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I don't believe in destiny
I just do what's best for me
don't listen to my enemies
they're just full of jealousy
this legacy
you gun see what's left of me
you gun see success in me
u ain't seen the rest of me
I just wanna be the best at what I know
better than the rest just watch me grow
put me to the test and watch me go
this is my quest Ima make it known
they call me obsessive oh I know
call me selective with my notes
call me aggressive with my flow
call me offensive even though
yo I ain't gunna lie life's tough
try to get by lifes rough
try to do right it's not enough
even though you try still mess up
but I'm still gunna fight for what I love
still gunna die for what I love
still gunna try I won't give up
still gunna fight until I've won
they say I'm way too obsessed
and I've got nothing left
and I'm not quite there yet
but those words they'll regret
Cuz I got something left
and I'm not giving in
I will not let them win
I won't stop till the end no
I've been through some injuries
mentally and physically
studied them religiously
so I don't repeat history
and people won't admit to me
they don't want a victory
bad enough to get it see
they'd rather just go leave it be
and oh
this journey
I've been on since thirteen
working hard and learning
never stopping searching
it's burning
all this passion hurts me
I took action working
writing down these words see
no im not ok
I just want to be something
I don't wanna be nothing
living all alone
no I'm not alright
I'm just barely getting by
but I'll tell you I'm just fine
so u leave me alone
they say I'm way too obsessed
and I've got nothing left
and I'm not quite there yet
but those words they'll regret
Cuz I got something left
and I'm not giving in
I will not let them win
I won't stop till the end no
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