achilles ate sport 2 tires
coilovers I use
camera I use




  • Just so everyone knows the headers I the description are on sale right now for a little over 400 dollars. It says 600 then drops to 400 when you click Check out.

    alibobo babaalibobo babaYıl önce
    • alibobo baba still shows 650$ for me 😢

      Rodolfo MunozRodolfo Munoz4 aylar önce
  • Nice set up, you need body work on those rear fenders tho dude.

  • So you have the stock ls2 motor aside from the cam with a ctsv supercharger on it?

    brandon balzanobrandon balzanoAylar önce
  • Did you adjust your piston ring gap to compensate ? Or is it an untouched bottom end

    Ryan OaksRyan Oaks2 aylar önce
  • Can u use the stock ecm with the lsa supercharger?

    Justin SchoolerJustin Schooler3 aylar önce
    • Justin Schooler really? :|

  • Just nasty

    Donnie KaneDonnie Kane3 aylar önce
  • Solid video bro haha

    francisco gattazfrancisco gattaz3 aylar önce
  • Ballpark price

    Justin SteeleJustin Steele4 aylar önce
  • I just picked up a 06 GTO. Love the LSA just doesn't know if I want to go down that rabbit hole or not. I already have a few upgrades Ram air, throttle body, headers and exhaust on her and I am looking to cam it. What cam are you running my friend?

    UrbanSix1NinerUrbanSix1Niner4 aylar önce
  • Cool mod, Trea. Im an N/A guy personally. But yout Goat sounds wicked. Thanks for putting that info out there.

    Joe TesarJoe Tesar5 aylar önce
  • GTO it is not its just a different name for a Sun fire or Grand prix or a Saturn with a bigger engine. It went from a full sized muscle car to a what ever it is.

    twinv63twinv636 aylar önce
  • Trey Herrera question you had the car cammed before the lsa swap, what were your numbers before the lsa swap? I'm all bolt ons right now debating on this swap also how many miles on your car before you did the swap?

    StarscreamStarscream6 aylar önce
    • @Trey Herrera If you had to do it differently would you have gone lsa before cam and other mods? I love your channel and setup i'm trying to learn from other peoples ideas.

      StarscreamStarscream6 aylar önce
    • Starscream made 400 with cam abs supporting mods

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera6 aylar önce
  • LOL that woman behind the tree did not like the car revs at all.

    StarscreamStarscream6 aylar önce
  • That why to buy a gto in 2019 video got me sold.

    Music' N 'Games' N 'CarsMusic' N 'Games' N 'Cars7 aylar önce
  • Should I supercharge a Infiniti g35

    Daniel !!Daniel !!7 aylar önce
    • no

      supernice_autosupernice_auto3 aylar önce
  • Nice build bro...

    Jason SlaughterJason Slaughter8 aylar önce
  • What injectors are you running???

    Michael LealMichael Leal8 aylar önce
    • Michael Leal 65lb

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera8 aylar önce
  • What wheels are those?

    G4 Off roadG4 Off road8 aylar önce
  • Stupid question: Does a cowl hood not solve the clearance issue?

    Dan BullockDan Bullock9 aylar önce
  • Is a 04 gto stock (no additives),and 101,000+ miles a steal for $6700?or what u think?

    Robert DickersonRobert Dickerson9 aylar önce
    • yep, get it.

      tony jacksontony jackson4 aylar önce
    • Hell yea

      Skunk DoctorSkunk Doctor9 aylar önce
  • Your vids make me want my goat back bro lol

    Ctsv_viking AlexCtsv_viking Alex9 aylar önce
  • The lsa swap trend made it outrageous to build a supercharged gto now a day. I'm just gonna go tt I guess can find lots for under 3k

    Joshua weisenbornJoshua weisenborn9 aylar önce
    • Thanks man! love the support, how the tt build goes well for you!

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera9 aylar önce
    • @Trey Herrera hell yeah man I just bout a 04 a couple years ago was planning a lsa swap but a tt build would be bad ass! Love the content man I'm subbed on 2 of my accounts ! Keep up the good work brotha !!

      Joshua weisenbornJoshua weisenborn9 aylar önce
    • @Trey Herrera hell yeah man I just bout a 04 a couple years ago was planning a lsa swap but a tt build would be bad ass! Love the content man I'm subbed on 2 of my accounts ! Keep up the good work brotha !!

      Joshua weisenbornJoshua weisenborn9 aylar önce
    • Joshua weisenborn yeah I agree, I did the swap before it was was super popular. Build your own tt kit and call it a day 👊🏽

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera9 aylar önce
  • Like Subcribe Comment Ill do the same thanks bro

    Willy FloresWilly Flores10 aylar önce
  • Ditch the MAF run it in speed density with a wideband O2 . it's fairly easy to do if you have hptuners or something like that .

    Dr. WestsideDr. Westside10 aylar önce
    • Charles Moore old video but thanks, car has been dialed in for a while now

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera10 aylar önce
  • Yeah you can plop these things on a truck on top of a 5.3 . I'm getting ready to do that right now .

    Dr. WestsideDr. Westside10 aylar önce
  • Great video. Lol love the second round of cons..

    Scott EdwardsScott Edwards10 aylar önce
  • “Terrible thing to have:•’))” yea ok lol

    Juann GarciaJuann Garcia11 aylar önce
  • Okay coo I thought you were saying that they had bore adapters thanks preciate it

    Yolanda ThomasYolanda Thomas11 aylar önce
  • I wouldn't say 550-560 to the ground. My ZL1 stock didn't put that much down and it was a 6.2. Just food for thought.

    Ray ERay E11 aylar önce
    • Ray E the 6.0 have higher compression. You zl1 was probably on a stock tune and exhaust. There are plenty of videos on here showing people make that power very easily. I made 634 with cam and exhaust and have the video for proof.

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera11 aylar önce
  • Okay thanks where can I find some head adapters their cylinder head adapters right to allow me to run LS3 heads onto my 5.7 l s

    Yolanda ThomasYolanda Thomas11 aylar önce
  • Would the LS3 heads work on a 5.7 without boring over?

    Yolanda ThomasYolanda Thomas11 aylar önce
    • They make "small bore" LS3 heads for a 3.9" bore.

      CaliCali4 aylar önce
    • Yolanda Thomas no they were designed for 6.0 or bigger because of the bore size. You can get head adapters

      Trey HerreraTrey Herrera11 aylar önce
  • PRO I have a 2004 5.7 auto GTO bone stock other then pacesetter headers with cat delete. ran 13.7 @ 101mph. added 245/45r17 nitto 555 drag radials and lsa kit and I just ran a 11.51 @122mph with only 13 Degrees timing

    390STEVE390STEVEYıl önce
  • That being said it’s time to make a send it video HMU on insta 🔥 just got a gimbal

    That JDM kidThat JDM kidYıl önce
  • Whats the make of the rims

    Michael WestMichael WestYıl önce
  • You wish you woulda went to LS3 heads? You don't really want to use LS3 heads with an LSA supercharger or type of boost for that mater. The LS3 heads are not as thick and can warp resulting in cylinder head damage, blown head gasket and possibly a new engine. LSA/LS9 cylinder heads are roto cast meaning they are specifically strengthened for boost.

    Mr. CMr. CYıl önce
  • wow, 75 to 80 lbs. that was really interesting!

    Douglas MyersDouglas MyersYıl önce
  • One other con is the stock intercooler brick is prone to collapse. Look for reinforced bricks or get the one you have reinforced. Cts-v owner here.

    2throwed2812throwed281Yıl önce
  • Do you know if some of the cons are similar if you did this to a g8?

    Josh EshlemanJosh EshlemanYıl önce
    • @Trey Herrera awesome! I plan to get a g8 gt soon after I sell my turbo 350z. Just learned about the lsa swap and this just finalized my decision on getting one 😁

      Josh EshlemanJosh EshlemanYıl önce
    • Josh Eshleman I just did this swap on a g8 and it’s not too bad, very little cons honestly

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • my gauge lights isnt lighting can it be the fuses???

    alexander rogersalexander rogersYıl önce
  • are you sbe and what cam you running? have you tuned it dyno tuned it yet?

    Brandon McConnellBrandon McConnellYıl önce
    • Trey Herrera that’s a very similar cam to what I have a have a 228/230 but n/a cam which I believe your cam is n/a cam as well. Sounds mean. I almost turbo my goat but didn’t want to do cam swap fuel custom turbo kit and all that at once. It would have Cost 10k

      Brandon McConnellBrandon McConnellYıl önce
    • Brandon McConnell tsp 228r, yes sbe, and it was street tuned first then made corrections on the dyno. 634whp 645 tq

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • I’m thinking about going lsa soon I’m not sure I’m already close to 500whp I’d think with my current stuff, stock heads but bored and ported and polished, intake and tb ported and polished, cai, full exhaust, bigger injectors, tune, one piece carbon driveshaft, whole motor is studded and build as strong as I could get it not forged internals but all brand new stuff, polished crank all that jazz

    ZacZacYıl önce
  • Does a supercharged g6 sound good?

    jeffery serelljeffery serellYıl önce
  • where did you get the coolant reservoir from? and do you have the part number? i am referring to the white inline filler on passenger side hooked into the heat exchanger hoses. Thanks

    390STEVE390STEVEYıl önce
  • What suspension issues have you run into? Are you running stock driveshaft and half shafts? How many miles are on your motor? Im considering doing this upgrade using the kit to my 05 myself after I upgrade my 4l65 to a 4l80 and want to know any other issues you ran into

    based_willbased_willYıl önce
    • Stock axles, gforce level 2 stubs

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
    • based_will stock drive shaft with new carrier. Suspension should be first thing you upgrade on these cars and I mean everything lol I had 75k on my engine. Swap is pretty straight forward as long as the car is in good shape for it.

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • I'm debating a supercharger for my new LS7 'style' build and this very was helpful.

    Daniel OrtegoDaniel OrtegoYıl önce
    • Go bigger, a lsa will max out easy on a 427 if your fine with it not being maxed out otherwise step up to a bigger blower or even a centrifugal style

      kansasbondboat77kansasbondboat77Yıl önce
  • LSA coming soon on mine 💯

    Ricky MartinezRicky MartinezYıl önce
  • Man I’m really considering this the only thing that holds me back is the internals I’m worried they wouldn’t hold up. Are you running it with stock internals?

    Cole PhelpsCole PhelpsYıl önce
  • I’m looking at a 04 with a sts rear mount turbo are they over rated or is it worth it

    Bobby PattonBobby PattonYıl önce
    • As long as you have the oil system worked out and good mounting system they work excellent.

      Justin MaxwellJustin MaxwellYıl önce
    • Bobby Patton honestly I can’t speak on it I don’t know much about the kit honestly

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • Your exhaust setup sounds bad ass

    rob willrob willYıl önce
  • You listed way more cons/ negative points overall, but, still worth it

    Jordan HevesiJordan HevesiYıl önce
    • Jordan Hevesi more things to look for then actual cons

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • haha dope video man! I always wanted to do something with my 04 but the miles are pretty high and I'm scared it might blow and I cannot afford that anytime soon. one day.

    SuperstuffedSuperstuffedYıl önce
    • I'm at 176k mines modded lol, its goochi.

      Sherlock MoansSherlock Moans8 aylar önce
  • I’m trying to do this to my 09 g8 Gt

    Chris papiChris papiYıl önce
    • Want to Do the same to my g8 gt everything still factory besides the cam and ported heads will this blow my motor if i don't do bottom end work

      yung sinyung sin10 aylar önce
    • do it! so worth it!

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • Show more car shots with commentary over that.

    Jon LuceJon LuceYıl önce
  • I have a stock l96 or LY6 6.0 with ls3 heads and intend to add the supercharger lsa, do I have to go in the engine and change the CAM and spring or can I go straight to adding the lsa the way I would keep boost low and don't want to go above. 550hp... thoughts. CJ

    CountrySideClubCountrySideClubYıl önce
  • You should sponcer another platform. My g8 got with lsa getting 580 @ 8lbs on E. I will collaborate with you. I don't have a following but I like ur vid. Check my channel. Tires lol mine are shot. For me con is traction, cost of tires, traction control on kick down...I always forget and motor dogs, summer heat soak, and want more boost. Had to go back to stock stall...torque is king Addicting. Love your video. Fresh, subscribed. Btw what cam you run? Sorry if you already answered. Props.

    izaaksizaaksYıl önce
  • Hi guys girls I'm from Australia if you are desperate for parts hit me up and i'll see what I can do from my side of the pond.

    Craig SawyerCraig SawyerYıl önce
  • Got in a accident in mine insurance covered it thank got cam and lsa coming

    Micah autoserv.Micah autoserv.Yıl önce
  • Question on power gains. I have a TBSS with iron block 408 stoker. (CNC ported LS3 heads) Makes 560hp to the wheels N/A. What kind HP numbers did you dyno before and after the lsa charger? Ive been looking into them but am juggling between the lsa charger or the much cheaper 250 shot.

    Matt JudyMatt JudyYıl önce
    • The Rape UV your 408 is a big much for the lsa to work effectively. It’s recommended for engines 6.2 or smaller. I would go a different route to maximize your engines efficiency.

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • Love it and sounds great

    domaleonsdomaleonsYıl önce
  • I have a ls2 in my Holden ve or g8 that you’d get imported from us hire in Australia this blower set up is what I’m thinking in 18 months time how much to you find the blower on its own in the USA ?

    D BD BYıl önce
    • Trey Herrera thanks you they are about $5000 hire in Australia,keep up the vids mate good job

      D BD BYıl önce
    • Douglas Baxter I got mine for 650usd but the prices went up quite a bit since then

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • What type of size cam did you put in before you added LSA?

    Derrick GomezDerrick GomezYıl önce
    • Trey Herrera Vlogs that's why I haven't and most likely will never sell it. Funnest vehicle I've ever driven or owned.

      alibobo babaalibobo babaYıl önce
    • alibobo baba thanks man! Very addicting car

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
    • Trey Herrera Vlogs sweet man. I've had my goat for 6 years now and I am finally throwing some money down. Yours sounds amazing btw

      alibobo babaalibobo babaYıl önce
    • alibobo baba no just off the self

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
    • Trey Herrera Vlogs was it custom?

      alibobo babaalibobo babaYıl önce
  • What’s next. Once you hit 500 you will want 700 HP. Very addicting the HP is.

    • So addicting.

      none of your concernnone of your concernAylar önce
  • Can you lower your motor mounts and gain one inch more clearance.

    • Yes, you can. Hawks Performance makes a kit for the F-body to retain the stock hood.

      CaliCali4 aylar önce
  • It’s hot when it needs to be. Other than that it’s a daily driver.

  • how do you change to oil on the Maggie? do you know

    Me and Me onlyMe and Me onlyYıl önce
    • James I’m not sure if it’s the same as the lsa but there is a screw in the back of the supercharger.

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce
  • I have a Maggie on my goat and I love it. not sure what kind of exact power I'm making yet.

    Me and Me onlyMe and Me onlyYıl önce
  • I can't wait to have the LSA set up. I have a HE-X strut mount brace. I think it will work.

    Ed RawlsEd RawlsYıl önce
  • I really like your car. I have a 05 M6 Red GTO myself with FBO, 3.91, ect. Looking to go to the next level myself. I like the thought of staying all GM. Cool video and keep it up.

    Ed RawlsEd RawlsYıl önce
    • Eaton makes that blower not GM.

      CaliCali4 aylar önce
  • I love the LSA blower ! I definitely have to get one , I dont have a gto but I share the same dna (Caprice ). This is definitely in my future near future lol . Who ever gave a thumbs down must drive a Prius !

    G SG SYıl önce
  • I have almost everything for the lsa swap on my Gto but I can’t seem to get a hold of the custom guy for the pulley I tried calling leaving message even Facebook message any idea if they shut down?

    Lswon2004Lswon2004Yıl önce
    • TheShaggyman15 yeah he was diffcult for me to get ahold of as well. Hit him up on fb

      Trey HerreraTrey HerreraYıl önce