NEW! Apollo 11 Launch As It Happened: NBC NEWS TV original full coverage, july 16, 1969

A TV commemorative special: the 20th anniversary (1989) of the Apollo 11 historic launch at Kennedy Space Center.
David Brinkley of NBC News, July 16, 1969.
David Brinkley (NBC), Wikipedia INFO:
Apollo 11 50th "First Men on the Moon" : Neil Armstrong / Buzz Aldrin / Michael Collins ( All videos ):



  • And we had the best technology ever.

    The Cat.The Cat.12 gün önce
  • My father was 7 years old when this happened, class was cancelled and his whole school gathered in the Auditorium to watch this on TV

    OniYoshihiroOniYoshihiro18 gün önce
  • War in Vietnam, war on poverty, Apollo program, expensive times...

    Kristian SchmidtKristian Schmidt29 gün önce
  • There is nothing that is fantastic beyond this adventure in American history than stepping foot on the moon as done by Commander Neil Amstrong and Aldrin Buzz I wish I was there to share this momentous achieved done by United States of America,we one in doing great things .Thank you NASA.

    James MajokJames MajokAylar önce
  • The 3rd stage shut off just passed the island of Bermuda. The USS Maddox picked them up 1400 miles away from Florida 25 minutes after launch.

    JosephPaulJosephPaulAylar önce
  • 0 to 12,000 fps in 5 minutes. That's what I call punchin' it.

    Holdenon3Holdenon3Aylar önce
  • Look closely you can see the wires pulling it up... There is no one on board... the moon was recreated in a large hanger in Hollywood and the astronauts were already filming the scenes that would be broadcast over the following week. I know this because I was heavily involved from the beginning. If I get 1200 likes on this comment I will share with the world and then the truth will be out!! The British and the French were also involved as were the Japanese.

    BMk'erBMk'erAylar önce
  • Just think Will Smith is somewhere on top of that rocket fighting borris the animal

    AcerFilmsAcerFilmsAylar önce
  • The Saturn 5 was an extraordinary piece of engineering. A 110 metre rocket and all that came back was the small pointy bit at the top.

    Anthony KernichAnthony KernichAylar önce
  • When will this 'IBM technology' become available?

    Henry Jones Jr.Henry Jones Jr.Aylar önce
  • Too bad the great Gulf Oil commercials weren’t included in this package.

    Larry DreilingLarry DreilingAylar önce
  • When Apollo 11 had a better coverage than Boeing's Starliner LMAO

    B0bariaNB0bariaNAylar önce
    • the saturn rockets also had problems during testing. Thats the whole point of testing

      Skankhunt 42Skankhunt 42Aylar önce
  • If we had the technology back then as we do now we could bring the Saturn 5 back and reuse it, provided we had the equipment to do it.

    D HanselD HanselAylar önce
  • Suicide Steve!

    G.GorrellG.GorrellAylar önce
  • 13:45 what the F that is doing there?

    JJAylar önce
  • The CBS Walter Cronkite broadcast is much better. Plus this is a 20 year anniversary program which didn’t have as great a restoration of what I remember when I was watching that network at age 10. BTW, I have worked at Kennedy Space Center since 1992 and my father was an Apollo Physicist for McDonnell Douglas in the 60’s. We still use many of the same buildings and the engineering ground work from that time.

    Jim VannJim VannAylar önce
  • The first man in space Yuri was already dead by 07/1969. Pretty sad.

    ryan1981 coolryan1981 coolAylar önce
  • We are going back. I can’t wait for Artemis to launch atop SLS. I was one when Apollo 11 went up. I am planning to be in Florida next year for the Mars 2020 and hopefully, Artemis I launches. I am so excited for the future of space exploration in America. NASA rocks.

    Dave FuryDave FuryAylar önce
  • The GAS commercials are hella funny now it’s all Electric ⚡️ 😂 but back then you could manipulate people more freely that today’s world

    OscarAHGOscarAHGAylar önce
  • What most people don’t even know about is that the allies would‘ve almost killed the engineer of the Saturn V, Wernher von Braun and his team when they bombed the rocket test facility on Peenemünde, Germany during WWII. Von Braun was working for the Nazis at that time, developing the V2 rocket, the precursor of the Saturn V. After the war was over the americans took him and his team to Huntsville, Alabama where they provided the american scientists with the knowledge they needed to create this marvelous piece of engineering. One could argue that if the war would not have happened, von Braun‘s genius would have not been recognized and thus not fostered. Furthermore, the following cold war and the space race between the udssr and the usa was for sure a propelling factor contributing in the first moon landing. To learn more about the „missileman“ and his legace here’s a well rounded article about him:

    Florian PeterFlorian PeterAylar önce
  • 23:18 who the hell is this?

    Jake EsguerraJake EsguerraAylar önce
  • To the moon hahaha never happened. .

    Tama WihongiTama WihongiAylar önce
  • And NASA....the Nazi American Space Administration lost the data tapes...lost the video tapes.....and we don't have the technology any more to go through the Van Allen Belt.....look up operation paper clip. It was a big hoax....brought to you by Hollywood and Stanley Kubrick. Too many impossibilities for it to have happened. It was a cold war propaganda victory. Nobody has ever gone to the moon. Nobody ever will.....why is it we have not been back in almost 50 years? Why is it that all the moon rocks that were given to other governments have tested as petrified wood? Folks....never ever trust government. They are not your friend. They are here to control you. Your thoughts....your actions.....your life. To quote from the Truman show movie....Reality is what is presented to them.

    Steve smithSteve smithAylar önce
    • But Kubrick was a perfectionist and he wanted to film on the real place so we landed on the moon

      Ev1331Ev1331Aylar önce
  • Sorry to rain on your parade but we never set football on the moon

    Gumpy FlyaleGumpy FlyaleAylar önce
  • I think I see a rocket shape in those massive pixels

    Critical MassCritical MassAylar önce
  • One of the greatest moments in human history. Remember who did it! USA USA USA!

    Glinkling SmearnopsGlinkling SmearnopsAylar önce
  • We never walked on the moon. Elvis ain't dead. You ain't going crazy. It's all in your head.

    George WilsonGeorge WilsonAylar önce
    • George Wilson i agree, we didnt! but those astronauts are

      Jake EsguerraJake EsguerraAylar önce
  • Moon walk deniers - please explain this launch @ 17,358 ft. per second... where did they go?

    Ward MWard MAylar önce
  • So they spend one week on the orbit and then lended on earth as the heroes? 😉

    Robson SlayerRobson SlayerAylar önce
    • @Robson Slayer Sorry, if they had stayed in low Earth orbit for a week, every Astronomer amateur & professional would have seen the craft orbiting, it would have been brighter than Venus. So they weren't in LEO I guarantee. Try again.

      G.GorrellG.GorrellAylar önce
    • @Robson Slayer Do you know what radio wave signal triangulation is? Do you know that with three receivers you can pin point any object in space? Maybe you will tell me that radars didn't exist in time of Apollo missions?

      tgstudio85tgstudio85Aylar önce
    • tgstudio85 off course they didn`t. How? Gps didn’t exist then. No satellites to watch the space, maybe earth but no space. They could only listening. They had many years to learn what to say. I think 10 years were enought to fake it professional especially that people in that time believed everything what they seen in television. Some people today are exactly the same. They even believed in marsian attack in New York. Do you remember that movie?

      Robson SlayerRobson SlayerAylar önce
    • Robson Slayer right, and other nations that were monitoring Apollo missions didn’t know how triangulation works, and didn’t know that they went only to low orbit;)

      tgstudio85tgstudio85Aylar önce
  • at 13:01 a hole is punched into the clouds, wow

    M HaubenM HaubenAylar önce
  • We should have been on Mars by now. But we have wrong people in leadership lacking fusion. Yes even Trump

    hoedemakerbarthoedemakerbartAylar önce
  • The USA was once great. I really looked up to them, I lived there, went to school there. My brother is American (born there). But after Dump, I have no use for the place. None. I will leave it up to the next generation of Canadians to make up with them.

    Chris SadlerChris Sadler2 aylar önce
    • Stay in Canada and never come back

      Gumpy FlyaleGumpy FlyaleAylar önce
    • Even if you believe the moon landing hoax only the US took man Beyond low earth orbit 24 men between 1968 and December 1972 so what has Canada done since then not go past low earth orbit that is for sure

      Gumpy FlyaleGumpy FlyaleAylar önce
    • It's okay Chris. None of us liked you anyway.

      Red SharkRed Shark2 aylar önce
  • Going to the Moon, BRB.

    Joseph AstierJoseph Astier2 aylar önce
    • No there not

      Gumpy FlyaleGumpy FlyaleAylar önce
  • How can it be 'new'??

    DokktorDethDokktorDeth2 aylar önce
  • Funny how nearly every technology has improved in some way yet in 2019 we still use caveman rockets! The US government and world governments are holding us in the dark while secret space programmes are in full swing ie spaceforce. We have had scientist make new energy sources but every time they just die unexpected or disappear.

    Nathan ChisholmNathan Chisholm2 aylar önce
    • A lot of money to be made with new energy breakthroughs. That's why your assertion is absurd. You really don't understand how the world works do you?

      Steve RodgersSteve RodgersAylar önce
    • Nathan Chisholm man go sit down somewhere and rest your head.

      Robert Legere IIIRobert Legere III2 aylar önce
  • These morose debbie downers were pittaful. Times have changed, but the Newscasters still dont miss an opportunity to shit all over a Once in a Lifetime Acomplishment.

    Markus DaxamouliMarkus Daxamouli2 aylar önce
  • Wow I can't get enough of this sort of thing and this is before I was born

    Alex SteeleAlex Steele2 aylar önce
  • Pretty sure Sputnik was 1957, not 47.

    Zoomer30Zoomer302 aylar önce
  • Such an amazing feat. Interesting how they erased all the original footage, lost the Telemetry data, gave the Netherlands a petrified wood "moon Rock", destroyed the technology that allegedly got us there, and we have not been back in almost 50 years. It unfortunate this fraud is still being celebrated 🙁

    Neal SwansonNeal Swanson2 aylar önce
  • Why were there no 35mm high quality films taken? We only have these super low def videos .

    Michael TaylorsMichael Taylors2 aylar önce
    • Just Looking , this was the greatest event in history and no Panavision , that is to say no state of the art cameras anywhere . The launch pad films you’ve linked I’ve seen too many times; they , look almost like 8 mm consumer grade albeit faster frame rate. Thanks, but I’m referencing Apollo moon missions. Shame that No one thought to set one up from the causeway and just let it run ?

      Michael TaylorsMichael Taylors2 aylar önce

      Just LookingJust Looking2 aylar önce
    • Check out that channel, Raw Space

      Just LookingJust Looking2 aylar önce
    • There's plenty of high definition film of the launch. The engineering cameras that NASA used to record with were pretty decent. You should look for that footage. and the space shuttle:

      Just LookingJust Looking2 aylar önce
  • The same group of newsmen who reported the JFK assassination 6 years earlier.

    Wes McGeeWes McGee2 aylar önce
  • There are a violin player at 13 : 46 in these video, whats he doing there?

    Bjørn HansenBjørn Hansen2 aylar önce
    • The violin player is from the previous recording of the tape. It was a problem arising when a portion of tape was damaged (no longer perfectly flat), it wasn't receiving enough of the premagnetization and erasure high-frequency cancellation signal, so that area was not overwritten with the new recording. It was common occurrence at times, both with tape reels and Beta/VHS cassettes later on.

      Antonio MaglioneAntonio Maglione2 aylar önce
  • Notice carefully at 32:17 for two seconds you can see the shadow of the rocket on the clouds.

    TheAbc45678TheAbc456782 aylar önce
    • Wow. Looks cool.

      Just LookingJust Looking2 aylar önce
  • Gagarin 1st man in space?.

    Malcolm WoodMalcolm Wood2 aylar önce
  • I still find it crazy that humanity went from the first ever man to orbit the landing three men on the Moon in less than ten years. This is what can be accomplished when we put our minds to things!

    Odin HarouOdin Harou2 aylar önce
  • Who was still feeling nervous, watching this 50 years later?

    Will ShankWill Shank2 aylar önce
    • @Wes McGee My grandfather went to his grave in 1979 not believing that men had walked on the Moon. He wasn't a "denier". He didn't know anything about the Van Allen Belts or The Firmament or the Flat Earth. He didn't understand the science and so did not believe it was possible.

      Will ShankWill Shank2 aylar önce
    • I was 11. Staying at my grandmother's while my parents were in Mexico. Mamaw never believed they landed on the moon!

      Wes McGeeWes McGee2 aylar önce
    • Yup. Me.....

      SImon LuckinSImon Luckin2 aylar önce
  • What blows my mind is the 102.8 mile-high orbit. When military aircraft can reach absolute altitudes of around 115 000 ft, which is about 23 miles give or take - the Apollo vehicle was only four times higher in orbit!! Must have been feeling a lot of atmospheric drag at that low altitude, but luckily it didn't have to sit there for long because after just a small number of orbits it ignited escape boosters to accelerate it to escape velocity before doing a massive ellipse around the Earth twice and then heading on an ever-expanding elliptical orbit of the Earth until it reached the moon intercept orbit which is in itself, a giant orbit of the Earth. So, just so people realise, the Apollo vehicle didn't fly in a straight line towards the moon because that's not how celestial mechanics work in space astronautics. Basically if you try to imagine the Apollo vehicle reaching bigger and bigger elliptical orbits of the Earth, each time growing larger until eventually the elliptical orbit around the Earth quite literally intercepts the moon - the apogee - on its last and final ellipse before being caught in the moon's gravitational pull and swinging around into orbit of the moon. Each time the Apollo vehicle performed one growing ellipse of the Earth, it made a slingshot around a low altitude - perigee - at the back end of the ellipse when it is nearest the Earth swinging it further out into a large elliptical Curve before repeating. The orbit of the Apollo vehicle command module around the moon was in itself an elliptical orbit of the moon albeit a very scary one, because the lowest point - the perigee - of the ellipse in terms of altitude around the moon, is so low that if they had intercepted the moon's gravitation literally 0.1 of a degree off course then on the next time round towards the perigee, they would have slammed into the moon's surface! Very brilliant calculations were done in order to avoid what they class as a CMA - a celestial maneuvering accident. Rather calm words, for such a horrifying occurrence. I just wanted to say all this because it has been asked why it took 4 days for the module to reach the moon at the speed they were travelling at. I hope this helps.

    Clint TapperClint Tapper2 aylar önce
  • Thank you for the live and Uncut he says all I needed to hear at 19:24 then realises what he said, then goes into full duck and cover mode, just beautiful bless him. Then the little silence were there probably ear bashing him.

    Freedom keyFreedom key2 aylar önce
  • 50 years later haven't been there since

    Vito AndersonVito Anderson2 aylar önce
    • stuff it loser

      Hal 9000Hal 90002 aylar önce
  • Jack King Apollo Launch Control

    ChrisstChrisst2 aylar önce
  • Amazing seeing those 30-year-old commercials!

    104thDIVTimberwolf104thDIVTimberwolf4 aylar önce
  • I was 3. It's still one of my earliest memories.

    104thDIVTimberwolf104thDIVTimberwolf4 aylar önce
  • USSR: HA! FIRST MAN IN ORBIT! U.S. : Hold my beer.

    Haiden GearyHaiden Geary4 aylar önce
    • USSR accomplished way more space achievements than USA. And they had no big budget, a crappy industry and an horrible organisation without a big national agency as NASA

      Ev1331Ev1331Aylar önce
    • Haiden Geary : Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, achieved his single - orbit feat aboard Vostok - 1, on April 12, 1961.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • Who can be so stupid fool,....... to set negative advise on such video ??? Can someone here explain the 122 negatives. I have see it in real time 50 years ago. I asked my grand father : Where they are going to ? He answered me : I will show you this evening. All the efternoon, I asked him show me, show me. Then when the moon was visible in Belgium. He showed me. I could not believe. But... it was. The 122 negative, go back to your stupidity, stay at age of ape and try to evoluate....

    Phil MrsPhil Mrs5 aylar önce
    • deniers are human garbage

      Hal 9000Hal 90002 aylar önce
    • Phil Mrs : Well said.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • The people who believe we went to the moon believe Sandy Hoax and 9/11 were real too....very sad.

    SmokeDogNY420SmokeDogNY4206 aylar önce
    • stupid khuunt

      Hal 9000Hal 90002 aylar önce
  • I'd love to know why TRvision videos keep freezing up. The audio continues but for weeks on whatever computer I use I can't seem to enjoy any video because they all freeze & then unfreeze about 10-15 seconds later all the while the audio continues to run. On another note I remember watching this as a kid of just 7years old. I was already a space nut from watching shows like Lost in Space, Star Trek & The Invaders but the Apollo launch seared into my psyche a deep love for the American space program. From this moment on I would never miss another manned launch & I've watched them all: Apollo, Skylab, Apollo/Soyuz, the space shuttle. I'm getting old now & still wait with a child's wonder for the next launch of astronauts in an American spacecraft. Fix your problems TRvision. I'm getting tired of your crap.

    John EsparzaJohn Esparza6 aylar önce
    • Jerk Egghead : And i am getting tired of reading your stupidity on TRvision. You demented piece of shit.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • If that reporters eyebrows were any more angled, they would be vertical

    FulfMubLanaFulfMubLana6 aylar önce
    • Fulf : WHAT ?

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • Kulmainer: ‘God’ had nothing to do with it. Where was ‘God’ when astronauts Chaffee, Grissom and White burned to death on the launch pad in 1967?

    Your Royal HighnessYour Royal Highness6 aylar önce
    • Your Royal Hag : Burn in hell, you atheist bastard.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • I was 10 when this happened. To me, it is the greatest achievement of mankind. Simply amazing. We need to go back to Luna (the moon’s unofficial name) and use it as a steppingstone to Mars.

    Your Royal HighnessYour Royal Highness6 aylar önce
  • 1/3rd of america, mostly dems think that this never happened

    Defeeded08Defeeded086 aylar önce
    • Defeeded08 : They should be deported straight to Siberia.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • I was in Europe watching the launch. I felt very proud of being an American.

    Red SharkRed Shark7 aylar önce
    • @Haiden Geary Then let all of us help foot the bill. Three Americans rode an American-made rocket to the moon. That rocket paid for by Americans before it was launched from America. I didn't see a single Norwegian help with anything.

      Red SharkRed Shark4 aylar önce
    • I am sure you meant "To be human..." This was for all of us.

      Haiden GearyHaiden Geary4 aylar önce
  • 4:30 pertinent part

    HakeHake7 aylar önce
  • I don't remember the Apollo 11 Moon Mission, but I do remember the Apollo 17 Mission that was the last one to go to the Moon. 😊🌜

    Sam BradleySam Bradley7 aylar önce
    • Sam Bradley : You were probably living in Albania. One of the few countries, that did not carry coverage of the moon landing, back in 1969.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
    • Sam Bradley : I was exactly 8 years old, and today i still remember everything about that memorable, historic summer of July' 1969, like if it was yesterday.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
    • Sam Bradley : Like whom for example ?

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
    • Sam Bradley : There probably were no television sets, in the country you were living in at the time. This is why, you don't remember anything about that historic, Apollo - 11 moon landing, which took place exactly 50 years ago, last July.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
    • Sam Bradley : As a matter of fact, i do by learning it all from my teachers in History class.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • Yep! Still get chills watching this! 7/16/19 (What the heck was that at 13:45?)

    TimReed22222TimReed222227 aylar önce
    • TimReed : Some crappy commercial, placed there ACCIDENTALLY.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • 50 years today! 7-16-69 ~ 7-16-19 🚀

    Stephanie WhittStephanie Whitt7 aylar önce
    • Stephanie Whitt : Our world was never the same since then, sweetie.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • Happy 50th Anniversary :)

    Deadpool FanDeadpool Fan7 aylar önce
  • America at her best !!!

    Elizabeth CarsonElizabeth Carson7 aylar önce
    • Elizabeth Carson : STILL IS.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • Happy 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch.

    mynameissportmynameissport7 aylar önce
    • mynameissport : We all went back to July ' 1969, exactly 4 months ago.

      george vilageorge vila4 aylar önce
  • I get goosebumps

    karl jesaitiskarl jesaitis7 aylar önce
  • Hard to believe its going to be 50 years this Saturday July 20th

    Animefan 007Animefan 0077 aylar önce
NEW! Apollo 11 Launch As It Happened: NBC NEWS TV original full coverage, july 16, 1969