Maddie's Crush Might Not Make it! Emotional Goodbye to Best Friend! Matt and Rebecca

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After Rebecca Zamolo was caught in a giant inside out moving in real life for 24 hours she tried to save the missing memories. Before that Matt and Rebecca was betrayed by RZ twin when they were saving their best friend from the RHS. Now we found out that Robbie Rob might not make it. Maddie is super upset and is blaming Rebecca. If this doesn't work out Rebecca and Maddie might not best friends any more. It all starts with a battle royale against the RSH. They try to take the pizza bag but is not successful. After Rebecca and Matt defeat them they run away to the tunnel system. Daniel and RZ twin have a secret meeting and she says we need to save the game master so Rebecca needs to go inside the game. Once inside she can recover the memory ball and save the game master. Next Matt and Rebecca watch her go inside the game while Matt searches the bag and finds a secret room inside. Its another necklace that can make the game master good again. Will Maddie's best friend make it and can we save the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Arzie twin is the best because she battles every single red hood spy everybody was trying to save the game master

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Maddie's Crush Might Not Make it! Emotional Goodbye to Best Friend! Matt and Rebecca