Naming the new iPhone X? Ask MKBHD V30!

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  • 8:38

    Aaryaman MaheshwariAaryaman MaheshwariGün önce
  • interracial

    CricketNonStopCricketNonStop18 gün önce
  • Collaboration between iJustine and Flossy Carter

    Corrido FilesCorrido Files22 gün önce
  • They probably did it after.

    Royell PettersonRoyell PettersonAylar önce
  • What is intro music

    Thisuka NemithaThisuka NemithaAylar önce
    • Break all of the lights by childish Gambino. One of my favorite gambino songs.

      Mark de SmitMark de Smit8 gün önce
  • Justine seams very fun to be around

    RobertoRobertoAylar önce
  • iJustine and iphone rainbow in Marq's shirt . Hmm

    Raof AbdullahRaof AbdullahAylar önce
  • Maybe my screen is just EXTREMELY BAD (wich is a very good possibility). But i actually like the colors more on iJustine's video (where they unboxed the old Apple laptop) than in this looks washed out to me AND i usually like the great colors in MKBHD's videos so this was a surprise

    Rafael DuarteRafael Duarte2 aylar önce
  • She needs that mkbhd

    Raxstar RanveerRaxstar Ranveer2 aylar önce
  • The Macbook Pro is HOT garbage

    Lem0niXLem0niX2 aylar önce
  • Really, her voice makes me wanna throw up my guts. Sorry I can't finish this video.🤮

    Ali ClarkAli Clark3 aylar önce
  • iPhone 11

    Taran PuniaTaran Punia3 aylar önce
  • Blacked

    BigFatNothingBigFatNothing3 aylar önce
  • Justine is so pretty and she has such a beautiful voice. Calming to see and to hear her.

    Frank JohnFrank John3 aylar önce
  • What company did u get the ibook

    Puger AnatomyPuger Anatomy4 aylar önce
  • Don't get why people think that is weird for someone who doesn't know you to engage in a conversation about something that you're doing. I mean what happened to just normal communication with people. Like using your mouth and ears and doing the old fashioned thing called "talking"

    PavelPavel4 aylar önce
  • hope u gave her that bbc

    BB BBB B5 aylar önce
  • 5:47 Gosh Marquez 😂

    Ash GeoAsh Geo5 aylar önce
  • 6:19 what did she mean by ‘i also have a lot of A el i x ayeles’ ?

    nic7nicnic7nic6 aylar önce
    • nic7nic a l e x a alexa

      Gayle DGayle D6 aylar önce
  • What is the song intro theme?

    Nelson Jr. ChisengaNelson Jr. Chisenga6 aylar önce
  • Yo

    gaming tech GTgaming tech GT6 aylar önce
  • The first one you were talking about was so true I didn't know shit about tech about from tech youtubers mainly you, but you guys taught me so much I love ur tech reviews and has taught me so much everyone who wants a suggestion for a new phone they ask me ur like my teacher and I think you very much

    InsanityInsanity7 aylar önce
  • I spent the time watching this video thinking about that if these two have sex ... will they use tech sentences to heat things up😶

    Elie AzouzElie Azouz8 aylar önce
    • whats the matter with you dude? horny virgin

      Chong Kai EnChong Kai En8 aylar önce
  • What's the intro music??? PLSSSS

    Shrey SatapathyShrey Satapathy8 aylar önce
  • It was good to see that she can actually be calm in a video. I could watch more of her stuff if she stays this calm.

    Eric RusconiEric Rusconi8 aylar önce
  • Bro, I’ve been watching TRvision since chocolate rain, ray William Johnson, that treadmill music video. You are the next wave. Thank you

    Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez8 aylar önce
  • whats so handy about a speaker like google home or alexa? why would i buy a speaker if my phone does the samething.

    jos bremerjos bremer8 aylar önce
  • google boy apple lady

    Leo SamLeo Sam8 aylar önce
  • MKBHD and super car blondie Collab . That would be great

    George ThomasGeorge Thomas9 aylar önce
  • The reason why they collaborated is because they both like the same things ( technology) not because they are dating 💜💚

    Carlyce SimpsonCarlyce Simpson10 aylar önce
  • How stupid questions

    ali zomorodiali zomorodi10 aylar önce
  • Yo I am from the future the next iPhone names will be small oled iPhone XS big lcd one iPhone XR big oled iPhone XS Max.

    Adnan AhmedAdnan Ahmed10 aylar önce
  • GUYS 6:48

    Jay PandyaJay Pandya11 aylar önce
  • whats the intro music??

    street skippinstreet skippinYıl önce
  • Great chemistry. More of this, please.

    Refiner SimilitudeRefiner SimilitudeYıl önce
  • I'm not a racist but it's like a colour inversion camera effect

    Aryan VermaAryan VermaYıl önce
  • Justine: *There is nothing stoping yo...* ME: *_MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY OOOOO_*

    Rich BeastRich BeastYıl önce
  • Why u get this stupid isheep to be in your video. Unsub, dislike, report, block

    Angry_RavenAngry_RavenYıl önce
  • Fun!

    Steve CouttsSteve CouttsYıl önce
  • She has a very soothing voice! ^^

    LaitalafraiseLaitalafraiseYıl önce
  • Great intro music!!!

    Chirag SinghChirag SinghYıl önce
  • Sorry but Black n white colab looks great

    Om MankarOm MankarYıl önce
  • Why is She quiet

    iKingRPGiKingRPGYıl önce
  • alexas?

    Shreeram HegdeShreeram HegdeYıl önce
  • Blacked!

    Hitesh KumarHitesh KumarYıl önce
  • Marques, why is your mkbhd logo on your t shirt integrated with the lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 logo🤔. Are you tryna tell us something?

    Donald StashDonald StashYıl önce
  • “What would the next new iPhone be called?” Me: iPhone double 1

    Neftali AdrianNeftali AdrianYıl önce
  • great collaboration. my fave was the reactions Marques had to Justine's recap of longest waits she's had lol.. great job guys. looking forward to more collabs in the future

    M SalahuddinM SalahuddinYıl önce
  • I've never tried it either :A

    NagilaNagilaYıl önce
  • Bro IJustine is the biggest Apple fan🤔

    Austin ZakAustin ZakYıl önce
  • Audio mateeeeee!!!!

    Praval AthaniPraval AthaniYıl önce
  • Fuck apple

    Manuel LManuel LYıl önce
  • I’d smash The like button.

    basterfa84basterfa84Yıl önce
  • My god I never thought a video on this channel could have such a toxic comment section.. People are so weird

    AngelaAngelaYıl önce
  • Justine - waiting in a very long line for any tech device (55 hours!!) is just nuts. I'd be embarrassed.

    Peter NashPeter NashYıl önce
  • wow this comment section 👌

    Aditya MaanasAditya MaanasYıl önce
  • What's the intro song name?

    Nikhil HariharanNikhil HariharanYıl önce
  • Like if Cloak and Dagger is the first thing that comes to mind.

    Rayhan ChowdhuryRayhan ChowdhuryYıl önce
  • Looks like ijustine likes bbc

    Buzz LightyearBuzz LightyearYıl önce
  • Are they cousins

    iAmAmakaiAmAmakaYıl önce
  • when a 34yr woman looks so young, cute and adorable near a 25yr guy

    Shane WilliamsShane WilliamsYıl önce
  • she's so gorgeous !

    Shane WilliamsShane WilliamsYıl önce
  • Still on a 5s :(

    James ShortJames ShortYıl önce
  • 4:43 I refuse Jojo reference

    Koko JojoKoko JojoYıl önce
  • This comment section did an oopsie

    Arswole SchwarzdoggerArswole SchwarzdoggerYıl önce

    Chinmay PingleChinmay PingleYıl önce
  • 3:10 marques tryna take a selfie?

    Raghvendra SisodiaRaghvendra SisodiaYıl önce
  • Good talk

    Cainton MilroyCainton MilroyYıl önce
  • Colour full but black and white

    THE TricksterTHE TricksterYıl önce
  • You said pancakes

    Theo’s Bike RidesTheo’s Bike RidesYıl önce
Naming the new iPhone X? Ask MKBHD V30!