Get ready to test your IQ with this cool mix of mystery riddles and brain teasers! Some studies have shown that people who solve different riddles every day have a higher IQ score than others. Try to concentrate while solving these tricky brain games cause discipline helps deal with tasks faster. So use all your brain power and logic to crack these tricky riddles, and you will come up with the right answers very fast!
00:14 - Why did Michelle lie to her? This brain-boosting riddle will test your IQ and improve your intelligence!
01:18 - Who will you take to survive? A difficult riddle to test your logical thinking and ability to think outside the box!
03:31 - Would you rather do this or that? This set of tricky quiz questions will blow your mind! Share your result in the comments!
05:52 - Boost your logical skills with a tricky brain teaser! What is the code?
07:08 - Test your attentiveness to the details with this small set of visual puzzles! What is wrong?
08:31 - How many aliens are there in the room? Boost your vision and test your attentiveness with this brain game ;)
09:59 - Can you pass the alien hunter test? Check this cool brain game out and test your skills!
11:55 - A visual mystery puzzle to test your logical thinking! Who is an alien?
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the easiest for you!
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  • 12:24-And the other one has tail, or what.

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  • 5:48-I got more B and IT'S. TRUE!

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  • the hands is in the shoulders of the man but the hands of the girl is not in the shoulder of the man that is the wrong. im right ha pls.. like it if is it right... pls... ok bye 7 second riddles babye see ya ... bye

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