Mystery Riddles And Emoji Quiz 👍

Check this new portion of mystery riddles and emoji quizzes out! They will boost your attentiveness and test your analytical skills. These short easy puzzles and brain games can be a nice start of the day and a good warm-up for your brain. Get a huge boost of energy by solving tricky riddles and stay concentrated during the day :)
00:14 - Who is lying? It's a super tricky riddle for the smartest Riddle Solvers! Can you crack it before the time is up?
02:09 - Try to find 2 same emojis! Boost your attentiveness and test your vision with these picture puzzles!
04:20 - A jewelry store was robbed at night. Who did it? You are to solve this criminal case! Wake up your brain and try to solve it before the time is up ;)
05:48 - Guess the job by the emojis! Boost your IQ and logic with these cool picture puzzles!
07:59 - Get ready to boost your logic and test your vision with these fun puzzles! Guess who is a mermaid!
09:11 - A short puzzle on crime to boost your IQ! Who killed the man?
10:09 - Which hotel should they go to? This detective riddle will exercise your brain and improve your logic!
12:07 - Who is a mermaid? Any ideas? Share your thoughts on this tricky puzzle in the comments ;)
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!
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  • 07:46 - Did You Guess It???

    7-Second Riddles7-Second RiddlesAylar önce
    • Banker or accountant

      Icy dogIcy dog3 gün önce
    • The 2 girl bikers

      Omphy PhaynidOmphy Phaynid5 gün önce
    • No

      Xerxes PereiraXerxes Pereira10 gün önce
    • C

      Brooke’lynns DIYSBrooke’lynns DIYS18 gün önce
    • @0 vids with 10 subs plz PLZ SUB It's got to be B because freckles are a sign of exposure to sunlight

      KimberlyKimberly23 gün önce
  • 12:7 A is mermaid. Look at her hands

    export exportexport export5 saatler önce
  • Wait at 8:49 the first women is lagging there is a ghost next to her and it has only one arm I I V make this blue if you see it

    Andy CAndy C6 saatler önce
  • b

    Joseph StokerJoseph StokerGün önce
  • 10:04 how did the mermaid kill the man I thought it was the vampire 🧛‍♂️ it should be him bc the man has vampire bites

    Brianna BoisBrianna Bois2 gün önce
  • 8:48 Why is there a floating hand. Is she the devil or something?????

    Lorraine ChavarriaLorraine Chavarria3 gün önce
  • On the emoji FACES there are two fo the same. The boy pilot and the girl ;)

    Caitlin EdenCaitlin Eden3 gün önce
  • Bank is surely the answer it has an man with computer and paper to sigh and money!

  • The first one because there is diamond

    Sanjay TamangSanjay Tamang9 gün önce
  • The girl in the left side on the shower because I saw her scales on the floor

    B1OCKGB1OCKG10 gün önce

    May Flor SabaupanMay Flor Sabaupan10 gün önce
  • In 12:08 the mermaid is B, because look at her pin in the hair Like if you agree😋😋😋😋 | | | | v You have the Luck🍀+🍫🍫+🍪🍪🍪+🏠🏡+💎💳💸💵💴💴💶💷=Luckkk😎😎😎

    jazzlyn abellajazzlyn abella10 gün önce
  • In 4:18 is the biking girl with red helmet and brown skin🤔😎🤓

    jazzlyn abellajazzlyn abella10 gün önce
  • b:is the correct answer because that girl has a starfish on her hair and freckles on her face

    Nenem NingthoujamNenem Ningthoujam10 gün önce
  • Who is a mermaid The one with fish I'm not answering bc there is an answer already, but at the left side why is there another hand beside the girl?

    Xerxes PereiraXerxes Pereira10 gün önce
  • C is the mermaid

    Kyla BojosKyla Bojos11 gün önce
  • I think the Mermaid is letter (B) because she is the only one that wears a starfish and she also has a sharp teeth

    Suzette TorillaSuzette Torilla13 gün önce
  • ya

    Callie-Bree HoltzCallie-Bree Holtz14 gün önce
  • 8:46 theres another hand on the firstgirl

    Ryan U. BejonaRyan U. Bejona15 gün önce
  • "One"

    Luana LePaniLuana LePani15 gün önce
  • 1st one is a girl the 2nd ome is a siren and 3rd is a mermaid.

    Luana LePaniLuana LePani15 gün önce
  • the mermaid was in the left side

    Cynthia EstradaCynthia Estrada16 gün önce
  • B is the mermaid

    Yusniaznita Mohd YunusYusniaznita Mohd Yunus17 gün önce
  • the girl on the bike she's skin is brown

    cindy rayocindy rayo17 gün önce
  • A is a mermaid check the hands!

    josephine aguilosjosephine aguilos18 gün önce
  • We think it’s c

    Brooke’lynns DIYSBrooke’lynns DIYS18 gün önce
  • B

    Josepina MendrosJosepina Mendros19 gün önce
  • its B because she has a starfish on her head

    fely fulguerinasfely fulguerinas19 gün önce
  • A

    arleen jakihacaarleen jakihaca20 gün önce
  • The answer for the last question is b because she has starfish in her hiar

    fabian potgieterfabian potgieter21 gün önce
  • A

    ALLIYAH GLEE Playing slime,TiktokALLIYAH GLEE Playing slime,Tiktok21 gün önce
  • Who is the mermaid And A

    U.S.A America , foreignU.S.A America , foreign22 gün önce
  • Can you make more videos with voice over?

    Shanahan MizalShanahan Mizal22 gün önce
  • I hate it when there an answer in the coments... It's getting bored to find the answer in the coment... whatever I now you always do the best...🤗

    Anna NanelAnna Nanel22 gün önce
  • 12:07 Who is the mermaid?my answer is letter "B" because there is a starfish on her hair

    Lala DemataLala Demata23 gün önce
  • The last answer is B

    Mumtaz Ahmed ShaikhMumtaz Ahmed Shaikh23 gün önce
  • B is mermaid as she has sharp teeth and has a starfish on hair

    Laxman GurungLaxman Gurung23 gün önce
  • A

    shadow moon gamershadow moon gamer23 gün önce
  • b our answer

    mia abriomia abrio24 gün önce
  • B beacuse she has an star on her hair

    Gretchen BoquirenGretchen Boquiren26 gün önce
  • The mermaid is letter b

    Lilibeth RaymundoLilibeth Raymundo27 gün önce
  • A

    Amberien1000000.200000 DoebarAmberien1000000.200000 Doebar27 gün önce
  • B is the mermaid. Mermaids don't have a crotch. The other two girls have crotches and clearly are not wearing any panties.

    Miguk MoonparkMiguk Moonpark27 gün önce
  • 8:36 there is a arm on the loose

    Unicorn GamerUnicorn Gamer27 gün önce
  • 2:25 was the goat and fish in personal 😰😰😰

    Anuradha MukherjeeAnuradha Mukherjee28 gün önce
  • The mermaid is B because she is hiding her waist from us because it's a tail!

    peter billcliffpeter billcliff29 gün önce
  • 10:03 It should have been the vampire because there’s a bite mark. Unless it was a kiss mark which mermaids tend to do with their victims

    CY TamCY Tam29 gün önce
  • It is the middle one

    CokesCokes29 gün önce
  • It one of the bikers at the bottom

    Lyons CrewLyons Crew29 gün önce
  • Red top is the mermaid she has those web things between her fingers

    Carmen WCarmen WAylar önce
  • The last is letter B

    Kezia FranciscoKezia FranciscoAylar önce
  • A is a mermaid

    Yogendra SoniYogendra SoniAylar önce
  • I think its the one in the center because she looks like Ariel~

    Devotion 7219Devotion 7219Aylar önce
  • First to the last and tenth ahead

    lenloi salaslenloi salasAylar önce
  • This was the answer🚴🏽‍♀️

  • The mermaids in last is B

    Marvin Suarez calivaraMarvin Suarez calivaraAylar önce
  • What is with mermaids and this video???

    Yoshi ExploshiYoshi ExploshiAylar önce
  • Who runs this channel I’ve always thought of this someone tell me plz

    Ice DragonIce DragonAylar önce
  • A is a mermaid cuz she's got webbed fingers!

    Isha D'CruzIsha D'CruzAylar önce
  • 12:39 A because of her weird hand

    Nikki K | 8A | OBSJCvanGentNikki K | 8A | OBSJCvanGentAylar önce
  • A for the last one

    vampire Emeraldvampire EmeraldAylar önce
  • So no ones gonna notice the girl on the left in 8:46 has her arm removed??

    Alex InfanteAlex InfanteAylar önce
  • 4:19 The tan biker woman 7:57 Stock broker 9:10 A 12:41 A

    Agna ThalakkalAgna ThalakkalAylar önce
  • its the surfer dude

    Amy MillerAmy MillerAylar önce
  • Flamenco

    Carman Gloria Planas LoresCarman Gloria Planas LoresAylar önce
  • Brokers...

    Sadeen SultanaSadeen SultanaAylar önce
  • A

    אתי בניטהאתי בניטהAylar önce
  • The mermaid is in the middle

    grace romerograce romeroAylar önce
  • Can you find two emojis? The girl biking in the second row and in the bottom of the last row. They are wearing color violet clothes

    Kurama kyobiKurama kyobiAylar önce
  • 5:45 the mermaid tatoo was actually on his left arm you switched it

    Neeta KesariyaNeeta KesariyaAylar önce
Mystery Riddles And Emoji Quiz 👍