Life in East Germany | Animated History

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After World War II, the Soviet Union transformed their occupied zone in Germany into the German Democratic Republic. One of the many communist states in the Eastern Bloc, East Germany developed a unique culture that defined itself in opposition to the West. In this video, we explore what life was like for the people of East Germany under communist rule.
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Kopstein, Jeffrey. "Chipping Away at the State: Workers' Resistance and the Demise of East Germany." World Politics 48, no. 3 (1996): 391-423.
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Vilasi, Antonella Colonna (9 March 2015). The History of the Stasi. AuthorHouse
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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian3 aylar önce
    • @Julio Villalon Ich bin Stolz in diesem land geboren zu sein DDR 🇩🇪 Ehren voll gedienst bis zum letzten 01- 1985-02- 1991...Ehrenvoll.. Nationale Volksarmee...Der DDR... Prussia uber Alles in die Welt!! ...👊💥👊

      Jackobt ThoronnJackobt Thoronn8 gün önce
    • Before we show you German suffering, LETS THANK OUR SPONSOR HONEY

      joejerry44 Robloxjoejerry44 Roblox9 gün önce
    • @Julio Villalon I have lived in East Germany and I do not object. People care about freedom, you know.

      Wolfgang PagelWolfgang Pagel9 gün önce
    • Just out of curiosity dude...: Had you lived in and experienced life in what was east Germany or the Soviet union? I guess why you call yourself: ARMCHAIR HISTORIAN!! I had lived in a Socialist country and and don't see you referring at Ll sort of advances in cience and social services found on those countries... So please do not wash out history dude! You need to research a bit more...your deductions in many aspects are fair...but mY be missing from a bit more. Best luck with your channel

      Julio VillalonJulio Villalon9 gün önce
    • Really.?. What about Obama's.. NSA..... Or the Crimes conmmited by the US in Chile Argentina Brazil Paraguay Uruguay Guatemala.. What about Israel??.. What about the " Condor Program" implemented by " Henry Kissinger"...??

      Jackobt ThoronnJackobt Thoronn22 gün önce
  • Apparently Russia sold East Germany to West Germany for three trillion Marks

    Adrian CookeAdrian Cooke4 saatler önce
  • You missed the part were nearly a third of Germany (East and Westprussia, Silesia...) was given to Poland and Russia while the population was ethnic cleansed...

    Sandy GranitzaSandy Granitza12 saatler önce
  • Hey Daily Motion called, they want their video:ads ration back.

    Jacob LehyJacob Lehy22 saatler önce
  • Perpetuating cold war myths🤦🏽

    The Micah Erfan ShowThe Micah Erfan ShowGün önce
  • I like ussr

    Maxx’s NetworkMaxx’s NetworkGün önce
  • partition of Germany was an initiative exclusively of Western countries. Stalin proposed to make this country "common". Stalin wanted Germany to be simultaneously under the control of Stalin and the Western countries, and Germany would not be a part of NATO not in the USSR. It seems like a good idea, but the West has abandoned this idea. The question is: Did the West act justly?

    ЛахмачЛахмач2 gün önce

    Povalsi GamingPovalsi Gaming2 gün önce
  • The Soviet Union was made on pure objectives . Under Lenin , it almost worked the way it should have . Then Stalin came and made it such a rigid dictatorship that when Gorbachev tried to make it a democratic socialist Republic , it broke apart .

    Dev ShahDev Shah2 gün önce
  • My cousin lived in East Germany and it was not even close to this. This is shameful that America still does this propaganda. Why does America hate my people.

    Ilya SharinIlya Sharin2 gün önce
  • 2:46 For those who don’t want to watch advertisements

    Javier PachecoJavier Pacheco2 gün önce
  • during the Vietnam War my grandpa was stationed in Germany he was a PFC which means private fist class in the army , but I dont know if he experience this

    Plague doctor 449Plague doctor 4492 gün önce
  • The actual video starts at 2:49

    Peter CarquevillePeter Carqueville3 gün önce
  • Let's be honest, it was more of the socialist nightmare the west made it out to be than the fake "utopia" Stalin said it was

    Adam SmithAdam Smith3 gün önce
  • In germany we still pay somemore taxes to develop east germany

    Yavuz SahinYavuz Sahin3 gün önce
  • So it's gonna take another otto von bismark to piece germany back together.

    BlightBlight3 gün önce
  • I mean, sure, the FRG/BRD is technically capitalist but I wouldn't necessarily use that descriptor for our economy. The social market economy is a variety of capitalism but far more social than what one usually thinks of when just saying capitalist country.

    Tobias OmmerTobias Ommer3 gün önce
  • Also the marshall plan was bullshit, it provided 0.5% of the west green man budget

    WardaddyWardaddy5 gün önce
  • You forgot to add the multiple watches the guy who holds the man with the flag its wearing

    WardaddyWardaddy5 gün önce
  • The only good thing about the GDR was that women were equal to men without the need for the nasty western feminists.

    MrDude826 MrDude826MrDude826 MrDude8265 gün önce
  • There were no fat people, becaus everyone ate healty and schools did real Sport.

    Andreas TeschkeAndreas Teschke5 gün önce
  • damn you edited out the stolen wrist watch...

    Virgin GainsVirgin Gains5 gün önce
  • Essa Alemanha era tão Boa que vários morreram tentando atravessar pro lado Ocidental

    Lucas Bayern MünchenLucas Bayern München6 gün önce
  • East Germany? More like Beast Germany, amirite

    Miodrag MijatovićMiodrag Mijatović6 gün önce
  • What if forcing a quarter of the population to leave was all a part of the plan?

    Sauerkraut MuncherSauerkraut Muncher7 gün önce
  • Soviet troops putting down a Worker’s Strike? I R O N I C

    snurk agurksnurk agurk7 gün önce
  • Yeah , now make a video on life on China

    Confused CrabConfused Crab7 gün önce
  • Using codwaw soundtrack, what a legend

    HeyIt'sDaveHeyIt'sDave7 gün önce
  • I hear bits of the Cod WAW ost

    Grunge_ GuitarGrunge_ Guitar7 gün önce
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  • Germany has been monarchist,democratic,communist and facist

    Call me BenCall me Ben8 gün önce
    • I know right

      Call me BenCall me Ben7 gün önce
    • in just a century lmao

      Leonardo Nochi MartinsLeonardo Nochi Martins7 gün önce
  • Heh, the East German economy improved in 1960s as economy in USSR got rebuilt following the ww2. And USSR was pushing for building apartments in GDR. BTW those apartments were given to families for free...just as well as free Healthcare, education etc. USA made the most out of ww2 in financial terms, and that's how they were able to pour funds in West Germany, which in turn made people run from GDR to FRG.

    Gleb ZGleb Z9 gün önce
  • This ultimately proves that nation border walls and psychological warfare violate human righs.

    B. SmithB. Smith9 gün önce
  • So the GDR was a mix of nightmare and glorious day? That's sort of awesome.

    B. SmithB. Smith9 gün önce
  • A good history lesson for Americans today

    Kelvin LukKelvin Luk9 gün önce
  • There was no Class system in East Germany, there was no sexism or racism and money wasn't the master. East Germany wasn't perfect people were treated as equals.

    The_red_ barronThe_red_ barron9 gün önce
  • well-written, but like most americans, the narrator has trouble reading aloud and often mis-phrases sentences, causing confusion. eg at 12:39, "the reunification of germany was met with approval from both sides. of the old border", introducing a needless and confusing period

    Arch StantonArch Stanton9 gün önce
  • socialism is so great that socialist countries had to fortify their borders to prevent their people fleeing to capitalist countries

    Arch StantonArch Stanton9 gün önce
  • How do you know Stasi has bugged your apartment? There's a new cabinet in it, and a trailer with a generator parked on the street outside.

    Tuppoo94Tuppoo9410 gün önce
  • From nazism to communism

    Mikey LejanMikey Lejan10 gün önce
  • Honey never works

    ActuallyJenkinsActuallyJenkins10 gün önce
  • my cousin's older brother he escaped to the West in 1955 and created a much better life than his siblings in the East until after the wall came down

    john koreptajohn korepta11 gün önce
  • Future America

    john koreptajohn korepta11 gün önce
    • Based

      Somebody OnceSomebody Once9 gün önce
  • “Glorious socialist utopia” bruh what? Communism is anti-utopian

    Osiris333Osiris33311 gün önce
    • @HorrorGod 666 It’s not dystopian either.

      Osiris333Osiris3333 saatler önce
    • Dystopian

      HorrorGod 666HorrorGod 6664 saatler önce
  • Awesome video, and great animation too. I love history and politics, and your videos explain it so well.

    David SebeliusDavid Sebelius11 gün önce
  • Another western capitalistic liberal propaganda

    Аззик АриманАззик Ариман12 gün önce
    • I mean this channel talks about history around the world

      Dismantled HenryDismantled Henry4 gün önce
    • Is that what you tell yourself?

      ShamrockShamrock7 gün önce
  • - Ах этот ужасный ГДР... как хорошо что он исчез и теперь единая Германия, правда Ахмед? - Правда Махмуд!

    DimON TimOFFDimON TimOFF12 gün önce
  • regime jokes means jail detention

    Barry ChuenchomBarry Chuenchom12 gün önce
  • Your videos are so good Thank you for touching hard topics Thank!

    Love JerkyLove Jerky12 gün önce
  • Why did the Stasi always drive around in threes? Because one could read and one could write, and the third one had to keep an eye on those two dangerous intellectuals.

    Stephen JenkinsStephen Jenkins13 gün önce
  • German *Democratic* Republic

    Tardar SauceTardar Sauce13 gün önce
  • East German: This Coca-Cola is good and the Beatles songs are so nice *Soviets: Gulag for you blyat*

    Tardar SauceTardar Sauce13 gün önce
  • If the soviets where smart they would have given East Germany a bit more economic freedom and they would have found they would have been more willing to stay.

    Scomo-maccas adventureScomo-maccas adventure13 gün önce
  • Germans have always served totalitarian regimes. Ok coarse hes fealing nostalgic. Don't worry he'll be back soon. Under angela.

    joe gerichjoe gerich13 gün önce
  • With freedom come choices. You make your own, either good or bad. With a bad choice, you are the maker and, if your smart, you will never again make the bad choice again. I prefer freedom of choice to the Government doing it for me in every case. If you disagree, then move to North Korea where you have two choices. Follow the Government way or die. It’s that simple.

    Alex Von BorstelAlex Von Borstel14 gün önce
  • Is that world at war music?

    Destuba EDestuba E14 gün önce
  • German citizens didn't got even 1% of suffer, what happened with people from occupied lands by Nazis.

    Клим ГоршневКлим Горшнев14 gün önce
    • @Shamrock I think you judge nazi occupation by occupation of France. Eastern front was completely another deal. Did Soviets drove all villagers into Church and then burn it with people inside? Or hang people because they give food for partisans? No. I can agree that Soviet managment system was worse, but East Germany was not terrible as what Germans did in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

      Клим ГоршневКлим Горшнев7 gün önce
    • No, that's wrong. Nazi occupation was brutal but that doesn't change the fact that living conditions in East Germany and many communist bloc nations were horrendous

      ShamrockShamrock7 gün önce
  • With China Joe as president and a communist controlled congress, get ready for it...

    Yates MasseyYates Massey15 gün önce
    • Better than the orange cheeto that incites treason and murderous riots

      ShamrockShamrock7 gün önce
    • Based based based

      Somebody OnceSomebody Once9 gün önce
  • I've stopped watching when the advs came in

    pasigerespasigeres15 gün önce
  • Isn't it astonishing how Germany went through two World Wars, had to deal with a mad dictator, and after all that once again was divided, partly communist, and once again reunited...and today, they're back at the top. Germany for me personally is the best example for never giving up, no matter what terrible things live throws on you...

    NativeNative16 gün önce
    • Germany chose the path they went down. Whether it was the German Empire in supporting Austria-Hungary in WW1 or becoming Nazi Germany and starting WW2. It’s not like Germany was just dragged along through these events.

      Carter DCCarter DC12 gün önce
  • Chad GDR

    Canal solo para comentr xdCanal solo para comentr xd16 gün önce
  • East Germany meant living with plastic furniture and if you had wooden furniture, you were suspected of something or other. And East Germans had the Trabant. But East Germans were never unemployed. And there was food which you had to stand in line for. I see pictures of folks waiting in their cars for free food in Los Angeles. Yikes!

    Even Dwarfs Started SmallEven Dwarfs Started Small16 gün önce
  • East Germany look like South Korea

    Soviet Potato GamingSoviet Potato Gaming17 gün önce
  • eat up the CIA propaganda

    Henry AtkinsonHenry Atkinson17 gün önce
    • @Shamrock From the populations of Socialist stats? Population data is widely available, if you cant take them and add them up as I did, thats on you.

      Henry AtkinsonHenry Atkinson7 gün önce
    • @Henry Atkinson explain how you got to 70%

      ShamrockShamrock7 gün önce
    • @Shamrock The fact that of the 7.5 billion people on this earth, ~70% of them live in Socialist states.

      Henry AtkinsonHenry Atkinson7 gün önce
    • @Henry Atkinson oh yeah and what gave you that statistic

      ShamrockShamrock7 gün önce
    • @Shamrock Hate to break it to you but ~70% of the citizens of the world are Socialist. More people believe it than not.

      Henry AtkinsonHenry Atkinson7 gün önce
  • I was a border guard from the former East Germany

    Attila VanheelAttila Vanheel17 gün önce
  • Its ironic that in East Germany, rebelling meant adopting anti-socialist beliefs and pro-conservative beliefs. In the west its the old timers who want conservatism and tradition but the young ones who want progressiveness and degeneracy.

    Documentary DetectiveDocumentary Detective17 gün önce
  • So it's ironic at 1:30 the author thanks the sponsor "Honey", what does this tell us about how free we are under global capitalism ? xD

    Frederick SchminkeFrederick Schminke18 gün önce
    • What do you mean? He didn't have to take the sponsorship, it was completely voluntary.

      Delaney WintonDelaney Winton16 gün önce
  • And those same divisions and inequalities that emerged after German reunification are the main reason why the far right and Neo Nazis are becoming so popular in eastern Germany today

    Dylan WallerDylan Waller18 gün önce
  • Was that Dimitri?

    TwiiceaweekTwiiceaweek19 gün önce
  • Grass is always greener on the other side

    Jerome FitzRoyJerome FitzRoy19 gün önce
Life in East Germany | Animated History