Kumail Nanjiani Surprises Dave Bautista

Dave talks about retiring from wrestling, his new Netflix comedy special, shooting the new film Stuber, and his good friend and co-star Kumail Nanjiani surprises him with a gift.
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Kumail Nanjiani Surprises Dave Bautista




  • Batista the rock and Kevin Hart should make a comedy wrestling film. Would be funny af

    Ancient AlienAncient AlienSaatler önce
  • That is funny.

    Joonha ShcalJoonha Shcal13 saatler önce
  • shame we are seeing our favorite wrestlers retire. God i feel old

    Panagiotis NikiforouPanagiotis NikiforouGün önce
  • Lmao puts over triple h, love the old school mentality but should’ve put over someone younger. Not triple h’s ego

    jair escobedojair escobedo2 gün önce
  • Not familiar with Dave B. Just discovered him on program with Bear Grylls. What a pleasant, humble man.

    Bogachita ChinchillaBogachita Chinchilla3 gün önce
  • I keep thinking about how he gave gifts to every single person on the set of one of his movies, spent thousands on extremely well thought out gifts for each and every person on a movie set. What a legend

    Aaryn JensenAaryn Jensen3 gün önce
  • I dont like Kumail but his friendship is beyond words with Bautista

    Frodo HFrodo H5 gün önce
  • "I collect lunchboxes". Everyone should have a hobby....👍

    SteffinsSteffins6 gün önce
  • Thats funny.. y aint u laughing 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂

    Adnan AzmatAdnan Azmat6 gün önce
  • I love Kumail Nonshowyupy.

    daniel sarmientodaniel sarmiento6 gün önce
  • lol I opened my Netflix app and searched for it

    A. H. AA. H. A7 gün önce
  • Damn man what a smooth guy

    Arnav RawatArnav Rawat7 gün önce
  • He was suppose to give a powebomb.

    leonardo tomrennerleonardo tomrenner8 gün önce
  • Dave Bautista is funnier than The Rock and Cena

    Mister WhoMister Who20 gün önce
  • I don't why but I don't like Kimmel's making fun of people :/ it could be just me... but yeah

    anika nawaranika nawar20 gün önce
  • For some reason he reminds me of Tommy Wiseau in this clip.

    Toku MusicToku Music20 gün önce
  • Love Stuber.....let's see a part 2 😊❤️👍🏾

    jarrett jamiesonjarrett jamieson21 gün önce
  • bautista will be famous just like the rock.

    Adil AAdil AAylar önce
  • He is funny but no one is funnier then Conan

    Shakti ShivaShakti ShivaAylar önce
  • man, how awesome is Batista?!

    Glauco CataldoGlauco CataldoAylar önce
  • he deserved this much love when he came back in 2014,

    Raamis KhanRaamis KhanAylar önce
  • A huge intimidating guy who could easily end your existance in half a second if he wanted, but he's actually a very nice person that collects lunchboxes.

    pccalciopccalcioAylar önce
  • awww so adorable Kumail, that shirt too haha 10/10 ^_^

    Jorden MartzJorden MartzAylar önce
  • seems like NETFLIX has a lot to waste !!

    Sayan Roy ChowdhurySayan Roy ChowdhuryAylar önce
  • Batista turned from a sexy beast to a polite monster...his looks in 2005 and his character in 2019 could give you a completely perfect human being.

    FodzFodzAylar önce
  • it was a good movie...both done good job....light comedy and action was good combination..good luck

    air & sea freightair & sea freightAylar önce
  • “Bautista?”

    HOA BossmanHOA BossmanAylar önce
    • HOA Bossman thats his real last name wwe changed it to batista

      Nick nigrid esvaNick nigrid esvaAylar önce
  • 7:25 the moment I realised, he's Brick from Borderlands. (Yeah, I'm slow, 'cause I've seen the guardians).

    MulukkisMulukkisAylar önce
  • He was REALLY good in "Bladerunner 2049". Guy knows how to study, sounds like a thoughtful & generous guy to work with.

    jeric_ synergyjeric_ synergyAylar önce
  • Anybody else thinking of Drax and Kingo teaming up in a future Marvel film.

    Nicholas KozerNicholas KozerAylar önce
  • Did not expect that ending! 😅

    Shuvo SpeakingShuvo SpeakingAylar önce
  • : )

    Belinda GarciaBelinda GarciaAylar önce
  • Bautista is an amazing man...he is one of my favourite wrestler...and I watched his movies as well and still watching...excellent man...I love this guy...he is a good guy..

    Arya ChaudhuryArya ChaudhuryAylar önce
  • I was blown away by the acting in Bladerunner, i never expected it.

    TTAylar önce
  • David Michael Bautista Jr. Is Simply Adorable!

    Belinda GarciaBelinda GarciaAylar önce
  • What is on his right shoulder? That red thing?

    Dark ArcherDark ArcherAylar önce
  • 3:46 Behold Jimmy’s rigger mortise hand. 😂

    All Things PeripheryAll Things PeripheryAylar önce
  • Way better actor than the Rock. Such a small role in the Blade Runner sequel but damn. He was remarkable. That gift from Kumail was warm. Often people are so caught up with price tag of gifts as they do not want to look cheap particularly when the friend has a high status. This gift recognised a bonafide friendship.

    Indraneel MukherjeeIndraneel MukherjeeAylar önce
  • I love what Bautista has done for his career

    Pablo BecerraPablo BecerraAylar önce
  • from watching batista from wrestling and enjoying his holly wood career is like watching your big bro graduate

    LalambzLalambzAylar önce

    PV SGPV SGAylar önce
  • So happy for Batista.

    Crypto JackCrypto Jack2 aylar önce
  • Induct this man into the Wwe hall of fame already.

    kihloskihlos2 aylar önce
  • Damn, this crap made me choke up a bit..

    joshua6200joshua62002 aylar önce
  • Posin' with the cops @ 2:33 - PRICELESS!

  • We love you Dave!

    K GK G2 aylar önce
  • Batista is looking so happy I love you Dave

    Shahbaz EjazShahbaz Ejaz2 aylar önce
  • "i don't do stand up comedy" "We'll give you 10 million" "I will do it" 😅😅😅😅 Great humor

    satyaki senguptasatyaki sengupta2 aylar önce
  • Hahahahahahahaha

    Ernesto FloresErnesto Flores2 aylar önce
  • I wanna see a netflix special of Dave Batista "failing" in stand-up comedy.

    Matthieu VonlanthenMatthieu Vonlanthen2 aylar önce
  • Bautista seems like he has such a big heart ❤️ His shy smile is so cute.

    IBelieveInMiraclesIBelieveInMiracles2 aylar önce
  • I love this dudeeeee!!

    ღ Aimee N. Caimares-Rodriguez ღღ Aimee N. Caimares-Rodriguez ღ2 aylar önce
  • How can Jimmy see Dave when he's invisible?! 😱

    Jackson ArcillaJackson Arcilla2 aylar önce
  • This is so pure

    Aksh Ch VinesAksh Ch Vines2 aylar önce
  • CBBO you know

    TYRONE the CYCLONETYRONE the CYCLONE3 aylar önce
  • He is funny 😆😅😂 we have the same sense of humer

    Martin HernandezMartin Hernandez3 aylar önce
  • I was laughing my ass off at the preview of stuber!

    Adam NAdam N3 aylar önce
  • This is a decent dude. Respect

    SuperPtdSuperPtd3 aylar önce
  • Bautista? .......classic

    Job AcevedoJob Acevedo3 aylar önce
  • Netflix sure has money to waste it's very apparent now.

    Firstname_is Lastname_isFirstname_is Lastname_is3 aylar önce
  • im gonna watch the movie just cause of this... both classy guys!

    thejai28thejai283 aylar önce
  • I CTFU when he said "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" while gesturing a whisky glass XD

    dbase340 dbase340dbase340 dbase3403 aylar önce
  • iv'e been a fan of Dave since i was a child and i'm really happy for him

    Zuzukiya sanZuzukiya san3 aylar önce
  • Bautista Retired from wwe and now making hit films, congrats!!!

    SUMANSUMAN3 aylar önce
  • Wtf is on his neck

    Łpb šavøęŁpb šavøę3 aylar önce
  • Imagine keanu and dave together

    SoggyHighlandersSoggyHighlanders3 aylar önce
  • There’s only three great WWE wrestlers that are successful movie stars The rock Dave Batista John Cena

    Asia JoneiAsia Jonei3 aylar önce
  • he's the perfect actor for 300

    Matthew BradleyMatthew Bradley3 aylar önce
  • The man with an iron fist.RZA vs Dave.Who ever win,wins a lunchbox.When are we gonna see Dave and the Rock together in a movie cause they're not getting any younger.

    C- M_n_y 2020 Woo!C- M_n_y 2020 Woo!3 aylar önce
  • Next Kevin Hart-The Rock bromance, anyone?

    thehappyharisthehappyharis3 aylar önce
Kumail Nanjiani Surprises Dave Bautista