Keith Eats Everything At Shake Shack

Welcome to the first Eat The Menu on The Road where Keith tastes all your regional favs with the help of his Lewberger band! ENJOY!
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  • Buy Keith's Chicken sauce here!🌶️

    The Try GuysThe Try GuysAylar önce
    • Mixed the chicken sauce with tater sauce for my fish. 10/10 would recommend.

      AbouthergraceAbouthergrace6 gün önce
    • @M&M Glinsmann Kansas City has Runza!

      April NewbyApril Newby14 gün önce
    • You have to try Whataburger!

      SarahannmarieeeSarahannmarieee23 gün önce
    • This man is on crack

      PacificPink77PacificPink77Aylar önce
    • If you could try Jollibee, if there is one in your area. It's a chicken fastfood chain from the Philippines. 😁

      Dumb JoeDumb JoeAylar önce
  • I wish the sauce wasn’t $18 😭

    Mikayla BrownMikayla Brown3 saatler önce
  • chicken bites agh agh agh

    Ricky TaylorRicky Taylor3 saatler önce
  • "It was like smelling a pizza and eating a cookie." My entire life in a sentence, folks.

    Donna NobleDonna Noble7 saatler önce
  • Keith needs to be on Hot Ones!!

    Leilah CarrollLeilah Carroll11 saatler önce
  • 9:45 when you crave affirmation but have to settle for a backhanded compliment

    Thelawnboy14Thelawnboy1415 saatler önce
  • bro the raisin canes video u mentioned is gonna be like 5 minutes u better find some like secret menu items lmfao

    Kyle HillKyle HillGün önce
  • Do chick fil a

    firekickz productionsfirekickz productionsGün önce
  • I live in Minnesota and have 3 suggestions for you: Raising Canes, Culver’s, and Five Guys

    TheaveragesAVAgeTheaveragesAVAgeGün önce
  • I would love to see a taste test of applebees and other groups in that conglomerate. Are they the same? I really want to know

    WolfMagic48WolfMagic48Gün önce
  • that Alex guy has the worst haircut of all time, looks like he has a jheri curl

    Michael CoburnMichael CoburnGün önce
  • if you go to Canada, you definitely have to do Tim Hortons.

    Carlie TrautmannCarlie TrautmannGün önce
  • Am I the only one that has never heard of Shake Shack?

    Simply OreoSimply OreoGün önce
  • My parents bought his hot sauce and it is SOOOOOOO good!

    Sophia MillerSophia MillerGün önce
  • When he said Culver’s I got so so happy 😁

    emily medinaemily medinaGün önce
  • Keith hasn’t tried everything at chick fil a ? HOW!?!?

    MXFTMXFTGün önce
    • Ultimate chicken sauce test

      MXFTMXFTGün önce
  • Keith : how did beef get into my water *sniffs water*

    Lilly OrtizLilly OrtizGün önce
  • Yes Keith! Preach to the vsco girls that think they’re saving the earth with their fucking straws. Most of the plastic in the ocean aren’t from straws to begin with

    It’s MeIt’s Me2 gün önce
  • I love how they took a piece of music as beautifully dramatic as Jupiter from Gustav Holst's The Planets suite. While eating a burger...

    mathew morsemathew morse2 gün önce
  • Alex looks like Jerry Seinfield and Weird Al put together

    Alguien AssperoAlguien Asspero2 gün önce
  • If you come to the DC region, a must-have is District Taco! It began as a food truck run by a Mexican immigrant and is now a growing chain. Make sure to ask for by-request-only habanero salsa!

    Stephen HowardStephen Howard2 gün önce
  • Will they ever invest in a knife so they don’t eat each other’s saliva 😭

    Syniah FeatherstoneSyniah Featherstone2 gün önce
  • When u r watching keith eat all the food an ur just sitti g here cravung food lol

    Chy WhiteChy White2 gün önce
  • Come to Taco Time and Dick's Drive-in in Seattle!

    Ben DunhamBen Dunham2 gün önce
  • I would say Portillo's, but I think you're going to need quite a few guests for that menu

    Brianna EloizaBrianna Eloiza2 gün önce
  • Keith eat everything at A&W!!

    Meagan ArmstrongMeagan Armstrong2 gün önce
  • Sonic. Just... eat the entire Sonic menu.

    flawlixflawlix2 gün önce
  • my parents told me not to play with my food and that adults don't play with there food now I have a great rebuttal.

    100theives Unclebillssh100theives Unclebillssh2 gün önce
  • That part when Keith said "She's lockdown" about Becky

    Hanan IzzahHanan Izzah2 gün önce
  • Aye S/O to my home state MINNESOTA! Matt’s bar is my favorite spot! I’ve grown up here so I’ve known about juicy lucys forever, it’s so weird not everyone knows about them.

    Shayla JuneShayla June2 gün önce
  • Watching this while on a acid trip is wild

    Xavier CastanedaXavier Castaneda2 gün önce
  • 11:00 call me by your name 2

    jasmine leggjasmine legg2 gün önce
  • Keith eats everything at Jollibee

    SheanenclSheanencl2 gün önce
  • "sorry boys, she's locked down"

    Jack Ames Filming & EditingJack Ames Filming & Editing2 gün önce
  • Need to try Bucca de beppo or Cheesecake Factory

    jessica vasquezjessica vasquez3 gün önce
  • Please do friendly’s is a regional special in Western MA but all over New England

    munbun75munbun753 gün önce
  • You need to check out Kopps in Wisconsin!!!! Best burgers and frozen custard IN THE WORLD!!!

    KierraKierra3 gün önce
  • Shout-out to Keith for eating the dog treat.

    Samuel BensonSamuel Benson3 gün önce
  • Poor jack in the box

    Arath FrancoArath Franco3 gün önce
  • When Keith said: "why cant every place make good chicken?" I felt that.

    willem de jongwillem de jong3 gün önce
  • Please try a sushi place! Sushi is my favorite food! Thank you!

    Lilac LittleLilac Little3 gün önce
  • I can only take so much of Keith and I guess I realise that after clicking on one of these videos.

    Rachel BaierRachel Baier3 gün önce
  • The juicy loosie is not exclusive to Minnesota

    mrjackschultzmrjackschultz3 gün önce
  • Im gonna say it! I don’t like shake shak. Had it 2 times, both different burgers. Just way too greasy for my taste. Ice cream is good though.

    Caroline ReizeCaroline Reize3 gün önce
  • Keith eats cookout would be a great video

    Rebecca CoxRebecca Cox4 gün önce
  • Look at the chance you gave Shake Shack. You went to the actual region first of all. Then you went and picked it up yourself. You didn't go to god damn Arizona for a Texas restaurant and order it from Uber. I mean wtf

    James BowenJames Bowen4 gün önce
  • please go tot he south and do southern fast food eat the menu

    Laurie Ann McGeeLaurie Ann McGee4 gün önce
  • ... did my man really just say "it's red as the devils dick"? 😂

    Alana OspinaAlana Ospina4 gün önce
  • I still can’t believe he hasn’t gone into directing his underlings. How does this sound...The Khabs playhouse of stars.

    The Blueberry QuaaludesThe Blueberry Quaaludes4 gün önce
  • Culver’s for the MidWest and Cookout in the North Carolina region. Both are amazing local fast food places.

    Matthew KaestnerMatthew Kaestner4 gün önce
  • Keith’s chicken sauce should be called habesburger* hot sauce *might have spelled wrong

    MrSuperman 5MrSuperman 54 gün önce
  • I love shake shack, more than I love certain people.

    AreUTakingTheBubbleAreUTakingTheBubble4 gün önce
  • Trump train 2020

    Michael SahagunMichael Sahagun4 gün önce
  • Is it just me or is Becky lokwey hot.

    Eder MoralesEder Morales4 gün önce
  • Dicks drive in!!!!!!! A Seattle favorite

    Violet WalkerViolet Walker4 gün önce
  • i cannot believe you didn't try the peanut butter milkshake!!!!!! that's easily the best shake!!!!! sorry im passionate lol

    julia popejulia pope4 gün önce
  • Keith needs to go to Rally’s (Checker’s)

    Onnie StoneOnnie Stone4 gün önce
  • Go skyline in the Midwest for eat the menu!

    Cheyanne BonifasCheyanne Bonifas5 gün önce

    Sophia MarieSophia Marie5 gün önce
  • Anyone else only subscribed to the channel for wear the menu and chicken wars?

    Lewis CooperLewis Cooper5 gün önce
  • try tim hortons!

    Autumn JohnsonAutumn Johnson5 gün önce
  • Never have I seen someone with a larger mouth

    Hannah BHannah B5 gün önce
  • Alex is painfully annoying. I hope to hell this isn't his real personality.

    StarkosStarkos5 gün önce
  • If you come to Colorado you can do one on our local burger franchise "Goodtimes"

    TiffYG2133TiffYG21335 gün önce
  • Aaaaaaah the dog is too cute

    FightaclawsFightaclaws5 gün önce
  • On the road needs to try the Midwest favorite, CULVERS!

    Michaela ThomasMichaela Thomas5 gün önce
  • Go to smash burger, it’s so good and has really good seasoning and cooking, *it is in New York btw

    james salvatojames salvato5 gün önce
  • Steer-In in Indianapolis 🤷‍♀️

    Tori Ani.Tori Ani.5 gün önce
  • “First dog on eat the menu” this is Pesto ERASURE and I won’t stand for it.

    Ginger ScottGinger Scott5 gün önce
  • Keith is a Mashup between Dr. Mike and Mculay Culkin.

    mariana martinez jimenezmariana martinez jimenez5 gün önce
Keith Eats Everything At Shake Shack