Jon Pardi - Tequila Little Time (Audio)

New album Heartache Medication, available now.
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Music video by Jon Pardi performing Tequila Little Time (Audio). © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.




  • I am actively looking for a Jon Pardi song I don't like....can't find one yet.....

    Johnny UtahJohnny Utah4 gün önce
  • Boom!!! He did it again- great song!!!

    Staci JordanStaci Jordan19 gün önce
  • this bad

    Carl Nathan WentzkyCarl Nathan Wentzky21 gün önce
  • This Cali boy is pure country! 👍🏼👍🏼🔥🔥❤️❤️

    Teri TinnellTeri Tinnell23 gün önce
  • Hayley Orrantia Baby I Want To Tequila Little Time With You

    Robbie StewartRobbie Stewart23 gün önce
  • I think this should be the next single.

    Isaac RodIsaac RodAylar önce
  • Feel good song"" My Vibe "" 💘💘😘

    Donna Marie PszoniakDonna Marie PszoniakAylar önce
  • Guyssss that endinggggg

    Crowley KingohCrowley KingohAylar önce

    April KicinskiApril KicinskiAylar önce
  • Like the song put in a good mood

    Brian JonesBrian Jones2 aylar önce
  • What old country song sounds like the beginning? Please help

    Miss CassidyMiss Cassidy2 aylar önce

    Barbara estesBarbara estes2 aylar önce
  • He stands alone.

    Fan OnFan On2 aylar önce
  • you owe me a date babe Clay Walker Tequila Time babe

    barbara estesbarbara estes3 aylar önce
  • Everyone talmbout this and that, but THAT SLICK ASS BASS LINE!!!!!!

    odaze5odaze54 aylar önce
  • This song gives me hope for country music.

    Jerald BegayJerald Begay4 aylar önce
  • Perfect Album

    Vinther MartinVinther Martin4 aylar önce
  • I love this song!! ❤

    Sandy BattlesSandy Battles4 aylar önce
  • I don't think a fun pop bar song like this has been made since the 80s.

    filthysockfilthysock4 aylar önce
  • Omg I absolutely love his music !!!!! Such a fan !!!!!

    Griselda TrejoGriselda Trejo4 aylar önce

    Rj BurmeisterRj Burmeister4 aylar önce
  • Accordions and trumpets.

    Epok97Epok974 aylar önce
  • This song puts this Gringo back on a beach in Mexico haa great times !

    MichaelMichael4 aylar önce
  • Jesus! Soulful music! I love it!

    Thtgirl454 ChevyThtgirl454 Chevy4 aylar önce
  • This man continues to make some damn fine real country music!!

    P ZermeñoP Zermeño4 aylar önce
  • Luv it ! 😍👌😥🍺🤙😌👌😍😳

    yellow queenyellow queen4 aylar önce
  • Jon Pardi and Midland get it. It's that simple.

    VICSKIM949VICSKIM9494 aylar önce
  • Saw Jon last week in Manhattan. This guy is gonna be so big in a year it’s not funny. What a fantastic entertainer. He will sell out Met Life Stadium!

    Bob WiecezakBob Wiecezak4 aylar önce
  • Another good three stepper.

    Rob ClemRob Clem4 aylar önce
  • Before yesterday I didn't know who Jon Pardi was, and today he is my forever favorite country singer....loving every song on his new album....will be buying it tonight, and dancing to it all weekend long... just love his music.

    Laura DentonLaura Denton5 aylar önce
  • It has a tejano beat love it

    Gee RobertoGee Roberto5 aylar önce
  • best song ever you did it again for my 8 yr old grandchild thanks

    john enterkinjohn enterkin5 aylar önce
  • [Verse 1] Pardon me, I don't mean to pry I saw the tears falling from your eyes And I thought, you're too pretty not to wear a smile Hope you don't mind if I sit down for awhile [Chorus] 'Cause I want tequila little time with you A little salt and a lime will do Hey bar man, will you bring us two? I want tequila little time with you Talkin' it all out Seein' what you're all about I hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me too [Verse 2] We don't have to talk about the past Here's to moving forward and not looking back Little later, we can take it to the dance floor But until then, let's order a couple more [Chorus] 'Cause I want tequila little time with you A little salt and a lime will do Hey bar man, will you bring us two? I want tequila little time with you Talkin' it all out Seein' what you're all about I hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me too [Bridge] It's good to see you laughin' I guess this had to happen Now let's just get to dancin' [Chorus] 'Cause I want tequila little time with you A little salt and a lime will do Hey bar man, will you bring us two? I want tequila little time with you Talkin' it all out Seein' what you're all about I hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me too Hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me too Hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me too

    Mary AngellaMary Angella5 aylar önce
    • You're beautiful!!!

      Jose GallegosJose Gallegos4 aylar önce
    • I love you

      Jose GallegosJose Gallegos4 aylar önce
  • Know you would like too but we just can't find the time ...both busy ...

    Pamela HoradPamela Horad5 aylar önce
  • Tequila time with me#2

    Don ChuknoDon Chukno5 aylar önce
  • Que temonononon

    Don CuajinoyDon Cuajinoy5 aylar önce
  • Just doin my part taking a little taquila, and listening to this song.

    DonsuuDonsuu5 aylar önce
  • Love love love this song...

    cutnuphairsaloncutnuphairsalon5 aylar önce
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Marie BMarie B5 aylar önce
  • Got done truckin’ now time for some tequila and dancin’! #NavajoNationFair2019 #NavajoNationFairTime

    TheRoan2010TheRoan20105 aylar önce
  • He needs his own massive tour, NOW

    Brandon BuboireBrandon Buboire5 aylar önce
  • i hear bakersfield sound in this so much

    BsmithlifedailyBsmithlifedaily5 aylar önce
  • 👍🏼🗣👔👖👞👟

    wicho Mwicho M5 aylar önce
  • Freaking Genius song writer whoever wrote this sounds like something ole Georgia Strait would sing

    Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor5 aylar önce
  • My favorite Song """ being in. N.Wildwood NJ. My Party Song """ 🎸💘💘👣🎶🎶🐚

    Donna Marie PszoniakDonna Marie Pszoniak5 aylar önce
  • To Pardi Animal party Manager💁‍♀️: I’m here to 🙋‍♀️WIN the date night with Jon Pardi contest. Or, the meet & greet tix at an awesome upcoming venue... 🙋‍♀️

    Carolinablue BearCarolinablue Bear6 aylar önce
  • See you at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 27th!

    James BrightJames Bright6 aylar önce
  • Another #1 in my book! 😀 I love Jon Pardi 😍

    April KicinskiApril Kicinski6 aylar önce
  • Hell yuurrr. Guapo

    Kristopher ThomasKristopher Thomas6 aylar önce
    • Beach chilling and sun peeling.

      Kristopher ThomasKristopher Thomas6 aylar önce
  • Listen! Jon Pardi! You are awesome! Big time! I’m waiting for a song called Pardi Time! Its catchy and it’s your last name. Side note “When a Country Boy gets the blues” would have been a great cover for you! And Tom Buller Needs recognition! Most humble guy I’ve ever met!

    Teddy Snow 3Teddy Snow 36 aylar önce
  • I love Jon Pardi 🏆🐺🎸🎤

    Steve LongeneckerSteve Longenecker6 aylar önce
  • I love ❤️ night sift Jon Pardi is awesome 😎

    Steve LongeneckerSteve Longenecker6 aylar önce
  • Jimmy Buffett vibes anyone?!

    Alex HensonAlex Henson6 aylar önce
  • we need more songs like this. we are neighbors and we are not very different.. love and peace my people

    Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez6 aylar önce
  • Midland and Jon Pardi, what a great playlist

    Val RWVal RW6 aylar önce
  • A little violin in it too, wouldn’t sound bad at all Jon 🍺

    Pablo TorresPablo Torres6 aylar önce
  • 😎🇺🇸🎶🎵🔥⚡️📱🎧🦅

    Kenneth JacksonKenneth Jackson6 aylar önce
  • You're too pretty not to wear smile. Im gonna use this

    freddy Kruegerfreddy Krueger6 aylar önce
  • New favorite country song!! 😜😁🍹

    M OlivarezM Olivarez6 aylar önce
  • Wish more boys could play like Midland and Jon pardi

    Arthur SzilbereiszArthur Szilbereisz6 aylar önce
    • Shut up

      Mark VillalobosMark Villalobos5 aylar önce
  • Pardi Time

    Bubba BurtBubba Burt6 aylar önce
  • 47 No 7 Pressed dislike

    Jonathan EngströmJonathan Engström6 aylar önce
  • no closed caption! poor!!!!!

    Mark BurtonMark Burton6 aylar önce
  • to the 44 asses that thumbs down you would not know country if it bit you in your ass

    Hubert ChapmanHubert Chapman6 aylar önce
  • Seeing Jon soon for second time in concert can’t wait to hear this song keep up the great music 😁😁😁

    Tyler HawnTyler Hawn6 aylar önce
    • Same here. I'll be listening to this live on Halloween. Can't wait.

      AnthonyAnthony6 aylar önce
  • Love this sound! Retro vibes of old school country music!

    L. S.L. S.6 aylar önce
  • Pardi time

    Robert DolanRobert Dolan6 aylar önce
  • Oh my lord this is the PERFECT summer song

    Natalia StornelloNatalia Stornello6 aylar önce
  • Kenny Chesney summertime beach vibes

    Lane HaleLane Hale6 aylar önce
  • 41 people don't want tequila time

    Robert CapehartRobert Capehart6 aylar önce
Jon Pardi - Tequila Little Time (Audio)