Mexico (3) vs. Canada (1) - Gold Cup 2019

Watch the Game Highlights from Mexico vs. Canada, 06/19/2019



  • I want to visit Canada one day

    MMS.16MMS.1629 gün önce
  • Como se llama el narrador

    Nelson MatuteNelson Matute2 aylar önce
  • Muy bien

    RAFORAFO2 aylar önce
  • I was there

    Kaylene DominguezKaylene Dominguez2 aylar önce
  • My last name is guardado

    Omar GuardadoOmar Guardado3 aylar önce
  • Why are canadians so nice?

    Jessica BlancoJessica Blanco4 aylar önce
  • If you can see very grandpa is watching this from Mexico lookin proud with his cup of coffee

    Non skinnyNon skinny4 aylar önce
  • I dont like the way he commentates. It's not like how the Europeans commentate.

    Jesse LongoriaJesse Longoria4 aylar önce
  • I was there

    Ryoz VxndiRyoz Vxndi4 aylar önce
  • The difference between American commentators and Mexican commentators is so different as Mexican commentators actually yell and talk a lot and American commentators barely even say anything but anyways congrats to my country for winning and gg to Canada

    Alpha Ghost_316Alpha Ghost_3164 aylar önce
  • Mexico team Incredible performances But i like the Canada Team!

    Abdul Ghaffar AnsariAbdul Ghaffar Ansari4 aylar önce
  • Hello guys, im seen this match in this link, can you see the match highlights so click

    Abdul Ghaffar AnsariAbdul Ghaffar Ansari4 aylar önce
    • I like soccer's game, can you like the soccer game!

      Abdul Ghaffar AnsariAbdul Ghaffar Ansari4 aylar önce
  • A qué buen himno tiene Mejicaca Es de honores

    ッChaves_YTッChaves_YT4 aylar önce
  • México

    America HitmanAmerica Hitman4 aylar önce
  • Good lord this announcer is terrible. Cut him out and turn up the crowd noise.

    Adam NowekAdam Nowek4 aylar önce
  • Not too impressed with the Canadian goalie...

    liveclassictunesliveclassictunes4 aylar önce
  • Ahi si ganan a pura cojudesas" copita de oro"

    Wilson LopezWilson Lopez4 aylar önce
  • Solo en la copa de oro pueden ganar algo mexicanos, pero vienen a la copa america , se van goleados, no son peso para los equipos suramericanos

    Nico ReyesNico Reyes4 aylar önce
  • Guardado is like wine, gets better as he ages. Great game.

    Julio RamirezJulio Ramirez4 aylar önce
  • Why Mexico has not been suspended from fifa games yet? The homophobic yelling is unbelievable and Univision and Telemundo also should be suspended for allowing that.

    Marco VíasMarco Vías4 aylar önce
    • Beats jotuetui I don’t know what you mean buddy I’m married and have to beautiful daughters. My point exactly assholes like you. I have no problems showing you mf how man I am, of course you probably hide behind hundreds of other assholes like you during the games.

      Marco VíasMarco Vías4 aylar önce
    • Lmao what a sensitive soyboy, it has nothing to do with homosexual people we even do it in our own league with any team

      Beats jotuetuiBeats jotuetui4 aylar önce
  • Mexico scored 2 gials from 2 bad giveawats. Canada needs to step up their defense man.

    infinteuniverseinfinteuniverse4 aylar önce
  • Why does the commentary sound like a high school football game 😂

    Joaquin MedinaJoaquin Medina4 aylar önce
  • Mexico te invitamos a jugar eliminatorias mundialistas con los sudamericanos y no copas de agua que siempre ganas. Aqui hay REALES ELIMINATORIAS

    Marcelo Urra JorqueraMarcelo Urra Jorquera4 aylar önce
  • Me gustaria ver a mexico en eliminatorias reales para un mundial frente a bolivia en la paz a 4400 metros de altura. En montevideo con uruguay y su dificil clima en invierno. Con brasil en sao paulo. Con la altura de bogota contra colombia y su braba hinchada que no los dejaria entrar al estadio .con argentina en la temible bombonera y con chile en santiago con lluvia y frio en pleno invierno . como dijo mourinho las mejores eliminatorias son las sudamericanas

    Marcelo Urra JorqueraMarcelo Urra Jorquera4 aylar önce
  • Pode mandar o troféu para o México,🏆🇲🇽💪👏👏👏

    Amadeu SoaresAmadeu Soares4 aylar önce
  • This dude's obnoxious af. More crowd noise less commentator, please.

    Philip TrippePhilip Trippe4 aylar önce
  • Mexico is the best

    Juan CuevasJuan Cuevas4 aylar önce
  • Dicen que es más competitivo q el mismo mundial jajaja

    elqsappe 666elqsappe 6664 aylar önce
  • All these Mexicans deadass think that the gold cup is a strong tourney huh? 😂😂 pathetic that’s why they’ll never ever win a World Cup or the Copa America instead ima call my niggas from Chile to whoop them 7-0 again 😂😂😂😂

    Ę-MæńĘ-Mæń4 aylar önce
    • Juxav 726 yeah and Mexico hasn’t won since Hitler existed buddy 😂😂💀

      Ę-MæńĘ-Mæń4 aylar önce
    • @Ę-Mæń they didn't qualify. They were invited. The Copa America isn't even important hence Japan and Qatar didn't take their full team. The World Cup is the only tournament that matters.

      Juxav 726Juxav 7264 aylar önce
    • Juxav 726 well you’re right on that but they still qualified over Mexico 😂💀 and they on the east side of America

      Ę-MæńĘ-Mæń4 aylar önce
  • Impresionante la calidad de este campeonato potencia de selecciones.......😁

    Rmarin MetalirgicaRmarin Metalirgica4 aylar önce
  • Respect from a Mexico fan 🇲🇽🇨🇦

    Pea-ShooterPea-Shooter4 aylar önce
  • Should’ve been 3-0 🤣 that goal was complete shite

    JixDoesGamingJixDoesGaming4 aylar önce
  • Not a bad lose from Canada, they are making progress in football (soccer)

    Gzim LatifiGzim Latifi4 aylar önce
  • Qué bien México, somos potencia mundial, ahora sigue la siempre poderosa Martinica

    elias chiquiarelias chiquiar4 aylar önce
  • México y Costa Rica van a la final guarden tweet anuma esto es yt xdxd

    SaYerSaYer4 aylar önce
  • Si guardado hubiera estado en condición para el mundial le dan un partidazo Brazil.

    Big White DuckBig White Duck4 aylar önce
  • La Copa de la Segunda división de Sudamérica

    Sebastián IcarddiSebastián Icarddi4 aylar önce
  • Canada has a very bright future. A lot of their players have the potential to finish games strong

    VDLSVDLS4 aylar önce
  • Cold Canada vs Hot Canada 😂😂

    Isiah ArellanoIsiah Arellano4 aylar önce
  • Aparte de mexicanos, alguien más ve esta copa? Copa carton

    JRJR4 aylar önce
  • My Canadian brothers I'm from Mexico we hope this dosent turn in to hate but we have a lot respect for you guys we love guys from mexico lets keep peace

    SANCHEZ sanchezSANCHEZ sanchez4 aylar önce
  • K no guardado estaba ya jubilado , bueno La Volpe es un genio.

    Carlos VelasquezCarlos Velasquez4 aylar önce
  • Cant they get a better commentary? This guy sounds like he is commenting for an American football game or hockey lol

    HKHK4 aylar önce
  • Copa de Oro is a joke.

    Josh350Josh3504 aylar önce
  • Celebran por ganarle a Canadá jajaja ahora entiendo porque en el centenario le metimos 7

    Feliciano GutierrezFeliciano Gutierrez4 aylar önce
    • Que feo estas

      Cristal MoralesCristal Morales4 aylar önce
  • Copa oro Jajajajajaja jaja a Jajajajajaja

    yung lvcasyung lvcas4 aylar önce
  • Que es un copa de oro? Solo se que es copa america

    Futbol PasiónFutbol Pasión4 aylar önce
  • Lmao they get all happy cuz they beat Canada 😂😂😂😂😂

    Mr. RossoMr. Rosso4 aylar önce
  • Ese es el nivel q le gusta ah mexico

    nikel boynikel boy4 aylar önce
  • Oh man this idiots act like they beat unbelievable team "canada" give me a break. You playing against central American teams. Nothing special. All they do is play in the USA or Mexico cause once they play against a A team they start crying and blaming the coaches

    Lui LLui L4 aylar önce
    • What a salty comment, Mexicans don’t even think that, you’re just salty that’s all, take the L

      Beats jotuetuiBeats jotuetui4 aylar önce
    • Lui L Shut your mouth and take this L

      M GM G4 aylar önce
  • Para esta clase de rivales le alcanza a México... Canadá, Cuba, Martinica. Luego por qué un sudamericano le hace 7 goles en un torneo de verdad.

    Gonzalo MolinaGonzalo Molina4 aylar önce
  • David and Cavallini

    Andrew_ BAndrew_ B4 aylar önce
  • im from mexico and good job canada ya try ya best ya still have a chance

    1 you_hardlol1 you_hardlol4 aylar önce
  • Why does this sound like it's a radio broadcast?? Unattractive audio

    MiAmigo MexicanoMiAmigo Mexicano4 aylar önce
  • Frustrating but well played by Mexico 👏

    David CDavid C4 aylar önce
  • Asta q le toque usa .cota rica o panama jajaja tre verdugos de esta era

    Asociación Unidos por el Desarrollo IntegralAsociación Unidos por el Desarrollo Integral4 aylar önce
  • This "gold cup" should be called the joke cup lmao 🤣

    Ivan DsIvan Ds4 aylar önce
    • Right 😂😂, Mexico really think they’re so dominant against rates 3 star countries 🤦🏻‍♂️💀

      Ę-MæńĘ-Mæń4 aylar önce
  • ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ A B U R R I D O !!!!!!!!!!

    RAVFRAVF4 aylar önce
  • Gold Cup is an amateur tornament l so the Mexican can say that they win something, they don't go to Copa America because the South American team in competition they play complete different than the friendly games, they don't want to get 7 goals again that why Mexico play this Cup against amateurs.

    Cosaco 1969Cosaco 19694 aylar önce
    • Cosaco 1969 I’m pretty sure your team is in this tournament and you’re just salty because they suck lol

      M GM G4 aylar önce
  • Mexico se tenéis dignidad deje de jugar esta copa oro que un equipo de 3º división aqui de Brasil ganaría con facilidad. Venga jugar la copa america a ver se usteds llegaría por lo menos a los cuartos. esta es la realidad.

    Tiago JucaTiago Juca4 aylar önce
    • Tiago Juca Mexico no decide. La conmebol ya no quiere invitar a Mexico

      Beats jotuetuiBeats jotuetui4 aylar önce
    • jade1ucas pues entonces aí sería la oportunidad para mexico aprovechar el pésimo momento de Brasil y participar de la copa América para ver se llega por lo menos a cuartos. Es esto que me refiero.

      Tiago JucaTiago Juca4 aylar önce
    • Brazil is pretty trash at the moment.

      M GM G4 aylar önce
    • Tiago Juca voces acaban de empatar con Venezuela! 🤣🤣

      jade1ucasjade1ucas4 aylar önce
  • Go watch the Copa America, don’t do this to yourself

    Martin BonillaMartin Bonilla4 aylar önce
    • Go and mind your own business, L

      Beats jotuetuiBeats jotuetui4 aylar önce
  • Que clase de copa america es esta???

  • Es lo unico que Mexico puede ganar la CONCACHAFA

    Hector ToledooHector Toledoo4 aylar önce
    • Hector Toledo no seas invidioso

      M GM G4 aylar önce
  • Like si amas al numero uno andres guardado

    Eduardo FloresEduardo Flores4 aylar önce
  • En la tierra del ciego el tuerto es el rey.....Mexico le gusta lucirse con equipos q no tienen ninguna trascendencia....pues su federacion es feliz mientras le produzca ganancias economicas mientras tantos sus fanaticos son ciegos sordos .. No les importa...

    Gonzalo GonzalezGonzalo Gonzalez4 aylar önce
    • Largo de aquí con tus comentarios pretenciosos, no eres inteligente

      Beats jotuetuiBeats jotuetui4 aylar önce
  • Guardado no hace goles en Europa y viene hacerlos aquí

    Ricardo VargasRicardo Vargas4 aylar önce
  • Give em 5 more years and I think Canada might be joining the big guys. Mexico, USA, Canada and Costa Rica. Don't sleep on Jamaica as well.

    Nuper In NocteNuper In Nocte4 aylar önce
  • Le ganaron al poderoso equipo de Canadá

    tikynatortikynator4 aylar önce
  • México gana porque su confederación es pésima , fueran al sur estuvieran violados hasta por el josico

    José GuerraJosé Guerra4 aylar önce
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    Skippy YoungSkippy Young4 aylar önce
Mexico (3) vs. Canada (1) - Gold Cup 2019