MY WIFE LEFT ME! (60 Seconds)

Today in we bring back 60 seconds and try to explore the wasteland!
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  • please play this again totally wanna see more

    Skint Mercury777Skint Mercury77710 saatler önce
  • I swear, the last time I watched SSundee was when he had his blue curtains at the back. O.o

    Roy Hunty C.Roy Hunty C.15 saatler önce
  • 0:07 are you pennywise?

    Kimberly RoarkKimberly RoarkGün önce
  • you did

    Harley NadalHarley NadalGün önce
  • 0:00 to 0:08 WHAT THE FLIP WAS THAT

    Ian WhertonIan WhertonGün önce
  • I can go without water for a few days dabs

    Isaiahgamertv 070609Isaiahgamertv 0706092 gün önce
  • Poop Butt Yeet

    Monika Rothemich PageMonika Rothemich Page2 gün önce
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    Julian BuddinghJulian Buddingh2 gün önce
  • Play more


    Craig zimmerleCraig zimmerle2 gün önce
  • The intro though

    Rizzla JrRizzla Jr2 gün önce
  • I like your video 🥰👍👍😊🔥🔥

    Selina GarciaSelina Garcia3 gün önce
  • I like your video 🥰👍👍😊🔥🔥

    Selina GarciaSelina Garcia3 gün önce
  • Why the sewer grate ur not pennywise ssundee

    ryan sookdeoryan sookdeo3 gün önce
  • Cat are fine

    Purple BunnehPurple Bunneh4 gün önce
  • Mostly ted

    Purple BunnehPurple Bunneh4 gün önce
  • Me when I step in a LEGO 2:40

    Yolanda MoreiraYolanda Moreira4 gün önce
  • ``Timmy is the MVP!`` -Kubz Scouts

    Randomize MandyRandomize Mandy4 gün önce
  • Ssundee: *survives 69 days* Me: yeeee BOIII

    Buff SpongeBuff Sponge4 gün önce
  • Are you the it

    Janice SocksJanice Socks4 gün önce
  • Food when there hungry and water in hen there HUNGRY. XD}:=)

    extorix gamingextorix gaming4 gün önce
  • I'd give it a like...but 4 years ago wasn't the last time you last played this July...

    Misfire GamingMisfire Gaming4 gün önce
  • You lost

    Hbr 1206Hbr 12065 gün önce
  • Feed people when they are thirsty? U made a big mistake cuz fat boi ted

    Christopher HargrettChristopher Hargrett5 gün önce
  • Yeah gurtrude love i agree 💕 ❤️

    Christopher HargrettChristopher Hargrett5 gün önce
  • Mary takes all the food

    Xxdeath stokexXXxdeath stokexX6 gün önce
  • 0:01 when i get home from school 2:31 when i realize i have homework

    KrazyJake345KrazyJake3456 gün önce
  • How does a wood bunnker survive a nuclear bomb but a neighborhood cant??????

    Robbie HallRobbie Hall7 gün önce
  • She also left u irl

    MLG35U5 10/10 ign rated gr8m88/8MLG35U5 10/10 ign rated gr8m88/88 gün önce
  • I can go a week with out water

    Jacob StebletonJacob Stebleton8 gün önce
  • Mary Jane did not comeback.

    Bachara NathanBachara Nathan8 gün önce
  • only og's remember chang like if do

    Michael LandryMichael Landry8 gün önce
  • He will wen

    Edi PEdi P8 gün önce
  • RIP ted 😢

    THE-KING- AJTHE-KING- AJ8 gün önce
    • 2:40 me laughing 😆

      THE-KING- AJTHE-KING- AJ8 gün önce
    • (Ssundee) Whatever actually (me LOL 😂)

      THE-KING- AJTHE-KING- AJ8 gün önce
    • 😢😢

      THE-KING- AJTHE-KING- AJ8 gün önce
  • R.I.P Ted

    Pro-noob The proPro-noob The pro8 gün önce
  • Remember at the start of the video, someone was banging on the door..could of been Ted...

    Mr. GalaxyMr. Galaxy8 gün önce
  • How dare he leave Mr teddy bear, but take big girl hippo?

    Mr. GalaxyMr. Galaxy8 gün önce
  • Ssundee 2019 4 cans of water

    Aidan RichardsAidan Richards8 gün önce
  • 3:56 give them water whenever people are hungry.

    Maryann CarpenterMaryann Carpenter9 gün önce
  • ‘And water when they’re hungry’

    Killer CactusKiller Cactus9 gün önce
  • Title: My wife left me?! Me: *hell yeah she did*

    I lîkė _gãçhä łįfęI lîkė _gãçhä łįfę9 gün önce
    • We got something in common

      KingsavagebruhKingsavagebruhGün önce
  • Anyone remember how ssundee loved cobblestone and Gertrude and he would be so happy to get 100k likes 😂

    SlayZe -ToxicSlayZe -Toxic9 gün önce
  • did you know there was an ending that you can survuve by yourself just kidding

    Chad TalloChad Tallo9 gün önce
  • nope u lost because u were kicked out of ur bunker and ave nowhere to go or stay anywhere, so there for u lost

    Jessica LimJessica Lim9 gün önce
  • So cringe lol

    Empororx7 0Empororx7 09 gün önce
  • make moreeeeee

    Lexi MajdaLexi Majda9 gün önce
  • I posted a comment about ssundees wife leaving him he deleted it, yes I know what you do

    MrD3rpGamingMrD3rpGaming9 gün önce
    • I swear if you delete this xD

      MrD3rpGamingMrD3rpGaming9 gün önce
    • "I thought his wife already left him?"

      MrD3rpGamingMrD3rpGaming9 gün önce
  • Ted wasn’t in the house

    Corey IrwinCorey Irwin9 gün önce
  • you lost BTW you were driven into the wasteland with no food, water, or supply's

    mr. medkitsmr. medkits9 gün önce
  • SSundee play a game called tembo the badass elephant

    juanitanugarajuanitanugara9 gün önce
  • shut up bi---

    Jeslyn CarrJeslyn Carr10 gün önce
  • At the end of that game everything looks normal!

    Inese EdolfaInese Edolfa10 gün önce
  • You got two pet one crookcrach and a cat

    Chan Kit YingChan Kit Ying10 gün önce
  • Why did your wife left you?

    Play GamesPlay Games10 gün önce
  • Timmy = op

    Oh no no ArmyOh no no Army10 gün önce
  • I like your intro

    Mr LonggMr Longg10 gün önce
  • Sub to my channel

    Moreno MoscatiMoreno Moscati10 gün önce
  • U gotta love the intro

    Mookie1978Mookie197810 gün önce
  • Huh what did you win?i dont get it

    Eveline Florrencia MondaylineEveline Florrencia Mondayline10 gün önce
  • Not funny okay not funny

    Fire Boy yeetFire Boy yeet10 gün önce
  • No You left Ted

    XxFortnitegod The gXxFortnitegod The g10 gün önce
  • Ssundee play more fortnite solo again 👇

    Braydon PriceBraydon Price11 gün önce
  • At 0:08 pennywise laughed

    Dominic ManginoDominic Mangino11 gün önce
  • 0:01 when i come back from school

    klaudio zombie officialistklaudio zombie officialist11 gün önce
  • poor ted :(

    King's DaughterKing's Daughter11 gün önce
  • This was scary dude

    KyuubiStrike -YTKyuubiStrike -YT11 gün önce
  • Imagine ssundee as pennywise in the it movie

    felipe the gamer 8573felipe the gamer 857311 gün önce
  • Is anybody else tuo long what I'm thinking when we saw this vid?

    dark_socererdark_socerer11 gün önce
  • this was made in my berthday

    Erick & Etc.Erick & Etc.11 gün önce
  • Four more days till my birthday when this vid came out

    TheWholeShabangTheWholeShabang12 gün önce
MY WIFE LEFT ME! (60 Seconds)