Let's tell the truth, Luke Thomas...

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Chael Sonnen responds to the MMA MEdia and Luke Thomas who questioned his place in mixed martial arts history.



  • go take some more ped pussy

    ZeroPhilosopherZeroPhilosopher6 gün önce
  • Best fighter ever without a ufc belt. And the only one with the biggest arms in West Linn Oregon

    Eryk DymeckiEryk Dymecki8 gün önce
  • Who the f@#[( is Luke Thomas!

    inupstateinupstate28 gün önce
  • You're a shameless cheater, you made your bed, now sleep in it.

    Frank BFrank BAylar önce
  • This video could have been a lot shorter, 13 champions in 13 fights and he won 8 of them, Sonnen isn’t the best ever, but he’s better than good.

    James NewsteadJames NewsteadAylar önce
  • So Tito beats chuck past his prime but it counts as a win rightfully so, but in chucks prime Tito got owned. It’s a difference fighting someone in their prime vs being washed up. True Chael beat some named fighter but how many top names did he beat in their prime. Always a runner up never a champion sorry he’s competitively good not great!

    Ben BellBen BellAylar önce
  • A 31-17 record doesn’t put you in the same category as GSP or Jon Jones or Anderson or Fedor or Khabib or DC . The fact that you are known more for your talking than your fighting shows that you aren’t in the same category a those guys. Yes you are good enough almost defeat these guys. But almost isn’t good enough to be a great . You are a legend and the most entertaining fighter in the history of the game.

    Srinaath AnbuduraiSrinaath AnbuduraiAylar önce
  • this is pretty childish, listen to what he said

    l dl d2 aylar önce
  • It’s funny that a good amount of fighters people classify as “great” are fighters Chael smashed. Paulo, Wanderlei, Shogun, Rampage, Bisping, scored 3 10-8 rounds against prime Anderson Silva, won the WEC Middleweight title, fought in 3 weight classes, etc. He had a great career. Period.

    GagexScapegoatGagexScapegoat2 aylar önce
  • fuck me what a boss

    Matt McKMatt McK2 aylar önce
  • The only fighter 'greater' than Chael is Artem (GOAT-GOAT). And I really mean that.

    Chester SykesChester Sykes2 aylar önce
  • Love uncle Chael

    AlphaLAlphaL2 aylar önce
  • Chael you know your a company mouthpiece, never speaking on behalf of the fighters. Youve a big mouth but pity you use it as a company man, get some integrity on behalf of underpaid fighters

    poppy timepoppy time2 aylar önce
  • Sonnen has zero chin

    Devin SullivanDevin Sullivan2 aylar önce
  • The one thing for sure is your mouth is bigger than your talent. That being said you were a good fighter.

    shnarfyshnarfy2 aylar önce
  • Milan MatejicMilan Matejic2 aylar önce
  • Luke Thomas is a gigantic twat lmao tell em Chael

    abiogenesisabiogenesis3 aylar önce
  • can people really use the positive std test against any of the older fighters,. lets be honest back in the day most fighters were using something, as for chael its hard to say where you put him he did beat some greats and some greats beat him. he may be in a category of his own slightly under the greats as a fighter, his semi retirement years as a fighter we got to see how great he was as a commentator , and analyst. him and jens pulver dont get the respect they deserve .

    donnie brascodonnie brasco3 aylar önce
  • Am I the only one who is wondering who the hell Luke Thomas is?

    DRizzleDRizzle3 aylar önce
  • get rid of Lincoln and put up chael on mt rushmore….

    Aaron BruceAaron Bruce3 aylar önce
  • Luke is a PRICK

    Joseph LargenJoseph Largen3 aylar önce
  • I Also think that you put out some DVD S. That way more people will know how GOOD of A Fighter You Trully were and still are!!! Chael I Used to and still do Loved watching you SCRAP it out in the Cage.And as for TRASH Talking No ONE CAN do it BETTER . And as for LUKE HE NEEDS TO or HE Should Have Done His Homework on You.Which He did Not ! And You Beating This GUY For the BELT.He Might Have Tried Not to make WEIGHT Because He knew that You were Going GIVE HIM A GOOD BEATING.!!!

    John SaundersJohn Saunders3 aylar önce
  • Love your work my man .

    John WelchJohn Welch3 aylar önce
  • Love the honesty. One of the GREATS!

    Rodrigo LuffRodrigo Luff4 aylar önce
  • I get that it’s annoying to be judged T your job by people who don’t do it and don’t know how it actually is, but come on... that’s their job.

    Roar BlastRoar Blast4 aylar önce
  • Luke Thomas is a fucking idiot

    billy caldwellbilly caldwell4 aylar önce
  • lotta respect for Chael for telling it like it is...

    dalexkomdalexkom4 aylar önce
  • That's my boy Chael, burn them greasy jealous bitches who couldn't hold your jock...now that made my fucking year...enjoy retirement good sir, well deserved and us who admire your blood sweat and tears thank you for being you...cheers T

    Terry WagarTerry Wagar4 aylar önce
  • Chael haters will be haters because they cannot be doers

    Rod WilsonRod Wilson4 aylar önce
  • Chale was GREAT. Luke Thomas loves John Jones and says he's great, he cheated twice in main events. I'll never buy a PPV with John Jones headlining.

    Tom HinesTom Hines4 aylar önce
  • You was drugged up Son.

    Raphael Dawkins Combat RadioRaphael Dawkins Combat Radio4 aylar önce
  • I am very conflicted As a mma fan and Cheal sonnen fan. When i look at Chael career i see the great fights he has had against top opponents, but i also see that he failed 2 make the adjustments 2 reach the pinnacle of a fighters career. Chael was good but not great statement by luke is pretty accurate. Chael legacy is not going 2 be your fights it's the personality you gave us the mma fans. And that gave us a reason 2 watch you. You are no doubt a legend of this sport. But you were never amongst the great champs. I agree there is more than just Fights and that fighting a top tier fighter is a part of legacy. But you also need 2 remember that you have 2 win all those matches. An example is Jon Jones he fought everyone like Chael did but the difference is tha Jon won his fights and is now considered the GOAT. There is a scale, there are levels. Thats why we consider Jon a great fighter and Chael a Good fighter.

    Man Over The TopMan Over The Top4 aylar önce

      YourBoyMuzzYourBoyMuzz4 aylar önce

      YourBoyMuzzYourBoyMuzz4 aylar önce
  • Chael's life story is my life story except I am a chef and poor so people just think I am bitching lol...just speaking in facts. Chael is the man. #AmericanGangster

    Duane KageDuane Kage4 aylar önce
  • Nice

    Garrett HeichemerGarrett Heichemer4 aylar önce
  • Yah you were great.

    Garrett HeichemerGarrett Heichemer4 aylar önce
  • Chael don’t let it bother you, the truth is you were the Best middle weight fighter of your era. And the second best “round” with stand ups fighter of your era to only Silva.

    Larry TateLarry Tate4 aylar önce
  • Chael holds not one but three 10-8 rounds against Anderson Silva. The only other fighter who holds a 10-8 round against Anderson Silva is DC who had only one in his three round fight with Silva. And oh yeah Cormier is a legit heavyweight champion so a bit of an advantage there! And not one other fighter holds a 10 to 8 round against Anderson Silva. So yeah Chael was definitely a great fighter. Then Chael had Anderson mounted the second fight and Anderson was saved by the bell and then due to rounds from boxing was able to land a shot in the second round and win. If not for rounds Anderson was prob done there .!! I remember in Pride they used to start you back in the position you left off in to start the new round to simulate a real fight!!! That’s the way it should be like. Real fight and Chael beats Anderson in the second fight!! In what world would a grappler let an amazing striker up from mount after all the hard work to achieve a dominant mount position and say to the striker let’s get up and start on the feet again?? None

    Larry TateLarry Tate4 aylar önce
  • Get em Chael!

    jeremiah pearsonjeremiah pearson4 aylar önce
  • Lindsay NichelleLindsay Nichelle4 aylar önce
  • Luke Thomas butchered this man, just hear his come back you'll see how much of a fake Chael Sonnen is

    • Not Really Chael Did Fight for 5 World Titles and Paulio Fiolo He Beat The 2nd Time Paulio Sent Him the Belt Cause His Fat Ass Missed Weight and Chael Should Have been The WEC Middle Weight Champ of The World .Chael Had a Damn Good record beat great Fighters He was 25-10 When At one Point and Went 6 and 7 Against All World Champions His Last 13 Fights .He Went 2-3 His last 5 Fights at Belitor So He was 29-14 B4 Coming Back at Age 40 on 4 Year Layoff ,And He was 4-4 n Last 8 fights n the UFC but His Losses Were against Jon Jones ,Anderson Silvia , Rashad Evens ,and I Forget The Loss a Bad Mother Fucker Though .Chael Was one of the Best Middle Weights There was and His Record at Middle Weight is Very Good .U take Out His Light Heavy Weight ,Heavy Weight Fights He Did not Lose Very many Fights .Plus Chael Was 31-17 For His Career 14 Above 500 While Competing for 20 Years plus that's pretty Damn good and Fought For 5 World Champion Ships that Would B Acting like Dan Marino was not Great and Chael Beat The World Champion Who did not Make Weight So He is a Champion .

      BRIAN BLAIRBRIAN BLAIR4 aylar önce
  • Love it!!!

    J LordJ Lord4 aylar önce
  • Ego spawns sensitivity Sensitivity spawns ego Round we go....

    cambo6911cambo69114 aylar önce
  • You are in fact a great! You're a legend and deserve to be in UFC Hall of fame

    The Vasectomy541The Vasectomy5414 aylar önce
  • Luke just loves to hear himself talk.. And he literally thinks he knows everything . Was so happy when Jon Jones snuffed him

    David PryorDavid Pryor4 aylar önce
  • How does anyone believe anything chael says. Im occasionally here for hyperbole, nothing more. It's rare you get anything of substance from him, I'm actually disappointed at how pathetic this is. Chael is a joke thats getting less and less funny. Maybe he was once one of the greatest personalities but luke makes an excellent point in that he wasnt a great fighter. He's just not all time top 25 or 50, at least he didn't come second again there i guess.

    Dave DavidsonDave Davidson4 aylar önce
  • How does ANYONE not respect this man?

    rastafish420rastafish4204 aylar önce
  • Chael doesn't get the respect he deserves. He was always a beast. If you're a casual fan, go back and watch his WEC fights. Win or lose, his fights are all great.

    rastafish420rastafish4204 aylar önce
  • When a person has morals he follows that allow him to do the right thing in moments or scenarios where temptation seems impossible to go against, he naturally becomes somewhat of a renegade coming across as cocky or brash pointing out any good deed done or accomplishment earned as a result of comparing others actions in many exact scenarios one showed strength doing the right thing going against temptation that went unnoticed by the public. I believe Chael finds his conscious very important but is ultra competitive thus you hear him say "Never been a champion I offer No Excuses" after he had logically & well worded pointed out many things worth considering that help the argument of him being a great fighter It's refreshing to see someone successful with minor similarities in personality & mindset , not saying I have his work ethic or share his interest or motivating factors but now I know it's normal too speak complimentary about oneself in response to being questioned publicly. forced not by choice bring up good deeds we did based on our own morals that we didn't care to make public but in defense of our character point them out then look like assholes. Weird that I hear myself listening too this guy , talks & words everything with the same logical method and timing I do

    Austin CollinAustin Collin4 aylar önce
  • Chael was an excellent fighter. A true example also with great intelligence, for me much more exemplary than Jon Jones.

    白新Gabor Gzeyda-Pommersheim白新Gabor Gzeyda-Pommersheim4 aylar önce
  • Chael brings dumb trumpism while luke thomas brings FACTS. luke 2 chael 0

    ashley schaefferashley schaeffer4 aylar önce
    • @Adrian B what is demoratism? Sounds dumb

      ashley schaefferashley schaeffer4 aylar önce
    • You bring idiotic demoratism

      Adrian BAdrian B4 aylar önce
  • Chael Sonnen you ARE a GREAT Fighter! Love the podcast. Great video!

    ToddTodd4 aylar önce
  • Chael is one of my favourite people that I don't know (i.e. celebs), but Luke Thomas - who I had barely heard of before this blew up - was fair in his initial opinion and his response video was on point. I think Chael is struggling a bit with retirement, the resulting failure to keep his promise to be a world champion (but I can't think of many who came closer - and on three seperate occasions), worries about his legacy, and a future spent outside the limelight and not doing what he has basically done his whole life (something all athletes will have to face). As much as I like the guy, I have noticed his almost universally pro-UFC stance on issues before, as well as that weird thing with Joe Rogan about Covington.

    JackaljkljklJackaljkljkl4 aylar önce
  • Chael, just so you know, you inspire me. Fighting, analysis, life, philosophy. If we ever cross paths in life, I’ll remind you in person. Entertaining and enlightening.

    Jimi JamesJimi James4 aylar önce
  • They act like the entire UFC roster wasn’t on the juice when Chael fought. There is a reason when USADA came in all of a sudden Bisping became the champ.

    Jordan ArmesJordan Armes4 aylar önce
  • Luke Thomas is soft in the body and soft in the mind

    Paolo Di MuccioPaolo Di Muccio4 aylar önce
    • Facts are soft? Chael is triggered

      ashley schaefferashley schaeffer4 aylar önce
  • Ol Chael letting them have it lmfaooo

    Hydrocrane1Hydrocrane14 aylar önce
  • As good as Chael was, & he was/is really damn good he's not a great MMA fighter, but that's just my take, has some great qualities & more than most

    Sean MoonshineSean Moonshine4 aylar önce
  • It means your feelings are slighted LOL

    Sean MoonshineSean Moonshine4 aylar önce
  • You are a real ass dude Mr. Sonnen. Love when you said "thats just the things I got caught for." Anyone can throw shade. A real man isnt afraid to speak about his own dark shadows...

    514BMXJay514BMXJay4 aylar önce
  • Anyone that actually think Luke is legit is a moron. He flip flops constantly, claims his opinions are facts and facts are opinions. Mma fighting sucks now.

    In KoreaIn Korea4 aylar önce
    • @ashley schaeffer correct if you hate facts watch Luke Thomas on mma fighting

      In KoreaIn Korea4 aylar önce
    • If you hate facts

      ashley schaefferashley schaeffer4 aylar önce
  • You win a championship fight, your a champion...Your pops would be super proud

    Shane KeenShane Keen4 aylar önce
  • Luke Thomas is fat

    BloodshedBloodshed4 aylar önce
    • Luke Thomas has facts

      ashley schaefferashley schaeffer4 aylar önce
  • Wtf did listen too Chael...Luke was actually complimentary and basically said your one of the best ever....all around...relax bad guy

    eric beauchamperic beauchamp4 aylar önce
  • Chael I never liked because of his talking just liked the Diaz brothers but as I look at the all around picture. These guys are top notch. Especially chael

    Robert TurnerRobert Turner4 aylar önce
  • uh-oh big boy needs his ditey changed

    Jason RobbindJason Robbind4 aylar önce
  • Ever seen luke breakdown the striking in a fight? Hilarious and cringey af at the same time, guys a bum, ariel helwani = great, luke = garbage.

    TartanSpartan01TartanSpartan014 aylar önce
  • I think he meant you did not win a title and defend it multilple times, nor did you wipe out a division. He also meant that towards the end of your career, the people who you fought, beat, and lost to, in different weight classes, were not in their prime. However, those are traits of a DOMINANT FIGHTER. That being said, if you were fighting,I was watching. Because you put on great performances, and in my opinion, you were a GREAT FIGHTER !!

    Rich ScaliRich Scali4 aylar önce
  • Who da fook is that guy

    Tony 2timesTony 2times4 aylar önce
  • Chael with LEFT, Chael with the RIGHT....DOWN GOES THOMAS!!!

    JoeJoe4 aylar önce
  • U tell them Gangster 🤴🥋

    Frank1975Frank19754 aylar önce
Let's tell the truth, Luke Thomas...