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Kid calls 911 DURING Fortnite game?! Ft. TSM Myth & Cizzorz! Pokimane

I was playing a Fortnite duo fill game the other day with a young kid. His mom rushed into the room and said "I need to call 911" 😳 He thought his mom was having a heart attack... I also played squads with TSM Myth & Cizzorz and we got 2 wins! 😁
New Video ➡ Kid calls 911 DURING Fortnite game?! Ft. TSM Myth & Cizzorz! Pokimane
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I was playing a Fortnite duo fill game the other with a 14 year old kid. His mom rushed into the room and said "I need to call 911" 😳
He thought his mom was having a heart attack... apparently she jokes around with him alot 🤔 Anyway, I played squads with TSM Myth & Cizzorz and we got 2 wins! I played pretty well 😁
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  • Thankfully she was fine and just joking 😳 I was so worried for a moment!! 😠

    PokimanePokimane4 aylar önce
    • Click bait u should’ve been a astralian

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    • Spoiler i was in 1:39

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    • i love your ved❤️🇦🇺

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    • @Big Apple Billy sure

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  • 25 yea jack

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  • I'm 9 now

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    AlejandroXdAlejandroXd19 gün önce
  • You good at the game

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  • Do u like pokemon. I always wonder why your name is POKIMANE

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  • im not a hater but i hate the backround music while the edit music is in sorry but i like the vid im not a hater k im just saying this

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  • Can you do some sleeves rolling plz

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  • Just so we know ak47 in this game are very bad

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  • Why were u a default for half the vid?

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  • Cizzorz real name is John

    Daily life of puggyDaily life of puggyAylar önce
  • bro what was that loud jazz at 2:22

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  • It took me 6 Poki videos to realize that "mats" means materials. I'm so dumb xD

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  • I was sooooo worried I chewed on my price of wood so fast

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  • Hey poki I do the same thing when I play games I turn on some music to smooth the mind.

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  • When u like what u are so funny

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  • Poke back at it again not hiting her shots

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  • Thx for the clip bate And no one actually called 911

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  • Yo that was tense he he made it sound like it was real

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Kid calls 911 DURING Fortnite game?! Ft. TSM Myth & Cizzorz! Pokimane