MacBook Air 2018 - Is It Enough?

The 2018 MacBook Air is all new but how does it stack up to fanless laptops like the 12" MacBook?
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  • what why does it still use ddr3 ram consdering the standard is ddr4

    dean's placedean's place4 aylar önce
  • Austin guys, this is Hey!

    IceKingIceKing4 aylar önce
  • Intel needs to develop better CPU's.

    omar arreolaomar arreola4 aylar önce
  • Could you do light photo editing??

    Matthew GriffinMatthew Griffin4 aylar önce
  • You know this video is serious when he pulls out that lunchbox

    Diriye AdourDiriye Adour6 aylar önce
  • Apple’s tablets run fort nite much faster than their premium laptops. Really?

    omar arreolaomar arreola7 aylar önce
  • issues*

    Roblox_craft guyRoblox_craft guy8 aylar önce
  • I bought it in December and haven't had any keyboard indues yet ;)

    Roblox_craft guyRoblox_craft guy8 aylar önce
  • What was the Final Cut export time with the eGPU? Oh, never mind, let's just wait for Fortnite to load. Brutal.

    Benjamin WongBenjamin Wong8 aylar önce
  • can someone recommend cases or skin colors for macbook air gold 2018 edition?

    Advait DarbareAdvait Darbare8 aylar önce
  • Anyone watch this for the pre-mustache Austin

    [null][null]9 aylar önce
  • But is it good enough for school and browsing the web and watching Netflix

    Thomas BalesThomas Bales9 aylar önce
  • @1:34 One of those AirPods just sitting there doesn't make any sense to me...

    Aaqid MasoodiAaqid Masoodi9 aylar önce
  • Hey guys this is smeagol

    S-L MillionS-L Million9 aylar önce
  • Hey guys is this Austin?

    Slade AllenSlade Allen10 aylar önce
  • Fortnite on Mac is the pinnacle of poor optimization.

    ARSARS10 aylar önce
  • look at the camera dude

    MANYAKMANYAK10 aylar önce
  • 哇 中文字幕

    R.J. HuR.J. Hu10 aylar önce
  • I don’t see a reason to buy this when u can get the 2017 MacBook Pro for roughly the same price as that line is discounted on a frequent basis

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee11 aylar önce
    • @Solaxe S how is it almost 2x more expensive? On apple's website, the 2017 non Touch Bar MacBook Pro is only a $100 more than the MacBook Air 2018. If you go on best buy, micro center, etc, you can find the MacBook pros for the same price, if not cheaper than the airs.

      Alexander LeeAlexander Lee9 aylar önce
    • "roughly the same price" it's almost 2x more expensive

      Solaxe SSolaxe S9 aylar önce
  • your cameraman uses zoom too's distracting

    qwer55555555qwer5555555511 aylar önce
  • How is THE MacBook Air compared to the New pro with TouchBar doing in programs like Logic Pro? Getting one mainly for music producing on the fly. I Love THE Gold color on the Air but dunno if It's powerful enough for Logic... Coming from an old 2013 i5 MacBook Air with 4giga of ram. It's been okay but in bigger projects it tends to crash / freeze up alot....

    Christian MortensenChristian Mortensen11 aylar önce
  • It’s not worth the money 💰 trust me I very disappointed 😔 with cámara 📸

    A NnyA Nny11 aylar önce
  • HEY AUSTIN, THIS IS EAR DAMAGE (sorry I can’t hear anymore after him yelling to me)

    Jabari deRoux: MoreJabari deRoux: More11 aylar önce
  • 1:32 My laptop don’t speak broke!

    Abby FagerlinAbby Fagerlin11 aylar önce
  • To use an iPad as a timer, omg, profi

    Nikolay PNikolay P11 aylar önce
  • A new macbook air, so is apple going to release a new iPad air?

    Putera Khalid Eragon Al Rodie Roedy KoerniawanPutera Khalid Eragon Al Rodie Roedy Koerniawan11 aylar önce
  • Very nice

    саша сашасаша саша11 aylar önce
  • I bought the air as a backup/travel laptop and had to replace it with a 13” MBP. It struggled with basic programs like adobe acrobat and even the apple photos app. Seems to be made just for internet browsing.

    Scott MillerScott Miller11 aylar önce
    • Alexander Lee I actually got the 2018 (4 cores) on sale at Best Buy.

      Scott MillerScott Miller11 aylar önce
    • In terms of pricing, you can get the 2017 MBP baseline for roughly the same price with discounts apparent at a lot of stores

      Alexander LeeAlexander Lee11 aylar önce

    Nairn CrawfordNairn Crawford11 aylar önce
  • Hey guys! Ztdtdtdisgudtinh......jajaajajajja

    Wang Until NeverWang Until Never11 aylar önce
  • hey austin. i just wanna ask if you have experienced flickering while watching full screen netflix on safari on this new macbook air bc that happens to mine. thanks bro!

    Luis Antonio de LunaLuis Antonio de Luna11 aylar önce

    B EB E11 aylar önce
  • I remember the date I got so excited to upgrade my windows xp desktop from 40gb to 80gb

    DaryleneZDaryleneZYıl önce
  • The Air stands for the contents of your brain if you decide to buy it.

    Henry EttoitHenry EttoitYıl önce
    • The air stands for the actual content of your comments

      Michael R.Michael R.11 aylar önce
  • oh wow, a safaribrowser with a build in keyboard, think different!😁

    Christel KappisChristel KappisYıl önce
  • Shit u. Bro u don't even know anything but u say that its waste and all the stuff. Ur dooooodoxoo bro

    Get Good GamingGet Good GamingYıl önce
  • Voice?

    Aarya SukhadiaAarya SukhadiaYıl önce
  • The MacBook Air is not designed to be a gaming laptop you dickhead !!

    Ian BuchanIan BuchanYıl önce
  • My old MacBook Air screen is brighter also it has an SD card slot

    Ian BuchanIan BuchanYıl önce
  • For it’s price it better be !

    Techie-XTechie-XYıl önce
  • I just want to point something out, I have had my Mac for 6 years and I’m finally upgrading. The Mac book pro is one of the best computers I have had because of how long it has lasted. The other computer I have had was a Microsoft computer and it lasted me 3 years. The price i don’t care about as long as it lasts me at 4 years

    Abbey BlaisAbbey BlaisYıl önce
  • 1:32 you didn’t have to flex your airpods on us like that

    Slyxed YTSlyxed YTYıl önce
    • Time for a wave check

      Kev264Kev26410 aylar önce
    • It was to show the size comparison if u didn’t realise

      Niya SanthoshNiya Santhosh11 aylar önce
    • Slyxed _ fr that was so unnecessary LMAOO

      ballooney jrballooney jrYıl önce
  • And you would buy this instead of a 13" MacBook Pro (for $100 more) because...?

    geoffk777geoffk777Yıl önce
  • Please try playing Fortnite on 13 inch 2017 MacBook Pro

    Tejoshmoy DuttaTejoshmoy DuttaYıl önce
  • No

    MistrrrMistrrrYıl önce
  • Cats Meow

    ZonderlingZonderlingYıl önce
  • 2:11 shpeakers?

    Something NothingSomething NothingYıl önce
  • Lmfaooo I like you

    Ilias CruzIlias CruzYıl önce
  • Can it run fortnite AT ALL?

    Joseph SturinoJoseph SturinoYıl önce

    王仁宏王仁宏Yıl önce
  • I'm waiting the new Macbook Air 2018 buy , but with this price I don't think so , I will go with Macbook Air 2017 at least I will have USB ports , magsafe charger ,SD Card , I don't want Retina and New Keyboard, I think the best decision for me is go with Macbook Air 2017 or Mackbook Pro 13 2017 Base , I think MBA 2018 like hybrid creature between MBA and MBP

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed AhmedYıl önce
  • im glad that i didnt sell my windows laptop after i bought my 2012 macbook because i cant play fortnite on the mac, tho i suck at playing it but its fun anyway!

    JBL Bass TesterJBL Bass TesterYıl önce
  • The inside of that laptop is so almost looks fake.

    Christopher SmithChristopher SmithYıl önce
  • Why would Apple lie and say there isn't a fan though? like, I don't care if there's a fan, but if they lie on purpose, won't it be suspicious that they were lying so that people won't get mad for using a Y series chipset?

    Gabriel LeungGabriel LeungYıl önce
  • Please Need Help! i normally used to use photoshop , illustrator and browser all together in windows pc. But i'm going to buy a mac. will i able to use this all this things together smoothly in macbook air 2018? Please tell me. @austin

    S.M. Sarwar HossainS.M. Sarwar HossainYıl önce
  • Isn't it a 5w chip? I think it is!!

    Luca MassimoLuca MassimoYıl önce
  • Man i love flu season. I can see you do to!

    lol xdlol xdYıl önce
  • Watched because I saw epic games launcher in the dock menu.

    IHavOBCTIHavOBCTYıl önce
  • This guy actually is enjoyable to watch i just got into PC building and ive learned so much just from this guy

    Luke OefeleinLuke OefeleinYıl önce
  • Do the macbook pro 15" pls!!!

    Eduardo AvilaEduardo AvilaYıl önce
  • reduce 100$ to the macbook air then ill definitely buy it

    DSVerifiedDSVerifiedYıl önce
  • why do laptops like this exist on both sides of the aisle? Seriously dual cores?

    Karthig1987Karthig1987Yıl önce
  • 1:35 Airpod for size comparison 😝

    ScorchyScorchyYıl önce
  • So... is it good?😂

    il caglieil caglieYıl önce
  • Is the new MacBook Air 2018 powerful enough to not lag or delay for a power websurfer...I listen to streaming music, watch TRvision, have 20-30 tabs open in both Safari and Chrome, and have TweetDeck running...all simultaneously. Thoughts 💭❓ Thanks.

    Cool OneCool OneYıl önce
    • it works really crazy fast and well on my MacBook Air 2018

      Michael OwenMichael Owen5 aylar önce
  • Hey, Ma, I found my lost AirPod inside my computer! Strange..

    CharmingHomerCharmingHomerYıl önce
  • Wow, an i5 8210Y. A similarly sized Dell inspiron running Mint is better in every possible way, excepting reasonable excuses about apple integration. Why would people go for the Air? At least with a more expensive Pro configuration, you're getting some~ of what you paid for Edit: now that I looked at it a bit more those T2 chip functions are pretty interesting, and I also like how it looks with the case opened up, nice footage here!

    claustrophiliaclaustrophiliaYıl önce
  • my core 2 quad pc that cost me 15 bucks outperforms this joke. how can they release something so underpowered in 2018

    GrobfootGrobfootYıl önce
  • Ouch...250 points in Cinebench....that's quite painful! That makes it even slower (20% slower) than the slowest core i3 8th gen ulv processor...the i3 8130U! AND also 220% slower than the slowest core i5 8250U! That's just atrocious! In my country, the base MacBook Air 2018 costs 1600 euro! (The Netherlands, Europe) This MacBook will make everyone's wallet litterally 'Air'...

    GamingWiffJohnGamingWiffJohnYıl önce
  • Hey Austin, you sound very OFF-stin

    EaslitEaslitYıl önce
MacBook Air 2018 - Is It Enough?