnathan KovarJohnathan KovarSaatler önce
  • Not enough people are talking about how Jamie said Hitler was born in 1889 and would be 120 years old now. Jamie thinks it’s 2009

    Dario ColonDario ColonSaatler önce
  • Did the nazi's become CIA or did the CIA become nazi's.

    steve davesteve dave2 saatler önce
  • Jacobsen....

    John JonesJohn Jones2 saatler önce
  • Wow what an interview valuable info!!! Good I had no idea Bach flower remedies were from such a person!

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  • Fuck me , and I thought UFC was brutal!!

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  • It's amazing how white American will call nazi's evil, but completely ignore their contribution during the cold war. Even worse they will never link the evil done by nazi to slavery, which lasted 400years.

  • Joe is unaware of the Pentagon? And all the scientists building the nukes?

    Bllig DashakhBllig Dashakh9 saatler önce
  • heidelberg university - cmon

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  • Its the same story .....Nazi are bad

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  • for some reason this chick is way more attractive than a bunch of college chicks running around in bikinis.

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  • we ?? your government did that .. same as slave trade.. it is the government or companies... NOT the PEOPLE

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  • Ok.. Dueling was done LONG before the Nazis. It is not a "Nazi Thing." Germans have been dueling in military academies for centuries. (Other European academies have also taken part in the practice.) It was something military students did for sport as well as a way to settle disputes among upper class military students and even high ranking military officials. If two Generals had a problem with one another they may face one another in a dueling match. It was seen as a noble and respectable way for gentlemen to settle their scores. So.... NO it's not a "Nazi Thing"

    harlemhornetharlemhornet13 saatler önce
  • jews are the nazis and notice how no one talks about the war crimes of all the communists and all the socialist which the nazis were socialist.....the evil the jews have perpetrated against humanity is beyond pale, they worship satan and they are satanists....they have been deceiving the world for millenia

    Bunny Foo FooBunny Foo Foo16 saatler önce
  • Right...Like..Right..

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  • these are the type of people we need in our schools, not someone who cares about children, but literal people who done and seen shit. at that point, knowledge will be 100% more accepted from me if we had people like that. people who have proof, and have seen and done things that have a probability of big change of American foundations. If they can change my mind, they can have it.

    DopplerDopplerGün önce
  • This makes me think that there’s a possibility america is a social experiment. to gain knowledge directly connected to what us humans do on a daily basis. Basically, if you can be so smart in religion, you can make it scientifically whatever you want. America is a giant coverup, even with trump. Connections with russia, a literal competition. That it, we just live underneath their hand, those who have the most money and the strongest will, always get something, and leave dents in human existence. think about it from their perspective, where would you be? born a jew in germany, or born a german in germany. It’s competition of the human intelligence

    DopplerDopplerGün önce
  • Can I have reparations for 1066? Hey my people, the white, native British got shalacked by the french and our culture genocided and language and history erased. So I agree lets pay reparations for slavery, but you have to get it from the French you dummies because they owe and I'm using that to pay for slavery because I'm way ahead in the line. And FOR mention! I say! The Romans did it to us in the days of caeser! so I am owed some god damn money for that genocide as well.

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  • omg her voice!!!

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  • The swastika was and is still originally a Buddhist symbol of peace. Japan has many temples with these symbols, and even the Japanese Buddha from Shintoism has one engraved right on his forehead. Nazi Germany essentially destroyed Shintoism and Japanese Buddhism as fast as America dropped those nukes ‘just to see’ how powerful the impact was. The Japanese are probably the most ironic, misunderstood culture in history. This isn’t the first time either, the wars with China go beyond records and the oldest known reason was because China kept naming Japan as “The little country.” Evolution may improve our future, but immaturity will always hold us back, and that will always co-exist among us.

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  • I fell asleep listening to her voice, dreamed about Nazis getting mowed down by a giant pair of machine-gun tits, like those from Austin Powers.

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  • Wiesenthal a proven liar. Nuremberg kangaroo court.

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  • Saxa GOTHA &co

  • I wonder if this chick wears panties. I don't think she does.

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  • Was Hans Kammler part of the operation?

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  • AHAHAHA FIRST THING SHE SAYS IS “i wrote a book about____”

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  • This country is a sham, we are all lied to from day 1, this country was founded on war, opium, slavery, and whatever else is corrupt. Then they jam "their" version of history down our throats and hope we believe in America and apple pie and we all believe we are trying to "live the dream" , they turned us into blind sheep

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  • Her voice is so sexy.

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  • The smarter u are the less moral you become.

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  • He was such a bad dude.

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  • also if we look at many other countries that did human experiments such as japan, russia, usa and china, omg so much worse, all is evil without a doubt but let us talk openly about all and not just one country all the fucking time, it is really fucking boring.

    Cryptosilver LoverboyCryptosilver LoverboyGün önce
  • The Nazi's saw the Dueling Scar as a badge of honor. Today it's a badge of shame a.k.a. the Trademark or a Buck-Fifty. It's given to rapists, chomos, rats, etc. which makes it easier to identify them inside &/or outside of a jail.

    ****Gün önce
  • hilter he was there at right time, he used radio,as tool, then he used that power that gained,,, then his downfall,,,, i heard he slept all morning, so his management,,, he got to greedy,,,like attack7ng Russia in winter, then paton fu him up little stuff adds up to big shit,,,,,thats my thought,,,, or he went to moon to runs a used car lot

    Randal ChristensenRandal Christensen2 gün önce
  • You don't need to go to Germany to get a scare like that. I got one on the streets of Boston.

    Steven MartinsSteven Martins2 gün önce
  • What about Johnson , he's a low-life !

    Jeff BuckshornJeff Buckshorn2 gün önce
  • Should have interviewed HEINRICH MULLER, R.MUELLER'S FATHER who was a NAZI GESTAPO!

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  • I love her voice

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  • Joe Rogan while your thinking and talking about this project paperclip relive the realreason why we fought the Germans during ww2 was for Antarctica i know it sounds ridicules but the Germans found a underground alien base and the U.S wanted in on it🤔😉

    william gordonwilliam gordon2 gün önce
  • 10:27 the way she says "on guaaaaaaarrrd" WOW !!!! sexy as hell !!!

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  • Trump did the same shit by blaming Mexicans for his campaign. Nobody has learned

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  • We talk about the Nazis like they were the only evil organisation. Like they are the worst people to ever live. The disgusting acts the Bolsheviks carried out made the Nazis look merciful, in the context of warfare that is. There was evil on all sides, but the schools teach that it was simply good vs evil. The name Hiter has become a concept of peak evilness. Anyone who thinks Hitler was the evilest person to ever live is seriously mistaken. By no tangible measure was he.

    Green PieceGreen Piece2 gün önce
  • shockingly They still have these fuel today..... Called mensur, and the cut is called schmiss....

    sikabonyi andresikabonyi andre2 gün önce
  • Of course these researchers always sound like her(smokestack)

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  • I wanna make love to her voice

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  • their voices together have such a good balance, damn.

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  • Nazis was like a communism,if you don’t do what government orders you to do they kill you ,it’s simple ,if you question government they throw you in jail ..

    Maro VokMaro Vok2 gün önce
  • I don't think Joe gets enough credit on how well versed he is

    Robert MurphyRobert Murphy2 gün önce
    • @Dylan Smith i guess it might be because lot of people watch it

      doni654321doni65432123 saatler önce
    • The fact that people like Neil Tyson and other well known scientists and historians WANT to come on here blows my mind I can literally get any info here marijuana comedy history science and even healthcare. Honestly I'm sure it would honestly be a pay cut but PUT THIS SHIT ON TV!

      Dylan SmithDylan SmithGün önce
  • This interview was REMARKABLE

    Robert MurphyRobert Murphy2 gün önce
  • Love your content, brother

    Young BawceYoung Bawce3 gün önce
  • It's called mensur, or academic fencing. It's part of German university fraternities traditions. Whereas american fraternities engage in homosexual sadomasochistic paddling and other queer pranks. Germans on the other hand have a manly approach to dedication and discipline, it has nothing to do with national socialism. It so happens that these excellent students were recruited by the nazis, and henceforth the mensur scar has become associated with iconic Gestapo henchmen. In reality it represents total dedication to his academic studies and membership to his fraternity.

    tatum ergotatum ergo3 gün önce
    • Americans and their queer pranks still kicked german ass!

      Steven MartinsSteven Martins2 gün önce
  • at the start of the vid..*cough*unit 731*cough* those bastards should have been hung from the tallest tree in sight.

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith3 gün önce
  • now I know what Rollo Tomassi would look like as a Girl lmfao!!!

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  • We should consider that these nazi scientists were not necessarily full blown nazis and were forced to provide their services just as they were used by the States.

    bigsteed007bigsteed0073 gün önce
  • You are delusional if you believe operation paper clip or any topic Annie has touched on has any thing to do with keeping this corporation in the pole position. Germany lost WW2, but fascism won.

    charles reevescharles reeves3 gün önce
  • Joe "my friend" Rogan

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  • That's funny the Smith-mundt act came into effect at the same time. You no that law Obama revised in 2012 .

    Tony TackettTony Tackett3 gün önce
  • A u boat showed up on the coast not long after the war

    internalinternal3 gün önce
  • make a move

    internalinternal3 gün önce
  • Well yah, You really do need to have a way to motivate Your employees. Now they just use inspirational posters.

    Randell DarckyRandell Darcky3 gün önce
  • It’s funny how shocked white Americans act about nazis treating Jews like animals while they live on what enslaved Africans and Asians and killed Muslims have basically build them

    Hans JürgenssonHans Jürgensson3 gün önce
  • The swastika was used at least 5000 years before ww2.

    Jordan YorkJordan York3 gün önce
    • @Jordan York same here in

      internalinternal3 gün önce
    • @internal they do sometimes, in Texas I know A LOT of people with that tatt. And it's so.e kind of religious symbol in Asia as well so I don't think this will change.

      Jordan YorkJordan York3 gün önce
    • yeah well things change

      internalinternal3 gün önce
  • America= trics Iseral= pimps Nazis : we ain't playing this shit!!!!

    Jordan YorkJordan York3 gün önce
  • This isn't even scratching the surface. And if Israel can't get the number of jews that were killed correct, they said 6 million now it's just 3 million???? And that's facts look it up.

    Jordan YorkJordan York3 gün önce
  • her voice is so calming

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  • her voice is so majestic

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  • I can so picture this woman with a glass of whiskey spreading her legs and whispering to me to come here and eat my pussy big boy.

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  • awfull how humans experiment on other humans , example while the nazis build several workprisons which where like villages or small towns , the americans used whole regions and are useing whole countries for their experiments right now , the british started small scale the germans took the stick and then the sowjet (not the russians) took over with the americans now the americans are perfecting it on level of nanotec biotec and viral tec on human ,animal and plant lvl, i dont want to take the guilt of the nazis away but i want to spread the guilt evenly and honestly across all the actors , and sure there where and are other perpetrators but the financial and ideological push comes now from the US of A only,......ok the british stear in the dirt too ;)

    markus hausermarkus hauser3 gün önce
  • you should learn german to understand the speeches of hitler , the speeches of hitler until 1940 , sounded from their content like a mixture between george w. bush and obama the screaming is a psycological trick used by politicians allover the world right now , just the microphones got much better so they dont have to scream this loud any more,...

    markus hausermarkus hauser3 gün önce
    • uh..i can read subtitles pretty good😁

      internalinternal3 gün önce
  • the facescars in fencing are still a thing all over europe , mostly in politically right youthgroups (not only far right) and it derives from dueling out of the renaissance times , the nazis adopted it on top of their indoeuropean philosophical warrior code , they didnt invent it.

    markus hausermarkus hauser3 gün önce
  • in 50 years we will talk about american war heros , as we talk about my forefathers now ,.....more then half of the world does it allready

    markus hausermarkus hauser3 gün önce
  • This lady is full of shit

    Andrew CullenAndrew Cullen4 gün önce
  • Earth is a realm.. airplanes fly on plains. Heliocentric physics is built on theories and lies! There is obviously a space that separates this dimension from others but it doesn’t look like or function the way Hollywood and school books show us.. I know y’all love the space paradigm, it’s fun to imagine aliens flying through gas clouds landing on planets but it’s time to graduate in the school of thought 💭

    HeedfulGibbonHeedfulGibbon4 gün önce
  • I’d fuck her voice

    Knightman ComethKnightman Cometh4 gün önce
  • I’m from San Antonio TX from what I understand some of those paper clip scientists went to and Air Force base here in town (now closed) called Sidney Brooks AFB. San Antonio is about 3 hours from the Mexico boarder and German and Mexican cultures are hugely celebrated.

    Cyndi3199Cyndi31994 gün önce
  • Voice reminds me of Lisa Ann

    Colin BarrineauColin Barrineau4 gün önce
  • Vaccine program Billhem Gates.

    Michael SmithMichael Smith4 gün önce
  • America was smart in hiring this guy, but the Russians were even smarter by stealing all of the secrets. I bet it was the same guy who sold it to the Russians.

  • Why so many dislikes? And her voice is soothing, I can listen to her all day. I can’t be the only one finds her aura sexy and very appealing.

    Tony TanaTony Tana4 gün önce
  • when she talks ASMR

    KirinKirin4 gün önce
  • Love the voice , amazing

    lexzoolia1lexzoolia14 gün önce
  • 14:34 - Sonder behandeling means without treatment...

    Olympic JBragOlympic JBrag4 gün önce
  • "Among the nazis, they would duel with one another when they were young students...". That has nothing to do with being nazis. The duels had been part of student life in Germany for centuries. Suggesting it was a nazi thing is simply FALSE. Which makes everything this chick says untrustworthy. She saw some scars and thought: "Wow, that's badass, must be a nazi thing".

    odorico lealodorico leal4 gün önce
    • Just that dosent mean everything she says is invalide or inaccurate. Chill out.

      Christopher H. Whitehurst IIChristopher H. Whitehurst II2 gün önce
  • 19:00 I can feel Jamie blushing.

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  • Rogan saying fencing is horrible is hilarious, him being part of the ufc and all

    zigzagzaac Officialzigzagzaac Official4 gün önce
  • She's going to put me to sleep. Not boring just so damn calming

    Hyundaispeed301Hyundaispeed3014 gün önce
    • I legitimately fell asleep watching the other clip. Incredible information but I was just lulled.

      Jonathan SmithJonathan SmithGün önce
  • Joe you should talk to someone in logistics/supply in the Air Force. I was a F16 jet engine tech and the amount of money they would say a normal bolt would cost would blow your mind. (getting back to the $10 grand hammer) Real stuff.

    Mr. FiteMr. Fite4 gün önce
  • great german impression there Joe!

    Carlito BriganteCarlito Brigante4 gün önce
  • Man, she has a sexy voice

    Anna LecroixAnna Lecroix4 gün önce
  • Joe and Annie miss the obvious answer, the people who controlled the US government at that time, the Yale boys Skull and Bones crowd, they were just as anti Semitic and hateful of Jews as the Nazis were. The aristocracy in America agreed with everything Hitler was doing and their children ran the agencies.

    Saghorse1978Saghorse19784 gün önce
  • She's got that thing that makes a women sexy or desired that it factor that voice those glasses I bet shed make u suck her dildo

    eric sigginseric siggins5 gün önce
  • There all false flags all all

    eric sigginseric siggins5 gün önce
  • I get not hearing about this in the 70's and 80's maybe. But I'm 30 and grew up reading through my grandfather's old war books and watching the history channel and I'm honestly surprised more people don't know about this. Did no one watch October Sky and decide to research von Braun? Or just put 2 and 2 together. "German guys working for the govt in the 50's and 60's? Wonder where they came from. Derp"

    Apathetic JesusApathetic Jesus5 gün önce
  • And dumb fucks throw the word nazi around today and now it means nothing, except disrespect for the soldiers that kicked the real nazi ass

    Dévd JemázDévd Jemáz5 gün önce
  • academic fencing is not nazi

    twoonthewalltwoonthewall5 gün önce
  • this scar in the face is called a schmiss. this has nothing to do with nazis. they don't hit the eyes, because they wear protection. this fencing guys were doing boxing too. so boxing is nazi too? i thought joe knows something about blood sports? what a bunch of idiot crap..did you ignorant idiots hear about project artichoke? the good american guys took over our german torture experts too, to go on with torture and drug experiments. you americans should educate yourself better and you might find out, that not everything is simply good or evil. right now the usa want to force us peace loving germans to bring up the nato costs from 40 billion to 80 billions for us. money for war, america brings onto this world. may be you are searching the nazis in the wrong places these days...

    uddossuddoss5 gün önce
  • Great story, boring storyteller

    Jamie CrawfordJamie Crawford5 gün önce
  • She got so frustrated😂😂 Talk for 20 minutes no reaction dueling scars Joe looses his shit

    nonov yobizneznonov yobiznez5 gün önce
  • Germans, isn't she being a little dramatic about the legality of Nazi stuff in Germany? They don't really arrest people for having Nazi stuff, right? I mean I know there's anti=propaganda laws or something but what is this.. Nazi Germany???

    Copper FrontsCopper Fronts5 gün önce
  • the mensur fencing was not particular to the nazis. in fact the nazi regime banned student mensur fencing. I'm surprised Joe Rogan as a martial artist had no idea about academic mensur fencing that is practiced to this day.

    Nick AronowitschNick Aronowitsch5 gün önce
Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen