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  • Kabal

    Beata JedrzejczakBeata Jedrzejczak12 saatler önce
  • Kano a glizzy gladiator

    Josue MendezJosue Mendez15 saatler önce
  • Look at sonya she aint even tryna put it on ya

    Tavion ReidTavion ReidGün önce
  • Now everytime Dashie hears a xylophone in anything we know it's Kabal

    Tiana JonesTiana Jones2 gün önce
  • I don't know how you buckle your shoe ehter

    Daniele RosaDaniele Rosa3 gün önce
  • We need kabal and jax's in a band

    Alexander ZamoraAlexander Zamora3 gün önce
  • Robocop recognizing the Terminator is a reference to Epic Rap Battles of History, right?

    JinzoJinzo3 gün önce
  • How is Cassie´s supposed to be a friendship? She's just being obsessed with herself.

    JinzoJinzo3 gün önce
  • You could've just went to fatality training 😂

    Zayed AlHajeriZayed AlHajeri3 gün önce
  • I remember when Dashie used to do the skits like 6 to 8 years ago it was so funny and now he makes even funnier

    Geovanni AparicioGeovanni Aparicio4 gün önce
  • Bro Kabal lit tho

    Live your DreamsLive your Dreams4 gün önce
  • Oh nah Shao khan Stole sektor's friendship from mk3

    _FxurtyTwx__FxurtyTwx_4 gün önce
    • well but it didn't break

      _FxurtyTwx__FxurtyTwx_4 gün önce
  • I wonder when dashie will ever lay off the redbull? Edit: I really like your vids!!!

    John TaylorJohn Taylor4 gün önce
  • 12:46

    Parbaaz GhumanParbaaz Ghuman4 gün önce
  • Dashie lost fuckin weight and I’m so proud of him

    DatMemeAddictDatMemeAddict5 gün önce
  • 17:37 agree

    John-Real Music For LifeJohn-Real Music For Life5 gün önce
  • Nobody told him he could just go to fatality training.

    Drew PeacockDrew Peacock5 gün önce
    • True

      Haters BegoneHaters Begone4 gün önce
  • Dash so many people are using yo ghetto does sound 😭😭😭

    Jordan douglasJordan douglas5 gün önce
  • I liked raidens ( light show thing)

    Savion ParkerSavion Parker5 gün önce
  • Dashies reaction to frost is priceless!!!!

    Christopher AdamsChristopher Adams6 gün önce
  • Raiden killed it

    GodLovesUgly042GodLovesUgly0426 gün önce
  • 27:45 that reaction though!🤣🤣🤣

    Geist DrachenGeist Drachen6 gün önce
  • DashieGames You Forgot To Next Video on Mortal Kombat 11! *Stage Fatality!*

    Patrick TanPatrick Tan7 gün önce
  • 18:13 fortnite kids be like: ahhhh they stole that from fortnite 😤😤

    KingBriweayPlubKingBriweayPlub7 gün önce
  • 15:43 That's supposed to be Kronika, Dashie. That's the reference you're missing

    Cachi MoralesCachi Morales8 gün önce
  • They really ruined one of the best fighting games of all time for a meme

  • NEXT!!!!

    BacanboyBacanboy9 gün önce
  • Hey guys.. michael here and I uhhhhhhhhhhhh

    TeamYoshTeamYosh9 gün önce
  • Those stage fatalities though 👀

    Donovan SimmonsDonovan Simmons10 gün önce
  • I like the robo cop one

    Planets ThioPlanets Thio11 gün önce
  • Dashie needs to calm down

    Diispy FDiispy F11 gün önce
  • Let’s be honest we never thought dashie will be getting skinnier during lock down :Edit he also got skinny fast

    PeterquezzPeterquezz11 gün önce
  • The Baraka voice gave me such nostalgia 😂‼️

    Jalen ShannonJalen Shannon11 gün önce
  • He’s sooooo swole 😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations my boiiiiii keep up the great work ☺️☺️☺️

    Jeric Thomas VarugheseJeric Thomas Varughese12 gün önce
  • Has anyone else noticed the robocop and terminator dialogue was a reference to their deth battle

    Virginia64floresVirginia64flores12 gün önce
  • Where is kronkia friendship

    Nicolas RodriguezNicolas Rodriguez12 gün önce
  • My boi dashie always bout eating healthy... sometimes 😂

    Tre HamptonTre Hampton13 gün önce
  • bro I lost it when he said Masta Piece of Shit at 24:18😭😂

    dvddy- -geldvddy- -gel13 gün önce
  • 11:01 😂😂

    Abd i s coolAbd i s cool13 gün önce
  • CoryVSDashie Mk11 anyone

    VertzVertz13 gün önce
  • That face tho when terminator did his friendship

    Darryl McraeDarryl Mcrae13 gün önce
  • You might as well call it ... jaxophone

    damn, i kinda dont caredamn, i kinda dont care13 gün önce
  • Ive been wathcing him since 2015

    Dave daveDave dave13 gün önce
  • 10:33 is the best friendship ever

    SuperGamer HellSuperGamer Hell14 gün önce
  • Dashie why do u were ur Benning

    Myius PintoMyius Pinto14 gün önce
  • Robo cop killed that shit

    Ricardo BlairRicardo Blair14 gün önce
  • Hi Dashie

    Sulayman FarooqSulayman Farooq14 gün önce
  • Plz do aftermath

    Emiliano GazconEmiliano Gazcon14 gün önce
  • your the best

    randy ricerandy rice14 gün önce
  • Dashie you to funny bro😂😂

    Miles SSMUIMiles SSMUI14 gün önce
  • 32:50 That's some Poison Ivy shiz.

    FrozenFox Games6FrozenFox Games615 gün önce
  • Shang tsungs and barakas are actually a throw back to mk2 when they were first playable and johnny cages is actually the warner bros. Frog dance

    Wyatt GleasonWyatt Gleason15 gün önce
  • 9:30 Dash, that wasn't Baraka.

    FrozenFox Games6FrozenFox Games615 gün önce
    • It was tarkatan

      Haters BegoneHaters Begone4 gün önce
  • Bro Dash look like a snack in pink 😍🥰

    Heavynnlei' 03Heavynnlei' 0315 gün önce
  • Is it me or Danny is losing weight

    Ethan RamdhanEthan Ramdhan15 gün önce
  • Play as spawn again. You'll see a DEMON AT END

    Barricad121 NormBarricad121 Norm15 gün önce
  • And raiden 14:57

    the red troll gamerthe red troll gamer16 gün önce
  • The terminator 30:07

    the red troll gamerthe red troll gamer16 gün önce
  • I like robocop friend ship 23:26

    the red troll gamerthe red troll gamer16 gün önce
  • "Let's get into these friendships"😂😂😂

    Devin DiazDevin Diaz16 gün önce
  • Sheva might brake the dil

    retro oldretro old16 gün önce
  • Dashie dropped all that thickness okay my boy I see you

    young memeyoung meme16 gün önce
  • Dashie look thin as hell

    Dylan SpenceDylan Spence16 gün önce
  • 12:35 DEAPOOL WIN :>

    TA JIRÓNTA JIRÓN17 gün önce
  • Like si hamblas españos y no entiendes nada pero te gusta Is ma name corykenchi xd

    TA JIRÓNTA JIRÓN17 gün önce
  • JaX wAs My FaVoRiTe fRiEnDsHiP

    Kedrick MurchisonKedrick Murchison17 gün önce
  • DACHIE play aftermath!

    Darren 0613Darren 061317 gün önce
  • Sonya try put it on ya

    alberthdz49 W3Soalberthdz49 W3So17 gün önce
  • Jump on da duhh 😂

    alberthdz49 W3Soalberthdz49 W3So17 gün önce
  • Noob saibot is my main

    alberthdz49 W3Soalberthdz49 W3So17 gün önce