Living With GAD

Happy Friday, everyone! This week is all about spreading awareness for GAD. Generalised Anxiety Disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders. Do you have GAD? Have you got any tips? Swap and share your stories in the comments!
Here's some helpful links if you/or someone you know suffers with GAD:

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  • The same thing happened to me for a while I forgot how to drink hot drinks and i was really worried never thought it was related to my anxiety

    Nyima JuwaraNyima JuwaraAylar önce
  • A psychiatrist thinks I may have GAD, so I’m trying to get as much knowledge as possible to get a better understanding of it

    A. ReevesA. ReevesAylar önce
  • I was diagnosed with GAD a couple years ago, and I got the kind of anxiety where I'm not even consiously thinking about stressfull things but my body is still pumping out adrenaline and other hormones periodically, as if I'm running from a serial killer in a dark alley. Totally sucks, and it's not like I can change my thought-pattern to help it. I've gone to Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy, which helped, because I could at least avoid thoughts that were triggering. I've recently discovered that along with tense muscles, insomnia, migraine, memory and concentration issues, I also sweat profusely from the smallest exertion. I've started taking karate classes for exercise and I feel like a wrung out dishcloth.

    Ida HägglundIda HägglundAylar önce
  • I got diagnosed with GAD when I has about 12, I stayed up until 1 A.M. worrying about things so far in my future. By so far in the futures, I mean at one point I was worrying about my retirement, and I was only 13. Sometimes I stay up until worrying about the slightest things like what would happen if I don't go to the corn maze on Monday but if I went on Tuesday. At the ripe age of 13, I became insecure about the way I looked. I also became very insecure about how good I sang, since I am a choir student. I always asked my mom if I was a good singer and she always said yes but I always needed more reassurance. My muscles would become tense and my feet always hurt. I always felt down because most of my anxiety was coming from my weight. You see, I wasn't the healthiest kid back then and I always felt pressured to lose weight by my dad and I was worried because I thought that I would fail my dad. One time, I felt like I almost caused my parents to divorce because I simply told my mom that my dad called be a jerk. At the simplest things, like getting a B in class instead an A, which is not a big deal, I would start crying. My dad always told me that it wasn't that bad and I needed to get over it. That made me mad because he never knew the way I felt and I didn't have control over my emotions at that time of my life. Since then, I have been seeing a very loving psychiatrist who helps me with my anxiety. Moral of the story: Gad sucks and psychiatrists work.

    SmartzSmartzAylar önce
  • I have GAD. But im on medication and learn to deal. It was worse in childhood and adolescence. And yes, my little sister has just developed it too. She got it after 25. 26 now. But mine started at age 7. 21 years of neurosis that is. 😳😳 but the meds do help with the worst.

    Hanna WHanna W3 aylar önce
  • I wish I knew more people who suffer from GAD because I feel so alone sometimes and it's hard to explain what my anxiety feels like to people who don't suffer from it

    Å n x i ë t y ' s _ H ø s tÅ n x i ë t y ' s _ H ø s t4 aylar önce
    • Å n x i ë t y ' s _ H ø s t Hmu I have it

      Alandre CommingsAlandre CommingsGün önce
    • Hmu I’m here I have we can talk

      Alandre CommingsAlandre CommingsGün önce
    • Same...

      natasha niesennatasha niesenAylar önce
  • I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was 12 years.

    Eddie VickersEddie Vickers5 aylar önce
  • Ik this is serious and is not the right but i have to I heard my name

    its GADits GAD7 aylar önce
  • I think i am starting to develop GAD ...all of those signs fits... but i am not sure. I have always been anxious but i didn't think it was different from anybody else, but last 4 months, i worry about everything and very frecuently... and i am scared even about that nervousnes getting worse... i am stuck... i read that GAD lasts for at least 6 months... but i have these shaking moments twice a weak after or during a stress situacion, i even started to take magnesium but it doesn't help that much... i still can't sleep, often feel like i am not in my body, like i am a kind of fluid and i can't stand at one place... i often think about that if i do something i'll die because i am clumsy or everybody will hate me because i am not good enough So i have a question... do you thing that i should get help even it doesn't last 6 months? Or how can i stop it? Is it normal anxiety or not?

    Verča TrčkováVerča Trčková7 aylar önce
  • I love your accent! Thank you for sharing! I think it is very important to make everyone aware of how mental health issues affect us. I'm looking forward to seeing more videos! You are an inspiration!

    Nina's CornerNina's Corner8 aylar önce
    • Thank you so much, my lovely friend! I so agree with you - it's super important to get that message out there that we are all HUMAN. We are not perfect. And those of us with a mental illness are just as worthy as anyone else. Thank you for all your love & kindness, sweet. I'm so grateful! I hope you're having a great day. All my love! xox

      Miss AnxietyMiss Anxiety8 aylar önce
  • I have GAD combined with tics. I’m so glad to know that i’m not the only one out there. to everyone else with this disorder and anybody else suffering from any disease, disability or disorder, just know that we’re all in this together! ❤️

    gianna rgianna r9 aylar önce
    • Hey Gianna! You definitely are not alone there - we are all behind you! Thank you for being such a huge support & spreading such love. We are all in this together! All my love xox

      Miss AnxietyMiss Anxiety9 aylar önce
  • I know everyone else has said it, but omg I cannot believe there's someone else who's experienced the swallowing thing. I've experienced it twice (once when I was 16, the other this year). It happens when my anxiety is at its worst and I end up choking. The fear of choking and not being able to eat debilitates me so much. I even had studies done to see if there was something wrong with my throat. Doctors never found anything nor suggested it could be stress and anxiety (when it's kinda obvious). Thanks for this video ❤️

    Aisha LebronAisha Lebron9 aylar önce
  • I dont think people with GAD are necessarily perfectionist I think perfection is more mistaken with unnecessary caution as in making sure you steer far away from people with illnessess even if they are not contagious or checking on family members often just to make sure they are ok. Also being a perfectionist is more asocciated with OCD were habits become a way to relieve anxiety like checking the doors are locked several times over in one night. I have GAD and i wouldnt consider myself a perfectionist i would just say im unnecessarily cautious.

    L.B GAMINGL.B GAMING9 aylar önce
  • Wow. That was awesome Miss Anxiety I have listened to many a short lesson on GAD For me, what you said on Reassurance seeking was A1 (I’ve had 4 brain scans ! Why!!) All clear I do believe on this condition being in families. I’m quite shocked by your example, the swallowing. Thank God you’re better! My example was constant Dr appointments till they said, if it’s not physical, it must be psych. If I ever produced a video, it wouldn’t be a tad on your brilliance. You look so confident and beautiful and well and deliver clearly and it’s the Perfect “What’s GAD”. I’ll send people to this video from the people who write to me on on Twitter, (newly diagnosed), because as you say it’s a difficult, but treatable condition #Awesome young lady.#AwesomeVideo

    Aidan O'ConnellAidan O'Connell9 aylar önce
  • i have gad QwQ

    Peachy PeachPeachy Peach9 aylar önce
  • Yep. This is my life. Thank you for bringing more awareness to GAD.

    Misty SteppsMisty Stepps10 aylar önce
    • I hope you're doing okay, Misty. I know how you feel! If you need anything I'm always here! Thank you for your love & kindness, lovely. xx

      Miss AnxietyMiss Anxiety10 aylar önce
  • Swallowing oh yes, this one drives me up the wall!

    Jules Quiet OutdoorsJules Quiet Outdoors10 aylar önce
  • Omg I had /have that swallowing issue it literally kills me I hate it

    Katie❤️Katie❤️10 aylar önce
    • Kissesfromkatie same

      SoivxSoivx10 aylar önce
  • Very good level of detail in an easily accessible format 👌🏻 be proud X

    Mark Henry RamseyMark Henry Ramsey11 aylar önce
  • I am diagnosed with this.. I had the same problem thinking my younger was swollen and I couldn't swallow but actually nothing was wrong and should throw myself in a panic attack

    Bipolar CornerBipolar CornerYıl önce
  • Nature and Walking Helps Me at Times. Here's a Calming Video I made, too:

    John H Shelton - Filmmaking, Photography & VloggingJohn H Shelton - Filmmaking, Photography & VloggingYıl önce
  • Well, I have GAD and it realy stresses me out sometimes..Sometimes, I can't sleep at night,sometimes I can't talk to someone or go outside due to the fear that I might get hit by a car or a bus or whatever,sometimes I get these thoughts about harming someone,and sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream...but I eat,drive,and do whatever others do like in a normal life ,that's the main thing....any how I found this video very interesting and it kinda motivates me when I see people in the comments section talking about anxiety too..last but not the least I just subbed your channel...

    House of Horrors.House of Horrors.Yıl önce
    • Miss Anxiety thnx for your kind reply..btw I haven't done any official therapy (although did had a CT scan)but I do read self help articles and take certain medicines in some occasions when I start loosing control due to panic/ anxiety mostly after seeing something which triggers it or in exams etc...

      House of Horrors.House of Horrors.Yıl önce
    • We're in that same boat together, my love! That anxiety is so real & debilitating. I've only just started to overcome it myself. Have you had any sort of therapy for your GAD? I'm so glad you found the video interesting. It's almost a year old now - I'm thinking I might do an updated version! Thank you so much for subscribing! If you need anything at all - even just a chat - I'm here :) Have a great day x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • I was diagnosed with GAD yesterday after visiting the doctor about my condition-idiopathic craniofacial erythema (extreme blushing). The doctor told me that this extreme blushing when talking to people I wasn't close to or being slightly embarrassed was a symptom of my anxiety. It's scary to know I have anxiety...But relieving to hear that my condition has a name.

    Alyssa RAlyssa RYıl önce
  • i have it and it really sucks

    Angel Mauricio FabianAngel Mauricio FabianYıl önce
    • Amen to that, my friend. How're you coping right now? If there's anything I can do please let me know. I know how you feel x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
    • I have to agree

      Catsrock21322Catsrock21322Yıl önce
  • I feel stupid for watching a video about my own disorder.

    AlisonIsHereAlisonIsHereYıl önce
    • I don't feel stupid or ashamed. Im struggling with GAD, so I try to get knowledge to understand and help myself to treat my disease.

      Metal MikeMetal Mike10 aylar önce
    • Same

      Viviana CortezViviana Cortez10 aylar önce
    • Why? I have GAD but I don’t feel stupid.

      Swedish OtakuSwedish Otaku11 aylar önce
    • Same

      Catsrock21322Catsrock21322Yıl önce
  • I think i have it but no one believes me

    Cl422y LouiseCl422y LouiseYıl önce
    • @Miss Anxiety AWWW tysm ur so lovely

      Cl422y LouiseCl422y LouiseYıl önce
    • I believe you, my friend! I'm here if you ever need to talk. x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • I have autism, GAD (generalises anxiety dissorder) doubtfull ocd, obbsesive ocd, and possibly ptsd.

    Rick yRick yYıl önce
  • I have always struggled with severe anxiety and was diagnosed with GAD when I was a teenager and it does still affect me to this day. So I can relate so much. I have a tip, I try and focus a lot on breathing and identifying when I am having an anxiety attack and I try to just take a deep breath and remind myself that I am okay. Sometimes it works really well other times not always. I also love using Lavender Essential Oils. Lavender said to be a natural remedy for anxiety is has a calming affect. So sometimes especially when my muscles are really tense from anxiety, rubbing Lavender oil into my muscles is very helpful. And I love using Lavender oil pillow spray when I am able to, to help me sleep.

    KatieSparklesKatieSparklesYıl önce
    • Katie, thank you so much for sharing your story with us, my love! I really hope you're feeling well. I absolutely LOVE the breathing tip you mention here. I know that I've dismissed breathing exercises until recently - I had no idea how useful they actually could be! Lavendar oil is a favourite of mine too! x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • Hello mate. I too suffered from problem in swallowing. I kinda wonder how far good your swallowing at the moment?

    mikael guardianmikael guardianYıl önce
    • Hello, my friend! My issue with swallowing is practically non-existent now - it seemed to be a passing phase for me & my GAD. How're you doing with it? I really hope you're feeling well, my love. x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce

    Alice CopelandAlice CopelandYıl önce
  • I don’t know if I have it. I worry and get stressed allot. Like the other day my dad dropped me at my grans house and he said he would come back soon. He wasn’t back quickly and I started to get worried. I looked outside and saw my grandpas car. I started worrying about why my dad wasn’t there. It was all good my dad went shopping and he picked me up. Can you help me

    Beth LairdBeth LairdYıl önce
    • Hello, Beth, my love! I am so sorry you've been feeling super stressed recently. It's quite natural for us to get stressed at times. I'm always here if you ever need to talk about anything at all, lovely. I couldn't say if you had GAD as I'm not a mental health professional - but if you're really struggling then a visit to your doctor would be a really good move, my love. They can point you in the right direction for help. Or if you just need to chat once in a while I hope you know this whole community is here for you! Lots of love xox

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • Does anybody take supplements for this? I have heard turmeric is supposed to be good and ashwagandha, B complex, L theanine, passionflower, valerian and loads more but what works best??

    PhatShoelacesPhatShoelacesYıl önce
    • Hello, my friend! I've never taken supplements for GAD - I had no idea that there were such things, so thank you for sharing! I hope you find one that works for you. I'm certainly going to look into this. x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • I have GAD and I found out two years ago. I’ve had it ever since I was a baby. The umbilical chord got tied around my neck twice in the womb. GAD is not something that’s easy. You did a really good at describing it.

    Madeline FMadeline FYıl önce
  • I've had gad since a child, I am now a full grown adult male and it's still a constant struggle. Honestly the one thing that pisses me off is when people say just do this or that and bamn mine was healed so I'm sure yours will be to! In reality I've just come to accept this gad will be apart of me until I die and I'm fine with that, but its just getting others to realize how hard it is for alot of people with it and that it's not going to go away with "quick fixes* they suggested. Anyways thank you for the video!

    Brayden ApplebyBrayden ApplebyYıl önce
    • Exactly I feel the same way I just keep pushing.

      Aliyah HallamAliyah Hallam9 aylar önce
    • Brayden Appleby thank you!!

      TimmeringTimmeringYıl önce
    • I'm sorry you're experiencing such dark thoughts. I've certainly been there with my GAD. It's something that isn't easy to cope with on a day to day basis. You're right - these tips work for me. I'm sorry if they don't work for you but as you say - we're all different! I hope you find something to help you.

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
    • Thank you for this, I agree! I've spent the last year with doctors and a therapist trying to find something that works and it's such a hopeless feeling when you're seeking help and nothing seems to be helping. I cry quite often and have a daily struggle with dark thoughts, and I feel she trivializes it all with her cheery manner. I do appreciate that she does explain what GAD is and offers some tips and don't mean to bash her. These are things that work for her, and everyone is different! Hopefully these tips are helpful for others, but for those that don't find these helpful, that's ok too! Hopefully we eventually find something that works for the rest of us.

      MissSorceressMissSorceressYıl önce
  • This is a very well made video. It helped me realize I might have GAD.😁

    Megz LolMegz LolYıl önce
    • If you do, it’ll be okay

      Madeline FMadeline FYıl önce
    • Thank you so much for your kind words, my love. If you ever need a chat about GAD or anything at all I'm here for you! I hope you're having a lovely day x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • This video has saved me I worry to much and I think it's just my hormones kicking in

    Jess DeanJess DeanYıl önce
    • Hello there, Jess! I am so glad this video has helped you! It's amazing how strong GAD can be at times. But it can be tamed - I promise you! I hope you're having a lovely day today. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to message! x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • this must be the best video about GAD you cover everything in 4 min :D I suffer from GAD and some other things and i got it when i was around 10 years old and i am 46 today i just try to take one day at the time and play my guitars as meditation.... thank you for this video :D

    Fredrik OlofssonFredrik OlofssonYıl önce
    • Wow, thank you Fredrik! I am so grateful for your kindness! I love what you say here - take one day at a time. That's the best mantra - the world is less daunting when we take it in little bits! It's amazing that you play guitar too - you're so very talented. I hope you're having a lovely week. x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • Omg you're so pretty! 😫

    JustJessi eJustJessi eYıl önce
    • Oh thank you so much, my love! You've made my day. I hope you're having a wonderful week. Sending you love x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • so glad to have found this video, im sure this is what i have. constant worry, blaming myself, having a feeling in my throat. this had been going on for about 6 months already and it gets so bad sometimes its like i wanna have a panic attack every single day! i dont feel comfortable enough to tell my parents about whats going on because they wont understand. but im glad the college im going to offers therapy so ill be on my own when it comes to getting my own help. gonna try out the things you’ve said in these videos :) watching this calmed me down a bit so thank you for that!

    srasraYıl önce
    • My friend, I am so glad you found solace in this video! I wish you the best in starting college - how exciting! And the fact your college offers therapy is wonderful. You can & will beat GAD. I hope you're having a wonderful week, my love. x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • I did the same thing with swallowing, for months I could not eat until night time. I was so anxious I gagged every time I tried to swallow. Came down to stress

    Colie RColie RYıl önce
    • Colie, I used to do the exact same! It's strange what our mind does to us through stress & anxiety. It's a powerful thing. I really hope your days are kinder & brighter now. Sending you love. x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • You and swallowing actually happens to me with breathing, I have GAD and didnt even know that is something that can happen!

    Ellie FernEllie FernYıl önce
    • Oh really?! That's so interesting to hear, Ellie! That must be super uncomfortable when those thoughts revolve around breathing... It's hard enough with swallowing! It's such a common thing with GAD - for us to feel like our brains are stuck or that we have to be in control 100% of the time. I really hope you're doing well, my love. Keep smiling! Sending love x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • Hi women from sweden i have gad Do you have meds what and how muth and Do it hel you. Ned fedback☺

    Evert BjörklundEvert BjörklundYıl önce
  • Thank you for this video. It is comforting to see that there is more info on GAD is actually out there. It's interesting you say that it usually starts in adolescence with the hormones starting. I've always been a highly anxious person but didn't realise I was....I have a lot of self doubt! When I was young I always had a sore head coming home from primary school at lunch time so was given calpul then paracetamol when older. Then realised taking this every day made me need something stronger as paracetamol didn't work. I know I was tired at school and found it so hard to concentrate and always wanted to be further on with my work but would go into a dream and think weird things like how does this all work....meaning as kids we are mini adults, why do we have to go to's so tiring and worrying. Then secondary school came and I remember every day I would have to sike myself up to get up early (I was so tired from being out with parents or loads of homework/practising after a rehearsal), I was never content. I felt life just flew past and I was just surviving....I'm still like this today in my 30's! It's SO exhausting! At 15 I was going tomLondon with my parents and I always wanted to see Miss Saigon the musical. I was taking it all in (the 1st 5 mins) then suddenly I couldn't breath! I had a lump in my throat and felt I could swallow. I had to get out of the theatre as quickly as possible and it took me months to go in a theatre again. I know realise I think I was excited...probably for the 1st time really ever and my emotions I think get confused! (Only worked this out in the last 5 years!) I have never felt so scared thinking this feeling would come back at any moment so eventually learned not to look forward to anything as I would get this feeling....a very limiting life! More than 15 years later, I still struggle...but realising I have GAD (got diagnosed in my 20's) and I'm a highly sensitive person...I don't recommend these together! Some days are up and most feel down at some point in the day...realised I dint have to be always happy/sad or on 1level now. I've tried CALM's as a teenager who really didn't understand me as wanting to be a musician. The only thing that helped me was art and music at school. Once I was home, I could never feel rested/relaxed. Still not sure why but maybe pressurised in doing homework...this is mostly what I remember. My parents didn't train me up on chores so now in find any 'normal housey things' a struggle unless I have time in the holidays but by that time I'm shattered and it's all build up during term time, I can't face the big tidy up (I'm not messy but now have a husband who is busier than me)! It depresses me but when it's done I get the smallest 2 sec reward of 'yes I feel so much better' then I think 'oh no here we go again' for the next time. I be a very fixed/negative thought process. I struggle to make decisions and once I've made one (maybe what will I gave to eat basic as this!) I doubt myself if I like it or want it or need it. It's awful! I find change, like moving house/area/routine/not being in a routine/Job moves/new places or countries if I don't know what to expect very daunting. Even my boyfriend moving in which was a very positive thing...first quick decision I made as it felt right, I started to doubt myself. I find being with someone hard as I'm so self cautious at times. I'm relaxed on the outside and confident (learnt to do this to convince myself I am) but in actual fact I'm having WW3 in my head. My 1st move out if home didn't go well and was homesick and decided to go home but transfer to another uni but same course. The 2nd move didn't go great either....very home sick (lonely in the middle of nowhere and 6h away from home) but more that the job was stressful. I was determined to keep going but this has been my pattern since...burn out! I got out of that job and transferred somewhere closer to Home so easier to go home and support in my 1st teaching job however by that time the doc out me on anti-depressants. (I wasn't really depressed...had terrible thoughts though and petrified). I've been up and down with these anti-depressants but eventually came off them 3.5 years's not been great as my brain has had to adjust without anything and the side affects were awful. I highly recommend only staying on them for a short time and getting off them after learning how to deal with your issue! (My issue has come back...can't dealt with normal day to day things but can work!) if my brain is in work mode, it's fine once out if work there is the problems! Even work can be a problem! After 3 months off the anti-depressants I had to go on anti-anxiety tablets. Weird as I felt them slowing down my heartbeat-didn't like that so came off them. Tried St. John's wort and Rhodiola (not at the same time) then came off them to go onto a different anti-depressant. Thus was the worst thing I did! I had 17 side affects and was so ill and nearly ending my marriage. I have never been so terrified apart from 13 years before! Eventually after the help of my wonderful husband, we realised I had gone into this and come off my pill. So went back in the pill and weaned myself off the anti-depressant. I felt completely numb and ocd in my head try to do cbt. I don't ever want to do that again...however the ocd seems to happen a lot...obsessed with worrying now! Once I get 1thing sorted, something else comes up. I've realised a lot in the last 3 years like I'm a people pleaser. I've waited videos and they think it's a bad thing. I know it is but it makes me feel times to please people. I'm now at the stage I don't know where to turn. Only good thing is that I'm on Vitamins and minerals and I don't see, to get do ill with colds! Sorry this is long winded...ocd comes into action to do things tell you in great detail! It's so exhausting!

    u03pesu03pesYıl önce
    • Miss Anxiety thank you for responding. I’m finding day to day a struggle at times as had a rough ride (again!). Moving house x2 in a year isn’t good for me and my dad passing away never mind struggle with normal routine of getting g up and going to work full time. Today has been better but now really tired. I’m always tired! It gets me down but I’m going to try and listen to my body-my eyes are tired so going to close them and if I sleep, great, if not it’s fine I’m resting my body-my body always aches like an old woman! I try to get into a routine but at times I find routine too strict then I worry I’ve not done what I need to do. I do think a little routine works for me but then ocd creeps in and then doubting myself again I should/shouldn’t do routine. I get so confused! But realising I need time to potter to feel relaxed or organised which helps. Looking forward in seeing some videos-I can’t help being so open. I think it’s because people/friends/counsellors aren’t and I make up for that hoping they’ll tell me what they do. As usual I see both sides-the positive and negative! Love your decorations on your room with little lights/candles!

      u03pesu03pesYıl önce
    • Hello there, my friend! Please don't apologise for your comment! It is wonderful that you feel comfortable enough to go into this detail. It is an achievement! Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is heartbreaking to hear of your struggles. But we are here for you! What a rollercoaster you must have been on. You are so brave. And your husband sounds like such a wonderful person to have done his best to help you through. How are you doing now, my friend? What is day to day life like for you now? GAD is a tough one to live with. I am having one of those days where everything seems a worry. I promise you, you are not alone. xx

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • Ignore my purely satirical name. I've been living with my GAD since 14. I'm 19 now. It's gotten worse over time and I don't know how to reign it in. I literally tremble at the mere thought of interaction with people outside of family. I wake up everyday with chronic headaches. I was prescribed anti-depressants a few years ago. They changed me negatively. As a boy I always grew up understanding what it means to have a steel heart. The pills helped me feel nothing. I felt safe. They made me go from steel heart to feeling like I don't have one at all. I really need help.

    Potata TomataPotata TomataYıl önce
    • I think it's about taking those super small steps that eventually grow into changing behaviour. It is SO daunting if we look at it straight on as that mountain to climb. I know just how you feel! I hope you will feel at home in this community, my friend. If you need absolutely anything we are here to support & be there. You are doing your best and that is important to remember! You are enough. Have a wonderful week, my friend! x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
    • Miss Anxiety I'm from America. Maryland specifically. I haven't been back to my doctor as I've been given advice by him on how to reign it in. I just don't know how to start. He told me that it begins at home. That for my age my thought process is far ahead of my peers. That I don't have anyone to connect to because we're just different. I guess I just struggle to find a community that fits me. It's hard and I'm still searching. Thanks for your response. It's greatly appreciated.

      Potata TomataPotata TomataYıl önce
    • Hello there, my friend! I am sorry to hear of your struggles. It sounds like it's been a really rough time for you. It's such a shame that the anti-depressants were a negative experience for you. Have you been back to your Doctor to search for other options? I know just how you feel with the fear of socialising & wanting to stay in your "safe" place. I've been trying to fight my way out of that mindset for a few weeks with a new therapy. (Humanistic Integrative Therapy - it's worth Googling!) It sounds like your GAD is affecting most choices in your day to day life & that's when you know you do need help. So well done for coming to that conclusion and even typing this comment! I will help you as much as I can, my friend. Where abouts in the world are you? In the meantime, please know that myself & the many members of this community are here for you. You are not alone, I promise! x

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • I have the same thing

    Brent OberlinBrent OberlinYıl önce
    • Me too

      Madeline FMadeline FYıl önce
    • Miss Anxiety thank you so much for caring no one ever gives me the time of day I appreciate it

      Brent OberlinBrent OberlinYıl önce
    • brent oberlin I’m sorry you have the misfortune of GAD, my friend 💚 if you ever need anything please know I am here for you.

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • I have found through years of research that is seems linked to depression and that taking anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen can alleviate both the depression and the anxiety. I know that many will never try it because they find it difficult to believe it is that easy; however, more and more people find it works. I study Computing and IT and have taken the computer science route. I am thinking of doing a Masters in either Systems Thinking or Mental Health Science. In computer science we think about AI, which leads to how humans think, which leads to Mental Health.

    Tony McDonaldTony McDonaldYıl önce
    • What about other forms of anti-inflammatory? Like turmeric? Or overall fighting inflammation in the body with overall nutrition improvements etc?

      Vida BlackmoorVida Blackmoor11 aylar önce
    • Yeah it is linked to depression.

      Madeline FMadeline FYıl önce
    • Tony McDonald Be careful of taking drugs such as ibuprofen (NSAIDs), especially for long term usage. It is well known to cause peptic ulcer disease. Consult your physician before taking any medication. Don’t self medicate.

      Hyde TakishimaHyde TakishimaYıl önce
  • I have GAD but the weird thing is I don’t inherit it from anyone it’s so weird and I’ve been told I’m great at concentrating (I got diagnosed by one doctor but he said it was highly probable and three physiologist)

    Caitlyn AlliraCaitlyn AlliraYıl önce
    • Caitlyn Allira Hey there, Caitlyn - thank you so much for sharing your story! 💚 So your GAD is not inherited? That’s really interesting to note! How are you getting on with it? I’m always here if you need anything. X

      Miss AnxietyMiss AnxietyYıl önce
  • Very Good Coverage of GAD !! You Do Continue to Apologize for Some of Your Percieved 'Strange' Thoughts & Patterns of Behaviour - There's No Need - It's never totally Strange !!! I recall not wanting to fall asleep - during my early 20's - thinking i would not wake up.... you're not swallowing reminded me. Got to Love how the Mind Behaves at Times !! Be Good.

    Nicolas 1812Nicolas 18122 yıl önce
Living With GAD