Learn Colors With Tractor Soccer Ball Monster Truck Street Vehicle For Children

TOY for Kids TV is a unique learning channel that teaches color to your Children!
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  • You shall not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not hold you guiltless if you do.. Getting kids to blaspheme at the young age is sad. God’s name is special because it carries His personal identity. Using it for fun or in a curse is so common today that we may fail to realise how serious it is. The way we use God’s name conveys how we really feel about Him. We should respect His name and use it appropriately, speaking it in praise or worship rather than in curse. We should not take lightly the abuse or dishonour of his name. With prayers for growing in the knowledge of God and His Commandments.

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Learn Colors With Tractor Soccer Ball Monster Truck Street Vehicle For Children