*NEW* Fortnite 9.40 Update! | All 12 Free Items, Mecha vs Monster Event, Skins!

Fortnite 9.40 New Update - All 12 Free Items, Mecha vs Monster Event, and Skins are what we discuss today!
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  • Mila looks like kallen from code grass an anime

    Random DogeRandom DogeAylar önce
  • FORTNITE *I read it every time 😉 *

    ツShogunツShogunAylar önce
  • Team Mech

    WolfStrike -YTWolfStrike -YTAylar önce
  • Mech-x4

    K9_SwaveyyK9_SwaveyyAylar önce
  • Gemini had to be changed due to copyright reasons

    Velvet_CryVelvet_CryAylar önce
  • What ever happened to the dragon eggs at polar peak

    Connor LydaConnor LydaAylar önce
  • gonna return to 2b2t?

    CT_GoGo6oGo BGCT_GoGo6oGo BGAylar önce
  • Goul trooper 3:22

    APEXHD YtAPEXHD YtAylar önce

    Spectrum_Raids_Spectrum_Raids_Aylar önce
  • Wait how do you get that loading screen with the robot?

    TimYoung 69TimYoung 69Aylar önce
  • Singularity is damn hot

    Deep FireDeep FireAylar önce
  • Can someone gift me the mecha skin please

    BicBotBicBotAylar önce
  • Mecha Team Leader Has Won

    Apollo ExcaliburApollo ExcaliburAylar önce
  • i have the mecha team leader skin and i want the new emote

    Susan McNairSusan McNairAylar önce
  • I just woke up in 2pm I was going to my brother room I’m seeing the event happening so I came here if I missed anything

    AZPVPYT 2AZPVPYT 2Aylar önce
  • team mech

    moises lopezmoises lopezAylar önce
  • Plz destroy the map I hate the map right now

    GamerBoiGamerBoiAylar önce
  • Who else thinks the monster is gonna show up and destroy the robot

    Yaboi beejYaboi beejAylar önce
  • 0:03 He Ran Out Of Random Ideas XD

    The NobleThe NobleAylar önce
  • 0:03 He Ran Out Of Random Ideas XD

    The NobleThe NobleAylar önce
  • 4:49 They f*cking didn't....

    EpicNinjaPro123EpicNinjaPro123Aylar önce
  • Team mecha for life

    THanGZ_THanGZ_Aylar önce
  • Team monster

    HUNKHUNKAylar önce
  • Yeah team monster!!!!!!!!

    Apple JohnnySeedApple JohnnySeedAylar önce
  • What time is the event

    Cut clanCut clanAylar önce
  • I think the mecha skin will have a damaged style for after the fight, maybe an arm ripped off or something?

    VerzeroVerzeroAylar önce
  • Team monster.

    Chippy TheGamerChippy TheGamerAylar önce
  • new incursion

    ArctictylerArctictylerAylar önce
  • Epic Games Headquarters: *”all right we need a plan to know how to color and design the robot, any ideas?”* Employee: *”How about we should make the robot look like the mechazord from power rangers but instead we use old famous fortnite skins.”* Boss: *”great idea!”*

    yeetus-yeetus commit-self-deletusyeetus-yeetus commit-self-deletusAylar önce
  • S10 will be japanise themed changebmy mind

    Justin LuperonJustin LuperonAylar önce
  • Will the robot vs monster event happen at 2:00am est as well as 2:00 pm est?

    JamminheadJamminheadAylar önce
  • Team Mecha

    Chase RainoChase RainoAylar önce
  • I just got you in my recommendations after years. Omg it’s been forever. :O

    NOT Spooky Merry SkeletonsNOT Spooky Merry SkeletonsAylar önce
  • Team Monster all the WAY

    Grannys CaneGrannys CaneAylar önce
  • Team Monster for da win

    Keli cooper And YT KameronKeli cooper And YT KameronAylar önce
  • Monster

    Raeanna SevertRaeanna SevertAylar önce
  • Mech

    Spartakus4Spartakus4Aylar önce

    default Alonzo_odefault Alonzo_oAylar önce
  • Doggos: cuddle team leader Cattis: Demogorgon

    Yur first memeboiiYur first memeboiiAylar önce
  • Tsuki looks like Yandry Chan

    King dogo DingoKing dogo DingoAylar önce
  • I got my own rap

    EMLKMN nownowEMLKMN nownowAylar önce
  • Carterisaking

    Thomas GutierrezThomas GutierrezAylar önce
  • Team monster!

    OneStateFanOneStateFanAylar önce
  • No threatening me saying that I will have bad luck for the rest of my life.. now that deserves a like.

    Carolyn CondonCarolyn CondonAylar önce
  • So the events at 1:00pm or so for me

    WolfGamer007WolfGamer007Aylar önce
  • Monster cause i want it as a skin

    Guerillaradio12Guerillaradio12Aylar önce
  • Team mecha monster is going down

    Mr. PugrMr. PugrAylar önce
  • What’s with people and Minecraft now? It’s like every youtubers play Minecraft now.

    Jr UruchimaJr UruchimaAylar önce
  • mecha

    flyingarrowsawayflyingarrowsawayAylar önce

    FerfGunFerfGunAylar önce
  • Tusik is a refrons to a killing game

    Kane KunkelKane KunkelAylar önce
  • Team mecha is definitely winning I know this from loading screen and new skin

    Sub and this won't be In your bed tonightSub and this won't be In your bed tonightAylar önce
  • trying so hard to hit 10 minutes

    Lo-QuanLo-QuanAylar önce
  • I liked the video just because you were honest about nothing happening and I’m tired of the people who do that

    iTry HardwiniTry HardwinAylar önce
  • Monster good

    Swift RapidSwift RapidAylar önce
  • I'm team Code TheCampingRusher But Mecha Team Leader As Well...

    ScorpianViper 12ScorpianViper 12Aylar önce
  • Mecha

    Reverse BerryReverse BerryAylar önce
  • Tsuki came from yandere simulator

    Doodle BobDoodle BobAylar önce
  • Of course monster

    Meme loadMeme loadAylar önce
    • Sike team robot forever

      Meme loadMeme loadAylar önce
  • Team Monster, I want to see things crumble down and be destroyed...

    Yeet GernadeYeet GernadeAylar önce
  • Tisuki is from yandere simulator

    Kama HaZeKama HaZeAylar önce

    Boxie BoiBoxie BoiAylar önce
  • Can u get me a gift? GFLxNick

    Kenshunda ThomasKenshunda ThomasAylar önce
  • who remeber the minchraft world

    Jack ToscanoJack ToscanoAylar önce
  • Sadly, I will not be able to see it. Im going to a huge party! Im really sad!😢😢😭😭 After I will watch your live stream. But I wish I could watch it live. Im really sad. If you would like, please like this comment.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Clotilde CrisostomoClotilde CrisostomoAylar önce
  • Team robot

    Aaron HernandezAaron HernandezAylar önce
  • I am going with the Monster because it’s almost nothing left from the OG locations and who knows maybe they will make some OG locations in the new map. Which team are you in ? Mecha or Cattus?

    Takeshi_oh yeah YeahTakeshi_oh yeah YeahAylar önce
  • What if people who are team robet wants to keep the map and team monster wants a new one

    iTz_-APOLLO-_iTz_-APOLLO-_Aylar önce
  • i think the singularity skin is gonna control the robot from the inside but other then that im team monster

    John WrightJohn WrightAylar önce
  • Hey campingrusher,i have a hipothesis:if you look closely on the fortbytes,(the one where bunker joneesy isn't drawing),you will see a teddy bear head lying on the floor on the left of the screen,which might mean that the cattus will slash robots head off and the robot might get a replacement head because the robot already has all the styles of singularity except the default one,which means that the head will probably be slashed off because the robot already has a part of a cuddle team leader-its torso and it doesn't need another one.

    Spotless FortSpotless FortAylar önce
*NEW* Fortnite 9.40 Update! | All 12 Free Items, Mecha vs Monster Event, Skins!