Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ALBUM REVIEW

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Confessions is far and away Logic's worst rap album.
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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?




  • dude your so fucking dumb you have nothing to do with music. Not only on logic also the other great rappers that you criticized. Honestly am sorry but ur way of getting a conclusion is dumb.

    DD-8786 Fortnite CreativeDD-8786 Fortnite Creative2 saatler önce
  • Icy is just so bad it’s good

    Jon OuelletteJon Ouellette12 saatler önce
  • Honestly this album was so terrible I’m hoping as a huge fan of logic that he’s trolling us with bad music and he’s gonna take a couple years to make a comeback with an album that’s really good. That he intentionally lowered our expectations so that when his next project releases we’ll be blown away. That’s what I hope, but not what I think.

    SinnamoonSinnamoon20 saatler önce
  • You did logic real bad

    DD-8786 Fortnite CreativeDD-8786 Fortnite CreativeGün önce
  • 7:27 dats racist

    guen whyguen why4 gün önce
  • The only good songs are the title track, homicide, and lost in translation.

    boi succ an eggboi succ an egg4 gün önce
  • I'm a huge Logic fan (insert 0:39 joke here), but I don't see how many of his fans like this shit. I've said a simple, "His lyrical ability is getting worse" and they all just got pissed at me. His fans don't know what constructive criticism is.

    boi succ an eggboi succ an egg4 gün önce

    Big CBig C5 gün önce
  • hey, at least the cover art is neat

    Jeremy JacksonJeremy Jackson6 gün önce
  • cover probably sounds better than album

    Zero ScorpioZero Scorpio7 gün önce
  • Agreed.

    Samuel RomeroSamuel Romero7 gün önce
  • Why you gotta do yo lil bro like that goddamn

  • I find this review just plan awful and wrong

    Joseph RitterJoseph Ritter8 gün önce
    • Gonna cry gonna piss yourself maybe shit and cum.

      Extra Funny MemeExtra Funny Meme8 gün önce
    • Why

      Tai BannisterTai Bannister8 gün önce
  • The song Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Homicide is maybe the only 2 good songs on the album by far, since Confessions is a confession and it stays stays that way with some lovely soul influence throughout, its fair to say that overall the album didn’t have much substance but I think it’s to not give to those 2 songs the attention that they deserve since one of them is brutally honest about how he didn’t expect the type of criticism he would get when he became famous ( whether it was warranted or not ) something which Fantano has now piled on with this review that absolutely almost completely ignores the good parts and value of the album, if he’d had least then I would pretty much agree with him saying that album was sub-par but damn give credit where credit is due.

    Alfie ClintonAlfie Clinton9 gün önce
  • Homicide is the only good song on the album, and it's fucking amazing.. Everything else sucks dick.

    liam mehliam meh11 gün önce
    • Amazing is a strong word but I get what you saying

      Tai BannisterTai Bannister8 gün önce
  • i only liked 2 songs in this album mama/show love and codm thats it

    Goofy GooberGoofy Goober11 gün önce
  • If there’s one quality thing Logic has kept up over his career is his album covers.

    BevelBoyJackBevelBoyJack13 gün önce
  • Logic is what happens when a white Girl with “positive influencer” in their Instagram bio tries to rap.

    White PrivilegeWhite Privilege14 gün önce
  • I'm Eilish I'm Billie

    King and PeasantKing and Peasant14 gün önce
    • That line will go down as one of the worst hip hop lines ever

      tr1x4liFetr1x4liFe4 gün önce
  • Does anyone know the names of the two albums on the shelf?

    Bubblegum Orange SurfheadBubblegum Orange Surfhead15 gün önce
    • i think the top one is an iceage record

      ChunnyieChunnyie14 gün önce
  • Logical melon

    Ethan HamiltonEthan Hamilton16 gün önce

    Gary BjornssonGary Bjornsson18 gün önce
  • Does anyone know why some album sides were labelled 1&2 and others A&B? It's driving me crazy

    Murray MitchellMurray Mitchell19 gün önce
  • He’s a spiritual lyrical individual, spiritual miracle.

    KelvinKelvin19 gün önce
    • Black Hat He’s real hip hop! Don’t u ever forget it.

      KelvinKelvin18 gün önce
    • Politikz, best rapper ever.

      Black HatBlack Hat18 gün önce
  • I like logic I think his style of low intensity chill hip hop with a fast pace at the same time is appealing something to listen to while working not saying he's great but his flow is more than decent lyrics are fine not as full blown retard as some mumble rappers do I say if you look into the music you listen to real hard I'd say skip but if you want decent music to listen to in. The background then I'd rate this 7.5/10not great but solid

    The best CentiThe best Centi20 gün önce
  • Album title is edgy as fuck!

    ZachZach20 gün önce
  • I dunno man i liked the album

    RED NOVAKRED NOVAK26 gün önce
    • Good for you

      Tai BannisterTai Bannister22 gün önce
  • Logic in 2014: The only way I fail is if my verse weak. Logic in 2019: IM ONLY BIRACIAL IN MY PENIS

    The OddenThe Odden26 gün önce
  • But remember lil pump gets a 7

    Chris WilliamsChris Williams27 gün önce
    • @Pazuzu Is Great little pumps musicianship and songwriting superiority is now getting noticed

      Chris WilliamsChris Williams26 gün önce
    • @волк that's what I'm saying logic gets a 1 and Lil pump gets a seven that shows the superior musician and talent that pump is

      Chris WilliamsChris Williams26 gün önce
    • Lil Pump’s best songs are better than Logic’s new albums.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is Great26 gün önce
    • Chris Williams lil pump was def better than this bullshit

      волкволк27 gün önce
  • negative melon reviews are my favorite reviews

    Jonny JonnyJonny Jonny27 gün önce
  • For all the haters in the comments or people taking the piss out of logic and the rattpack including Anthony talking a lot of shit in this video , just wait , this is the Revival type album where people think he’s going to fall off when really he comes back with a solid album like kamikaze so just wait people....

    Nik EngererNik Engerer28 gün önce
    • to be fair people also thought revival was aoty so....

      dysperisenjoyinghimself.dysperisenjoyinghimself.20 gün önce
    • @Pazuzu Is Great what the fuck

      olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 200920 gün önce
    • olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009 People thought Kamikaze was AOTY lmao.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is Great20 gün önce
    • lmao wait a sec people think kamikaze was solid?

      olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 200920 gün önce
    • kamikaze was _not_ a return to form.

      dysperisenjoyinghimself.dysperisenjoyinghimself.20 gün önce
  • I Like this album lmao

    Saplayer10Saplayer1028 gün önce
    • Nice. Glad you did

      Tai BannisterTai Bannister8 gün önce
  • can you please stop screaming on every logic review "if logic can say it so can i" then shouting the n word it really drives off new viewers that arent completely okay with your racism and anti semitism

    MielMiel29 gün önce
  • biracial penis

    BustaBusta29 gün önce
  • I used to listen to him, but I cant stand hearing some form of "Im valid because im biracial" "hey, have I said my dads black yet?" "why prove myself as a rapper with talent when I can try to get credit by saying im black?" nearly every damn song

    20XX20XXAylar önce
  • He gave an album a 1 on my birthday, okay 👌😂👌

    reddreddAylar önce
  • eminem couldn't save it

  • Hi Anthony, I feel like you're just ripping Logic a new one. This is a great hip-hop album overall in my opinion. I feel like you are embodying the hate Logic spoke about in the latest album. He spoke his heart in the album, talking trash and not saying a single good word, seems fucked up. ✌

    Ruslan YankilevichRuslan YankilevichAylar önce
    • Hey man, if you like the album, good for you. I don't like the album whatsoever but don't let other people sway your opinion, if you like the album then you like the album.

      bruh momentbruh moment16 gün önce
    • You clearly don’t listen to Hip Hop if you think this is great.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is Great26 gün önce
  • tbh it's just as "chill the fuck out and not think" in a good way like i like from logic, but it's also got some pretty fucking "sad in a bad way" lyrics so i'd couldn't give it more than a 3

    From SpaceFrom SpaceAylar önce
  • I agree with Fantano. Logic promoted this album to be really good and like his other albums, but yet again, mediocre.

    Vin CentVin CentAylar önce
  • Are you 100% sure logic isn't white?

    bob bobsonbob bobsonAylar önce

      TheClasssyTheClasssy20 gün önce
  • I find myself coming back to this review often just to witness the sheer destruction to check it was as brutal as I remembered

    ThecoolMaxEverestThecoolMaxEverestAylar önce
  • Biracial Penis... that would make for an interesting band name

    iiikeiiikeAylar önce
  • logic needs to see this

    Rad RecessRad RecessAylar önce
  • He also ripped off joyner lucas suicide song

    stopinthinksstopinthinksAylar önce
  • “Which means caring about real rap means fast rap”!!!! Yes!!! That’s so annoying

    MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording StudioMCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording StudioAylar önce
  • Gosh this guy needs to shut the fuuuuuuck up man. When will god ever slap some duck tape on this motherfucker.

    MCMCAylar önce
    • Swag Guffington i decided to look at it and PFFFFFFT

      dysperisenjoyinghimself.dysperisenjoyinghimself.20 gün önce
    • @Swag Guffington my god that playlist screams kyle

      Tai BannisterTai Bannister22 gün önce
    • I peeped your “Rap Shuffle” playlist on your channel and I can confirm you are a racist Monster energy drinking pasty loser with shit taste in music. End your life

      Swag GuffingtonSwag GuffingtonAylar önce
    • me when i handle an opinion

      clikbimclikbimAylar önce
  • anyone here from mr.beast?

    EpterrEpterrAylar önce
  • Do Bastille Doom Days album, I gave the album 8.5/10 I want to see your opinion

    Danny AmendolaDanny AmendolaAylar önce
  • not even giving it a 2 for the joke

    SerjohnSerjohnAylar önce
  • Yeah, Logic's early stuff was really good and then... ugh fuck it. Just pass.

    MobydickofdopenessMobydickofdopenessAylar önce
  • Melon please review my father's mixtape so he can let me see the sunlight one more time.

    GonzDcs LGonzDcs LAylar önce
  • I mean at least the cover is kinda cool.

    SLAMMIN 444SLAMMIN 444Aylar önce
  • 1:27 instead of J.i.d it’s jid

    Zak To backZak To backAylar önce
    • Pazuzu Is Great did I do anything to earn that response 😂

      Zak To backZak To back18 gün önce
    • @Pazuzu Is Great it could go either way. Cuz on off deez he's called j.i.d but on NEVER he's called jid

      Tai BannisterTai BannisterAylar önce
    • That’s how it’s pronounced retard.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is GreatAylar önce
  • Says the Dude who's profession is to make sure to express his "feewings"😂 about "bobby" on youtube...bet your mother is very proud👍👎...bobby aka logic has surpassed you in every aspect of life in General💯 anyway all in my personal opinion i know logic put his entire life into what he loves and has not only obained and achieve his personaly goals continuesly but is considered a hip hop Legend by the greats and the people but none of this matters because i bet bobby is at home with his wife and soon to come son with out a care in the world Blessed💯💯💯and your here making videos about him tell mom i said hi👌

    Anthony SalazarAnthony SalazarAylar önce
    • this comment made my nuts itch.

      dysperisenjoyinghimself.dysperisenjoyinghimself.20 gün önce
    • Jackiskcaj Jesus Christ look at his playlist names

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is GreatAylar önce
    • What kind of fucking fever dream is this comment? At first I thought it was just some sort of sarcastic jab at some of the retarded logic fans, but the more I look at it, the usage of emojis, random fucking capitals for no reason, the more I'm realising that no sane person could actually write up this abomination, joking or not.

      JackiskcajJackiskcajAylar önce
  • Everything after Tits is hot garbage, Change my mind

    Generic contentGeneric contentAylar önce
  • Confessions deserved a 0 more than The Big Day Edit: just to be clear I’m saying this because while Confessions was a horrible album that gave no enjoyment but The Big Day was a better album we all just liked it less because Chance is a talented good rapper but Logic we all expected Confessions to be awful so we didn’t hate it as much because it met our expectations

    Iop ThtIop ThtAylar önce
    • He gave Supermarket a 0/10 so there’s something to alleviate that need.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is GreatAylar önce
  • Logic said he had a biracial penis hahaha

    Chris KChris KAylar önce
  • Dude you didn't just say that logics words bleed into his rhymes because he raps fast badly... youre a joke. If you dont like logic thats fine but youre not gonna discredit him at something hes impeccable at which is rapid fire lyricism and clarity, thats why he got the cosign from tech 9 and twista, so just stfu please for god sake. But yea this album is his worst ngl

    ClimacksMusicClimacksMusicAylar önce
    • @dysperisenjoyinghimself. first of all i never said once anything about bobby tarantino and thats actually ridiculous either way lol, but i digress. I gave you his best projects as a comparison and you went ahead to avoid speaking of them probably to further submit your argument as somewhat viable in this discussion to avoid the foolishness of calling logic "garbage". You then went on to continue your point of logic being trash by then comparing it to his turnup mixtapes when i said to specifically listen to his young sinatra mixtapes, tits and under pressure which you spoke NOTHING about other than that you did hear everything after underpressure, although im unsure about due to your lack of explanation to support your claims further. basically it leads me to believe you haven't listened to his projects that i mentioned were actually great(including underpressure, or TITS, or B. You feel dumb for actually saying such ignorant statements about them and have nothing to support your claim of him being "garbage".And THEN, you went even FURTHER, by pursuing a whole different comment i made to another person on the thread and for what? To call me immature ? Lol dude that isnt even relevant to the argument, but since you brought that up, but never called me out on the fact that i called fantano "fanfuckface"youre basically reaching at this point sir and its blatantly obvious. while yes i do think you are somewhat of a clown who is just going to lsiten to what fantano is going to say ,especially when your going to artistically put logic in the same category as 69 as an attempt at being a credible music critic, really says a lot about your ability to know the difference between good and bad music. Supermarket was not that good but it was also not logics specialty and i give him credit for at least stepping out of his comfort zone.However, thats not even something that matters in this argument regardless i just wanted to point that out. As a logic fan i will not sit and be biased and tell you all his projects are amazing or that hes even the best rapper ever, because well, hes not. He doesnt always make great projects but at least hes versatile and can rap his ass off when he actually tries. And the funny about all this is if you go to my first comment i made on this video since apparently you never actually read it in the first place or just incapable of doing so properly before engaging in the thread. I said NOTHING ABOUT HIS MUSIC AND HOW GOOD IT WAS. I was very very clear that i was talking about fantano saying his words bleed into eachother, because they really dont,not even slightly, and tech 9 and twista two of the most renown fast rappers of all time who are VERY GOOD at it , gave logic the cosign that hes good at it as well and everyone knows that twista, tech and bone thugs are known for it, so i think they have more credibility at judging clarity in lyricism based upon that fact. But yea i kinda just wanted to point that out, cause i never said shit about music, i said clarity in the lyricism. If youre as predictable as I think you might be, you may just write me off and say you dont have time to read my response to you or whatever and scape goat your way out but let's see what happens, im curious.

      ClimacksMusicClimacksMusic19 gün önce
    • Climacksofficial 1. i’ve listened to every project that came after under pressure... aside from young sinatra 4. you i said i got my opinion on this particular album from fantano, and i responded to just that. 2. i’ve based my opinion on every logic album that’s come out and i’ve listened to. yes, this is his worst. no, not by far. bobby tarantino 2 comes pretty close when aside from 3 songs the entire project is incredibly forgettable with nothing to come back to aside from 6ix. and supermarket also comes really close as well, but at least on that one logic had a vision. he just didn’t know how to execute it. here, what’s his excuse? bt2, what’s his excuse? we never should’ve never let “i am the greatest” slide. 3. the clown emoji is the crutch of people who don’t know how to insult someone. grow up. 4. go to sleep.

      dysperisenjoyinghimself.dysperisenjoyinghimself.19 gün önce
    • @TheClasssy 🤡🤦‍♂️ thats what im sayin

      ClimacksMusicClimacksMusic19 gün önce
    • @dysperisenjoyinghimself. WOW LOL , so you listened to ONE ALBUM before concluding he was garbage? smh, exactly my point, you probably did listen to the album before he reviewed it but that doesnt mean you formed an opinion of your very own before fanfuckface the the internet's most biased music nerd gave you his review. And by the way buddy, this is by far logics worst project hes ever made tbh i didnt even like it at all, except 2 songs so if you based an opinion off of one album that flopped then im not sure i can take your criticism too seriously. Id recommend any of the young sinatra mixtapes, tits (which is my favorite album of his) or under pressure. Theyre far from garbage, its core hiphop and story telling at its finest , dont let this melon head tell you otherwise

      ClimacksMusicClimacksMusic19 gün önce
    • @ClimacksMusic 😂😂😂😂😹😆😂😹😹😹 bruh

      TheClasssyTheClasssy20 gün önce
  • Lost in Translation was actually dope

    ClimacksMusicClimacksMusicAylar önce
  • i don’t care if you don’t like the album, you shouldn’t try to justify slavery

    simonsayyssimonsayysAylar önce
  • Nobody: Logic: My DaD cOuLd BeAt Up YoUr DaD

    Lucas TorresLucas TorresAylar önce
  • Every body go susbcribe to Shawn Cee for a lot better reviews

    JblvsYTJblvsYTAylar önce
    • @dysperisenjoyinghimself. .......alright this guy is a lot better.

      JblvsYTJblvsYT20 gün önce
    • actually go sub to spectrum pulse while we’re promoting other reviewers.

      dysperisenjoyinghimself.dysperisenjoyinghimself.20 gün önce
    • Yeah because a 4/10 is a much better review.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is GreatAylar önce
  • Okay okay, I didn't come to this video for you to review fucking supermarket you fucking annoying prick.

    JblvsYTJblvsYTAylar önce
    • Stop being butthurt you fucking logic dickrider

      i cant stand people who complaini cant stand people who complain21 gün önce
    • He talked about the album for less than 20 seconds, you’re acting as if he doesn’t do this with other artists.

      Pazuzu Is GreatPazuzu Is GreatAylar önce
  • Biracial

    DJ Mester OdinDJ Mester OdinAylar önce
    • L

      DJ Mester OdinDJ Mester OdinAylar önce
    • A

      DJ Mester OdinDJ Mester OdinAylar önce
  • Logic used to be one of the better rappers 5-6 years ago. Sad

    ABSINABSINAylar önce
  • Kanye: I'm Bipolar = 10/10 Logic: I'm Biracial = 1/10

    Jacob RevelesJacob RevelesAylar önce
  • Te pareces a Logic

    Kempes GonzálezKempes GonzálezAylar önce
  • I agree with this

    Pranav SakthivelPranav SakthivelAylar önce
  • Mmm love it when Anthony pinches a fat steamy turd on logics pizzaface

    CJCJAylar önce
Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ALBUM REVIEW