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Touching down on a bunch of my worst-received reviews. Obviously there's more where this came from, but here are the ones featured in this video:
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Original Review:
Redux Review:
The Weeknd - House of Balloons
Original Review:
Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon
King Krule - The Ooz
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing
Travis Scott - Days Before Rodeo
Toro y Moi - Anything in Return
J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive
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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?




  • Typical J. Cole fans. Person: yeah I kinda enjoy this J. Cole album, pretty good Lyrical miracle foreheads: yOu AsShOlE, iTs So AmAzInG, yOu JuSt DoN't GeT iT Person: but....I said I liked it foreheads: NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Cole fans act like you can't simply enjoy his albums, it's all or nothing. You have to crush the CD into a slurry and inject it into your arm, you're not allowed to think it's simply good.

    Never KnowingNever Knowing8 saatler önce
  • Glass animals Dreamland seems to be one review everyone hated too.

    Glass CubeGlass Cube12 saatler önce
  • anything in return is literally a perfect album

    thehousemaderobotthehousemaderobot20 saatler önce
  • Still not forgetting that you gave Care For Me by Saba a meh/10. Almost as bad as giving him a NOT GOOD.

    Nate SoloNate Solo22 saatler önce
  • This video is a strong 6

    You can't spell American Dream without Eric AndreYou can't spell American Dream without Eric Andre23 saatler önce
  • Kenny’s DAMN. should’ve gotten more respect. a decent 7? low to solid 8.

    Josiah WhitleyJosiah WhitleyGün önce
  • I agree with melons mbdtf rating

    Russian BotRussian BotGün önce
  • Cole is the king most definite

    Liam StevensLiam StevensGün önce
  • Owl Pharaoh was fire how dare you

    Justin SimmonsJustin SimmonsGün önce
  • Simp

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson2 gün önce
  • Dino

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson2 gün önce
  • ive never watched your reviews

    BrandonCarrisBrandonCarris2 gün önce
  • The mbdtf review is true 🥶 some songs are really good on it (POWER) but the rest are boring and mediocre af.

    WeebsWeebs2 gün önce
  • I can't stand it when someone makes there comments on why the album is actually great then sais go listen to it again thinking there opinions will now change your whole perspective and suddenly the needle drops (no pun intended) and now your like "dude I love it now I was so wrong I must of been listening to it wrong" , I love all types of music mostly indie , 60s beat and garage rock , hip hop/grime (im from UK) and this is the reason I really enjoy and respect this bredda and I don't always agree with the reviews but that's music we all love to debate and disagree wich each others tastes but I don't like it when someone tells me to listen to it again after telling me why I'm wrong for just not liking it , get a life , anywAy take it easy guys👊

    Denise Homes TL noDenise Homes TL no3 gün önce
  • Artic Monkeys's AM review has a 33% like ratio with over 11k dislikes

    FRCFRC4 gün önce
  • Wheres the Lil Peep COWYS Pt 1 review? That had to have been his most divisive review I've seen. The comments are still a warzone 3 & 1/2 years later.

    ElTigreLoboElTigreLobo4 gün önce
  • When I read the title, my mind immediately jumped to all Deftones reviews he ever did

    『W E A T H E R B O Y』『W E A T H E R B O Y』4 gün önce
  • Your Mike - Weight of the World review was also controversial. I'm surprised you didn't mention that one in this vid.

    Jasper HahnJasper Hahn4 gün önce
  • Your Fear Inoculum review should be considered a crime against humanity.

    Metal HeadMetal Head5 gün önce
  • I really don’t understand why one of your criticism for A$AP Rocky’s last 2 albums was “its not what i want to hear from him” How is any artist meant to evolve if they don’t change the sounds they previously did (and mastered in some cases)

    Stash BanditLootStash BanditLoot5 gün önce
  • EVERY comment on your review of the latest Harry styles is disagreeing with you. Would like you to respond to that one

    nowhereboynowhereboy5 gün önce
  • You are the first person I’ve ever heard or seen say that they don’t like j coles 2014 Forrest hills drive lol. Him and Joyner are my favorite artist in the rap game but idc your opinion makes sense to you so therefore I have to respect it

    Carson ParkerCarson Parker6 gün önce
  • Velvet Cacoon's Genevieve, I think it was so hated he took it down?

    loltheworldloltheworld7 gün önce
  • I’ve not forgiven you for giving a bad review to Sleaford Mods yet.

    William BriggsWilliam Briggs7 gün önce
  • Swimming

    Nash RoutsonNash Routson7 gün önce
  • that electric wizard lp look so cute.

    Raphael RochaRaphael Rocha8 gün önce
  • Anything quadeca related

    DreakonRealDreakonReal8 gün önce
  • Rodeo

  • "good and colorful" is that cause hes black anthony

    cloudycloudy9 gün önce
  • Melon reacts to the reactions of his reactions to albums. Ah, yes, content.

    バンジョベンジバンジョベンジ9 gün önce
  • Im surprised he didnt mention Fear Inoculum. I know a lot of Tool fans absolutely loved it, even the tool Reddit had a heyday trying to rip that review apart

    TpspeedTpspeed9 gün önce
  • Syro & Tomorrow's Harvest

    HenrikHenrik9 gün önce
  • Fans: yeah that album kinda sucked Artist: *dies* Fans: goes back to the review to call the reviewer biased and act like their final album was a suicide note...

    ¡AyeAyeRon!¡AyeAyeRon!10 gün önce
  • All Glass Animals reviews. You owe Agnes better- Also Dreamland is a grower my dude. Read what Davie says about each song

    Ajfunk327Ajfunk32710 gün önce
  • am i the only one rooting for cherry bomb by tyler?

    tom202404tom20240411 gün önce
  • Shoutout to the drainers wake up your neighbors

    RaiderKnightRaiderKnight11 gün önce
  • The reason you get hate for these isn't because you dislike something someone else likes, it's because you're telling them that something *completely* subjective that they like is bad.

    CJGamr01CJGamr0111 gün önce
    • @RED RED ???

      CJGamr01CJGamr018 gün önce
    • Stop lying

      RED REDRED RED8 gün önce
    • But he's not, though? He's stated multiple times that his reviews are based on his feelings and opinions on the albums, which are totally subjective.

      SarangSarang10 gün önce
  • Gambinos - Because The Internet. Like are you fucking kidding, how is this album not on here? No one liked that review.

    Rev JragonRev Jragon12 gün önce
  • IDLSIDGO vinyl in the back is character development

    Just MacJust Mac12 gün önce
  • J. Cole is boring ✅

    Eric PlaceEric Place12 gün önce
  • Yung Lean's Warlord Mac Miller's Swimming Lil Peep's come over when you're sober part 1 seems like he missed the point of these albums

    yu.goldbergyu.goldberg12 gün önce
  • Stereo is this nifty wallet

    Neil JaphthaNeil Japhtha12 gün önce
  • Hi can you please review one of mariah careys albums? 😁 I would love you to review butterfly, the emancipation of Mimi, memoirs of an imperfect angel, or caution! All of them would be awesome lol but one of these to start with would be great 🥳

    MDak28MDak2812 gün önce
  • Profanity Fantano still hatin on The Raven.

    Jay JayJay Jay12 gün önce
  • Came here for Care For Me, Left disappointed~

    pevcepevce13 gün önce
  • Still can’t forgive you for not reviewing Watsky, specifically X Infinity.

    Cra-Cra kittyCra-Cra kitty13 gün önce
  • Now do your most loved reviews ❤️ be proud of how far you've come

    Fart TonyFart Tony13 gün önce
  • Logic - Under Pressure

    jay island.jay island.13 gün önce
  • Swimming

    evan mike.evan mike.13 gün önce
  • Melon's regrets look just like texts I shouldn't send, huh.

    Colino the BambinoColino the Bambino14 gün önce
  • You have to rereview the Porter Robinson albums

    lynxlocolynxloco14 gün önce
  • Do a Celeste review. You must!

    Off LinesOff Lines14 gün önce
  • Just a friendly reminder: we will never forget or forgive that Kacey Musgraves golden hour one you did :( it's kind of surprising you didn't include that one since there's a difference of almost 3,000 dislikes. Also, please stop reminding us that it's okay to use steroids.

    Pretty CoolPretty Cool14 gün önce
  • well seems like Anthony is aware of what people say about him

    Shanti AzizianShanti Azizian14 gün önce
  • I personally really hate your review of Meshuggah's Violent Sleep Of Reason, Mastodon's Emperor Of Sand, Deftones' Ohms and specially Tool's Fear Inoculum...

    Matheus NavarroMatheus Navarro14 gün önce
  • no wonder, given the ignorance semper praesens in your reviews. the like/dislike ratio is due to "ignorant will follow ignorant". natural selection is so gonna love you

    jose marquesjose marques14 gün önce
    • Is English your first language?

      RED REDRED RED8 gün önce
  • I want to see a prank review giving a masterpiece record a 3 or sum

    hadarhadar14 gün önce
  • Lupe fiasco Drogas Wave. Critiqued him not understanding the concept as there not being one.

    Saksham AireeSaksham Airee14 gün önce
  • Are you allowed to have hair?

    A Frying PanA Frying Pan15 gün önce
  • Travis scott is trash.

    QuestchaunQuestchaun16 gün önce
    • @The Hive Productions he's still good

      RED REDRED RED8 gün önce
    • Three years ago, I thought he had potential but now, I have no idea.

      The Hive ProductionsThe Hive Productions15 gün önce
  • The Dance Gavin Dance one too O_O

    Logan PerryLogan Perry16 gün önce
  • Light 6

    данкданк16 gün önce
  • Where the hell is swimming?

    Alessandro PhillipsAlessandro Phillips17 gün önce
  • ultraviolence

    JasperJasper17 gün önce
    • Possibly his most unfair review. I’m in love with that album.

      The Hive ProductionsThe Hive Productions15 gün önce
  • Melons name is Anthony?

    Marcos PaucarMarcos Paucar17 gün önce
  • ULTRAVIOLENCE & Born This Way.

    RennaRenna17 gün önce
  • He still did "I let it in and it took everything" dirty

    da realaliada realalia17 gün önce
  • I would have to say Arcas music was one of your bigger misses.. idk, I think certain styles of music, particularly more abstract presentations, you seem to not vibe with as well Mr melon. No problem with that, just something I've noticed.

    Alec ChaseAlec Chase18 gün önce
  • 2014 forest hill drive is not that good

    Katalina LambertKatalina Lambert18 gün önce
  • honestly surprised Because The Internet isn't on here

    nate dnate d18 gün önce
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