North African Campaign 1942 | Animated History

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  • Join me in War Thunder! Use my link for a FREE premium aircraft or tank and three days of premium account time as a BONUS: Also available for free on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Mistakes: One big one we really messed up on was calling Cairo "the center of power in the region since the days of the Romans." 'Old Cairo' was an ancient city, but the modern city of Cairo was 969 A.D.

    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianYıl önce
    • @Particulier VDM Nah, for this channel WW2 was only British, Americans and Russians against the Germans and Japanese. For all the other Nation only bad thing can be said

      TheCommentaryKingTheCommentaryKingYıl önce
    • Great video. A cheeky reference to the SAS and LRDG would not have gone amiss!

      Chris BChris BYıl önce
    • No word about the *Battle of Bir Hakein where 3,703 heroic Free Frenchs fought against 37,000 Axis troops (1 vs 10)* , cut off from Allied support they inflicted a punishing 1 to 9 casualties ratio while saving 17 days for the British Troops to organize their defense. As usual from the The Armchair Historian, more Armchain than Historian.

      Particulier VDMParticulier VDMYıl önce
    • I've got that same desklamp, got it from IKEA for like 20 bucks.

      22steve515022steve5150Yıl önce
    • The Armchair Historian if you’re gonna do the North African campaign, don’t make out the Yanks we’re the decisive factor they we’re reeling at Kasserine. No mention of the LRDG, Kiwis or Polish nations who decisively outflanked the Germans in the Tebaga gap. Another yank glorifying his country’s woeful entry into the war.

      B WhitB WhitYıl önce
  • Italy: You can’t defeat me. Britain: I know.. but he can *USA does Operation torch*

    American MappingAmerican MappingGün önce
  • God bless the German army Christians just saved us from British while sacrificing their own integrity

    Eric von MansteinEric von Manstein18 gün önce
  • Nobody likes nazis but my god Is rommel a great character

    spud headspud headAylar önce
  • Thanks for sharing this, really interesting overview of the North Africa campaign. Would be good to see something about the subsequent fighting in Tunisia. The results of this invasion can still be seen in Tunisia to this day. The north of Tunisia is filled with World War II military cemeteries, of both Allied and Axis troops. There is a massive US military cemetery here in the capital Tunis. I recently visited Borj Cedria, which is Tunisia's only German World War II Military Cemetery and the Commonwealth War Graves in Béja & Medjez-el-Bab:

    Scafidi TravelsScafidi Travels2 aylar önce
  • No mention of the special forces.

    ptb2008ptb20082 aylar önce
  • Italian were making pizza while nazi were leaving the battle

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith3 aylar önce
  • 2:19 "unable to finish their march to the sea" *General William T Sherman joined the server*

    a certain Scientific Lolia certain Scientific Loli4 aylar önce
  • I sometimes wonder what was better in Africa the Matilda mk II or the early Sherman.

    lone wandererlone wanderer4 aylar önce
  • Vive Leclerc.

    Vango Var EmreisVango Var Emreis5 aylar önce
  • poo

    Isabella KIRWAN-BROOKSIsabella KIRWAN-BROOKS5 aylar önce
  • Soldiers of the Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade with Australians they distinguished themselves during the siege of Tobruk and were nicknamed "Rats of Tobruk". Honor and Glory to the Heroes!

    emperor266emperor2665 aylar önce
  • That's true, thanks again for the video, I really appreciate it

    Ahmed KanuniAhmed Kanuni6 aylar önce
  • Rommel is one of the best general in the military history

    Southeast Defense industriesSoutheast Defense industries8 aylar önce
    • @Dod o lol, even napoleon lose the war

      Southeast Defense industriesSoutheast Defense industries5 aylar önce
  • Nice video. Very informative. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge8 aylar önce
  • I just realized that the titles of the last three North Africa videos are named after Star Wars movies.nice.

    Dgscott0420Dgscott04209 aylar önce
  • Rommel wasn't even in Africa when the 2nd Battle of El Alimien. You also forgot to mention raids that the Allies did to weaken Rommel's forces.

    Flaka FazliuFlaka Fazliu9 aylar önce
  • Just build morr infrastructure

    LOL Z009LOL Z00911 aylar önce
  • I suggest you to watch italian movie called el alamein. It show italian point of view of el alemein battle.

    Galactic PrinceGalactic PrinceYıl önce
  • Do you and Fredrik Knudsen sometimes share lip balm? Have you ever high-fived after getting out of the pool? Can you make a video about that kind of stuff?

    Dirk BastardreliefDirk BastardreliefYıl önce
  • The allies strike back

    The United States Of AmericaThe United States Of AmericaYıl önce
  • 2:23 Im prolly reading too much into this, or actually not reading into it enough... But how does rommel break through the British line if he took a defensive posture? It goes from rommel being encircled to rommel almost encircling in like 5 seconds.

    Flanigan69 -Flanigan69 -Yıl önce
  • You did a terrible job of telling the story. You were very short on detail and inaccurate. For example the landing US forces were battered by Rommel because the US troops had no experience

    Francis GilbertFrancis GilbertYıl önce
  • Do you have merch?

    Devlin FisherDevlin FisherYıl önce
  • God bless those Australians.

    ZlatkoZlatkoYıl önce
    • @Ryan Bradley me being a brit I'm proud for my brothers further across the pond

      KaiserWaffleKaiserWaffle4 aylar önce
    • The Australian soldiers in WW2 fought heroically!

      Ryan BradleyRyan Bradley5 aylar önce
  • Cairo was not a power center in Roman times, it was constructed by the sons of Muhammad in the 7th century. Otherwise, great vid!

    Thomas StantonThomas StantonYıl önce
  • Lazy ass artist

    Zachary CZachary CYıl önce
  • So basically if germany didnt have an oil problem they would have probably won the war lol

    Marcel RodriguezMarcel RodriguezYıl önce
  • It seams that Rommel was superior to any other British commander!!

    Wael OmarWael OmarYıl önce
  • I find it so weird: Commander: Makes prediction and warns about it Higher ups: Ignores it and gives contradictory command Prediction: comes true Commander: Fired because he couldn't prepare

    UnknownDaneUnknownDaneYıl önce
  • Yep...but you didn't even talked about how Italy blocked some british attacks with only molotov bombs or using outdated tanks,like the Folgore and Ariete divisions did. But's easy to trashtalk a nation because it's funny. At least if you want to do some good history content show how in realty some factions fought or what they did. And nope,it's not fascist propaganda or what,even the british officers wrote in their reports that the italian resistance was great despite the lack of good armaments and supplies. But yeah,as i said,is more easy to make fun of everyone instead of show the realty.

    EdoardoEdoardoYıl önce
  • Why the Greek soldier looks like Salvini? Lol

    Matteo BerardiMatteo BerardiYıl önce
  • XXX Corps. Now there's a story. They fought through the entire war.

    Gulf RelayGulf RelayYıl önce
  • Honestly, the italians actually had a decent army, with good, loyal troops. Problem was they had almost no supplie lines, and poor weapons. Not to mention that italian armor was low quality and deployed poorley. If they would of had german weapons and tanks they may have actually done alot better.

    brian bruhhbrian bruhhYıl önce
    • Very true.

      TheGuy1728TheGuy172810 aylar önce
  • Cairo wasn't a major center until the Fatimid Caliphate in the 10th century, before that, the major center of Egypt was Alexandria since the time of Alexander

    RL0323RL0323Yıl önce
  • Sherman and Grant, the original American War Criminals, but history is written by the victor

    Joshua PatrickJoshua PatrickYıl önce
  • Yes its like star wars

    Dar kyDar kyYıl önce
  • The worst defeat for the brits in north africa was operation daffodil

    mr. tellomr. telloYıl önce
  • When the 2nd south African Division was at Tobruk was where many Rhodesian units that would later fight in the brutal bush wars distinguished themselves.... it would be great to see some videos on post colonial Africa.

    WoodlandWoodlandYıl önce
  • Next allies awaken and last frotline may be?

    Centurion MK.1Centurion MK.1Yıl önce
  • 4:07 Please depict New Zealanders correctly in your artwork. We wore the Taranaki Hat [lemonsqueezer], not the Australian Akubra [slouch hat] and we're not particularly fond of being identified as Australians - especially since the March 15th massacre.

    DrLeavingsoonDrLeavingsoonYıl önce
    • DrLeavingsoon join us, north and South Island can be the 7th and 8th Australian states.

      Bill TurnerBill TurnerYıl önce
  • Just a little remark on those tanks you mentioned. While the US Shermans became pretty good and reliable tanks with later-war models, those Sherman MK 1's delivered to the British and the whole African theatre of WW2 where nicknamed "Tommiekocher" by the german troops. Now, "Tommie" has been the german nickname for british troopers and "Kocher" is the german word for a cooking device. I'll leave it to your guessing and imagination, why they've nicked the aforementioned tank like that.

    hawkeyepierce67hawkeyepierce67Yıl önce
  • You forgot to mention that the French forces in bir hakim fought for a very long time totally in cercled stalling the German forces for days and destroying many german and italian tanks

    Jb ValentinJb ValentinYıl önce
  • Is there coming another video about north africa?

    Christian Castillo DirdriksenChristian Castillo DirdriksenYıl önce
  • My Grandfather was Montgomery’s dispatch rider at this battle,he was from Northern Ireland.

    long way from homelong way from homeYıl önce
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure the opening bombardment at El Alamein was the largest since the Great War

    phil hughesphil hughesYıl önce
  • Rommel commanded around 500 tanks not 200. 8/10

    The Angry PandaThe Angry PandaYıl önce
  • My grandfather was part of the South African forces in Tobruk, and captured when it fell. He spent the rest of the war in German POW camps. I remember him telling me that he never saw the point in what they were doing in Tobruk, and I said they were holding back a whole Corps, and he didn't believe me. Nice to be right, I guess...

    Leonard FrankelLeonard FrankelYıl önce
  • dear mr 4 eyes when are you going to do Vietnam where you lot got your asses mutilated by a bunch of chinese farmers

    BBYıl önce
  • Rommel lost North Africa simply due to US involvement. By this time in the war the Germans were heavily engaged in Russia. That diverted large amounts of men and material away from the Mediterranean theater of operations. Meanwhile the British had only it's forces in North Africa to worry about - while the US was supplying them with tanks and supplies. So Montgomery - who was a WWI era general - simply followed the passé battle strategy of a war of attrition. He would amass huge amounts of tanks and troops = and hurl them into battle. While it resulted in high casualties and a loss of many tanks = the US continued to replace them at a rate faster than the Germans could replace theirs. Eventually German forces were ground down and overwhelmed.

    Vary OllaVary OllaYıl önce
  • Why don't mention the italian Ariete and Folgore division?

    Lorenzo SergioLorenzo SergioYıl önce
  • 4:04 in your last video you said the axis DIDN'T manage to take tobruk...

    Chris CaryChris CaryYıl önce
  • One issue I have with the entire series is that you credit the Italians to little.

    Michelangelo BuonarrotiMichelangelo BuonarrotiYıl önce
  • God dann your videos didn’t show up! What is the feed worth if it doesn’t show the videos of my subscribed channels?

    Johnny RainbowJohnny RainbowYıl önce
  • Bir Hakeim plz?

    Captain BurnosCaptain BurnosYıl önce
  • Been watching this channel for a while no and has really go-tin me into history and i am now able to talk about history with my friends and family. my favorite battle in history was the battle of bunker hill also the battle of Stalingrad i was so excited to watch the video on the battle of bunker hill

    Tyler CrosbyTyler CrosbyYıl önce
  • No word about the *Battle of Bir Hakein where 3,703 heroic Free Frenchs fought against 37,000 Axis troops (1 vs 10)* , cut off from Allied support they inflicted a punishing 1 to 9 casualties ratio while saving 17 days for the British Troops to organize their defense. As usual from the The Armchair Historian, more Armchain than Historian.

    Particulier VDMParticulier VDMYıl önce
    • (part 10) Holy dog... of course he also wore a nice shirt and a pair of shorts that, in short... but since I also know my chickens and I know that this sergeant is a "guarantor" to the bitter end, I must necessarily limit the "requisition". I leave and once in my hole I pull out the wool cap. It has fins folded over the top and on one of these you can read a very clear 13 °. Well! The night between November 1st and 2nd, at about 2 a.m. a German truck leaves me at the Aries field hospital, already more than forty kilometers to the north from where the Thunderbolt had the order to leave the positions. On the bed next to mine I have a spoiler of the XXXI Battalion genius. They hit him during the bombing in the area of Himeimat, where they were busy remedying a little 'damage in the minefields. He's been here since last night. "What do you have? Is this serious stuff?" He looks at me and then lifts the blanket. Well, it's not like you understand much. His right leg is all packed up. "The doctors diagnosed a fracture...should they take us away tonight...did the doctors tell you anything?" No, no one told me anything. I hope they'll take us away soon too. Here, you lose an hour and get settled in for a few years. The English are coming...and we do our convalescence in India. I ask him, "How did it end with the French at the Himeimat?" More or less he knows as much as I do. "The British were attacking with tanks, a couple of kilometers north of the relief, and we had to give up continuing. I've also heard about the attack of the Foreign Legion on the Thunderbolt, but I can't tell you anything else, except that among the dead they found the commander of the 13th France Libre half-brigade. They say he was a prince or something." Do you understand what jokes war makes you do?! At the extreme limit of the Egyptian front, a 13th Italian company, already almost halved by hardships and diseases, collides with one of the most celebrated formations of the Foreign Legion, also marked with the same acronym ... and plays them without remission. One thinks of the disproportion of the opposing forces, and wonders: how can it be? It's difficult to answer, I know! But I, at least, can find an answer in the memory of that Calabrian who was the postman for his battalion. Brave and strong men like him at the V it was normal to meet them. Absolute isolation, lack of water and disease could only affect the body, not the spirit of the 400 or so men of Himeimat, and when the moment of truth came, those bodies threatened by deprivation and evil were still able to bring out something. Well! What can I tell you? For me, the truest conclusion, even if the rawest, was given to me by a paratrooper of the 5th battalion that I saw a few years ago. "Hello, hello, how are you?" "Uhei! Do you remember the French? And that postman, do you know what happened to him?" The postman didn't remember, but the French did, those he still had in mind. "It was a good fight...we beat the French more than twenty to one...guns and tanks, we give them to him..."

      Giovanni FerrariGiovanni FerrariYıl önce
    • (part 9) The frontal attack by the British seemed awful. At intervals, the artillery resumed its hammering while the Scorpions tried to open up passages in the minefield, further north, almost in front of the 5th Battalion. And what can you do with the 47/32 to these tanks?! Well! When we talked to someone who knows the length of it, he mentioned our pieces of 75 and 149, ready to intervene. Listening to them, it seemed that a forest of 88 Germans was there, behind us. "If they attack...we make them dust!" In fact...they attacked, and the rest, if you can't imagine, you can have the artillerymen of group II tell you that they managed to stop a Scorpion at least 20 meters from the pitch, after having hit it who knows how many times. How could it happen that they could get around us with such a large column? The answer can only be that of the gunner sergeant: clever men! I repeat that I saw the Depressions up close once ... and I advance. Then keep in mind that on that damn Himeimat it was we who had the observatory and any attempt to pass by before sunset would have been reported within a radius of several kilometers. Let's do the math: if at about 8 p.m. it is dark and at 1 a.m. after midnight they were behind the 5th battalion with almost 2,000 men, trucks, tanks and artillery, we must recognize despite ourselves that they are strong. Have you ever heard of a Foreign Legion? I never! I'd had the Canadian pilot, the New Zealander and even the Indian, but I didn't even imagine the presence of Frenchmen. Well, let's say French because at Himeimat there were two formations of France Libre, but it seems that with the white, red and blue flag on the sleeve there were also Spanish, Greek, Armenian and many other nationalities. You see, I'm a bit in trouble because I don't want to be like our current football coaches who, to frame the victory of our national team in gold, in words make four Danish plumbers become champions. Those legionnaires' cabbages, let's face it, were really daring and trained. I knew it later, but the same departments that attacked our 5th battalion, at the beginning of June last year, even though surrounded, had held their own against Germans and Italians at Bir Hakeim... and there, it was ours who had "Stukas" and tanks. Yet, they resisted, and in the end they managed to fall back. At Bir Hakeim, France Libre, besieged by Axis troops from 27 May to 11 June, lost a total of 500 men out of a force of 4,000. At the Himeimat, in two hours against the Thunderbolt, the Legion left on the ground more than 300 corpses (corpses!) ... to you the comparisons! I have seen some prisoners. I had gone to the command of the 3rd for something, and one of the platoon command tells me that in the hole such have put the French taken at the Himeimat. He waits for the night to make them continue. "Have you tried to punch them in the mouth?" He looks at me as if I had said who knows what heresy. "Well, all right... take me to see the Foreign Legion too..." No, I didn't expect to see a man with three legs, but in short, the voice had already turned; they were still soldiers. Foreign Legion has always meant hard men, people from the past that it's much better not to talk again. What do you want me to care about historical legends?! I only know that in certain circumstances the rule of thumb applies: "a delinquent is opposed to a delinquent and a half..." and that I'm not interested in going down in history! Uhei! Be patient, but it seemed that they had chosen them. Certain ghirbs...if it's true that those who are ugly are also bad, those I saw, bad ones must have been bad ones. Of course my secret intention was to take possession of one of those famous white kepi'...but it went wrong. Someone preceded me, and so I waited for the sergeant in charge of the custody to "feel" incipient the discharge of dysentery to offer him the change. "Don't worry, if your eyes just move..." "Mon cher ami, veux tu donner a moi (how the hell do you say: the belt in French?), va ben, tu as compris, sì, quel affaire lì aussi la chepel (oh Dio, mi pare che in francese il cappello sia chapeau!) vite, vite, svelto..." It goes there that the friend to whom I addressed myself understood my French...only that he didn't want to know. Oh, yeah, you're being tough?! A look around to see that there are no officers in circulation of ours (damn it, in these situations I never found one that would let me do a bit!), and the machine gun leans against the forehead of the legionnaire ... a blue belt, plus a curious brown wool cap passed under my jacket. "Any news?" "No, must be good people..."

      Giovanni FerrariGiovanni FerrariYıl önce
    • (part 4) "Milan, I don't know, but I get the impression that they've identified the path we're taking. Tonight, before I left the command of the V, there came a second lieutenant of the second artillery group that had made the day at the observatory. I heard him say that they have always beaten just like our track, and he was worried because, there being absolutely nothing moving, those could be shots of adjustment ... mah ... until the height of VI nothing special, you know, the usual waves every many minutes. Just past Bergonzi however, eh...the "passes" arrived here and there from the track, but it was a matter of 30-40 meters..." Quadrani, who in the meantime had sat down again, asked the Calabrese: "What company are you with?" "Of the 13th, Captain, that of Lieutenant Gilli!" and he banged on attention. See what it means not to know Quadrani! "Be's it going up there? And how is Lieutenant Finocchi? Oh, yeah, he's not your company..." "Well! He keeps going...during the day you have to stay holed up; at night I don't know...I always come here for the mail. Finocchi I saw him tonight, before coming's always him. It seems that he has to eat everyone...but it's not a dog that bites..." With a nod of his hand Quadrani makes a sign of silence, and then, turned to me, he says: "You, nice tome, about dogs biting or not, why don't you tell your friend here what you call his battalion commander?". "Eh doctor, you take too much advantage of my goodness ... you do not do these jokes. Imagine a little 'if this goes to report to Major Izzo the matter of the dog dogs ... alllora so that we're fine ..." Quadrani laughs, I laugh, and not bad, the postman laughs. And 'go well, goes there! A galletta and half a litre of water the Calabrian had them, but since 11 pm have passed and the truck still does not arrive, the friend begins to worry. "He must have gone on a few mines, right?! We'd miss him..." "Francesco, stay calm. Come with me..." A new torch in the east and we are still face to face on the ground until the bursts arrive and the splinters are not dispersed. They always beat there, a few hundred meters from the beginning of the southern runway. I don't say anything, but I think that tonight the postman will pass his troubles on his return. "Feel it! This should be your truck (hopefully!). Are you done crying?" In the silence of the desert, the noise of the engine reaches our ears sharply. "Milan, you can't even imagine what it's like to go south on your own. Every day, believe me, I'm tempted to ask for a change of service, then I regain my courage, I don't say anything...and I always find myself screwed. If it's okay, I do the return trip on the truck, if it goes's late, let's hope they make it go on...".

      Giovanni FerrariGiovanni FerrariYıl önce
  • Auk: I don’t feel good Me: Oh no, not another Infinity War reference.

    Gabriel ValverdeGabriel ValverdeYıl önce
    • Rommel should have gone for the head

      Xaxa MintXaxa MintYıl önce
  • Would love to see a video on the Yugoslav campaign

    Wessex WyvernWessex WyvernYıl önce
  • Now do this again with a proper drawing of Richie. He deserves better.

    mikhailv67mikhailv67Yıl önce
  • You may have forgotten the 1st free french brigade and the battle of bir hakiem between 27th of may and 11th of june 1942. This battle saw 3700 free french soldier fending off 37000 german italien troops including one of Rommel’s best division. Their role was absolutly curcial. Too bad you did not even make a reference to their achievements.

    Maxime RaillotMaxime RaillotYıl önce
    • Maxime Raillot Yes,but most of Axis Troops was stupid İtalians.

      Erich Von MansteinErich Von MansteinYıl önce
    • Usual french bashing. They can't accept the fact that the french were still on the war in 1942.

      BojakBojakYıl önce
  • Only get war thunder on pc it sucks On Xbox

    Kooperthe WhaleKooperthe WhaleYıl önce
  • Ya the Australians nearly destroyed Rommel but this video doesn’t show that Australia saved Britain in Africa

    PatriotPatriotYıl önce
  • My boy Georgie P better be in the next episode. 😭😂😂

    iDaCarrotiDaCarrotYıl önce
  • well not all Italian weapons were really that bad, i mean come on they had 90mm antiaircraft guns used in the anti tank role, and also their self propelled guns mounted on a tank proved effective to, and Italian units proved critical during the battle of Gazala

    joey8062joey8062Yıl önce
  • Ah yeah I remember this from Call of Duty 2.

    Windrid0Windrid0Yıl önce
    • When COD was good

      Internet DrifterInternet DrifterYıl önce
  • The Brits had to be bailed out by their hundreds of millions of non-English subjects and their vast resources, along with US lend lease, providing extra weapons, tanks, munitions, etc. Meanwhile, Italy was basically sanctioned by most all of the world in 1935, had little resources as it was, not sufficient up to date tanks and motorized troops to advance properly. So people make fun of them for that. The English warmongers were ready for war, as they wanted it. Germany, and especially Italy, were not ready for a war on that scale, however.

    Joseph RichterJoseph RichterYıl önce
  • 100% mustaches

    Patrick BartolottoPatrick BartolottoYıl önce
  • 2:05 holy sheet it looks so good

    Noah ZachmannNoah ZachmannYıl önce
  • Yo my dude why did they have wars in Africa? There's no oil or anything imperative there lol except poop

    LSD-Rick B-172LSD-Rick B-172Yıl önce
    • Africa has oil, but of course way less the saudi arabia for example. Africa also has mineral ressources...but maybe less in todays Libya The real value of Afria (at least for the germans) was the strategic important Suez channel If occupied by germans, it would have made naval opperations way easier for axis forces in the middeteranian sea

      Stalin TubeStalin TubeYıl önce
North African Campaign 1942 | Animated History