MARCUS GAD live @ Lion Stage 2017

Live show recorded at
12-19 Aug Benicàssim Spain



  • I don’t know what he’s saying at all but I feel every word SELLASIE I!!!!!

    ChelseaJo LemayChelseaJo Lemay6 saatler önce
  • Rototom yes dommage j y était pas cette anneee

    Sophie RaultSophie RaultGün önce
  • เล่นทีไทยนิ

    Nataphon KaewpleeNataphon Kaewplee15 gün önce
  • Greetings to all ! Check out Marcus Gad & Tribe live @ Ostroda Reggae Festival 2019!

    World Music AddictWorld Music Addict18 gün önce
  • Heavy roots Yes I 🔥

    Rerb GracieRerb GracieAylar önce
  • Fuck i never heard of this guy ( and I know my reggae). just in time for me to hear someone that has a pure soul such as MIDNITE RIP. Beautiful voice and choice of words in his music. I love this kid........

    melisabosniamelisabosniaAylar önce
    • There is a continuity between them ! Vaughn has planted seeds with his works.

      NaturalVibesNaturalVibes5 gün önce
  • Big up Rastafari...come & check us @ île Maurice & share us your viBe !!

    David KifDavid Kif4 aylar önce
  • thank you for such sweetness and blessings ~

    Tamara KiddTamara Kidd4 aylar önce

    da classda class4 aylar önce

    da classda class4 aylar önce
  • Bassist is a serial killer. Long live my friend.

    Ramzi AmmouriRamzi Ammouri4 aylar önce
  • comme quoi, un frère du pays peut faire les meilleurs festival du monde!!!olé frang1

    wax hyehenwax hyehen5 aylar önce
  • Please been khan

    Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor5 aylar önce
  • what is the name of the second last song??? where can we find that?? pure grounding chanting... nothing quite like it

    Partha PfeifferPartha Pfeiffer5 aylar önce
    • Partha Pfeiffer Evil Ways

      Ras AkanRas Akan3 aylar önce
  • i just keep on going back to this to watch this recording...just keeps getting and better

    Partha PfeifferPartha Pfeiffer5 aylar önce
    • I just wish the sound quality was better! the moment where he gives thanks to the crowd -and that the show is a collective experience... boom!

      Partha PfeifferPartha Pfeiffer5 aylar önce
  • Conscious Father lyrics anyone????

    Meget SMeget S6 aylar önce
  • "love is the color of your soul...."

    jointed heartsjointed hearts6 aylar önce
    • That's right..!!

      David KifDavid Kif4 aylar önce
  • Jah Rastafari the great kebra nagast

    Eniola ApataEniola Apata6 aylar önce
  • Mantendo a chama do Roots reggae sempre acesa !

    Alan DamacenoAlan Damaceno7 aylar önce
  • Possibly the tightest reggae band on the earth, 2nd to midnite, but arguably just as tight.

    Bee KanBee Kan8 aylar önce
    • Please

      Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor5 aylar önce
  • Roots reggae 🔥 2 Babylon

    Lacina BakayokoLacina Bakayoko8 aylar önce
  • spirituel son, franchement très bon!!!

    florent latourflorent latour8 aylar önce
  • 2019 on est là ✊🏾✊🏾 Toujours au top du top de regardé ce live .. Big up MARCUS and TRIBE 🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨✊🏾✊🏾 Reggea music from KANAKY

    ASTRO BOYASTRO BOY10 aylar önce
  • Reminds me of Midnite, beautiful performance

    alex jomainalex jomain10 aylar önce
  • KANAKY Dawani !! 👊👊👊👌👌👌

    Jeanmarie KoromaJeanmarie Koroma10 aylar önce
  • Thanks to all for your comments and support! My new EP is out now:

    Marcus GadMarcus Gad11 aylar önce
  • What a show..

    fabrice viviritofabrice viviritoYıl önce
  • O top..

    Gyno NkwGyno NkwYıl önce
  • jah guide

    MauriçioMauriçioYıl önce
  • Pedra 🇧🇷

    Airton BrandãoAirton BrandãoYıl önce
  • Big up

    Rachel HugonRachel HugonYıl önce
  • Blazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...

    Jah Dartanhan OficialJah Dartanhan OficialYıl önce
  • Organic, authentic roots reggae music!

    Irie Roots Reggae ReviewsIrie Roots Reggae ReviewsYıl önce
  • Esse som me deixa muito leve fumacando uma ganja fico rilex rsrsrs

    Marcone EtyMarcone EtyYıl önce
  • I'm back for more!

    Irie Roots Reggae ReviewsIrie Roots Reggae ReviewsYıl önce
  • Real Root Reggae Jah Bless For Marcus Gad, Such a Talent Reggae Artist

    shahriar haghighat khahshahriar haghighat khahYıl önce
  • Sziii toujours présent le drapeau 🇳🇨🇳🇨 #Kanaky ✊ respect

    Kimberley WENEGUEIKimberley WENEGUEIYıl önce
  • How have I never heard these guys, with the pure sound of roots reggae reminiscent of MIDNITE! Wow man! This is great.

    Irie Roots Reggae ReviewsIrie Roots Reggae ReviewsYıl önce
    • true words. blended with matisyahu

      7 Bravo Tango Homenaje7 Bravo Tango Homenaje3 aylar önce

    nyi hootnyi hootYıl önce
  • iPhoneThanks

    Hiran HamawandHiran HamawandYıl önce
  • iPhoneiPhone

    Hiran HamawandHiran HamawandYıl önce
  • go up Marcus,..i saw u guys in Geneva,..awesome performance..powerful..i'll come to check u again for sure

    Ras NgaboRas NgaboYıl önce
  • Real nice

    elvaeonor Daskielvaeonor DaskiYıl önce
  • Jah Bless Marcus Gad & Tribe!!! Thank you for Roots Reggae!!!🇧🇷🇯🇲🇳🇨 Feeling Irie !!!

    Luís EmílioLuís EmílioYıl önce
  • background?...

    Dread MoonDread MoonYıl önce
  • Deep roots reggae music for the soul. Bless Marcus Gad and tribe. One love from holland🦁🔥🙏

    ras iyahras iyahYıl önce
  • Muito bom . Love 🇧🇷🇯🇲

    Klaif SantosKlaif SantosYıl önce
  • High-grade reggae!!! Ohhh that sounds!!! Peace and love! Respect and best wishes from Ukraine!

    Egor Golovan'Egor Golovan'Yıl önce
  • Holly Selassie I man a chanting

    Mangistu AbuyaMangistu AbuyaYıl önce
  • that's another dimension! So ellegant vibes make this guys, big up!

    Blaiova SoundsBlaiova SoundsYıl önce
  • my jah such an ital band me love it .......,.this is realy roots rocking reggae .....we will heare much from dem inna da future sista sunjah and bredren jahron amsterdam one love

    sanne Offermansanne OffermanYıl önce
  • KNKY✌

    vens bncavens bncaYıl önce
  • Style like midnite

    Pamela ThomasPamela ThomasYıl önce
    • and matisyahu

      7 Bravo Tango Homenaje7 Bravo Tango Homenaje3 aylar önce
  • So mellow, my soul cries with joy! Thank you!

    no/mad soulno/mad soulYıl önce
  • Marcus brother Kanak👊

    Knk KnkyKnk KnkyYıl önce
  • La c'est plus Roots que Reggae

    FCO VCOFCO VCO2 yıl önce
  • h

    Niu BerNiu Ber2 yıl önce
  • merci pour cette bonne vibre

    Soso DavidSoso David2 yıl önce
  • Muy buen roots reggae....alabanza jahova...

    patricio israel lopez olguinpatricio israel lopez olguin2 yıl önce
  • Mini Midnite

    Karims TVKarims TV2 yıl önce
    • mini matisyahu

      7 Bravo Tango Homenaje7 Bravo Tango Homenaje3 aylar önce
    • I was about to comment midnite vibe. So good

      Miguel A RodriguezMiguel A RodriguezYıl önce
    • That's the pure, raw sound of Virgin Island roots reggae. It's so heartwarming to witness this. Wow!

      Irie Roots Reggae ReviewsIrie Roots Reggae ReviewsYıl önce
  • Yo..Marcus✌ toujour au top mon frère ✊✊reggea roots made in KANAKY👌 .. Salutation du nord✊✊👏👏

    Doui ndaDoui nda2 yıl önce
  • powerful

    Farah RuteauFarah Ruteau2 yıl önce
  • puras vibras de reggae

    CHAKALOM reggae rootsCHAKALOM reggae roots2 yıl önce
  • 00:00 Chanting 9:41 Hata Fyah 15:55 Grow 22:46 Conscious Father 27:52 (Sorry i don't know this one) 32:20 Keep Cool 36:55 Wich color 42:37 Walk a talk 47:33 Evil ways 53:34 Purify

    Felaros RoseFelaros Rose2 yıl önce
    • The Valley ✊🏾🇳🇨🇳🇨 ( 27 min )

      ASTRO BOYASTRO BOY10 aylar önce
    • "Grow" is my favourite

      Thierry RakotoThierry RakotoYıl önce
    • I love you <3

      benniridebennirideYıl önce
    • 27.52 The valley

      Alvyn SADOKAlvyn SADOK2 yıl önce
  • M c l8 😁😁😂

    Nomai Jean PaulNomai Jean Paul2 yıl önce
  • Resistência!!!

    Marcio LimaMarcio Lima2 yıl önce
  • trop net le son

    ryan sawazaryan sawaza2 yıl önce
  • djou mag😘😘😘❤✌💃🌹😝

    Lolita PohijilanLolita Pohijilan2 yıl önce
  • Feel in Irie

    Yannick MOUGELYannick MOUGEL2 yıl önce
  • pour moi le reggae c'et ça!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rasta Man 59rasta Man 592 yıl önce
MARCUS GAD live @ Lion Stage 2017