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From at-home dates to people caught cheating on video chat, how has romance changed in the time of corona? #DailyShow #Coronavirus #Love
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  • It's not sweet. He is a peeping tom🤔

    G SG S24 gün önce

    Mark HeffernanMark Heffernan25 gün önce
  • Any other "Como Tu No Hay Dos" fans? 🔥🤚🏽

    M AM A26 gün önce
  • Hey guys ... Just wanted to share what my country had done to flatten the curves . Well if I must sum it up then it must be we are gifted to NOT have a livinh in denial types of leader

    Darren GaneshDarren Ganesh27 gün önce
  • I love that you changed the format of your show to fit the TRvision standards

    Elizah MendozaElizah Mendoza28 gün önce
  • So... I'm following 'late show hosts at home' for quite some time now and think, I figured out, where I'd put them if they all would be part in a "welcome at youtube, Newbies" Family gathering BBQ Party. So here is Steven Colbert. Figuring out, that a new Format does mean to change a view things and that not everything is as simple as 'just put a bad quality phone camera right under your nose and do what you usually do". He adapted his format quite good for a more "mature" viewership, I think. He mostly does what he did on the late show, but tweaked it here and there for us. To me, he is, the soft spoken, peacefull Dad. With warm eyes and understanding for most of the people around him. He has very open mind and just wants you to know, that, no matter what you, he will always be there for you. Than we have Trevor Noah. He quite frankly figured that whole 'youtube vlogging' thing out the best. Espescially in regards of what brings in the most views. He's the best adaptivewise and if we put him in a "Family" Diagram, he'd be the cool older cousin or maybe brother, who is old enough to eat at the 'grown ups' table, but young enough to hang out with you, without being embarassing. Just a chill dude with strong opinions whos does these funny accents and also seems to know a lot, what you may have never expected. He may or may not did some philosophy classes, but than thought, he'd like to become a teacher instead. Next comes Seth Meyers. He seems like the more energetic Husband of Steven. Does basically the same as Daddy over here, but more exxagerated and with more energy. He is more playfull in his way and if you'd be a kid at this BBQ you would ran over to "uncle Seth" because he is just that pile of energy, that slips you some itching powder once in while and tells you about his pranks as a kid. And for the last one, I know, his show, it's not really a late show, but fuck it, I love him. There is of course Zazu... I mean John Oliver. He, strangely enough did not really change ANYTHING in his format. But I think, this is, because his format can work so well in both Television and on youtube, because he knows how to interact with his audience. He also is a british comedian so he is really used to a room full of people not laughing at his jokes:D So he is not really out and about to wait for laughs, he just brings in punchlines and has fun on his own, while inviting us to have fun with him. In our little Family gathering he would be that strange foreign Uncle who is just there because he is married to one of the parents siblings. But gosh, boy do you love him. He is the person with the most energy and jokes, who does not have a problem with embarrassing himself, but he rarely does it in way, that you feel embarassed if any. He is well spoken and educated, but he does not give A FUCK if he is cursing in Front of you. In effect, he gets called out for it, but than turns around to you and winks at you. And than he gose on and pranks you as well as the rest of the family, because he is the Goof of the troop. I would love to categorize even more hosts, but those are the people I frequently watch. So for example, I don't really know, what the Deal is with the two Jimmys. Only, that I like one of them because he looks like an older, 'cuter' version of Ted Mosby from HIMYM😅 Also, if you are not cool with Steven and Seth being married in this Scenario, you do you, I won't judge you. This is just hyperbolic Headcannon for funsies, and if you feel more comfortable, you can picture the two as brothers.

    The Slim CreeperThe Slim CreeperAylar önce
  • I suspected my wife of cheating on me but I never had any proof. This went on for months, I didn't know what to do. i was so paranoid and decided to find a solution, i saw a recommendation about a hacker and decided to contact him. I explained the situation about my wife to him and he said he was going to help me.I gave him all the informations he required and afterwards i received all my wife’s phones Text messages and calls, I was hurt when i saw a picture of my wife and her lover. I feel so bad about infidelity. but i am glad Mr james was able to help me get all this information, you can contact him through Gmail : Worldcyberhackers or WhatsApp: ‪+1 (267) 877‑3020‬

    Junior OrdelJunior OrdelAylar önce
  • "I'm going to sleep in the microwave." YES TREVOR. YOU GO DO THAT, LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND FANTASIES IN A MICROWAVE. your fans have your back :)

    Rose FabFourRose FabFourAylar önce
  • The real fake news on Coronavirus...

    The RundownThe RundownAylar önce
  • "There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military (and their tactics) becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people" - William Adama

    Becoming TemperanceBecoming TemperanceAylar önce
  • agent smith you are lol

    LoveguidethyworldLoveguidethyworldAylar önce
  • 😂😂😂

    Lillian JoeLillian JoeAylar önce
  • Trevor ( in a creepy voice ): I know you're home. I can see you Daniella, answer the phoneeeeee. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's really really creepy

    Ndibueze cynthiaNdibueze cynthiaAylar önce
  • Omg, you spent the last week in a relationship with your Purelle lotion 😇

    Orchids RisingOrchids RisingAylar önce
  • Love you Trevor

    Yvette SmithYvette SmithAylar önce
  • Did anybody noticed that at the beginning there is one world cup trophy and towards the end there is

    Dr DiubellDr DiubellAylar önce
  • Fake nudes. Teehee 🙃

    Ami TalatiAmi TalatiAylar önce
  • "why you always be so hot while taking the leaves poolboy" lmao😂

    •C R A P I M L O V E S I C K••C R A P I M L O V E S I C K•Aylar önce
  • Cheetos, orange fingers, naked, oh my 😳😒

    Kathy RacineKathy RacineAylar önce
  • what kind of idiot creates a S** D**ng Show ... is it to lick up to the powers suppressing us right now?

    Arjan MuyenArjan MuyenAylar önce
  • Yeah, you better put a mask on the statue of “liberty”, before people realize she’s a man

    shammus O’Malleyshammus O’MalleyAylar önce
  • Just be like Melania....have your own room...or better yet...your own house. Marriage will be a thing of the past....just not soon enough.

    Nancy Alexander-CarreiraNancy Alexander-CarreiraAylar önce
  • Marriage should a 5years contract renewable

    Trading with HamryTrading with HamryAylar önce
  • When you’re in love, wonders happen; when you get married, you wonder what happened

    Trading with HamryTrading with HamryAylar önce
    • nigel lei which things?

      Trading with HamryTrading with HamryAylar önce
    • you get her to marry you so you don't have to waste time to do these things anymore.

      nigel leinigel leiAylar önce
  • There is no love anymore, only war

    Robin FreeRobin FreeAylar önce
  • Ive committed to a guy who's promised to move me from the US to a c-19 free country. Long as I get outta of this shitty third-world country to a much less shitty third-world country, I'm good!

    Joan BowdenJoan BowdenAylar önce
  • I haven’t seen my fiancé in 5 months now and there is no end in sight... he lives in the US and I live in Germany.. no one talks about couples like us, who are separated by the rules right now. We don’t have a problem with paying for a corona test to be able to be together!

    Rosaina El-MahgaryRosaina El-MahgaryAylar önce
  • Thank you for keeping us laughing. My son called you his emotional support human, I said you were the other man in. my life and my kids what you know if you can bubble bubble with our family. You have kept us laughing and we wish you love and safety.

    Stephanie SalasStephanie SalasAylar önce
  • If the liquor store can stay open everything should stay open

    Timothy DickersonTimothy DickersonAylar önce
  • So it's clear singles and introverts like me rule✌🏼

    Ahmad HassanAhmad HassanAylar önce
  • Yeah binoculars guy, that then stalks her and finds an instagram account, that's creepy.

    John GottschalkJohn GottschalkAylar önce
  • Is this a set of recaps? I definitely recall some of these bits

    John GottschalkJohn GottschalkAylar önce
  • Trevor plz fire jabuki I can’t stand his voice and face your funny man but jabuki is dog shit imma have to stop watching you if he stays in your show

    Daisy CuahutleDaisy CuahutleAylar önce
  • Love him 💕❤️

    Savannah Bethea MusicSavannah Bethea MusicAylar önce
  • Coming from law fraternity. It's true more nd more divorce nd domestic violence cases are coming. Newly wed couple excluded 😆.....

    Nishant BhadoriaNishant BhadoriaAylar önce
  • Hey there Mr Trevor Noah. A shout out from jhb...please, if you can, please can you do something on “when you zol” and try to explain it to the world. I haven’t laughed so hard in so long

    Tanya van RensburgTanya van RensburgAylar önce
  • Trevor, I am old enough to be your mother and I just have to say, please move your shelves over because I can’t help but think you are going to hit your head on the corner

    Julie MossJulie MossAylar önce
  • "A got Damn! ..I don't know who I am, but I know that I luv u." lol Kill'n it, bro. Keep it up. :)

    Bobby ShaffoBobby ShaffoAylar önce
  • aye reference to Love in the Time of Cholera

    Frank NakasakoFrank NakasakoAylar önce
  • "With a bottle of Purell"...that must have burnt after a while...

    jrg973jrg973Aylar önce
  • Let's hope they perfect the sexbot while the developers are stuck in isolation

    Jered AlmeidaJered AlmeidaAylar önce
  • I didn’t like mine before this pandemic... thank goodness I can still go to work 😬

    Brigette 5280Brigette 5280Aylar önce
  • In China Wuhan, many couples chose to register on May 20th. They’ve gone through rough time during quarantine and finally realized they don’t wanna miss each other.

    Letty ShiLetty ShiAylar önce
  • Boy...he is ill " why you got to be so sexy breaking those leaves pool boy"😂

    Divine OracleDivine OracleAylar önce
  • Trevor! You are hilarious!!

    Joy CJoy CAylar önce
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤫

    Melida SanchezMelida SanchezAylar önce
  • 👋👋👋👋🤗💙

    Melida SanchezMelida SanchezAylar önce
    • Shut up

      Jimmy ZaneJimmy ZaneAylar önce
  • Repost😒 where is the new content?

    Monde HadebeMonde HadebeAylar önce
  • Dating your neighbor, no bueno dude. Everyone knows you don’t shit where you eat dude. Sounds like a lifetime movie waiting to happen.

    Mrs. WMrs. WAylar önce
  • Trevor is the best!

    Leah MonetLeah MonetAylar önce
  • Why do you always post the same stuff in 3 different videos?

    Tommi LiTommi LiAylar önce
  • These relationships were built on faulty ground. At the first sign of trouble they run to the door. People don't know what real love is anymore.

    E&FE&FAylar önce
  • Whoever is in charge of uploading videos to this channel has GOT to change how they do things. It's really annoying to get the email alert saying there was an upload and then click the link to find it's been made private, then to later have to track down the video if I wanted to watch it. If it needs to go up at a certain time, schedule it. Don't upload it, then make it private, then make it public.

    Daniel CampbellDaniel CampbellAylar önce
  • Funny! Coming from a hate filled loser like you! I enjoy my spouse because she is not a brainwashed cat lady.

    Dan EngelkingDan EngelkingAylar önce
  • Eric QuezadaEric QuezadaAylar önce
  • Now I know how many jumpers Treva has?

    realhassrealhassAylar önce
  • None of this is funny...f

    Avocado:SixAvocado:SixAylar önce
  • Telenovelas are not from Spain, they are from America

    Lauren-Kate KushLauren-Kate KushAylar önce
  • Wish he'd talk about the mess that is his homeland right now, shit is seriously effed up over here.

    Jaimee FortuneJaimee FortuneAylar önce
  • To all my single people out there, couples aren't breaking up nearly as much as you'd like them to. We just like to think that coz it makes being single less painful😂😜

    Jaya KJaya KAylar önce
    • I like how "happily together" people with kids try to convince me it's a good thing as they try to find a babysitter to try and have a "date night" for their constantly dying love. Yea, cool story bro lol

      Vlad RamVlad RamAylar önce
    • Which single people are wanting this? 👀

      susanne aniquesusanne aniqueAylar önce
  • I actually started a relationship with my roommate during Coronavirus. It's probably not real love but like an "only man in the world" sort of thing. So I felt that second half.

    Obiwan-in-a-puddingObiwan-in-a-puddingAylar önce
  • Maybe you should take away the option of divorce for the duration of pandemic unless there is a critical reason like abuse. Many people give up too easily it seems, thinking of divorce not as the last resort but a backup

    Royane E KhalilRoyane E KhalilAylar önce
  • No talent punk.

    James KnoxJames KnoxAylar önce
  • Doesnt that mean that trevor cheated on his Purrell bottle with his hand?

    maximumrisk2004maximumrisk2004Aylar önce
  • I should start to learn Spanish as soon as possible,

    Li NandyLi NandyAylar önce
  • It's just so funny! 😆😆

    MP AungMP AungAylar önce
  • Trevor you are at home and not busy. What is your reason not to have a child now. It is going to be late if you do not act now. You are concerned about Trump so much and forget your own. Money is not everything we need 5 Trevors. Stop hallucinations just Mary your girl friend who is with you now.

    Tamiru InikaTamiru InikaAylar önce
    • Maybe he just doesn't want kids, they can be a lot of responsibility.

      X .DX .DAylar önce
  • I think it's only adding the reason why I shouldn't get married 😅😂

    Alin YoungAlin YoungAylar önce
  • She just said they were thinking of divorce before the virus. I bet it's because they can't get out to sleep with their OTHER partner.

    Latoya MatsonLatoya MatsonAylar önce
  • Please do a segment for George Floyd❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ #Justiceforgeorgefloyd

    Kenneth KatzKenneth KatzAylar önce
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