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An officer locates a robbery suspect in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Upset, she explains that she only stole some hygiene products, but after finding additional drug paraphernalia, the police arrest her in this clip from "8.24.19". #LivePD
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    A&EA&E5 aylar önce
    • A&E she didn’t deserve to be charged with the pot. That jackass should’ve been charged for it. She was the fall guy. She was set up.

      TNGam3rzTNGam3rz2 aylar önce
    • She in court, can not be guilty. Her Miranda rights we're not fully said to her.

      Sp1nks24Sp1nks242 aylar önce
    • HonorRollStudent Justin l l l

      chona ascasibarchona ascasibar2 aylar önce
    • I need an Update on Beans or I won't sleep!

      Rebecca GomezRebecca Gomez2 aylar önce
    • that kitten does not look very healthy

      Catherine BowersCatherine Bowers3 aylar önce
  • Bean the kitten do go out of the car cuz it's raining!

    Ashley DiazAshley Diaz4 saatler önce
  • When she started crying 😟

    Lily GoveLily Gove6 saatler önce
  • Omg they are wrong for that she just wanted to stop smelling bad

    miah leshaymiah leshay22 saatler önce
  • She's a pro at selectively modulating her emotions.

    Gabe NelsonGabe Nelson23 saatler önce
  • I hope one of the cops took beans the cat home with them. Because it looked sick and malnourished.

    Olivia HansenOlivia HansenGün önce
  • Those are Beans toys and concentrated cat nip.

    Sticky BunsSticky BunsGün önce
  • Look out Sonic The Hedgehog! It’s Beans The Cat!! (Insert methed out cartoon cat pic)

    EmceemurEmceemurGün önce
  • The real question here is did Beans get help for her meth addiction ?

    Alison TejedaAlison TejedaGün önce
  • Why does this cop keep touching her? Creepy.

    Daan DemeyerDaan Demeyer2 gün önce
  • Very sad..

    Lea DevotionLea Devotion2 gün önce
  • The only concern I showed here was towards that adorable kitten

    Galaxyfoox SSGalaxyfoox SS2 gün önce
  • Soap $1 deodorant $1

    Starlight SunStarlight Sun3 gün önce
  • Cat ? Is that you in the thumbnail

    The life of CASSIEThe life of CASSIE4 gün önce
  • More circus people.

    Mel & Angie HaydenMel & Angie Hayden4 gün önce
  • Wanna stop smelling off? Stop smoking crack! It oozes from your pores and makes you stinky!!

    Mel MazingMel Mazing4 gün önce
  • I was wondering why this looked familiar...I live near Lafayette Louisiana about an hour

    Tamyriah's Reborn BabiesTamyriah's Reborn Babies4 gün önce
  • Crack head

    Jesse zJesse z4 gün önce
  • This is all wrong. White people with a cat named beans, stealing hygiene products and cops didn't say nothing to her about the white powder? 😂😂😂

    Adolfo EnriqueAdolfo Enrique4 gün önce
  • But seriously may God bless her 🙏💓 n hope she get bath n help she needs ....

    Casandra HolmesCasandra Holmes5 gün önce
  • Pleeaasse let her have the body cleansing stuff back so she can smell good when she get out jail 😇

    Casandra HolmesCasandra Holmes5 gün önce
  • He was so kind about it. This girl is obviously just struggling. Also the cat was hella cute :3

    Jaybee 507Jaybee 5076 gün önce
  • Crown Royal bags never have crown royal in them..

    the eye of every stormthe eye of every storm6 gün önce
  • I hate theifs but I felt bad for this one lol

    Tru AmericanTru American7 gün önce
  • These are some good cops

    Toxic_EmmaToxic_Emma7 gün önce
  • Smh you gotta be careful of who you chilling with💯💯😐but I feels bad for baby girl👌💯💯😵😓

    AphroditeAphrodite7 gün önce
  • Lol that is the most pathetic sobbing ever

    Taylor BlackTaylor Black8 gün önce
  • Omfg only in LA... white girl is crying and the officer was asking "a I being mean?" Black women have been MURDERED by cops for less. Give me a break. Also I hope that cat is okay

    Mary PlihallMary Plihall9 gün önce
  • So if the cameraman sees something the cops don't catch, is he/she allowed to say anything?

    Darya BeigiDarya Beigi9 gün önce
  • I feel badly for her.

    Jennifer LevineJennifer Levine9 gün önce
  • I live near Lafayette

    hunting and fishing tvhunting and fishing tv10 gün önce
  • Why was the officers talking about the cat so much lol this is hilarious

    Baylee OrtizBaylee Ortiz11 gün önce
  • That cat looked sick poor little kitten

    Cyndi WilliamsCyndi Williams11 gün önce
  • I feel bad for the chick lol :(

    Eric CartmanEric Cartman11 gün önce
  • I bet if this a black person this wouldn't be different 🤦‍♀️

    Makara MarshallMakara Marshall13 gün önce
  • That poor corolla. It will never get to live out it's life achieving 300k commute miles.

    unicornwillowunicornwillow14 gün önce
  • honestly people should never try drug in the first place weather bc of peer pressure or just trying to look cool or depression. in long term depression can come a long way if u dont have enough money to feed your stomach which will naturally cause unstable life.. that is their choice and to choose to steal is the last choice to get sympathy with people when youre on meth

    pawmsiepawmsie14 gün önce
  • I feel bad

    Kopthi MitkeKopthi Mitke14 gün önce
  • Cheap Organic hack for stinky pits, lemon, after you squeeze on the Corona (beer) rub it in your pits

    El JefeEl Jefe14 gün önce
  • 2:08 had me on my neck bro 😂😂😂

    Royalty ZeeRoyalty Zee15 gün önce
  • So tragic.

    DesertDigger1DesertDigger118 gün önce
  • Snowflakes always cry

    Richard AndersonRichard Anderson18 gün önce
  • Poor Beans

    Phillip SPhillip S20 gün önce

    game timegame time20 gün önce
    • That is unconstitutional

      game timegame time20 gün önce
    • Only said partly

      game timegame time20 gün önce
  • Crackheads, am i right?

    JayProdzJayProdz20 gün önce
  • That poor little baby (Beans) looks sick and too young to be away from it’s mom.

    Jessica GladysJessica Gladys21 gün önce
  • Feeling terrible for this woman and I hope she's found a better situation for herself now

    kgkg21 gün önce
  • How do they handle her crying I would smack her

    Homa YaqoobiHoma Yaqoobi21 gün önce
    • Homa Yaqoobi same

      Call12 - Clash Of ClansCall12 - Clash Of Clans15 gün önce
  • Why are crying its ur fult

    Homa YaqoobiHoma Yaqoobi21 gün önce
  • When the girl said the cats name was beans I died laughing lol 😂

    Tayha DemersTayha Demers21 gün önce
  • Poor wittle kitty in the backsest...😭😭😭

    Olivia CranerOlivia Craner21 gün önce
  • You under arrest okay

    Sojum MindoSojum Mindo21 gün önce
  • Female tears don't work on real men.

    Brian GravesBrian Graves21 gün önce
  • All of its his it's hers

    James MaloyJames Maloy22 gün önce
  • poor Beans.

    Carol DenteCarol Dente22 gün önce
  • cat valentine looks different

    Santosh GopalanSantosh Gopalan22 gün önce
  • Beans the cat!! He agrees that it was pretty stinky in that car

    Vincent ZombiVincent Zombi23 gün önce
  • I love how the first guy was chill through the whole process. Female crying and crying.

    Bianca BiancaBianca Bianca23 gün önce
  • They do things they know is wrong and then cry 🙄

    Makynz Gray-TravisMakynz Gray-Travis23 gün önce
  • Clean Beans.

    Tribe of Joseph The Wheat Obadiah Prophecy !Tribe of Joseph The Wheat Obadiah Prophecy !24 gün önce
  • Beans ...the name though

    Keke KKeke K25 gün önce
  • Why tf do all the crazy people I know call there cat beans

    Hazbin_heartattackHazbin_heartattack25 gün önce
  • I love watching this type of stuff

    jahson richardsonjahson richardson26 gün önce
  • 5:04 The officer likes the name “beans”! 😅

    Super Frank8Super Frank826 gün önce
  • Beans looks so scared and sad. Poor fluffy baby. Hope he's doing okay now

    Jinn the fat guy who loves to fartJinn the fat guy who loves to fart26 gün önce

    2Words 1Finger2Words 1Finger28 gün önce
  • The cat is the real victim here

    Stor_ miStor_ mi28 gün önce
  • He was stupid to consent.

    Jane DosierJane Dosier28 gün önce
  • She has a bf, can't he pay for her hygiene stuff, for real? What kind of bf he is???

    I M A QYNI M A QYN28 gün önce
  • The level of panic in that officer voice when he yells at beans says a lot...

    MilesMiles29 gün önce
Live PD: Just Wanted to Stop Smelling Bad (Season 3) | A&E