My Surprise Room Makeover for my 16th Birthday! | Charli D'Amelio

hi everybody!
so i've been wanting to post this for a couple weeks and it's finally ready! my parents surprised me with this amazing room makeover for my 16th birthday! i love it so much and can't wait to show you everything.
special thanks to TOV furniture ( ) for the concept and furniture along with some other awesome brands you should follow on Instagram:
​@Coleman Furniture

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  • Charlie i see you in tiktok

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  • Charlie is so pretty

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  • I come from italia 500 years ago and this is the shit i have to see. Why am i here

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  • Charlie are you okay?

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  • Àaaaaaaaaaa Charle

  • I just played this video and My parrot just landed on my phone and tried to kiss her thru the phone 😂

  • Holy shite I didn’t realise she was that young. I don’t usually use TikTok and I thought she was like 22

    WizzieWizzie10 dakika önce
  • Charli you are my idol l would love to meet you too pleas what you can answer me and l am your biggest fan ❤️i'm French

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  • well... stay safe from peaches....lock your doors

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  • I hate charli

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  • We love you Charlie❤️

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  • Y creo que fue en esa casa

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  • Charlie viste a un hombre atrás de ti en tik tok lo pusieron esperó que no te pase nada

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  • You are The best

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  • Charli your in danger cause of peaches u need to stay at the hype house for a while for protection pls be safe luv ya 💖 btw she has been caught in a few of your vids at your house be safe

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  • ARE you okay stay safe pleasee

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  • Do video on pictures and what did she want from you????

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  • I love you

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  • I love you

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  • When you are with James Charles I laughing at him 😂😂

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  • Chi nel 2020 ?? E ha scoperto che charli sta per essere uccisa da una rinco ???

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  • Charli:I have sou much rings. Me: wow

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  • a huse makeover

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  • My Italy

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  • I love her

    Edits 101Edits 1012 saatler önce
  • To be honest Charli your room is so neat and clean.Younprob have the best room I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!❤️🤩

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    • Haha your watching this now too

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  • Charli?

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  • So cuteeee😍❤️

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  • Charli peaches is going to do something to you.take care I don't want you to get hurt

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  • Your voice calm

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  • have u got the small room charli i love soooooooo much

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  • me coming from dixie's channel :

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  • Hi charly it's my birthday pls you can greet me?? Please

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  • Love you charli

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  • Is she Dixie's sister?

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    • Yes

      Edits 101Edits 1012 saatler önce
  • Charli subs & folowers TRvision:5M Tiktok:40M L THINK L THINK

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  • But its beautiful

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  • Your room is almost just like Dixie's

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  • Hi I am a big fan

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  • Charli should do asmr her voice is so calming xd

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  • Hello charli I'm Italian and I love you, so much happy birthday 😊👋🎉byeee

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  • WOW

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  • Well it took me a couple hours but I finally scrolled through 62K comments

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  • Hey Charlie please post more you are seriously the nicest person and I stan you. You are so kind ☺️.

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  • Who tf plays trash Xbox 🤮

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My Surprise Room Makeover for my 16th Birthday!  | Charli D'Amelio