McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk w/ Jordy Nelson | Friday, May 22nd

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  • Aj shoulda called me for drywall and maybe gave me a few tips for a football😂😂

    NRG_ KirillNRG_ Kirill2 gün önce
  • 8:10 18:15 19:20 41:30 53:30 1:05:10

    Hassan AliHassan Ali8 gün önce
  • My man talked about glass for four mins

    Joe ThompsonJoe ThompsonAylar önce
  • Jordy Nelson is a legend. I will never understand how you let him go. Please come back Jordy. 2020 green and gold. Aaron and the cheeseheads need you

    Nathan PayeNathan PayeAylar önce
  • Trade Dak go get cam.

    Janoy CresvaJanoy CresvaAylar önce
  • So, funny story: Just looked up the story from October 8, 2019 about when Pat tells the story about when he got kicked out of the philanthropic celebrity softball game, and he's wearing the exact same pair of KD12's. How about that? Ok, carry on.

    Adam FritzAdam FritzAylar önce
  • Jordy makes for kind of a dull interview but Pat killed it today.

    Joe SchroederJoe SchroederAylar önce
  • You see these cool glasses right here?

    Joe SchroederJoe SchroederAylar önce
  • There’s an ad of a rap song and it is the most terrible song I’ve ever heard it is so corny it’s like a bunch of white dudes in a garage with green smoke really corny

    Dustin NanceDustin NanceAylar önce
  • Pat will do to ESPN what Joe Rogan did to CNN.

    Anomie MnemonicalAnomie MnemonicalAylar önce
  • Pat I swear to God, I have never bought anything directly from an advertisement in my life. But I just found some COOL GLASSES for $36 - had been holding out cause I didn't want to spend $100+. Wish I could of gotten the full 50% off. Thanks a lot AJ.

    TheDevTheDevAylar önce
  • thank you Jordy that was an awesome interview given us a little glimpse into your life I grew up a farmer so I really appreciate the insight

    Rebel 58Rebel 58Aylar önce
  • cool Glasses

    BrownieElfBrownieElfAylar önce
  • Love Hawk's support of Roosters

    truhill26ifytruhill26ifyAylar önce
  • casuaIIy, about a 1,000 heads of cattIe

    Dick WintersDick WintersAylar önce
  • Man Jordy is a cool dude would love to meet him

    lunaSWEATSlunaSWEATSAylar önce
  • Jim Kong un

    Native C BlockNative C BlockAylar önce
  • Pat if you’re serious about getting on a bull let me know and I can get that done for ya here in Montana. I’ll get you entered in a real rodeo on a real bull.

    Colter LairyColter LairyAylar önce
  • Best show ever lol

    MetalslugMetalslugAylar önce
  • Aj Hawk should come into the studio and beat everyone up. And stomp on the glasses!!!

    Kyle StricklinKyle StricklinAylar önce
  • I can't believe how much bigger AJ's head is compared to Jordy's lol Go Pack Go!!!

    Luke BrownLuke BrownAylar önce
  • This was the best show on tv today

    Tim MooneyTim MooneyAylar önce
  • I think pat was doing a paid promo for them glasses...

    Kayla MooreKayla MooreAylar önce
  • Wes Welker was the best white receiver along with Edelman. There's no competition.

    Justin McWatersJustin McWatersAylar önce
  • Pat is the best pitch man for commercials in existence

    vegas23vegas23Aylar önce
  • Should've came to Seattle first

    Koi MataiKoi MataiAylar önce
  • 4:54 A.J. has no clue about what is going on...

    Maven FrankeusMaven FrankeusAylar önce
  • This was seriously one of the better episodes...well done boys.

    Ep0nzEp0nzAylar önce
  • Jordys face this whole podcast 😐

    Sethstubb 12Sethstubb 12Aylar önce
  • The only show in history where I like to hear the ad reads

    Coopatroopa51Coopatroopa51Aylar önce
  • Don't smoke vitamins but a few times in 10 years. Bake out the come to thiz intro?! Get the f out. Lmao huge fan brother. Always have been. Great job boys!

    Shea ShankleShea ShankleAylar önce
  • cool glasses

    @PartNegro@PartNegroAylar önce
  • never seen this show before lets see how this goes

    OKG2000OKG2000Aylar önce
  • This is one of the best shows right now. Jordy is good get. great interview

    Leto AtreidesLeto AtreidesAylar önce
  • Shout out Josh Allen. Melon Farmer.

    bigdrew002bigdrew002Aylar önce
  • Bring cam to the big apple. Imagine what jones could become wit a veteran QB teaching Danny dimes especially if we somehow managed to pull a competent HC outta our asses...?

    Himer SampsHimer SampsAylar önce
  • Hey pat just noticed you golfed right handed wouldnt you think you swing right handed too?

    Troy GraceTroy GraceAylar önce
  • cool glasses

    Ameise WindleAmeise WindleAylar önce
  • Imagine the locker room talk in the Panthers organization with McCaffrey causing absolute chaos in that backfield.

    Zach MauroZach MauroAylar önce
  • A.j a serious guy, hilarious to c McAfee break him

    Primo HPrimo HAylar önce
  • If AJ laughs and hard you know you have won lol

    Sensation 26 1990Sensation 26 1990Aylar önce

    Aidan WatsonAidan WatsonAylar önce
  • Please tell me everybody else appreciated that Grove Street Waka Flocka reference

    Aidan WatsonAidan WatsonAylar önce
  • These are always the best ad reads

    Modern ShamanModern ShamanAylar önce
  • AJ 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿HAWK!

    GLADTVGLADTVAylar önce

    senior fatheadsenior fatheadAylar önce
  • 19:43

    SunTwoKongSunTwoKongAylar önce
  • Literally watch this everyday. Keep up the good work fellas.!

    Marcus WilliamsMarcus WilliamsAylar önce
  • Peta will come to your house and give your pets poisoned treats and thier shelters are over 85% kills. Peta is prime example of hypocrisy.

    JewboyJesusLoverJewboyJesusLoverAylar önce
  • AJ and Jordy sharing a "My First Microphone" is great

    Matt QuastMatt QuastAylar önce
  • Peta is people eating tasty animals

    Steven DeanSteven DeanAylar önce
  • God damnit I love the fuckin pat mcafee show so much and I fuckin LOVE McAfee and hawk sports talk. This is the type of show I feel like I've wanted for years

    Supremegeniusking JohnsonSupremegeniusking JohnsonAylar önce
  • I don't think Rodgers trusts or likes anyone.

    John SmithJohn SmithAylar önce
  • Damn auto fill lmao

    Cloyd MooreCloyd MooreAylar önce
  • What off best podcasts ever pat you got my dying keep it up. Great show

    Cloyd MooreCloyd MooreAylar önce
  • i would love to see Jordy Nelson back in green bay but also randal cobb with devanta adams that would be a great core and it was great when they were all togather was disiponted when green bay got rid of nelson and cobb they were great wrs .

    TreesTreesAylar önce
  • Had mark Cuban one day, then Jordy the next. God damn I love this show!!! Keep up the amazing work pat, aj, and the boyyssss

    Ben OetgenBen OetgenAylar önce
  • It’s nice to hear the things I’ve been saying about Carr come out of someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. No QB would have success in Carr’s position, and what Carr has accomplished so far in the giant revolving door that is the Raiders roster (coaches included) is honestly amazing.

    StrumStrumAylar önce
  • cockazoid ahahahh

    NW FRSNW FRSAylar önce
  • 1:04:20 Pat and AJ realized Mitt fucked the minutes at the same exact time!!! Epic 😂😂😂

    Nellz O NellzNellz O NellzAylar önce
  • I love the he ask. “Do you know why it was wrong”

    Nellz O NellzNellz O NellzAylar önce
  • Cool glasses! Haha AJ’s face during the promo haha

    Joel VelasquezJoel VelasquezAylar önce
  • Bro for fricking so glad Jordy was on to talk about farm life and such a nice Dud

    KeatoRalph 11221KeatoRalph 11221Aylar önce
  • I wonder what Mg edibles Pat eats. Need to know if I'm on par with The Brand lol

    Alex JamesAlex JamesAylar önce
  • Just celebrated Emmett getting the promo code right 😂 need sports back pronto

    Grier MGrier MAylar önce
  • Really didn't want to like Jordy that much as a Lions fan 😂

    Grier MGrier MAylar önce
  • Connor and Emmitt need a show of Connor yelling at Emmitt 😂😂😂

    Alberto David JrAlberto David JrAylar önce
  • Chris Gaines is just Garth Brooks predicting most of the current country-pop singers.

    Anschutz270Anschutz270Aylar önce
  • wait, what? 200 jet back shoulder isnt real? next thing hes gonna tell us spider 2 y banana isnt really a thing either.. -.-

    erbgorreerbgorreAylar önce
  • Cooooool glasses.

    Matthew PfauMatthew PfauAylar önce
McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk w/ Jordy Nelson | Friday, May 22nd