KIT'S SISTER comes BACK TO LIFE.... ( Fortnite Short )

Kit's sister appears to him again and asks him to help her get her back to life, Kit and his sister must visit places special to them but when they complete their task will Kit's sister come back to life or stay as an angel!!
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  • Im JuSt A bABy

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  • How can scruffy keep up with a Lamborghini

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  • this is how much times kit visited people! l l v

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  • Times

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  • Yo he say Im just a baby 30

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  • Scruffy stop it

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  • This is how much scruffy said I just a baby. What happing to princess

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  • I'm the real Baby??

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  • This serie it's very good!

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  • Scruffy is rude to kit i like kit and his sis more

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  • Yeah

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  • im just a baby!

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  • I like in the film how the car changed from green to pink

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  • they mad but god said to be good

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  • i love this kitt and all charaters in fortnite who likes fortnite

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  • Lol I love these vids

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  • I love cats and dogs in this video is pretty cool

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  • Do school night with scruffy princess and kit

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  • Lol yep

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  • I hate scruffy

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  • This makes me want to have the gohst Version of kit

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  • Princess: It's me Kit. ITS ME KIT a couple episodes later Kit: How is that possible!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!??

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  • 痰屢

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  • Princess died

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  • I cant believe scrufy hit kit

    Alisha SandersAlisha Sanders19 g羹n 繹nce
  • This is the first time scruffy said Im to old

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  • I nearly criend when i seen the grave:(

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  • Omg I watch this song much times on my grandma's tablet I love your videos so so so so so so much

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  • Bruh he is helping them

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  • i like how the car is purple even thouh it was green

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  • Bruce

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  • Puedes producir tus videos en espa簽ol

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  • When they leave the pier is scruffy in the the machine? Thingy for money?/

    Agnieszka OchmanekAgnieszka Ochmanek21 g羹n 繹nce
  • I love your video

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  • He almost died but his robot legs saved him almost to the world of never

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  • Scruffy: 'iam just a baby!' Also scruffy: drives in a car. -scruffy 2020

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  • I feel like meowsules has a deeper voice but Im not complaining

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  • I'M JUST A BABY. that's the fourth time I've heard that since yesterday.

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KIT'S SISTER comes BACK TO LIFE.... ( Fortnite Short )