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Morshu's body is a heavily modified Wario torso ripped from Smash Ultimate. Really saved some time getting the proportions right! The rest of Morshu is modelled by hand and animated in blender. He's textured in substance painter and rendered in EEVEE.
Morshu's shop is thrown together using assets from sketchfab, 3d model haven, models-resource and some original models.
It's not really RTX, as I used EEVEE. BIG fraud! However - the results I got from EEVEE were very comparable to a Cycles render and a fraction of the render time! The coolest part is that at lower detail - the whole scene runs in real-time on a GTX 1060 mama mia!



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    • Yes

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    • Why have a mr Miyamoto Shigeru ?

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  • 0:24 Chinese Bully Maguire

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  • Any of y'all know the gangstas paradise remix he used in the teaser?

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  • 0:13

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  • "Aaah. Link Skywalker! I was expecting someone with your reputation to be a little... Mmmmm... Richer!" "General Moshu, you have less rupees than I expected..."

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  • What e3 was this? which year?

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  • Could you do FNAF RTX on?

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  • Llegué aquí por Rangu y Eric xd

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  • Im just noticing the Redead in the bottom left corner

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  • New meme

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  • i dont have rupees :(

    WIDE PUTIN is a BACONWIDE PUTIN is a BACON22 saatler önce
  • The voice actor for Morshu sadly died.

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  • I reacted this before memes

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  • Honey what do you want to name our son? 0:14

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  • 1 5 D O L L A R F O R T N I T E C A R D

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  • Эбат он страшный стал

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  • wtf

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  • how do you do that?

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  • 0:10

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  • Quienes vinieron aquí por rangu y eric? 😂

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  • its beautiful, i’ve looked at this for five hours

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  • Wow, this meme died fast

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  • this is disgusting

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  • This scares me

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  • First zelda game with voice actors

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  • I hope this game coming for zelda 35th anniversary

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  • My dreams be like:

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  • 0:25 b o m b s

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  • why is this even a thing

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  • This gonna blow up

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  • Sorry link I can't give you PS-5 come back when you are a little..mmmmmmm GAMING

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  • There needs to be an actual VR remake of these games done in this style. This is true art.

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  • lampada de oil, esperança

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  • no one gonna talk about how the nose hairs are XXL

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  • 0:11 what?

    Benjamin BaxterBenjamin Baxter3 gün önce
  • I think there's a problem when he said bombs his mouth wasn't like Oh Ship and said it was like a square shape

    Tessa WoodyardTessa Woodyard3 gün önce
  • Plot twist: This is actually part of Zelda 35th.

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  • I didn't hear about blue screens

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  • RTX Hotel Mario when?

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  • Who is here from memes

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  • I think that this video critical Nintendo stupid and poor remakes

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  • Man. Little nightmares 2 looks incredible

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  • Make the whole game with rtx on

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  • Just imagine you see a person that already knows you coming in and looks in you soul

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  • Lamp oil rope bombs, you want it? Its yours my friend, as long as you have enough rupees. Sorry link I cant give credit! Come back when you're a little mmm... richer!

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  • Morshu Has I Bombs Hello Ruppes

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  • Xd 2160p

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  • "Morshu isn't real he can't hurt you" Morshu:

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  • this is scary

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  • Jesus is that you?

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  • Wait that game really isn't getting remade?

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  • The only time a live action was good.

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  • Btw RTX doesn't improve resolution, all it does is enhances the way light reflects off of objects. RTX means ray tracing.

    JonahJonah5 gün önce