GTA Online: Los Santos Summer Special
• 15 new vehicles including new updates at Benny's
• 6 new co-op missions in A Superyacht Life
• New Open Wheel Races + the Open Wheel Race Creator
• New Business Battles
• Diamond Adversary Series
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  • Binod

    TGGTGGAylar önce
    • It doesn't let me join the discord server

      jello 1jello 1Aylar önce
    • @TGG

      HarbingerOLifeHarbingerOLifeAylar önce
    • Humne tgg ko bhi nhi chowda BINOD OP hogaya 😂😂😂

      FireyFireyAylar önce
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      Ben DoverBen DoverAylar önce

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  • The Yosemite, is pronounced Yuhcemetry without the r so yuhcemety

    Archie ByrneArchie Byrne6 gün önce
  • gaming music

    Nalan OktaykaanNalan Oktaykaan19 gün önce
  • GTA 5 add on GTA 5 video Perfectly all things should be

    FayeezFayeez19 gün önce
  • What car do you use it looks sick!

    Simon PleijsierSimon Pleijsier23 gün önce
  • Xd

    OLiWARE TVOLiWARE TV28 gün önce
  • 4:07 dude is rapping 😂

    Tony XuTony XuAylar önce
  • How did you get that car wrap?

    DanDanAylar önce
  • is this the dlc rockstar said was gunna be the biggest one ever?

    UnLucky MateUnLucky MateAylar önce
  • All of the legendary motorsport cars that has released this past year sucks ngl

    Lil MarcuziLil MarcuziAylar önce
  • Who can help me to do all the heists in gta5 online? I am looking for a partner? Please repply your contact! I will contact you as soon as i see

    Abdulaziz ZarifboyevAbdulaziz ZarifboyevAylar önce
  • Hey brother I don’t know if you know this but it’s free to respray cars when you steal them for Simon. And there is a time limit to get it to his garage. I think that’s new

    courtney Elizabethcourtney ElizabethAylar önce
  • Guys it's not that bad i was able to create king kinda. Now he can finish his race!

    btx_ nanobtx_ nanoAylar önce
  • Hi TGG, I have a question that is unrelated to this video. If I own a CEO vehicle warehouse but not the crates warehouse, will I able to assign a technician to the cargo and shipments of nightclub warehouse management?

    Andy TongAndy TongAylar önce
    • @Taistelulaama thx

      Andy TongAndy TongAylar önce
    • No

      TaistelulaamaTaistelulaamaAylar önce
  • Yo TGG I came back to your channel to say thank you a few months ago I watched your rags to riches video and at the time I had 200k and after watching your video I am now at 20 million dollars and have literally everything in the game so, I appreciate your help

    goovy doodgoovy doodAylar önce
  • Does anyone wanna do the casino heist it’s aggressive and cash I’m splitting 70 30

    JTG 19JTG 19Aylar önce
    • why do the casino heist rn. do the apartment glitch before it’s patched and launder your money through Deluxos

      Jusalien GamingJusalien GamingAylar önce
  • Bruh how am i suppose to type and get help in your server if i cant even type anywhere?????

    It's Me RageIt's Me RageAylar önce
  • hello, i tried to figure out discord, no luck, is there anyone anywhere that can help me in gta online, it is so difficult to seek help for rockstars games

    bauhauserabauhauseraAylar önce
  • Why cant I type in the discord server? I do not have permission to type but I do not know how to get permission. Can soneone help me?

    alon zamiralon zamirAylar önce
  • Hey bro tgg can u make a guide on the silent and sneaky approach?

    JB AlardeJB AlardeAylar önce
  • TGG, PLEASE READ! I WANT TO HELP YOU. You deserve more subs. Do you want me to make around 50 accounts and sub 2 you?

    Crazyviking 666Crazyviking 666Aylar önce
  • The fact that i saw TGG's CHANNEL GROW SO FAST makes me feel pathetic i have been here when he was like under 50k an d i just kept on watching and watching

    Itz MotzyItz MotzyAylar önce
  • Am I slow? I joined his discord but wont let me message.

    Bob The TortoiseBob The TortoiseAylar önce
  • Arcade machines and MCT discounted? Fuck yeah finally something good for me to grind.

    Max LeamanMax LeamanAylar önce
  • Do you need an office to start a business?

    ReaperrReaperrAylar önce
  • Hi TGG can u make a video on the glitches which are fixed in the new summer DLC update.

    Lidder Harshpreet SinghLidder Harshpreet SinghAylar önce
  • So this is the dlc everyone was hyping up🙄

    Mike HonchoMike HonchoAylar önce
  • When you finish the yaught missions you get a captain outfit

    Oli GamesOli GamesAylar önce
  • That one car from midnight club 👀

    Black Ops 4Black Ops 4Aylar önce
  • @TGG fun idea not sure if its been done but is it possible to make 4 oppression mkII act as the base and make any car fly 🤔

    HarbingerOLifeHarbingerOLifeAylar önce
  • Ok

    Yes IndeedYes IndeedAylar önce
  • Yosemite - Yo-Seh-Ma-Tee

    Haile SankaraHaile SankaraAylar önce
  • Haha "yoh-sem-iyte" its "yoh-sem-it-ee"

    Kenny PagleyKenny PagleyAylar önce
  • Im exited to play gta v i been waiting to play 4 years thx to epic games 74% download

    shem franciscoshem franciscoAylar önce
  • we fuckin need garage space fkkkkk

    Pinkie Po1sonPinkie Po1sonAylar önce
  • It’s not over yet .. just the beginning

    Savage X NRSavage X NRAylar önce
  • I watched this video in 2x speed and I don't regret it

    Not a MemeNot a MemeAylar önce
  • They said this would be there biggest update. It’s kinda a bummed

    Alex PeerbhaiAlex PeerbhaiAylar önce
  • He sounds exactly like yode

    kobi is awesomekobi is awesomeAylar önce
  • Yosemite is pronounced Yo - sey - mitty not yozmite

    JT ZimmermannJT ZimmermannAylar önce
  • So you're literally the Professional as a Car Guy not a Grinder?

    JesterJesterAylar önce
  • Hey tgg I have a counterfeit money business I got for free it cost £75,000 to buy the supplies but I only get £100,000 back. is it a business I should carry on with?

    cute_as_duckscute_as_ducksAylar önce
    • Hah I privated all my videos yh armours kuruma is good u can do a lot of headhunter and other various vip activities with it and np

      Dvsn. LukeDvsn. LukeAylar önce
    • Dvsn. Luke I’m saving up for the Karuma armoured thanks for your advice really appreciate it man ;)

      cute_as_duckscute_as_ducksAylar önce
    • I don’t recommend mc businesses if your more of a solo player like me , I would get a vehicle cargo warehouse and save up for the terroybyte to make that business for efficient

      Dvsn. LukeDvsn. LukeAylar önce
  • So when my mk2 gets destroyed I change servers to avoid cooldown time?

    Lelouch vi BritanniaLelouch vi BritanniaAylar önce
  • If any of you want money in this game then just do the bogdan glitch. Made me 33mil

    CerosCerosAylar önce
  • This mean that double and triple money will be on Tuesday instead of Thursday. ????

    ET GamingET GamingAylar önce
  • I can’t talk in the discord and I have already verified my self what do I do?

    Boi BruhBoi BruhAylar önce
  • Tanks for letting me know that the arcades are off, now I don't have the one in peleto bay:)

    User 9657User 9657Aylar önce
  • the business battle on aircraft carrier is kinda hard

    panshula gunasekaranpanshula gunasekaranAylar önce
  • This is the Next DLC DLC

    Speedycar 100Speedycar 100Aylar önce
  • Not to be that guy, but Yosemite is pronounced “Yo - sem - it- ee”

    TRUE-XLV GamingTRUE-XLV GamingAylar önce
  • What Twitch Prime benefits this week?

    FinnddFinnddAylar önce
  • I just keep getting more and more disappointed with each update like I haven’t played in about a month or so but now that i know this update is garbage I’ll just skip till Christmas or something cuz this is no way worth playing for fucking R* can’t even put a few decent cars or business

    Ibrahim Al-DulaimiIbrahim Al-DulaimiAylar önce
  • The way you pronounced Yosemite lmao

    FlickFlickAylar önce
  • F this update. No clothes f

    Creepy WoodCreepy WoodAylar önce
  • Yow who wants to help me on heist? Im playing on xbox 1 just reply to this and ill add you

    Legender21Legender21Aylar önce

    Namu TaeNamu TaeAylar önce
  • Guys don’t listen to him about the yachts he is full of bs because 1 look underneath sale yachts are never that cheap and 2 the yachts are on sale but still in the high millions

    Jack BealeJack BealeAylar önce
  • You need to do something about ur discord server I keep getting banned.. I don’t understand how afk is a glitch.. ITS NOT

    Owen MassengaleOwen MassengaleAylar önce
  • Yo what’s the outro song it’s fire

    Corey gibbsCorey gibbsAylar önce
  • I'm liking that new super car imma get it

    Speed Phoenix 900Speed Phoenix 900Aylar önce
  • HEY TTG🥺 i don’t really know if you read your comments but can you please shout out digital car addict❕🥺 he really helps with gta and I really think he needs a bigger audience, He took the time out of his day to customize every car and show us each car detail by detail in each video with the price and all the specs.Not only the cars but everything.I would appreciate it if you help him out Thank you❤️👑

    Caleb TaylorCaleb TaylorAylar önce
  • let’s at least appreciate rockstar for the update we love you rockstar even if theyres jets and mk 2 oppressors blowing us up

    rain on gtarain on gtaAylar önce
  • we with no console or GTA. *sad sounds intensifies*

    CiucizCiucizAylar önce
  • Bruh they should of did the update to give us more fucking money

    Lance RussellLance RussellAylar önce
  • Finally. New F1 cars. Lets go lol

    EpicoofEpicoofAylar önce
  • Yo-see-mite. LMAO........Yo-sim-eh-Tee

    Cynthia BakerCynthia BakerAylar önce
  • Bro why i cant massege in discord Please reply i want to make money from the videos u made rags to riches

    Gam erGam erAylar önce
  • i have customised the new cars exactly like him before watching this video lol

    Mouhamed CharetteMouhamed CharetteAylar önce
  • @TGG This update is actually nothing compared to what has yet to come. This update was solely to launch new vehicles and fix bugs people have been fighting over. The next large update isn’t said to be released until the new console time... hmm sound familiar because that’s what they did to expand GTA V from PS3 to PS4. Be expected during November and December for more news around the big drop.

    Ivan EkimovIvan EkimovAylar önce
  • from now on will the new discounts be every tuesday?

    h1h1Aylar önce