LAST TO LEAVE ROOF WINS $50,000 (part 2)

Today Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer, Stove's Kitchen, and special guest Bailey Payne compete in the last to leave the roof challenge part 2 for $50,000 dollars cash money! The contestants meet at the top of the roof of the $4 million dollar Dream Team mansion with their supplies to compete in today's challenge to stay on the roof for as long as possible. Before competing, the participants warm up on the giant rooftop trampoline where Bailey Payne shows off some epic tricks and flips. While on the roof, Carter has created some additional challenges for the participants to win cash! Stove attempts his first full backflip for a side challenge worth $1000 dollars and Carter and Stove both try to make some basketball trick shots from the roof for cash money. Bailey Payne shows off his epic moves with an incredible acrobatic flip. Watch to see what happens and Comment below who you think will win the challenge and grand prize of fifty thousand dollars cash money!
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  • What about lizzy

    addie and donovan baddie and donovan b12 saatler önce
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  • Stove is not pz9.

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  • You dont win the money because made stove out

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LAST TO LEAVE ROOF WINS $50,000 (part 2)