Nickmercs Reacts To The Cheating In Fortnite.. Why Does It Happpen?!

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  • Nick and that mini gun

    OFF ROADOFF ROAD8 aylar ├Ânce
  • 5:18 completely misses him dipping out bottom left

    Noah KronickNoah Kronick8 aylar ├Ânce
  • That was a recon expert

    Nastty9Nastty98 aylar ├Ânce
  • This just trolevu

    Yehonatan MagidYehonatan Magid8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Hey Nick, I would enjoy watching your videos regardless of what their descriptions are. Stop click baiting your videos, itÔÇÖs made me unsubscribe and many of my mates.

    MadMax LemanczykMadMax Lemanczyk8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Same

      Baby DaddyBaby Daddy8 aylar ├Ânce
  • We got baited.

    pbrink224pbrink2248 aylar ├Ânce
  • Nobody- *nick kills someone* -awww

    Irving HiIrving Hi8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Should say reacts to fellow faze team member cheating.. got to claim him .

    Zoe MurdockZoe Murdock8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Tilted is just a bunch of cornballs hiding behind corners this game really fell off

    sean rowlandsean rowland8 aylar ├Ânce
  • imagine spelling happen wrong

    Ravi PatelRavi Patel8 aylar ├Ânce
  • You dead zone plis ­čžÉ­čžÉ­čÖä

    Miranda MawikiMiranda Mawiki8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Gayyyyyy

    TimezZz upTimezZz up8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Aww

    Its PhantomxIts Phantomx8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Aweaw

    Chris VOChris VO8 aylar ├Ânce
  • ÔÇťAwwÔÇŁ

    Gabriel MartinezGabriel Martinez8 aylar ├Ânce
  • You ain't cheating you ain't winning ­čśé

    Sergio ArmasSergio Armas8 aylar ├Ânce
  • How is he not at s mil yet

    Ewen WilsonEwen Wilson8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Omg this is tuff

    Ninja-203_YTNinja-203_YT8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Chat, itÔÇÖs his editor that clickbaits

    MysticalMystical8 aylar ├Ânce
  • The fuks this.

    Ryan CraigRyan Craig8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Cmon nick

    Ryan WeaverRyan Weaver8 aylar ├Ânce

    Cawood van der LindeCawood van der Linde8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Just a recycled vid.

    Chewtoy PlayzChewtoy Playz8 aylar ├Ânce
  • dead content, same old content

    Dip PicDip Pic8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Says the person that will never come close to suceeding in life like nickmercs

      bradyisabossVEVObradyisabossVEVO8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Settings vid

    Kevin SalesKevin Sales8 aylar ├Ânce
  • nick please do a reaction video to los getting a tinder girl on stream

    Kyle PickeringKyle Pickering8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Unsubbed

    Jordan BrownJordan Brown8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Dude, you do you and all that... if you gotta go then all is well... but it's so good to see one of the guys I watch sticking to his guns and not following a cheque made of bricks if you catch my drift... love watching you play this game... you're too good!

    SykeseeSykesee8 aylar ├Ânce
  • You suck nickmeks

    Parwar HeminParwar Hemin8 aylar ├Ânce
  • awwww

    C_Cav25C_Cav258 aylar ├Ânce
  • Awwwww fwends...Fortnite fwends

    Kevin Patr├│nKevin Patr├│n8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Your my favorite fortnite youtuber keep it up

    [Rampage Playz][Rampage Playz]8 aylar ├Ânce
  • i feel like i got click baited...

    JavisJavis8 aylar ├Ânce
  • How do I get to the point to get an editor? To afford one from making content??

    SHOOT3RSHOOT3R8 aylar ├Ânce
    • I mean I know you gotta have money to pay them lol. I just meant how do you take content to the next level

      SHOOT3RSHOOT3R8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Duh

      Scotty BoydScotty Boyd8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Left minis at 7:18

    Joe CluneJoe Clune8 aylar ├Ânce
  • That was one of the sweatiest little turkey filled lobbies IÔÇÖve ever seen you play

    Ricky Ryan RayRicky Ryan Ray8 aylar ├Ânce
  • LMAO THE SUMMIT1G "awww someone wants to be friends"

    ZynioxzZynioxz8 aylar ├Ânce
  • So toxic with the mini gun­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśé love the gameplay­čĹŹ­čĆ╗

    Brandon EllsworthBrandon Ellsworth8 aylar ├Ânce
  • nicmercs sucks nowadays

    Blood sailrBlood sailr8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Nick can you please give me tips on how to solo squad cause im always the last one alive and I get really nervous.

    Hllo ThereHllo There8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Hllo There Facts.

      ZynioxzZynioxz8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Zynioxz you know always good to know how to solo squad

      Hllo ThereHllo There8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Get a better squad

      ZynioxzZynioxz8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Does anybody know his settings that he plays on? Sensitivities, dead zones, etc.

    Alex BarreraAlex Barrera8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @junior Parra What did he do

      DD8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Alex Barrera stop it

      junior Parrajunior Parra8 aylar ├Ânce
  • what a clown

    aomgaomg8 aylar ├Ânce
  • I agree. Tough to be the judge and jury. Tho admitting guilt is punishable. I feel for the players not in discord calls with fellow competitors. They basically get robbed of a fair competitive game

    C TrippC Tripp8 aylar ├Ânce
  • We were gonna watch it anyways who cares if he clickbauts

    910_hoodie910_hoodie8 aylar ├Ânce
    • yung keif nah tbh IÔÇÖm pretty pissed about this.

      Euan StirlingEuan Stirling8 aylar ├Ânce
  • 13:11 lol that kid knew that was the only shot he had ­čśé

    Paint the Town REDPaint the Town RED8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Not suprised every game always has those cheesers and cheaters anything to make em look worth it lol

    Live higherLive higher8 aylar ├Ânce
  • according to psychologists.. in terms of cheating in video games... most people do it cause its FUN.. or.. they've become BORED with the game and then use cheats cause it makes it MORE FUN... most people do not cheat cause they are bad at the game and want to be good... sure some do.. but not MOST and definitely not ALL...

    Maa'QuchiiMaa'Quchii8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Maa'Quchii I'm also not disagreeing with you for the most part btw. Just that the people involved in this particular case didn't really do it because they wanted it to make more money and this situation is kind of black and white. The player admitted to teaming because he wanted his friend to have a better chance of getting farther in the game and tournament so they were in a call communicating to each other where they were at and if they needed help which is against the rules. This is now a clear case of bad ethics and bad sportsmanship. The player who was caught cheating also welcomed any punishment Epic seems reasonable.

      Los OneLos One8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Maa'Quchii you've clearly gone to the deep end about all this and I dont think you're anywhere near this specific situation anymore. Also you really think the video explained it enough? Nick spoke about it for maybe 30 seconds in a 13:48min long video and ultimately said he doesnt know and it sucks forever has to make a verdict on these things

      Los OneLos One8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Los One doesnt matter... i could care less about what nickmercs thinks and feels about cheating... i feel this vid actually explains it well enough... also they did IRL tests.. in controlled environment.. with a "REWARD" of some sort for the winner... it was a card game.. where a mirror of some sort was vaguely in the room set up in a way to appear to not be noticed or effect the game.. butt only one player would be able to see it... all the people that sat on on the sit where thy could take advantage of it... DID IT.. and SAID NOTHING... not until after the test then asked... MONEY or whatever reward that was offered to the winner.. money basically made the final decision to take advantage of it... the bigger the reward to be won.. the more likely they were to try and get away with cheating... the less valuable the reward was to them for winning.. the less likely they were to do it... lets be real.. if someone had the winning lotter ticket of millions of dollars.. and lets say they didnt know it.. if u were 100% aware that u could swap out ur lotto ticket.. personally i wouldnt trust a person who would say "no i wouldnt or wouldnt that they even think about doing it" i dont think in black and white on most issues.. these things are complex... do i draw lines.. sure... are they some times flexible.. yes.. depending on various things... cause if we are talking money.. and i mean big money... i totally understand the justification of a person who only cared about the money using cheats to win it... butt that does not mean i would not be upset and wouldnt expose them.. heres the thing.. that person GIVES NOT CARE ABOUT being fair.. literally dont care about the game or its mechanics... THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING THAT MONEY.. and using it benefit their IRL experiences.. lol so again.. just cause i dont have an issue with that motive .. does not mean i agree with it being harmful to other players..

      Maa'QuchiiMaa'Quchii8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Maa'Quchii but you are aware the cheating that wasnt discussed into much detail in this video is regarding an online tournament with MONEY on the line?? We aren't talking about someone using an aimbot in a public match because they think it's fun to lazer everyone and laugh at them because they got upset but because 2 individuals that decided to team up during a match that is suppose to be a free for all.

      Los OneLos One8 aylar ├Ânce
    • @Los Oneok.. u said MONEY... still not cheating cause one is bad at a game and tryna be good... thats literally cheating just tryna get the money... easy money.. if not caught... again in terms of video games... fun/boredom is the king reason for why people cheat... money is below that.. simply cause money is only on the line every now and then at tournaments... cheating cause ur bad and wanna win... all the cheaters/hackers u ran into in games... they would be very small % of what u me and everyone else run into.. leave it to science to actually ask cheaters why they cheat... its not what most people (public opinion) like to claim they do it for... if one doesnt understand how cheaters cheat... especially why they do it.. then u can help lower the cases and cause of cheating...

      Maa'QuchiiMaa'Quchii8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Straight lies in the title

    Ioannis VogiatzisIoannis Vogiatzis8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Because people have sad lives and need to feel like they're good at something

    Tony SocciTony Socci8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Only who was in the stream know what he mean in awhh

    TheBestKills 123TheBestKills 1238 aylar ├Ânce
    • TheBestKills 123 no what

      Will HanlonWill Hanlon8 aylar ├Ânce
  • mini gun is the new meta

    KENKEN8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Who else knows why he is saying aaaah­čśé­čśé I watched it today in stream with PK and Nick­čśé

    CloakedleopardCloakedleopard8 aylar ├Ânce
    • I dont know, but i kinda want to lol

      yunowme 13yunowme 138 aylar ├Ânce
  • Fortnites dead

    George Of the jungleGeorge Of the jungle8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Elton Morara fortnite isnÔÇÖt a real word, so I believe IÔÇÖm fine.

      George Of the jungleGeorge Of the jungle8 aylar ├Ânce
    • so is your grammar

      Elton MoraraElton Morara8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Nick You Are My Favorite Fortnite Gamer. Nickmercs

    Daniel LansiquotDaniel Lansiquot8 aylar ├Ânce
    • what

      Mr KinguMr Kingu8 aylar ├Ânce
  • 3:23 hereÔÇÖs what u came for Small youtuber would appreciate any support

    LAWZ1017LAWZ10178 aylar ├Ânce
  • Road to 100 subs would appreciate any support

    LAWZ1017LAWZ10178 aylar ├Ânce
  • Small youtuber tryna grow

    LAWZ1017LAWZ10178 aylar ├Ânce
  • Plz subscribe too me

    Loco BeastLoco Beast8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Anyone know nicks deadzone sens

    Ibrahim ZumaauIbrahim Zumaau8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Love your nick best content creator and streamer in my opinion not a doubt

    Ibrahim ZumaauIbrahim Zumaau8 aylar ├Ânce
  • ÔÇťAhhhhhÔÇŁ IÔÇÖm dying­čśé

    Parker LickParker Lick8 aylar ├Ânce
  • The mini-gun is so op right now and I find it interesting how ppl aren't calling for it to be nerfed. Yet they kept crying until Epic basically fucked up the Drum-gun then vaulted it, cause it finally was dogshit. The Drum-gun was good before nerf but, had a shit bloom minimizing it's usefulness.

    singerliljermzsingerliljermz8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Build 6/10 Aim 10/10 Try to learn to build

    Mario NesicMario Nesic8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Does he stream and game from the same PC? The video quality isnt there. The content is great. Not the quality.

    ragegeekragegeek8 aylar ├Ânce
  • I can't even get into fortnite... fuck this game

    Krish NeeleyKrish Neeley8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Watched it on stream, watched it again on TRvision, still fucking amazed how he kills so many people without shield.­čśé

    thetowerdefensethetowerdefense8 aylar ├Ânce
  • i got a nick eh 30 ad on a nicmercs video

    popeyesontoppopeyesontop8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Your so bad you never use your shotgun

    • Better than u

      Rhys ClipzRhys Clipz8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Ohh you got a friend request hahaha

    xWiZzArDx FaLcOnxWiZzArDx FaLcOn8 aylar ├Ânce
  • Anyone else get a nick eh 30 ad?

    Ripanjot SinghRipanjot Singh8 aylar ├Ânce
    • Unfortunately yes. Nick eh 30 is annoying as fuck

      NolaVerse TVNolaVerse TV8 aylar ├Ânce
Nickmercs Reacts To The Cheating In Fortnite.. Why Does It Happpen?!