My Little Brother Reacts to His Crush (FaZe Adapts Little Sister & FaZe Jarvis)

My 16 Year Old Little Brother FaZe Jarvis found his NEW Crush today... FaZe Adapt's Little Sister Milan, I think Jarvis really has a BIG SECRET Crush on her...
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  • This is how many crushes Jarvis has had 👇 👇 👇

    TrapyyTrapyy3 aylar önce
  • Look at the facecam from 5:32 to 5:51 kay is like why my hair so flat

    Jhonfree AlcantaraJhonfree Alcantara3 aylar önce
  • I swear he just had a crush on pokimane a week ago

    ThlyThly3 aylar önce
  • Jarvis I wish you was my older brother

    HarryOutdoorsHarryOutdoors3 aylar önce
  • Jarvis your epic

    HarryOutdoorsHarryOutdoors3 aylar önce
  • Nice edits on creative

    HarryOutdoorsHarryOutdoors3 aylar önce
  • you should have said i will only get your reboot if you tell me you have a crush on adapts sister

    Brayden PascaleBrayden Pascale3 aylar önce
  • Is it just me or does Jarvis get all the bots and we get all the sweaty’s

    Electro JamElectro Jam3 aylar önce
  • Mongral did that are you stealing his video by putting your face and your user

    Angel CepedaAngel Cepeda3 aylar önce
  • lol i confused

    MR. top 5JRMR. top 5JR3 aylar önce
  • Ö

    SWE GammingSWE Gamming3 aylar önce
  • Hi dad

    liam julingsliam julings3 aylar önce
  • I'm ps4

    Aiden OliverAiden Oliver3 aylar önce
  • javis your insane

    The Official Dank ClanThe Official Dank Clan3 aylar önce
  • 7:00 till 7:20 😂😂 uhuuuuh

    ItzNoizeHereItzNoizeHere3 aylar önce
  • Kay need Clout

    ZacplayzZacplayz3 aylar önce
  • This is how many girlfriends Jarvis has had | V

    Frankie LilleyFrankie Lilley3 aylar önce
  • I live down the street from ssSniperwolf

    Grapple SauseGrapple Sause3 aylar önce
  • Could you give me the code for that editing course?

    Jirexaeliz gamerJirexaeliz gamer3 aylar önce
  • 775k subs left

    oana oanaaaoana oanaaa3 aylar önce
  • Hi

    Joyce ZoghbiJoyce Zoghbi3 aylar önce
  • Jarvis has so much crush

    Dina MetiassDina Metiass3 aylar önce
  • Whah about mobile

    Ethan ConomosEthan Conomos3 aylar önce
  • And I still build like an advanced season 3 player

    deep nutsdeep nuts3 aylar önce
  • You use your brother for views and he’s not even as good as I am

    Peter GamingPeter Gaming3 aylar önce
  • This is how much jarvis changes his crush a week | | | V

    chris777411chris7774114 aylar önce
  • You could have lied and said no scoped him

    Kristi ReelKristi Reel4 aylar önce
  • Every body like

    YooGoatYooGoat4 aylar önce
  • Charlette going to get Jarvis killed

    Jray JamesJray James4 aylar önce
  • 1v1 me faze kay

    Colleen SmithColleen Smith4 aylar önce
  • Look Jarvis his face at 4 min

    Louka TondeurLouka Tondeur4 aylar önce
  • 7:17 when my mom asks me what i want to eat

    CreateCreate4 aylar önce
  • Everyone so scribe to me his little bell

    Faze Colton Fortnite and vlogsFaze Colton Fortnite and vlogs4 aylar önce
  • Yooooo ur in sane

    Parker VernonParker Vernon4 aylar önce
  • I have no sisters thankfully

    Tristen RodrigueTristen Rodrigue4 aylar önce
  • You don’t know many girls like me

    Labor Day BoyLabor Day Boy4 aylar önce
  • V bucks

    Lil du Dragons fireLil du Dragons fire4 aylar önce
  • Kay:Jarvis why u have so many girlfriends Jarvis:Trust its all in the 90’s Kay: Insane Bro

    AzTc MagmaAzTc Magma4 aylar önce
  • Jarvis is goated on the sticks

    Ja'Marcus LeeJa'Marcus Lee4 aylar önce
  • How many times they say brah, no hate love u goes keep up the good work:) ¥ ¥ ¥

    Levi LamaLevi Lama4 aylar önce
  • Are u sure this is 1080p?

    ReflexReflex4 aylar önce
  • Takes Jarvis barely anytime takes me like 10-20 mins..

    Nightmare BotNightmare Bot4 aylar önce
  • 7:59 bro bro bro bro bro

    vSandiivSandii4 aylar önce
  • Every one sub we all want to see this happen

    Jeter Ruiz-ChavezJeter Ruiz-Chavez4 aylar önce
  • Is this the 99 crush Jarvis had Meanwhile faze Kay : yo that's InSaNe BrOooOo

    Tybez ZTybez Z4 aylar önce
    • Very commen😪😑

      latonya louislatonya louis3 aylar önce
  • That’s insane bro

    GalvGalv4 aylar önce
  • Bro lmao😂🏆🏆🏆

    DoPpE MoneyDoPpE Money4 aylar önce
  • That’s insane bro

    S197_MAXS197_MAX4 aylar önce
  • Your hair is awful anyways, you don’t need to “fix” it every 5 seconds

    Vanja HadzicVanja Hadzic4 aylar önce
  • That's InSaNE BrO!!! :{}

    LSD-Rick B-172LSD-Rick B-1724 aylar önce
  • Bro bro bro bro bro bro bro and bro

    LSD-Rick B-172LSD-Rick B-1724 aylar önce
  • Do she have a android because the live stream quality is pretty fire 🔥

    KurakoKurako4 aylar önce
  • Is Kay Morgz dad

    Audaciity GamingAudaciity Gaming4 aylar önce
  • haha

    Jordin MadeJordin Made4 aylar önce
  • Maybe kay and adapt can hook up

    conmowconmow4 aylar önce
  • This many likes is how many times they said bro 👇🏿

    Koolz 100Koolz 1004 aylar önce
  • Jarvis-Dates Adapts sister Adapt-I love it, I love it, I really love that

    Josh BlackwellJosh Blackwell4 aylar önce
    • Stolen comment

      Jason GamerYTJason GamerYT4 aylar önce
  • Jarvis: I like adapts sister Kay: that's insane ima tell adapt how insane that was

    Vaulted TempleVaulted Temple4 aylar önce
  • outro best??

    Modern YngstrModern Yngstr4 aylar önce
  • Who here after faze adapt posted the vid about confronting Jarvis

    Irvs AguilarIrvs Aguilar4 aylar önce
  • Yall are just using any girl you can find at this point

    uglyskiesuglyskies4 aylar önce
  • Like if Kay should buy Jarvis a new face cam

    Gulliver ArnottGulliver Arnott4 aylar önce
  • Jarvis and Kay’s conversation Yo where we going bro Titled bro Got one bro Your insane bro We chillin bro (I make good fortnite videos

    UntUnt my name is UnterUntUnt my name is Unter4 aylar önce
    • @UntUnt my name is Unter did you just call a roast a life lesson😂🤣😂🤣 Your videos have trash quality and how you about to say I play stupid games when you also play fortnite and upload it to TRvision🤣😂🤣😂 how stupid are you

      k4g3k4g34 aylar önce
    • And you do watch your screen recording videos playing the most stupid games so stop hating and go get a life you never know what people are going through bud(life lesson)

      UntUnt my name is UnterUntUnt my name is Unter4 aylar önce
    • Thanks bro make sure to drop a sub

      UntUnt my name is UnterUntUnt my name is Unter4 aylar önce
    • Impressive Fortnite vids bro

      LSD-Rick B-172LSD-Rick B-1724 aylar önce
    • You do not make good fortnite videos🤣😂🤣😂

      k4g3k4g34 aylar önce
  • Im gonna like beg to see how many likes I get. Like This Comment To Get 1000 Ping

    logan is asianlogan is asian4 aylar önce
  • 12:25 look how Jarvis jumped in the cam

    Paradox Geo ReParadox Geo Re4 aylar önce
  • Faze Adapt YO your with my sister Jarvis ts my rist bro Faze kay Thats insanebro

    Lorenzo SealyLorenzo Sealy4 aylar önce
  • Thats insane jawvis

    Mistery BoxMistery Box4 aylar önce
  • We want the old Kay back

    Mitch KnoxxMitch Knoxx4 aylar önce
  • Lol why does Faze Kay say ting instead of thing

    Mohammed MahamudMohammed Mahamud4 aylar önce
    • I’m English myself that’s not how we speak

      Mohammed MahamudMohammed Mahamud4 aylar önce
    • 🤦‍♂️It’s how English people talk

      Flare OrbsFlare Orbs4 aylar önce
  • Let me 1v1 jarv

    YouTube Fzsx FORTNITEYouTube Fzsx FORTNITE4 aylar önce
My Little Brother Reacts to His Crush (FaZe Adapts Little Sister & FaZe Jarvis)