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  • Esto me ayuda a comprar cosas para mi niña y eso que ya tengo un bebe pero todo lo que tenia no era lo mejor y me gusto que el video nos explicas todo bien y estoy viendo que es lo que es mas necesario para bebe 💕

    Brenda AlvearBrenda Alvear3 saatler önce
  • Help! She linked everything but where do i go to see it.. I dnt see anything linked. Pa saber! 🙂 thanks

    Berenisse RosasBerenisse RosasGün önce
  • 👍Lots of neat things! The stuff they have now to assist new mommy's is AMAZING! Every new mommy needs those great things! So practical! Those pacifiers were so so cute! 🙂

    Dina MezaDina Meza3 gün önce
  • Hello Les Do Makeup! we are so interested in your products and want to work with you . we sent you an email yesterday and we looking forward a reply .Thanks

    Tamer YoussefTamer Youssef4 gün önce
  • I love mommy Les ❤️🥰

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  • Me adding everything to my cart 😂

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  • Great video!! Loved all the must haves.. wish they had those things when mine were babies 💕

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  • Baby G is so beautiful 😍

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  • I love ordering baby items from Amazon, especially for baby showers! Love getting packages to the house lol

    Anali PerezAnali Perez16 gün önce
  • I love how Les wears Alex's clothing line..

    Mima CucutaMima Cucuta17 gün önce
  • OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator - Safe Hygienic and Quick Battery Operated Nose Cleaner with 3 Sizes of Nose Tips Includes Bonus Manual Snot Sucker for Newborns and Toddlers (Limited Edition) Love this one!! I went from the nose frida to this one and it makes it so much more easier to take them all out! And cleaner. Booger sucker!

    Isabella BeltranIsabella Beltran18 gün önce
  • What car seat and stroller did you go with?

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  • Worry about supporting his head!!! Wtf

    Lauren GoldenSpikesLauren GoldenSpikes20 gün önce
  • You should have been supporting his head better in the beginning girl, omg! His head was flopping side to side! He’s a baby not a damn accessory girl Smh Disgusting

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  • Lovely! Thanks xxxx

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  • You’re such a good mommy!

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  • My mom had been bugging me to watch this video because of the bottles and booger picker for my 2 week old. Now here I am obsessed researching all the stuff in the video and you just gained a new subscriber. Thanks lol

    Isabel CartagenaIsabel Cartagena24 gün önce
  • Hey Leslie, just finished watching your channel and I was loving all of the stuff you showed and I will be a new mommy this year and it would be amazing if you did a Giveaway! All your mommy followers will appreciate it so much! Love you girl !

    Lisa LoveLisa Love25 gün önce
  • How do you sterilize the babies bottles ? I’ve been stuck on buying a sterilizer or doing it old school by boiling his bottles... please help !

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  • she talks so fast but so do i 😂

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  • I highly recommend the baby brezza dispenser machine it prepares warm bottle in less than 15 seconds it’s very helpful when waking up in the middle of the night...There is different types of machines just watch TRvision reviews to see which one you like best..It is pretty pricey but totally worth it! You can purchase it on Amazon..

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  • When did you get your teeth done

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  • I’m a first time mommy and I had so many questions on things to get for bby girl your video was so helpful pls keep doing these type of videos as baby g gets older 💗

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  • Dude stop a d breath while talking you sound out of breath all the time

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  • Hi I wanted to know what stroller did you buy for baby G thank you

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  • When my son had rsv the nose Frida was a LIFE SAVER!!!!!

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  • Amazon is a great company that benafits the human race ... God bless bezos 🇺🇸

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  • Thank You girl I swear you the real mvp!!!!! I needed this I'm a first time mommy and I had commented about 3 times on Evette'sxo if she can make a TRvision video of what her babies sleep what are good items we can buy for babies and I got no response 😟 this just helps so much thank you !!!!

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  • Fun fact! The bottles you have are really great for moms who plan to breastfeed but want to be able to have someone else give a bottle too! The nipple mimics a breast!

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