Kendrick Perkins upset over All-NBA 3rd team center: Who'd you rather start a team with? | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Byron Scott and Kendrick Perkins discuss the 2019 All-NBA teams, particularly Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert beating out Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves for the third-team center slot, costing KAT a shot at $31.6 million.
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  • Gobert is overrated. KAT will be in HOF, I doubt Gobert will even be considered for HOF.

    Mussa IbragimovMussa IbragimovSaatler önce
  • Let me guess ESPN you want Kat on the Lakers too plus all the other 1st, 2nd and 3rd all NBA team then maybe the Lakers might win the title next season.

    Eric AllenEric Allen2 saatler önce
  • GoBURT🤣🤣🤣

    Calvin KindellCalvin Kindell23 saatler önce
  • that is why Jokic should be MVP but not best player ..should split some awards i agree with her can KD or Steph be mvp when they have each other ect

    Mrki MrkicMrki Mrkic11 gün önce
  • KP bet not wear that jacket on another show🤷🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️

    Jacques ReedJacques Reed22 gün önce
  • Rudy sucks so

    JVCKPOTJVCKPOT23 gün önce
  • Couldn't choose a sub so this'll work

    Threelly AIThreelly AI26 gün önce
  • oh no he won't have 100 fucking million in his bank account by the age he expected :/ bro this is about fucking basketball. I would've rather had Gobert on my team this season. KAT is not a top 3 big man in the game. Period. "Who would you rather give the superma-" irrelevant. Who has the most potential for growth has nothing to do with who had the better season. It's kinda pathetic to hear Kendrick value individual numbers over winning.

    NoahNoah27 gün önce
  • I love how Rachel thinks she knows what she’s talking about 🤦‍♂️

    Patoa TavaiPatoa Tavai28 gün önce
  • Rachel talks too damn much! Let the guys make their COMPLETE point before offering input. They played in the league.

    Wallis BottomWallis Bottom29 gün önce
  • It all depends who else you have on your team. If you have scorers already? No way in hell you gonna pick KAT over Gobert. No one in the entire NBA impacts defense in the key more. People who normally drive to the basket straight up cower and back off when he's there. Lol nobody does that against KAT. This dude can't even pronounce his name correctly he can fuck off. Now that said, if I don't have a strong scoring presence at another position? Yeah I'd probably take KAT. It all depends on what the team needs. In either case though, this pick is at least a difficult one to fight over. They both deserved it, Gobert just did a little more. He's 100% the reason for Utah's success, despite Donovan's sex appeal. Minnesota has the pieces for success, they just don't have the drive to win. KAT being a classic case.

    Blake HansenBlake Hansen29 gün önce
  • KAT is not a winner, a grinder, doesn't finish well, 4th quarter he disappears, horrible at passing, finding the open player or making opportunities for other players and himself. Decision making sucks. Lacks big time in the defense end, other bigs annihilate the dude. He can't take over a game or lead a team and with that bum coach his numbers will only drop. Kats potential and what he actually does on the court are 2 different things. He is NOT all-nba!!!

    Zeke BlackZeke Black29 gün önce
  • Kendrick is a terrible pundit. He adds little to arguments and can't justify his decisions and thoughts in any convincing way.

    Michael YangMichael Yang29 gün önce
  • Rudy Gobert is why the league is so weak Dennis Rodman ain’t get offered that kind of money and he was better 😂

    ruben pruben p29 gün önce
  • He already got a big ass contract for nothing

    ruben pruben p29 gün önce
  • whenever I see Goburt' name i cant help rearranging the letters. to me his name is rub d yogurt

    Osman ShahOsman Shah29 gün önce
  • Lol rudy's jazz win more than Kat's wolves and the talent difference isnt even that far

    son gokuson goku29 gün önce
  • Neither Anthony Davis nor Karl Anthony Towns made the playoffs and neither their defensive nor offensive ratings were as good as Rudy. ‬

    Robin AndersonRobin Anderson29 gün önce
  • Set the playoffs aside. Gobert still did more. Plain and simple. And this man is really using a popularity vote by fans as an argument? Lmao. It's not about who would you start your franchise with. It's about who was better between the 2 THIS YEAR. And that answer is Gobert.

    Padraig MurphyPadraig Murphy29 gün önce
  • Rachel is right again about the way the NBA decides awards - However, the question at hand- who would you rather build a team around? Rudy Gobert or KAT? Rudy Gobert- guy is a defensive beast, and shows up every game- I Like KAT, but Jimmy Butler was right, he dogs it 1/2 the time- for a "franchise player" for the T-Wolves, KAT is inconsistant, sometimes great, often just meh- KAT isn't complete trash Like Andrew Wiggins is, but he's still already getting overpaid- the real truth? D Rose was a better player for the T-Wolves this season than KAT 1/2 the time, and D Rose got paid League Minimum

    Brian SmithBrian Smith29 gün önce
  • Kemba and Lebron didn’t bring there team to the playoffs why did they make it then? Dudes a dumbass if you needed to win games in order to make all NBA then the all nba teams would look way different

    Josh HeuckendorfJosh HeuckendorfAylar önce
  • Towns and Wiggins are typical number / stats builders and NOT winners, they will NEvER win NOTHING together since Wolves basically exhausted their salary cap by paying both of them Max dollars and neither one of them is an alpha

    topspinaureliustopspinaureliusAylar önce
  • They’re not gonna make it 2 separate awards stop fucking yapping about it Rachel

    Mason PMason PAylar önce
  • Rudy Gobert is constantly underrated... oh well.

    Jake EddyJake EddyAylar önce
  • Gobert played better plan and simple everyone he got snubbed for that all star position everyone knows that

    emeldez16emeldez16Aylar önce
  • You mean the guy who got his ass kicked by Jimmy Buckets and 3rd string players, along with the rest of the starters? No way I'm picking him to start my franchise. He doesn't want it bad enough, he's not driven, and he lacks effort on the defensive end. Give me Gobert any day of the week.

    RGRGAylar önce
  • I’ll take the guy with heart. Rudy, KAT is weak minded. They can’t even smell the playoffs with wiggings

    Jorge MunozJorge MunozAylar önce
  • Rudy Goldberg 😂😂😂😂 He speared his way into an All NBA Team.

    NomadiqGentzNomadiqGentzAylar önce
  • KAT didnt deserve it lmao.

    Antonio RiveraAntonio RiveraAylar önce
  • I agree. Gobert over KAT. Minnesota wasn't even in the playoff picture

    OnceUponaSavageOnceUponaSavageAylar önce
    • Taking Gobert over KAT? If you could switch teams. KAT would've been in playoffs and Gobert's Minnesota would've been competing with the Suns for the first place on the bottom.

      Mussa IbragimovMussa IbragimovSaatler önce
  • Thing is they won with Jimmy butler, once he left and it was just kat and wigs they cant make the play offs?

    Osman SafiOsman SafiAylar önce
  • Under NO circumstance am I taking Rudy Gobert over kat or Davis. Period. Point blank.

    jjjjAylar önce
  • My starting 5. Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant Anthony Davis

    Nick OloteoNick OloteoAylar önce
  • This shit is funny to me. Everyone making a big deal when a player misses out on 20+ mil when they already gonna make well over 100 mill lmao

    Rick JamesRick JamesAylar önce
  • Tbh im sick of KAT and AD talk cause in the end they cant even get to playoffs properly. There are teams with worse players and they make playoffs.

    nlxeenlxeeAylar önce
  • All nba doesn't mean your the best player means your the best player that year at your position

    MyTopSpinnerMyTopSpinnerAylar önce
  • That's what he deserves.. That soft ass dumb motherfucker

    Ettore PelosatoEttore PelosatoAylar önce
  • Towns is the only center shooting over over 50% from the field and over 40% from 3 and i think he was the only player in the league to shoot over 50% from fg and over 40% from 3

    Emilio REmilio RAylar önce
  • I understand that Minnesota didn't make the playoffs but that wasn't towns fault he put up better numbers than most players in the league 24.4 ppg on a 52% and 40% shooting from the field and 3pt common

    Emilio REmilio RAylar önce
  • This wouldnt even be a conversation if AD was playing 1. AD 2. Embiid 3. Jokic 4. KAT 5. Gobert

    Devantae *Adams*Devantae *Adams*Aylar önce
    • Switch 2 and 3 and yea u right

      quinton crossquinton crossAylar önce
  • Their argument is so flawed. Why include LeBron then?

    Mark LimMark LimAylar önce
  • Man my Spurs get no love. I would have liked to see Aldridge over Gobert maybe, but whatever.

    LaMidgod AldridgeLaMidgod AldridgeAylar önce
  • I'd rather start my franchise with Rudy Gobert.. Sorry but the dude has 10x the heart and I'll always be able to rely on him to be a leader among men and do the dirty work.

    EzwinsEzwinsAylar önce
  • Kemba played all 82 games and still ain’t lead the hornets to the playoffs in the east. We got the pistons,magic and nets making it over them even though the hornets are the only team with an all nba performer😑

    ReapioReapioAylar önce
  • that camo jacket too clean ... my man perk be styling

    KTKTAylar önce
  • KAT deserved to be All NBA as much as Lebron deserved to be 1st team All NBA! PG13 1st team is a disgrace...

    Ron The Non Toxic Straight White MaleRon The Non Toxic Straight White MaleAylar önce
  • The media is acting all shocked on ALL NBA results like they weren't the ones that voted !! DF

    Tosh MoralesTosh MoralesAylar önce
  • KAT is garbage that’s why he didn’t make it. No if’s and’s or but’s.

    UnbelievablestuntsUnbelievablestuntsAylar önce

    yougotservedyoyougotservedyoAylar önce
  • Rudy gobert impacts winning more even though hes not a franchise player. i think id rather have gobert than the fortnite playa.

    Justin EjimahJustin EjimahAylar önce
  • Oh please Gobert is better than Kat I'm sorry. Don't give me that. You guys literally just a few months ago said KAT being an all star over Gobert was the biggest snub this year, don't be looking like fools now. Oh and Perkins.... Stop being salty because the Jazz waived you and ended your career. Get out of town.

    James GilesJames GilesAylar önce
  • Why my man disrespecting Rudy like that....smh

    Zachary WinegarZachary WinegarAylar önce
    • Cuz Rudy is not better than KAT. If KAT actually makes to the playoff he will be considered as the best center in the NBA... this is ridiculous. If he takes Wolves to the playoffs there is no doubt he is the best.

      Mussa IbragimovMussa IbragimovSaatler önce
  • so the people who voted for gobert believes that if he was on the timberwolves, he could carry them to the playoffs?! gtfo!

    tou hertou herAylar önce
  • Then why is Lebron on the all nba team Byron

    Stephen WhiteStephen WhiteAylar önce
  • This man calls him Rudy gogurt

    you suckyou suckAylar önce
  • Damn. Perk is so likeable when talking. I had no idea, he looks so dumb when he's in the court, no shades.

    Paulo AlexandrePaulo AlexandreAylar önce
    • Paulo Alexandre lmao I thought the same thing

      FruitLoopsFruitLoopsAylar önce
  • Towns over Gobert. Gobert isn’t even the best on his team

    Javon WrightJavon WrightAylar önce
  • Supermaxes based on media voting is absolutely retarded. This was a big win for Wolves fans as it frees up cap space, but I don't want to cheer for my player to miss All NBA just so we can stay afloat

    zach websterzach websterAylar önce
  • Perkins did nothing. He doesn't deserve to say squat. Let's be honest. He got carried to that title. You're telling me you'd rather have KAT who has never made the playoffs, can't play D and gets absolutely shut down by Rudy every time they play? Okayyyy.... who has carried his team to the best Defense in the league, player in the league, AND 3 consecutive playoffs appearances. I'm taking Gobert. KAT can put up 20+ but he's going to give up 30+ whether that's to an individual or giving up assists at the rim because he doesn't protect the paint. I'm taking Rudy every single time.

    Tyler HardyTyler HardyAylar önce
  • Rachel bout to go jogging right after this

    Jason TanJason TanAylar önce
  • I think perkins missed the point. We talk about the Best performance and not Who is the Best player. Gobert is the leader of Utah et KAT is the one of Minnesota. One lead to the PO, the other one not. It's like the mvp, if it was Just Who the Best player then Jordan would get it every fucking year.

    EK 972EK 972Aylar önce
  • if it's about money, sorry for that. If it's about impact in his position and effectiveness, gobert is really out there doing the work.

    Alan KSAlan KSAylar önce
  • How the hell you not gonna bring up defense in this argument...

    Varun KediaVarun KediaAylar önce
  • Media trying to give KD best player in league but don’t even mention curry and Leonard who leading their teams to the finals.

    E ReddE ReddAylar önce
  • You know the ratings ass when they talking about this shit 😂😂😂 LeBron really hurting ESPN pockets no wonder every segment is what will happen in the offseason 😂 their Money is depending on that offseason

    TheHomieHiroTheHomieHiroAylar önce
  • Gobert is better than KAT but I’d rather have him to start my team

    The ChameleonThe ChameleonAylar önce
  • I'd rather give the supermax to Gobert...

    HolyCartonHolyCartonAylar önce
  • Byron makes zero sense.

    Jay ElsJay ElsAylar önce
  • All it does it makes it easier for Towns to leaeve Minnesota since they can't offer him the Supermax.

    NPAMikeNPAMikeAylar önce
  • Why put a pro racist company ad on? the pos company is a trump supporter. Trump supporters are un-American and racist.

    bowtie3bowtie3Aylar önce
  • Marathon oil? Yeah fossil companies are worst than drugs dealers. lies, corruption, murder, and pollution. This the same company with the pos commercials. These people would put a jingle to pro Hitler videos that's how messed up they are. I own a electric car. The only fossil fuel car owned is a classic as it should be.

    bowtie3bowtie3Aylar önce
  • Fuck perkins opinion.Fuck the all star appearances as well, Rudy Gobert didn't get voted not because he is a worse player than Towns but because he's game is just boring.He is a Dpoy and he's pobably going to win it again and he still ain't no all star. And I would Definitely start my franchise around Gobert over Towns

    Juan Manuel CasoJuan Manuel CasoAylar önce
  • I'd pick Gobert over KAT right now

    2Kvids 50subs2Kvids 50subsAylar önce
    • I bet that if they were free agent free right at this moment, and you were the owner of a team, be honest who would you start your franchise, KAT OR GOLBERT?

      Cecilio ThomasCecilio ThomasAylar önce
  • I watch KAT regularly and let me just say it's not his fault that his team sucks

    James SoftenJames SoftenAylar önce
    • A girl name Wiggins says it all

      MyTopSpinnerMyTopSpinnerAylar önce
    • Agreed.. I'm triggered that this is even an argument.. people will be surprised when he's in the MVP conversation next year, but shouldn't be

      blah blah blahblah blah blahAylar önce
  • Karl anthony towns gets his dick rode by people that dont even watch him play like nba2k... he has had flashes of good play but he's weak as fuck he rather play fortnite instead of basketball and ill never forget he took like 5 shots in multiple playoff games when the team needed him also he shouldn't be an all star he doesn't deserve it yet... it's like almost the same thing with Wiggins promising prospects that put up pretty good numbers but it doesn't translate to shit it's like they're just going through the motions collecting the paycheck until they eventually go to a different team because nobody but kg wants to play for the wolves and even he left

    2Kvids 50subs2Kvids 50subsAylar önce
  • I wish the mvp had meant best player in the leugue lebron would be sitting on like 12 mvps

    Rohan PatelRohan PatelAylar önce
    • Lebron hasn't been the best player in the league probably ever,kobe was always far better than him,kd is and so too is kawhi and harden he'd have maybe 1-2 mvps that's it

      swag ladswag ladAylar önce
    • Honestly though... He should have more.. especially last year's

      blah blah blahblah blah blahAylar önce
  • Towns is a 3rd string

    B HB HAylar önce
  • Ppl gonna say it’s jimmy butler fault 😂

    Iam _adIam _adAylar önce
  • Again, it’s not about whose technically a better player but who did better that season and prob for their team. I mean it’s all-nba team right

    Andrew LeeAndrew LeeAylar önce
  • Winning?? What would Rudy do on the wolves? Nothin. What would KAT do for the Jazz? Advance in the playoffs.

    wemakecookiewemakecookieAylar önce
    • Exactly my man, I just said it before, if rudy would have been in minnesota, probably minnesota would have ended with more losses than what they ended, instead, if karl would have been in uta, I be that they would have won more than 1 game, the fans doesn't understand that when a team is a trash team, it doesn't matter how good the player could be, it would be worthless the effort, or just look at lebron and the lakers, AD and pelicans, but the worst of this is that you see some famous sport analysts that knowing those facts they express the opposite ..

      Cecilio ThomasCecilio ThomasAylar önce
  • Just scrap the MVP and Make a player of there year award like they do in college so there's less confusion.

    Jerry BravoJerry BravoAylar önce
  • Starting a team honestly I’d prefer Rudy over KAT. Defense is vial to me

    Jesky WardulJesky WardulAylar önce
  • you can't have a best player award because it would end up going to the same person every year...and you can't have a mvp for playoffs because like in the nhl it will only end up going to someone in the final anyway...the all nba teams i agree though

    big boibig boiAylar önce
  • KAT is a Multi Multi Millionaire cry me a River

    Crypto DwayneCrypto DwayneAylar önce
  • Made the playoffs with Jimmy, finished behind the lakers without him and Lebron made All-NBA so......No.

    Woody NaraWoody NaraAylar önce
    • How tf did LEBRON make all nba 😂 you have to be joking or else the NBA is rigged as fuck

      Nick RNick RAylar önce
  • Rudy Gobert is extremely underrated but i still would have picked KAT

    Frank ChampionFrank ChampionAylar önce
    • @James Giles lol you sound like you are agreeing with me? cause i would pick gobert

      darksidedarksideAylar önce
    • @James Giles I love gobert .... hes crazy valuable but i think KAT is a little better. Kat would put up numbers on any team hes that good....its not like hes pulling a james Harden or Westbrook and just hogging the ball to put up his stats , hes very efficient. But its close enough to where im not gonna blame anybody for picking gobert over him

      Frank ChampionFrank ChampionAylar önce
    • @James Giles low level analysis is using just FG% and dunks in a season, which is what you did mate 🤣 Gobert having no offensive game outside of the paint is one of the reasons the Jazz struggle so much on offense. His on/off ratings are crazy good because yes he is elite on defense but he is in no way better offensively because his FG% is higher. The league is moving away from centers who can't shoot - every other top center (Embiid, AD, Jokic, Towns) has a jump shot and a reliable 3 point shot. Nobody is saying Gobert isn't an all-NBA level player we're just saying he can't hold a torch to guys like Towns on offense. Also, you didn't answer my point regarding Towns putting up numbers on a winning team. He put up big box scores as the third option on a playoff team. Please show me your high level analysis regarding this as well. Switch Towns and Gobert and the Jazz actually get better because Towns addresses their biggest weakness (offense) while Derrick Favors is more than proficient to help Towns on D. Meanwhile the Wolves are so bad offensively they don't make the playoffs again and win even less games than this year.

      Surya VSurya VAylar önce
    • @Surya V ok..... So takin inefficient shots makes him better? Please stop dude you're making my stomach hurt 🤣😂 get out dude. Do some analysis. Look at the point differential of their teams when either play is off the court. Gobert has one of the largest in the entire league as well. Stop with this low level analysis mate.

      James GilesJames GilesAylar önce
    • @James Giles James he averaged 23/12 last season on a playoff team as a third option, your argument doesn't hold much water. Also really? Most unassisted dunks makes him better? Fitting his FG% is higher and he has more dunks because he doesn't have a shot outside of 5 feet. Towns takes 5 3s a game. A bit different don't you think?

      Surya VSurya VAylar önce
  • No more BS awards. The one you have are fine. Been good for 70+ yrs. Whack league.

    Sid JonesSid JonesAylar önce
  • B. Scott is spot on!👌🏽

    #1 Thunder Fan#1 Thunder FanAylar önce
  • I'm just glad Jokic made the first team.

    AaronAaronAylar önce
  • Towns, Davis, & Cousins are the 3 BEST centers.

    S ThomasS ThomasAylar önce
  • Well, at this point it's fair to say KAT is a proven stats-pad, so it's not entire ridiculous to pick Rudy "Goldberg" to start a franchise with lol

    nicky tunicky tuAylar önce
    • @nicky tu wow.. u really dont know your stuff.. let me educate u.. Jimmy butler fucked the twolves from the beginning. Their head coach got fired. They were missing over half their team due to injuries. And Andrew freakin wiggins was kats second option. (Btw he had the second worse fg% in the league last year.) Now despite all this kat was able to single handily keep the wolves in almost every game. There was a 20 game stretch where he averaged 30 pts 16.5 rebounds and 7 ast.

      blah blah blahblah blah blahAylar önce
    • @blah blah blah Right, not much of winning basketball from the Wolves lol

      nicky tunicky tuAylar önce
    • I think at this point ita fair to say you don't watch basketball

      blah blah blahblah blah blahAylar önce
  • Because they want Kat to stay!

    Kerbo r.i.p xKerbo r.i.p xAylar önce
  • can someone tell me if kendrick perkins was any good in the nba ?

    WaitingWaitingAylar önce
  • This is the way I see it, uta jazz is a better team than minnesota, and if you have switched Karl to JAZZ and golberg to Minnesota, Do you think that rudy Golberg would taken minnesota to the playoff?, so what about karl, do you think that karl would have taken uta Jazz to the playoff? well this is my answer, if instead of GOLBERG Karl would have played in uta jazz, he just wouldn't have taken the jazz to the playoff, l bet UTA JAZZ would have advanced more than one game, and if golberg would have played with the wolves instead of karl, he wouldn't have taken minnesota to the playoff, and why? because regardless of the good defense of rudy golberg, minnesota is a trash team, and it doesn't matter how hard he would have played, if there's not support in the team, any effort from him is worthless, and I go further, I bet guaranteed that minnesota would have end up with more losses than what the ended, and that is simple, check the score of golberg and check the score of karl, this mean that a uta jazz with player of karl's caliber, for sure they would have gone further in this playoff, so being said what i just said above, I think karl deserved to be included in the al nba team..

    Cecilio ThomasCecilio ThomasAylar önce
  • These comments are really showing whose watching games and who's just looking at stats. Rudy Gobert really has a defensive impact that's gonna go unnoticed if that's all you do. KAT was given the green light the whole season and they still weren't winning.

    Dennis ChackoDennis ChackoAylar önce
  • Bruh I’ll take Rudy ALLLLLLL day Over Karl Anthony Towns that dude suck

    Leo DunsonLeo DunsonAylar önce
  • Most of the wolves roster was injured and the team is terribly constructed. Put gobert on that team and they wouldnt win 20 games.

    SandernistaSandernistaAylar önce
  • Damn Rachel I wanna see you busss down

    Zeke JacksonZeke JacksonAylar önce
  • My man deserves it. Gobert is strong ✌

    chillumchillumAylar önce
  • How did they not even at least mention vucevic? So slept on all the time. Where’s the respect?

    John ChangJohn ChangAylar önce
Kendrick Perkins upset over All-NBA 3rd team center: Who'd you rather start a team with? | The Jump