Matt Crashes Secret Meeting to see MR X’s Face Reveal! 24 Hours inside Game Master Headquarters

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo rescue the game master and he lets us know that Mr X has a secret meeting.
If we travel fast enough we can catch the GMI agents and crash the secret meeting for a face reveal of Mr. X. First they need to give the GM his old mask back. Our mission is to sneak into the Game Master Incorporated safe house and attend the meeting. We need to get the remote as it controls the mask. They are doing a challenge video so it might be easy if we can find a disguise. Do you think we can defeat the Quadrant and Mr. X?
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Many of you have asked if we are Project Zorgo or if we are affiliated with PZ9. No, we partnered with him one time but he betrayed us and he is now considered a rival.




  • Do we finally have what we need to stop the GMI?

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    • Aisha Hussain Deon

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  • Rebecca they sowr you and Matt they know it's you and they are after u

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  • Sorry I am very late but I think the game master is rocky

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  • Matt and Rebecca are on a losing streak

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  • Worst disguise

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  • Worst disguise

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  • Poiuy😏

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  • You blurted the face so I couldn't see it his face

    Lucy and DestinyLucy and Destiny2 gün önce
  • i saw thir y.c and i saw thir youtube channl

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  • The c is 931

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  • Hack it that are fitting me:(

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  • I went to their channel and spies on them

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  • I saw Alice! Like=you saw Comment=you didn’t see

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  • The worst disguise

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  • It is the worst disguise

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  • You are the best Rebecca and Matt

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  • The GMI can see Rebecca because your light

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  • 928 SZK


  • Love you guys

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  • Yes

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  • Who do you like more Matt = comment Rebecca = like

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  • i love you Game Master stop the GMI😊😆😇

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  • worst

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  • I saw you in the gyms channel and matt disguise is bad

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  • I Love Rebecca And matt

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  • WORST discgise

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  • That is the worse disguise

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  • Waar bly jy

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  • His face was blurred out nobody did

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  • We seen a boot so its a girl GMI

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  • Rebbecca,Matt I saw you in the GMI’s TRvision video I saw you get the suit

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  • Themselves

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    JesnKoda BrowningJesnKoda Browning19 gün önce
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Matt Crashes Secret Meeting to see MR X’s Face Reveal!  24 Hours inside Game Master Headquarters