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  • Meh seem like a downhill slide ....the titles of phase 4 looking disappointing at best with a couple exceptions ...dr.strange 2 & eternals sound great but the rest PASS!

    John AndersonJohn Anderson4 gün önce
  • 🔥

    Calvin AdjeiCalvin Adjei7 gün önce
  • I want ps4

    A tubeA tube8 gün önce
  • Can't wait :)

    Youngflacko LYoungflacko L9 gün önce
  • Super hype for Doctor Strange 2. Would also love if we eventually got a Spider-Man: Secret Wars.

    DubSmith04DubSmith0410 gün önce
  • phase four hype am i right

    orionorion10 gün önce
  • Theres no station like a playstation. Theres no station like a playstation theres no station like a playstation......BAM IM THE PS4 WINNER!!!

    Luci FearLuci Fear10 gün önce
  • I’m sorry to say but I am really only her for the PS4 pro no cap 🧢 really want one it’s not being fake or shading I just really want the pro

    Kunmi IbrahimKunmi Ibrahim10 gün önce
  • I wonder how many years phase 4 could last

    Nate WhiteNate White12 gün önce
  • no one knowa anything about the Eternals

    Michael SmithMichael Smith13 gün önce
  • Phase four is coming

    zachariyah rowezachariyah rowe13 gün önce
  • Unpopular opinion - Justin Hammer is the second best Marvel villian

    Hayden RayHayden Ray13 gün önce
  • My favorite villain is winter soldier

    Luis AvilaLuis Avila14 gün önce
  • Great video like always, my favorite superhero is Spider-Man

    Luis AvilaLuis Avila14 gün önce
  • nice

    Jingyik WongJingyik Wong14 gün önce
  • Love you 😍

    samurai dogosamurai dogo16 gün önce
  • How bout we just remind ourselves about tony stark.....rip 3000

    Minetell legendMinetell legend18 gün önce
  • how long will it go?

    cameron womackcameron womack18 gün önce
  • I want ps4

    Woewoe KoWoewoe Ko19 gün önce
  • I can't wait for Dr. Strange 2!!!!! Dont care AT ALL about Black Panther

    Powerful Primate26Powerful Primate2619 gün önce
  • awesome update

    Anthony SimoniniAnthony Simonini19 gün önce
  • Why is Deadpool's logo in the Thunderbolts? He's rated R, there won't be R rated movies in the MCU? Someone please lmk what's happening there?

    Jedi Jr. JesusJedi Jr. Jesus20 gün önce
  • Give us more Thor in phase 4

    Jordan DiBenedettoJordan DiBenedetto20 gün önce
  • Just to be real I’ll be happy with whatever come next after Spider-Man far from home haven’t had any complaints about how they’ve been running the MCU

    Victoria WorthyVictoria Worthy21 gün önce
  • I could use a PS4

    Billy LewisBilly Lewis21 gün önce
  • Can’t wait for the rest of the marvel movies

    Phil RuizPhil Ruiz21 gün önce
  • Thor 4 is gonna b great

    Kyle GeorgeKyle George21 gün önce
  • Me me plz plz

    Mr. WheelMr. Wheel21 gün önce
  • Dedication

    Pinto BeanPinto Bean21 gün önce
  • Nova and Morgan Stark as Ironheart

    LoutzenheiserLoutzenheiser21 gün önce
  • So ready for Phase 4

    Rachel JordanRachel Jordan22 gün önce
  • cant wait cant wait!

    Sundiatta SmallSundiatta Small22 gün önce
  • Antman 3

    SMACHY2012SMACHY201222 gün önce
  • Silver surfer

    Jammy DefaultJammy Default22 gün önce
  • Need new movie soon. My buzz is wearing off

    fmatt633fmatt63322 gün önce
  • Cant wait to see green goblin introduced into the MCU

    John LawrenceJohn Lawrence22 gün önce
  • Really digging your videos. My favorite channel out of all the new ones ive seen. Keep it up!

    Mjay1213Mjay121322 gün önce
  • Looking forward to Doctor Strange 2 the most.

    BaharrothBaharroth22 gün önce
  • Hi

    K BlankenbergK Blankenberg23 gün önce
  • 👍

    Joe ArriagaJoe Arriaga23 gün önce
  • I hope the black panther 2 and dr strange 2 is great!

    Aiden DoughtyAiden Doughty23 gün önce
  • I think out of all of those, Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, Shang Chi, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are the ones I am the most excited about.

    The A.L. Show Trailer Reactions & ReviewsThe A.L. Show Trailer Reactions & Reviews24 gün önce
  • I think shuri will take iron mans thech role, spiderman will take his hero role and black panther will take caps leader and hero role

    — Stop— Stop24 gün önce
  • A lot of these could be done well if they handle it correctly considering they just had endgame

    Josh DavisJosh Davis25 gün önce
  • I like the intro of all the movies

    Nunya BusinessNunya Business25 gün önce
  • If Chris Hemsworth has gotten a contract for another two movies wouldn’t they do a 4th Thor movie? It was in the leaks...

    ZachWhipCrackZachWhipCrack25 gün önce
  • Asgardians of the galaxy 🧡

    Bob RossBob Ross25 gün önce
  • This is all very nice but all the OG Avengers need to come back. Cap and Stark. They are seminal to the marvel universe. Its not just because of nostalgia. It's also because of all the missed interactions. Stark and Reed Richard's. Stark and beast. Cap and wolverine. Cap and cyclops. Xavier, cap, stark, black panther and doctor strange as the illuminati. WE NEED THIS. We were robbed of all these interactions.

    The Stark Knight ReturnsThe Stark Knight Returns25 gün önce
  • Yay 2 channels! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! $$$!!!!

    wjanes11wjanes1125 gün önce
  • Great speculation!

    Jordan TharpJordan Tharp25 gün önce
  • Fantastic four

    Assassin 11092Assassin 1109226 gün önce
  • Hi

    andrew amithandrew amith26 gün önce
  • i think that spiderman 3 will have green goblin and then hes gonna have 3 more films and on the 6th film he will have to battle the sinister six. thats for phase 5 as well as introducing fantastic four and x-men where they will have to battle DR doom and the main villain leading up is...GALACTUS

    Jay MJay M26 gün önce
  • Where’s carnage??

    Goji FanGoji Fan26 gün önce
  • 😤😤😤 Phase 4 will be amazing

    Arcane Is BornArcane Is Born26 gün önce
  • Sony gave marvel to show 6 movies for spidy. 3 are co stars and 3 solo movies

    Sravanthi madhavapeddiSravanthi madhavapeddi26 gün önce
  • Giveaway

    Gurkirtan SinghGurkirtan Singh26 gün önce
  • Deadpool + venom = multi verse In spider Man sinister 6 movie.

    santosh kumarsantosh kumar26 gün önce
  • Waiting for Deadpool + spider Man - movies

    santosh kumarsantosh kumar26 gün önce
  • It has been confirmed that fantastic four and deadpool won't be coming to the mcu in the next five years so the thumbnail is kind of wrong nice video though and i would really like to win thw ps4

    aliendogthethirdaliendogthethird26 gün önce
  • Not a slate announcement, just more random opinions.

    jinxatociousjinxatocious26 gün önce
  • i m wating for NOVA

    NEW TECH 1O1NEW TECH 1O126 gün önce
  • ☺☺☺☺😉😀

    Mikey HayesMikey Hayes27 gün önce
  • We need Doctor Strange 2, I feel like the Doctor Strange movie wasn't as hyped as it should've been

    The Iron LordThe Iron Lord27 gün önce
  • It makes a lot sense this video makes a lot sense 😂

    Cornelius ChanCornelius Chan27 gün önce
  • I'm super excited for nova. That has always been one of my favorite marvel comics.

    The gray MountainThe gray Mountain27 gün önce
  • Interesting.

    Kyle DennisKyle Dennis27 gün önce
  • Hi i wanna ps4

    Pieter EngelbrechtPieter Engelbrecht27 gün önce
  • PS 4 yes

    mike davismike davis27 gün önce
  • Please may I win the ps4

    csmicwlf 99csmicwlf 9927 gün önce

    DayDay HallDayDay Hall27 gün önce
  • I hope Songbird will Appear in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Guillermo RangelGuillermo Rangel27 gün önce
    • Wait I thought songbird was in deadpool who's the girl with pink hair

      the pj samwich vidsthe pj samwich vids26 gün önce
  • I hope it is true that Thor resigned to the mcu

    Nicolas ParsonsNicolas Parsons27 gün önce
  • Plz give me bri

    Aditya DangiAditya Dangi27 gün önce
  • Spider-Man- “notices criminal behind him” MY SPIDEY SENSES ARE TINGLING Me- “hears captain marvel and Valkyrie in the same sentence” MY RAINBOW SENSES ARE TINGLING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Foxy AvocadoFoxy Avocado28 gün önce
  • hi

    Swag SoulSwag Soul28 gün önce
  • I subed

    Veronica AragonVeronica Aragon28 gün önce
  • Identified.

    Eron gpsEron gps28 gün önce
  • Sooo Thor is going to be in guardians and his own movie? Then will the guardians be in Thor 4?

    Brick NationBrick Nation28 gün önce
  • I knew it'd be clickbait.

    The Mad TitanThe Mad Titan28 gün önce
  • Sooo unconfirmed then. Just your opinion. Revise the title please! Click bait!

    Paul CartwrightPaul Cartwright28 gün önce
  • Great clickbait dude

    A_CroissantA_Croissant28 gün önce
  • The wasp movie?? I'd rather watch a Scarlet Witch movie..

    Ariana StaceyAriana Stacey28 gün önce
  • I hope they have an iron lad movie idc who they get to play as long as they do right by the character

    Bent BoysBent Boys28 gün önce
  • So much Misinformation. Dislike.

    Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010Russell Westbrook Fan since 201028 gün önce
  • The future of marvel is bright!

    Chapin WiscombeChapin Wiscombe29 gün önce
  • Shoot the ps4

    Barl OcampoBarl Ocampo29 gün önce
  • I want a PlayStation 4

    1,000 subscribers no videos?1,000 subscribers no videos?29 gün önce
  • My name is Jeff

    Joshua PlourdeJoshua Plourde29 gün önce
  • Antman 3?

    *TheKerbalEngineer**TheKerbalEngineer*29 gün önce
  • I'm so hyped

    Martim GomesMartim Gomes29 gün önce

  • Stretch out to 10 min to get to the point. Like wtf

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez29 gün önce
  • awesome content

    Lovemuffin playthroughLovemuffin playthrough29 gün önce
  • Who really believes you get a ps4 pro just for liking and commenting lmao unreal

    Angel BenitezAngel Benitez29 gün önce
  • Love you 30000

    Ultimate DylanUltimate Dylan29 gün önce
  • Well having been a HUGE Fan growing up of Movies like "THE FIVE DEADLY VENOMS" (Which I believe will one day be remade), I'm looking forward to "SHANG CHI"... However... MARVEL has GOT to NAIL the LEAD though!... The Asian market will EXPLODE even MORE and will LOVE this movie,... But as long as it's done RIGHT!... MARVEL already BLOOPERED with "THE ANCIENT ONE", casting Tilda Swinton (Great Actress though).... when there were MANY GREAT ASIAN choices out there for MARVEL to choose from! 😎❤👌

    The E Double 1The E Double 129 gün önce
  • More deadpool I hope

    kyle planticokyle plantico29 gün önce
  • PS4 👍🏾🔥

    edylc oneedylc one29 gün önce
  • very cool

    Euan McCullochEuan McCulloch29 gün önce