Nardwuar vs. Tyler, The Creator (2019)

Nardwuar interviews Tyler, The Creator at Neptoon Records, in Vancouver, BC Canada ! Doot doo!

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Doot doo !



  • His laugh sounds like the dude on regular show in the rap battle episode 😂😂❤️

    YANNDY ISLAND!!YANNDY ISLAND!!20 dakika önce
  • watching this drunk rn i’m so confused it made me feel high hhhhh

    Akram DandashiAkram Dandashi32 dakika önce
  • Anyone else notice how Nardwuar was losing his shit a lil bit with the butt plug shit😂

    SoapSoapSaatler önce
  • This was the most random interview- very satisfying

    Aw ThEY BuRnT mY fUcKIN CoOkIe- AsShOlEsAw ThEY BuRnT mY fUcKIN CoOkIe- AsShOlEs5 saatler önce
  • you really recognize how they vibin together the whole time

    ImATrophySystemImATrophySystem5 saatler önce
  • Shit...earl s album was in another side

    Bon ZhengBon Zheng7 saatler önce
  • Tyler: "he look trash either way"

    MegaTomskuMegaTomsku15 saatler önce
  • Wait what did he say about Deadmau5 lol

    systemerr0rsystemerr0rGün önce
  • Paha boom

    Raphael SantosRaphael SantosGün önce
  • he said watch your step daddy 😂😂😂😂

    abbie lennonabbie lennonGün önce
  • 6:26 he also sniffs the microphone 🤣

    Dark ShadowDark ShadowGün önce
  • Tyler at his finest ✨✨

    Requiemboy 921Requiemboy 921Gün önce
  • *Watch you step daddy*

    Taylor McFarlandTaylor McFarland2 gün önce
  • *Nardwuar says things or ask question* Tyler: Yes

    LitModz will comeLitModz will come2 gün önce
  • 8:00 this didnt age well

    den bueno !den bueno !2 gün önce
  • If I ever meet him irl I will 100% call him ThickDickDaddy27

    Jonathan BreakfestJonathan Breakfest2 gün önce
  • Minnesota doesn’t have sick stores anymore

    Zach HZach H2 gün önce
  • fucking with deer in Utah

    Evvie HammerstromEvvie Hammerstrom2 gün önce

    Dorcus ByaombeDorcus Byaombe3 gün önce
  • 11:44 me when the quiet kid getting roasted and he reach into his backpack

    YBDRIP38YBDRIP383 gün önce
  • 'Where did you come from?' 'Yes'

    BigMan RoppaBigMan Roppa3 gün önce
  • I love Tyler when he says Yes.

    Nando IsSoDumbNando IsSoDumb3 gün önce
  • „Watch your step daddy“ hahah

    Emma GrimmEmma Grimm4 gün önce
  • That look at 6:31

    Nico EsparzaNico Esparza4 gün önce
  • Can nardwuar find out who marshmello is

    Berry BoyBerry Boy4 gün önce
  • Yes

    Cyronne Benjamin GuzmanCyronne Benjamin Guzman4 gün önce
  • He said dildo for monsters inc. 5:48 Im done lmfao

    lanai myerslanai myers4 gün önce
  • This bitch like watchin the mo fuckin sims talkin and I love it

    Me...yes?Me...yes?4 gün önce
  • 8:09 "please warm my weiner"

    SomeRagingStreamerSomeRagingStreamer5 gün önce
  • tyler is the funniet dude alive

    Tristian ChristianTristian Christian5 gün önce
  • “PLEASE WARM MY WEIRNER” “nigga... no”

    julian martinezjulian martinez6 gün önce
  • “i’m drunk right now” i love him

    F.C.ClipsF.C.Clips6 gün önce
  • why is tyler's speaking voice so hot tho 😳😳😳

    123 pee on my knee123 pee on my knee6 gün önce
  • “nigga uh.......😗...uh , no”

    verycoolariverycoolari6 gün önce
  • Tyler is serious isn't he.

    HaramguezHaramguez6 gün önce
  • Nardwuar: "Where did you come from?" Tyler: "yes"

    coldshibecoldshibe7 gün önce
  • His voice still the same

    Edward PhillipsEdward Phillips7 gün önce
  • 8:12😂😂😂

    Blessinn LyonBlessinn Lyon7 gün önce
  • "TO THE PRIVATE ROOM!" "i'm drunk right now"

    Plasma GearPlasma Gear7 gün önce
  • Tyler, the low light navigator

    Takyo SabreTakyo Sabre8 gün önce
  • I love how Tyler’s music has matured and thrived over the years, but his personality will never change. I will always love Tyler, the Creator

    Devin GarciaDevin Garcia8 gün önce
  • Where did you come from? Y E S .

    jinxyjinxy8 gün önce
  • “You’re good at navigating in low light”😂

    leonel cardenasleonel cardenas8 gün önce
  • I'm glad he talked about Minnesota's record stores. They're awesome

    WyattWyatt8 gün önce
  • yes

    mrbeansgamingmrbeansgaming9 gün önce
  • I'm lying here, feeling like absolute shit being sick, and it's so nice to be able to be distracted by it for a bit from Nard and Tyler getting me to laugh at something completely stupid.

    ミɱꙙRkⲓદ ඏミɱꙙRkⲓદ ඏ9 gün önce
  • my type of...c u p o f t e a 😌

    angang9 gün önce
  • “Where did you come from?” “Yes”

    Thomas PereyraThomas Pereyra10 gün önce
  • watch ur step daddy

    YxngBinkyYxngBinky10 gün önce
  • I'm so jealous of people who get to be friends with people like Tyler 😭 I ain't got no friends at all lmao

    Sausage MahoneySausage Mahoney10 gün önce
  • Where did you come from *yes*

    TominoTomino10 gün önce
  • “i’m drunk right now” “where did you come from?” “yes” “your hotel” “today” “sleeping” “yes” “the back room” “yes” “have you been in a lot of backrooms?” “no i fuck in the front” reason 637362 i’m a tyler fan

    aidan paigeaidan paige10 gün önce
  • you make my earth...o my god... quake

    Gabe BarouhGabe Barouh11 gün önce
  • No body : Tyler : That’s a good name 9:15

    Doctor emmet BrownDoctor emmet Brown12 gün önce
  • tyler actin susss asf

  • Dont fuckin sleep on MinneSnowda!!! Some of my favorite artists are from Minnesota...

    James LaRocheJames LaRoche12 gün önce
  • Where did you come from? Yes. Your hotel. Today. Sleeping. THE back room.

    Wilson LucasWilson Lucas12 gün önce
  • Nardwuar: So do you like your hotel Tyler: Yes Nardwuar: We're at Neptune records Tyler: Yes Nardwuar: Where do you do you do Tyler: Yes Nardwuar: How do you keep your pants up while your performing Tyler: Yes Nardwuar: Yes Tyler: No

    T.E.C. ProductionsT.E.C. Productions12 gün önce
  • I luv nardwuard's enthusiasm!

    Pedro HernandezPedro Hernandez12 gün önce
  • 8:50

    KaioKen3KKaioKen3K13 gün önce
  • Why I love Tyler: Daddy

    Sokona TheslumpgodSokona Theslumpgod13 gün önce
  • He had to be extra weird for this one

    Joseph williamsJoseph williams13 gün önce
  • This dude prolly the goat at Christmas shopping

    xxballsofgoldxxballsofgold14 gün önce
  • "Who are you?" 2011: R. Kelly 2015: Morgan Freeman's Son 2019: Tyler, the Creator Character development.

    SlapSlapSlapSlapSlapSlap14 gün önce
    • @M.A.X ah yes, we can't forget that as well. It symbolizes that while he has accepted who he is, there's still a little bit in him that wants to hold onto a different alias.

      SlapSlapSlapSlapSlapSlap3 gün önce
    • Don’t you mean thickdickdaddy27

      M.A.XM.A.X3 gün önce
    • Ego death

      Carmen MonteroCarmen Montero5 gün önce
  • Look at how tyler's character development every nardwuars interview

    Mod KleinMod Klein14 gün önce
  • 14:55

    Joey SimmonsJoey Simmons14 gün önce
  • dude... change your voice

    Hayden BrakebillHayden Brakebill14 gün önce

    cindy anzaldocindy anzaldo15 gün önce
  • no one: them navigating thru a narrow staircase: tyler: 0:39

    pho !pho !15 gün önce
  • " Have you been to alot of backrooms, Tyler? " " No, I fuck in the front " LMAO

    Deception The Introvert GodDeception The Introvert God15 gün önce
Nardwuar vs. Tyler, The Creator (2019)